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The Dicktator:


Published on Jun 22, 2015


Most Powerful Attack Ad Ever! Based on an actual incident, by Adbusters

Published on Sep 1, 2015

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La plus puissante attaque médiatique de tous les temps! Basé sur un fait vécu’. Tous ensemble contre Harper! par Adbusters.

Why do we March on Harper?

Words for our Canadian bureaucratic system.

Published on Feb 10, 2014

As many people around Canada prepare to march against government corruption, ask yourself –

Why do we march against Harper? Here are some words for our Canadian bureaucratic system.

Thank you Chris Hedges for your inspirations.

Omnibus March Against Stephen Harper – Official


12 Year Old Girl Tells Off Stephen Harper #LeaveSteve2015

Published on Oct 21, 2014

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Some of the Women’s Groups Harper has cut off:

Status of Women Canada (SWC)
The New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity
The Ontario Association of Interval and Transition Houses
Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (CRIAW)
The Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation
The Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women
The Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada
The Alberta Network of Immigration Women
12 out of 16 Status of Women’s offices throughout Canada shut down
Courts Challenges Program eliminated
Universal child care agreement cancelled
Women Centre de documentation sur l’éducation des adultes et la condition feminine
Association féminine d’éducation et d’action sociale (AFEAS)



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Who is Stephen Harper?

Published on Sep 10, 2015

There may never have been a politician elected to high office so temperamentally unsuited to it as Stephen Harper,, writes John Ibbitson in his new in-depth biography of Canada’s 22nd Prime Minister. He joins the program to profile Stephen Harper.

Budget 2014 triggers Harper’s plan to dismantle national health care

By Michael McBane, The Hill Times, February 17, 2014

Federal transfer payments to provinces were first used in order to establish national standards in health care delivery across Canada. On Tuesday, February 11th, Prime Minister Harper turned this on its head by tabling a budget that will use federal transfers in order to eliminate national standards in health care.

Buried on page 279 of the 2014 federal budget is a measure that will make it next to impossible for provinces to provide health care services on equal terms and conditions. The purpose of this budget item is to strike a blow to the heart and soul of universal health care in Canada.

The Harper government is eliminating the equalization portion of the Canada Health Transfer (CHT) and replacing it with an equal per capita transfer. This means that less populous provinces with relatively larger and more isolated populations will have more and more difficulty delivering more expensive universal health services.

Likewise, provinces with relatively larger proportion of older residents will also be hampered in delivering universal quality care. The move to an equal per capita cash transfer will widen the gap between the have and the have-not provinces and make it next to impossible to maintain national standards in health care.

It is estimated by the Premiers that this one budgetary move will create a funding gap for the have-not provinces of $16.5 billion over the next 5 years. The only province to benefit from this change is Alberta, with its growing, younger population.

Justice Emmett Hall, a principal architect of national health care in Canada, articulated the platform required to realize a national health care system. In order to establish and achieve high national standards for health services, the federal government needed to establish a funding formula that took into account the capacity of provinces (and territories) to achieve national standards. In other words: no equalization in health transfers, no national Medicare.

This regressive budgetary change will be matched with a second regressive measure. Beginning in 2017, the six percent annual increase for the health transfer will be replaced with a formula that links the health transfer to economic growth.

This means that in times of high unemployment and economic downturn – when Canadians need access to care the most – the federal transfer will be reduced. This measure alone will result in a $36 billion cut in federal funding for health care over the next decade.

With Harper’s cuts to health care funding, the share of federal CHT cash payments in provincial-territorial health spending will decrease substantially from 20.4 per cent in 2010-11 to less than 12% over the next 25 years.

This, according to the Parliamentary Budget Office, will bring the level of federal cash support for health care to historical lows. National Medicare was implemented across Canada by provinces and territories on the understanding that the federal government would contribute roughly 50 percent of the spending on Medicare.

The shrinking level of federal funding for health care will be matched by a withdrawal of federal enforcement of national standards contained in the Canada Health Act. The use of the spending power to establish national standards is common in all OECD federations.

