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Canada Tramples Free Speech In Favour Of Sharia Law?





Carol littlecarol5 days ago
Trudeau gives Muslims special treatment in Canada, The law does not apply to them. He is allowing a bill to go through, so the people they constantly harass such as Christians, Jews, Gays, none believers can no longer say any of the things you say on this channel.They go to prison., but Muslims can call them all the filth under the sun.Those girls died because their father is a murderer, no less, but also because Muslims gets a superiority card from Trudeau.

Canada Bans Free Speech in Favor of Islamophobia? Muslims Sharia Law – Motion 103

Published on Feb 14, 2017

Stop the speech restrictive “anti-blasphemy” Motion M-103 Visit: http://www.citizengo.org/en-ca/pc/410…

Interview with Rev. Sule Prince, Dr. Tony Costa, Dr. Scott Masson

Muslims are already protected as everyone else is under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Justin Trudeau always says “diversity is our strength” but this Motion is about special pandering. George Orwell in his book ‘Animal Farm’ says, “All animals are made equal, but some animals are more equal”.

What this Motion does is give Islam special privileges, one of which is you cannot criticize or make offensive statements regarding Islam. This is a form of ‘sharia law’ the law of Islam which is supposed to overthrow and trump all other secular laws. These are dangerous times we live in. Please sign and pass on to others. Our freedoms are to be protected, not surrendered.



WHY ALL CANADIANS SHOULD OPPOSE M103 – Iqra Khalid’s Islamophobia Motion

Published on Feb 12, 2017

Iqra Khalid pushing bill M103 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zr6Yx…

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Trudeau trying to Help his Muslim Brothers, Ban Free speech then Implement Sharia Law!

Published on Feb 19, 2017

Update, 16 February 2017: Good news! Your voices have been heard and the coalition that formed to pass M-103 is beginning to crumble. The Parliament DID NOT VOTE on M-103 today; instead the vote has been deferred until April.

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Justin Trudeau betrayed Canada ~ M-103 is Sharia Law

Published on Feb 16, 2017

Ex-muslim woman is trying to warn Canada

With open gates: Europe’s mistake can not be ignored…

Published on Feb 10, 2017

In Canada a controversial bill, (Bill M103) may be passed by mid February. If M103 is passed criticism of Islam can be classified as “Hate speech” essentially stifling freedom of speech, paving the way for News censorship and inevitably Democide of the Canadian population.

The EU has turned the once great nations of Europe into chaotic hell holes filled with Migrants who are drastically changing the demographics of the population and as each day passes more and more violent crimes are being committed on behalf of these migrants. Murder, Theft, Rape and vicious assaults are carried out on Europeans daily. With little to no resistance from the authorities.
One famous, a 10 year old Austrian Boy was raped in a pool infront of his mother by a migrant who said he had a “Sexual emergency” As he had not had sex in four months…

The Austrian supreme court overturned the conviction because the court did not ascertain if the minor consented or not…This is not a miscarriage of justice, this is a deliberate attempt to demoralize and insult the European population. when someone can rape a child, admit it and get away with it on the public stage there is no confusion as to who’s side the ruling elite is on.

This is not an isolated incident either, rapes, theft, murder and assaults have been carried out on the European population by migrants for years and they are getting more frequent each passing day while the authorities do nothing to stop them. The only solution to this is total rebellion, eradication of the EU oligarchy, and it’s political figures charged with treason. Until then Europe will continue to be destroyed from within.

This must not happen to Canada or the US. We have seen what happens when we lie down and hope things will get better. They usually get much worse. We have had two globalist leaders in recent years, one served a full 8 year term then his would be successor lost the election and the other is still in power in Canada. Imposing Political Correctness on the population and selling out the country piece by piece to Foreign interests.

As Canadians we must oppose not just M103 but what it represents, or our fate will be the same as Europe.

Austrian rape story:

Germany has turned into a rape capital:


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The Glazov Gang-Canada’s Surrender to Islamic Blasphemy Laws?

Published on Feb 3, 2017

The Glazov Gang-Canada’s Surrender to Islamic Blasphemy Laws?
Christine Williams (Award-Winning Journalist)
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Canada and Shariah law; It’s getting Closer to Happening!

Published on Feb 18, 2017

Brave Women Speaking out, Let’s hope Canada stands strong!

Telling the truth has always been dangerous. Throughout recorded history, many good people have been murdered, incarcerated, committed to mental institutions, lost jobs, family, friends, homes, belongings, and been harassed to the point of staying quiet.

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Justin Trudeau’s Betrayal of Canada! It’s Wake up Time Canada!

M103 To Rid Canada Of “Islamophobia” Must Be Rejected And Here’s Why!

Published on Feb 17, 2017

Motion 103 seeks to “quell the increasing public climate of hate and fear,” and it condemns “Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination”…in this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains why M103 must be rejected lock stock and barrel. Support us on Patreon ➜ http://www.patreon.com/PressForTruth

Can You Defend Sharia Law After Watching This ??

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Just know this won’t stop even after Muslims slowly take over entire towns and start gang raping and killing people. Be like America and get those Liberals out of power, NOW.
Valerie H
jravage77 We got them out and now they are trying to hamstring us. The world is off of it’s axis.
sco bra
The answer is simple; vote this govt out at the first opportunity. Vote in a govt. that represents YOU.
Ima Wright

sco bra

sco bra
+Ima Wright Please, is the caps-scream really neccessary? You can hardly accused the US of rigging the election there; Hilary was supposed to win, and didn’t.


voting is rigged that is how they got in.

This is how Islam is taking over Canada..and this how we are going to lose our freedoms..and then our lives…

I warned you all long ago and you did not listen and you are still not listening

Michael E.
Im totaly in favour of free speach, but after all Pat Condell, Christopher Hitchens and others already said about Islam, I see no reason to discuss it any further: this plague of humanity should be stricly confined for private use and should have absolute no say in public affairs.
Valerie H
This is nothing more than encouragement for rebellion in just about every non muslim country in the world. When it FINALLY comes down to that…..it’s going to be so bloody and so ugly that we will never allow things to get to this ridiculous boiling point again.
Pat Walker
Political Islam IS a totalitarian POLITICAL IDEOLOGY.  Get it?  TOTALITARIAN!  ISLAMIC SUPREMACY IS REAL.  And America, it’s coming here if we let it.
very concerned
wtf no no no no f way I have Canadian family wtf send them back wtf
Ana Ignatowicz
I envy you Faith..you are so brave. I am standing with you and strongly support you. I believed that I came to a free country. Wrong. It is worse than my former communist country. Scary
James Rietberg
The Canadian gov has imposed on its own people the removal of freedom of speech, really, what right does it have to do such a thing, the Canadian people MUST remind them that THEY have every right to dismiss the gov as their employers, the entire gove system is a system paid for by the tax-payers, THEY, the gove AND islam must bow the knee to the people