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Still Report #488 – Is Canada’s New Prime Minister Trudeau a Radical Muslim?

Published on Dec 27, 2015

Trudeau – known as the anti-Trump candidate in Canada’s recent elections – is the son of flamboyant Liberal Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. He has a long history of media revelations regarding Islam. According to today’s edition of the Toronto Sun,

Liberals mum on Trudeau’s mosque visit

… in 2011, during his first term in Parliament, Trudeau visited the most radical mosque in Montreal, which was at the center of his parliamentary district. A month later, it classified by U.S. intelligence as an al-Qaida recruitment center. Trudeau pleaded ignorance of the radical ties, despite a lengthy investigation in 2006 by Radio Canada which identified it as a center of radical Islam. According to a video entitled: The Truth About Justin Trudeau and the Liberals that appeared on Oct. 18 – the day before the election – while at the Montreal mosque, Trudeau was photographed participated in a prayer ritual reserved for practicing muslims or those seeking admittance to the Islamic faith – the Maghrib salah.

VIRAL VIDEO: “The Truth About Justin Trudeau and the Liberals”

Part of the prayer is the shahada, which in Arabic means to testify to the Truth that Allah is the one true God, and Mohammed is his one true Prophet. Saying the shahada in the presence of two or more Muslim men is the sole requirement in Islamic law to convert to Islam. By 2013, Trudeau had ascended to being the Leader of the Liberal party. According to today’s Toronto Sun, he held a controversial closed door meeting with the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). The parent organization of ISNA in the U.S. was listed as an “unindicted co-conspirator” affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood.
No details have ever been released concerning the content of this meeting. This year, during his election campaign, Trudeau courted muslim political support at mosques around the nation. One Canadian terror expert says that even within the Liberal party in Canada there is discontent over growing Islamic influence. According to David Harris, director of the terrorist intelligence program of INSIGNIS Strategic Research Inc. in Ottawa, and formerly chief of strategic planning at the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS): “… very senior people in the Liberal party in the past have expressed serious concern on the extent to which certain individuals – Islamist elements, among other interests – may have gained access to the party.”
One of Trudeau’s senior advisors was Omar Alghabra, a Saudi-born Syrian immigrant and the past president of the Canadian Arab Federation, or CAF – a group known for its support for radical Islam, Hezbollah and Hamas – that has also compared Israelis to Nazis.

Is Trudeau’s new Foreign Minister Secretary a Hamas backer?

On Dec. 2, Trudeau named the 46-year-old Alghabra as his Secretary for Foreign Affairs. Justin’s brother, Alexandre Trudeau – according to Wikipedia attracted controversy in 2006 by writing an article praising Fidel Castro’s Cuba. The video, also labeled Alexandre Trudeau as a documentary filmmaker: “His documentaries are produced and funded by PressTV, the state propaganda arm of the Iranian regime.”


VIRAL VIDEO: “The Truth About Justin Trudeau and the Liberals”


Under Trudeau, the most radical elements of Islam may be allowed to flourish without significant challenge. According to a Dec. 14 article in The Daily Beast entitled: Canada’s Growing Jihadi Cancer: American counter-terrorism analyst Mitchell Silber says in his book The Al Qaeda Factor: Plots Against the West, that terror leaders want to use Canada as a staging area for attacks on the United States. Brian Levin, a former NYPD officer turned counter-terrorism and extremism specialist at San Bernardino State agrees. In a Dec. 14, 2015 article he told The Daily Beast: “People talk about Mexico. They totally overlook Canada. Nobody has any idea what’s going on up there. In my opinion it’s a bigger threat than Mexico.”

Is Justin Trudeau *Merely* a Moron?

The border that terrorists are most likely to cross into the United States is not the one with Mexico, but Canada.

For example: Ontario has a branch of the al-Huda school, the same religious school for girls the San Bernardino killer Tashfeen Malik attended in Pakistan. Two weeks ago, this school closed for one day after the CBC reported that four girls who studied there left to join ISIS. Last week, a member of the moderate Canadian Muslim Congress told The Daily Beast that the podcasts of the school’s principal: “… praises jihad and says women should participate.” https://youtu.be/SbRLqUDQnYE

“He Is Pathetic” Jordan Peterson DESTROY Justin Trudeau

Published on Jan 27, 2018
Watch as jordan peterson rip Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau to shreds.

The Trouble With Trudeau

Published on Apr 10, 2017

Total Proof Trudeau Is Controlled By The World’s Wealthiest

Published on May 16, 2017
The $32B of taxpayers money is to backstop the profits of investors in large risky infrastructure projects. This does violence to the basic free market principle and proves Trudeau is working for the best interest of international bankers, not Canadians.
I give Mr Poilievre 3 stars for this speech: 1, giving canadians the facts that matter. 2, exposing that Trudeau is controlled by the wealthy. 3, having balls enough to stand up to the international bankers. BRAVO!!!

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Justin Trudeau, the Raven Tattoo, the Satanic 23 and the Mysterious Death of Michel Trudeau

Published on Mar 5, 2016

My Recent Upload: “Exposed: Brussels Bombing Media Used Fake Video To Sell News and Fear”

The Trudeau’s here in Canada have been called Canada’s Royalty or the Kennedy’s. In October of 2015, 44 year old Justin Trudeau became our nations 23rd Prime Minister. His father Pierre Elliott Trudeau was our countries 15th Prime Minister serving twice from April 20, 1968, to June 4, 1979, and again from March 3, 1980, to June 30, 1984. Pierre Trudeau passed away on September 28, 2000.

Justin’s youngest brother – Michel – died in a mysterious avalanche death back on November 13th, 1998. It was a ‘Friday the 13th’ as well. He was with three friends who all escaped. Michel was swept away into the glacial waters of the Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park and unable to reach the shore.

His companions were unable to effect a rescue, and Trudeau drowned. An extensive search was launched, but his body has never been found. He was 23 years old. In this video I take a closer look at Justin Trudeau, the number 23 and other symbolisms attached to Michel’s death and his big brother Justin’s rise to the Prime Minister’s office. You’ll be surprised at what I found attached to this curious case.

Smart Man RIDICULES Justin Trudeau Live On Air

Published on Dec 17, 2017


Streamed live on May 4, 2017

Canada is scary Governments run by Criminals

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