National Medicare will clearly not survive this ‘cut and run’ course being set by the Harper government. Instead, it will fragment into 14 separate pieces where access to essential care will depend on where you live and your ability to pay.

Instead of working with governments across Canada on a plan to meet the growing health care needs for seniors care in Canada, the Harper government is putting in place a series of measures that will make it next to impossible for provinces and territories to meet the growing needs of their people.

As Pope Francis observed: “A people that does not take care of its elderly and children and youth has no future, because it abuses both its memory and its promise.” Budget 2014 eliminates the fiscal deficit by creating a moral deficit.

How much pain and suffering will Canadian voters let the Harper government inflict on the sick, the frail elderly, veterans and pensioners? How long will citizens tolerate the offloading of billions of dollars of health care costs?

The one big thing that stands in the way of Harper’s plan to slowly strangle Medicare is the people of Canada.

Michael McBane is the Executive Director of the Canadian Health Coalition

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notice of termination

The Real Stephen Harper Exposed! Unseen Interview Bloopers


Published on Feb 11, 2014

Don’t believe what you hear from politicians, it is all written, rehearsed, and fake!
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“Harper’s Omnibus Bill, which declared Canada’s formal entry into the ranks of dysfunctional petro states, was but window dressing for the Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act (FIPPA).

It’s the most significant trade deal since NAFTA, but you won’t read much about it in the national press.

Given its deplorable content Harper appropriately inked the massive give-away in Vladivostok last month and then quietly tabled the deal in Ottawa without so much as a press release.

Osgoode law professor Gus Van Harten, an expert on such international doings, quickly found out why.

After reading the brief document, he declared it a travesty and a formidable assault on Canada’s democratic traditions.

For starters the deal gives Chinese investors more rights and protections than Canadian entrepreneurs could ever win in China’s incredibly corrupt markets.

Harper has lowered Canadian standards to strip and ship resources. He has insulted our best trade partner, the United States.

He has changed legislation to ease resource extraction. He has debased the nation’s global reputation to serve Big Oil.

And he has given over certain rights and powers to China’s national oil companies that effectively undermine our sovereignty.

And all in the name of bitumen.”


891712_10200601172167528_161340386_o northern gateway pipeline

The Real Stephen Harper Exposed! Unseen Interview Bloopers

Published on Feb 11, 2014

Don’t believe what you hear from politicians, it is all written, rehearsed, and fake!
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Lest we forget: Harper’s war on Canadian rights and freedoms

Today is Remembrance Day, a day we remember the men and women who have served and continue to serve our country during times of war, conflict and peace; men and women who sacrificed their lives “for their homes and families and friends, for a collection of traditions they cherished and a future they believed in.”

We often take for granted the values and freedoms we enjoy as Canadians: the freedom of speech, the freedom to dissent, the right to privacy, the right to choose our government. Canadians who went off to war, did so in the belief that those values were being threatened. And so they went to fight in distant lands to defend those values.

Ironically, the biggest threat to these values does not lie in distant lands. It does not take the shape of religious extremists or communists or weapons of mass destruction. The biggest threat to Canadian rights and freedoms lies at home. While we take time to honour the service and sacrifice of men and women who have fought to preserve our values, our own government is systematically dismantling the very rights and freedoms that make us Canadian.

The Right to vote

The right to choose our government lies at the heart of Canadian democracy. It is so significant it is enshrined in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Despite its importance, the Harper Government has recently taken steps to take the fundamental right to vote away from certain Canadians.

The so-called “Fair Elections Act” strengthens voting identification requirements by banning the use of Voter Information Cards as corroborating documentation. It also eliminates the practice of vouching, by which a qualified elector may prove her identity by taking an oath and being vouched for by another qualified elector. In the last election, this process was relied on by 100,000 Canadians who did not have sufficient ID to meet the voter identification rules.

The alleged purpose of the Fair Elections Act is to cut down on voter fraud. That seems like a legitimate purpose, except that there was no evidence that voter fraud by vouching was a problem. A recent Elections Canada report found that just 0.4 per cent of ballots cast in 2011 had irregularities due to vouching – of which the vast majority were cases of misfiled paperwork, not misidentified voters. This has led critics to conclude that the real goal is to supress the votes of citizens who are less likely to vote Conservative.

Evidence from the United States indicates that stricter identification requirements do in fact keep qualified voters from voting. In particular, elderly, minority, low-income and homeless citizens are more likely to lack the required identity documents. Without vouching, these citizens’ right to vote may effectively evaporate.

Freedom to dissent

Another extremely important right in a democracy is the freedom to disagree with the government and to freely communicate that dissent. In Canada, we have many non-profit organizations on both sides of the political spectrum who advocate for changes to law and policy. But lately, something has gone awry.

The supposedly non-political Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) has used special funds provided by the government to investigate organizations with tax-free charitable status to ensure they are not devoting more than the legal limit of 10 per cent of their resources to advocacy activities. But that’s not the problem. What is, is the fact that virtually all of the organizations that have been investigated, from the Suzuki Foundation to the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, have been on the “progressive” end of the political spectrum.

There are plenty of charitable entities on the right- from the Fraser Institute to the Canadian Constitution Foundation — but so far none of them have attracted the interest of the CRA.

The Broadbent Institute recently issued a study of ten of these right-leaning charities. The study found that all ten claim they devote zero per cent of their resources to political activity. The published work of the organizations would suggest otherwise. Has the CRA been interested in these inconsistencies? Nope.

The NDP’s Murray Rankin asked Revenue Minister Kerry-Lynne Finlay about this apparently unequal treatment:

“We have seen the Conservatives go after environmentalists, human rights groups, international development groups and yes, even bird-watchers — pretty well anyone who may disagree with them. However, a new report suggests that right-wing charities get a different ride. Annual filings from 10 right-wing charities showed no political activities on their part; none, in spite of the fact that their websites are full of advocacy. Can the minister explain this double standard?”

In response, the Minister simply denied a political motive and then tried to obfuscate the issue by randomly scolding Rankin for asking the question.

The Right to privacy

Quick on the heels of the high-profile deaths of Rehtaeh Parsons and Amanda Todd, the Harper Government introduced a bill to address cyber-bullying and online crime. Women’s organizations, including West Coast LEAF, have identified cyber misogyny as a serious problem and have made recommendations for ways in which Canadian law and policy can be strengthened to better protect the equality rights of women, girls and other vulnerable communities online.

But despite being named the “Protecting Canadians from Online Crime Act,” the bill is only tangentially about online harassment. Really, it is a surveillance bill. Most of the bill is devoted to expanding the state’s powers over the search and seizure of personal Internet data. It would give police and state access to Canadians’ data and online activities without a warrant by granting complete civil and criminal immunity to telecommunication companies that voluntarily grant police access to personal information.

Think this won’t affect you? Think again. In 2011, government agencies asked telecommunications companies to voluntarily hand over data in 1.2 million cases. Between April 2012 and March 2013, telecommunications companies received 18,849 “voluntary” requests from just one government department: the Canada Border Services Agency. Ninety-nine per cent of those requests had no judicial authorization. The companies provided information in 99.98 per cent of cases. With a no-liability guarantee, it is reasonable to expect telecommunications companies to be even less likely to say no.

This bill is likely unconstitutional, since the Supreme Court of Canada recently ruled that the voluntary disclosure of subscriber information to the police violates the Charter, but the Harper Government has no intention to amend it.

With a government that has gone after environmentalists, human rights groups, international development groups and even bird-watchers, there is no knowing whose privacy will be at risk.

Freedom of information

There are few issues more fundamental to democracy than the right of the public to access information produced by government scientists and researchers. “We as a society cannot make informed choices about critical issues if we are not fully informed about the facts.”

Unfortunately for Canadians, the attack on information has become one of the trademarks of the Harper Government. Take for example the decision in July 2010 to cut the mandatory long form census and replace it with a voluntary one. Along with the long form census, researchers and citizens alike lost important data on shifting population trends and changes in the quality of life of Canadians; data that is a vital precursor to good public policy.

In 2012, the federal budget revealed further and more drastic attacks on the right of Canadians to be informed. For instance, fifty per cent of Stats Canada employees were warned that their jobs were at risk and a number of research bodies were vaporized, including the National Roundtable on the Environment, the First Nations Statistical Institute, the National Council on Welfare and the Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Science.

At the same time the Harper Government was cutting resources for research, it was also tightening the media protocols applied to federal scientists. Federal scientists now routinely require political approval before they can speak to the media about their scientific findings. Particularly strict rules apply to issues of climate change and oil sands.

In a recent survey of federal scientists, only ten per cent said they were allowed to speak freely without constraints about the work they do at their department or agency. By contrast, 24 per cent said they have been asked to exclude or alter technical information in government documents for non-scientific reasons.

Why should this concern us? Because, we are being denied access to information that we need to make informed decisions about how we conduct ourselves and how we act politically. And, some of this information impacts our health and safety. In the survey of federal scientists, 50 per cent of respondents said they were aware of “cases where health and safety of Canadians” or environmental sustainability has been compromised because of political interference with their scientific work. And in this climate of fear, 71 per cent agreed that “our ability to develop policy, law and programs that are based on scientific evidence and facts has been compromised by political interference.”

Lest We Forget

The Harper Government’s war on Canadian rights and freedoms has at times been sly. Laws, believed to be unconstitutional, have been slipped into omnibus budget bills or given misleading titles reminiscent of George Orwell’s doublethink in the dystopian novel 1984. But the changes have not gone unnoticed. If my newsfeed is any indication, citizens across the country are aware that their beloved institutions are changing, and not for the better. We have an election coming up, and it is my hope that these attacks on our most valued rights and freedoms will not be forgotten.

In the meantime, I plan to reflect this Remembrance Day on the values I hold dear, and what I can do to stop being complacent while the rights and freedoms of my fellow Canadians are under attack.

“We must remember. If we do not, the sacrifice of those one hundred thousand Canadian lives will be meaningless.”


Peter D Veniez …. YES during the first n second world WARS Canadians fought for our freedoms …. and the Vets were respected cause they were fighting for US at HOME . WE AGREED with FIGHTING EVIL …. but now its so not the SAME thing ….. Harper sends our SOLDIERS pissing in AFGAN POPPY fields WHY . ? .. Even the Military question WTF they are n were doing their ….. WE THE PEOPLE …….. DO not agree to go protect the DRUG CARTELS ….. So today I have no respect for the POPPY or this new generation of HIRED GOONS …..

The Harper Government : The Greatest Hits Catalogue : A Shocking Track Record

FROM Marlene MacFarlane
Warning…. some of the language in here is a tad blue….
m09s_062_ (1)


And who can argue, when THIS is floating around right now?
Our beloved Prime Minister, notice, is not home. He’s in Peru, signing away more of our sovereignty with the TPP,
so poor old Duff and his fishing buddy, Mr. May-or-may-not-smoke crack Ford are on their own….

“You won’t recognize Canada when I get through with it.”

~Stephen Harper

(updated May 24th 1203pm)

amazing photoshop image from Kent Lins  check him out !


“Keeping track of this historic clown show should be the job of the Canadian Press Corp /

media but unfortunately they’ve been reduced to lapdogs and presstitutes only capable of regurgitating Conservative Party of Canada talking points and press releases “.

Disclaimer :

*The list continues growing as we travel down memory lane


Mike Racoon

UPDATE: TO EVERYONE IN THE CANADIAN MOVEMENT- I have been a Native Advocate for more Human and Civil Rights for Indian Country (more decades than I care to admit to) but however since the Great Awaking when the First Nations stood together in December 2012, I openly wept to see our People rise up and say to Harper ‘enough is enough’ .

The First Nations sent a clear message to the world that made the Indigenous Peoples of the three Americans and Caribbean say NO that racism, colonialism, political repression and political oppression and the use of extermination, ethnic cleansing and racial genocide were totally unacceptable!

The goal now is to force out the racist, colonial, strong man dictator Stephen Harper to step down and resign his position as the so-called Prime Minister of Canada.

Harper has sold out to the Mainland Chinese and has given carte blanche permission to them, to devastate and destroy three-fourths of Canada’s natural environment and as well the First Nations rights of self rule, self autonomy and self government! Harper has abused and violated national and international treaties of Human and Civil Rights of First Nation People.

He has escalated the struggle for Human and Civil Rights to now on the possible brink of armed struggle! The world now views Harper as it did Nixon, Bush, and the Shah of Iran.

On March 1, 2014, the First Nations and Earth People, will again send a VERY strong message to Harper that he is FINISHED!


In the Spirit of Unity Among Our People,
Mike Raccoon Eyes, Native Advocate.

Brian Scott This is the movement that will save Mother Earth. We bond together, not just for the environment, capitalist oppression, or corruption.

We bond together for justice, very long overdue, for the Aboriginal Nations around the world. No more oppression by the state, corporations and individuals but FULL and EQUAL partners in our future.

The Aboriginal cultures speak a truth and connection that has been suppressed but not extinguished. People just need to wake up and pay attention to see the wisdom and truth they speak. There is no hidden agenda.
I am not of Aboriginal blood nor have any direct tribal connections but I was shown the way of the good red road.

It started with weekly meetings at the ottawa ministry of natural resources. A meeting and gathering place to teach to any who were interested. A most remarkable place of serenity and peace.

I was welcomed with open arms. I am very grateful for those days.
Kwey Grandfather Joe and Willy. Meegwitch for everything.


-The First ever P.M to be held in contempt of Parliament, something unheard of in the British Commonwealth.


 -Destroying generations of environmental protections,  Clean air and water is like Al Qaeda to the Harpercons.


-Allowed Industry to write environmental protections. 
no , seriously , they let oil companies rewrite our environmental

protections.Stephen Harper and Joe Oliver ladies and gentlemen !!


Recent backroom treasonous 40 year FIPA trade deals with Communist China on behalf of his masters in private industry.

A country with a horrible human rights track record that’s stolen our manufacturing thru slave labor, crooked trade deals and building up it’s military on our dime.


The latest CPC Election Fraud,Judge finds CPC cheating in 6 ridings. More Election cheating and caught, again.


Frequent election fraud : Election campaign overspending (cheating) , also instituting widespread Elections Canada budget cuts amid their own voting scandal investigations ,

basically castrating the investigation.


Robo Call-Gate
Fucking over Canadian voters ,telling people their voting station had been moved , sending people to the wrong places, incredibly tacky and illegal behaviour.
Most would consider this a supreme crime and treason. The Robo Call investigations still on going even though Harper slashed their budget.


-Not so secret agenda as widely admitted to the Council of Foreign Relations of delivering Canada to global governance, treason?

Harper omnibus punch

Omnibus Punch! With a single legislative blow, the Harper government destroys decades of environmental protections, with no debate.


Kapow! Round two!


Today recognized as having the worst environmental protection policies in the industrialized world.



-Destroyed a budget surplus and now running massive deficits while pretending to be strong economic managers.
You can repeat the propaganda and Action Plan Ad’s all you want, but unfortunately for Harper, the numbers don’t lie.


-Wanted U.S style bank de-regulation, thank god he didn’t get his way. Canada would be in a deep US style recession if Chief Steve had his way back when.


– His National Citizens Coalition Opposed universal health care, Health Care Act,  a pillar of Canadian Society.

The rich people that pay for Harper’s Mascara don’t want to pay for your health care. Taking care of others is like terrorism to these muppets.


Midwestern Canada and parts north of it may actually be one of the safest places to live in the climate changed world.


So isn’t it wonderful that the same people exacerbating climate change with the most backwards climate policy of any industrialized country are also totally okay with the watersheds in that part of the country being polluted by levels of

toxic hydrocarbons between 2 1/2 and 23 times what they were before the tar sands were mined?


And then of course there’s this.


Tailings ponds at the Tar Sands are leaking four billion litres of contaminated water a year into local watersheds.


And that’s only part of a distressing list of environmental and health impacts of the project.


In Canada, the federal government doesn’t want its own citizens to know about the environmental impacts of the project, which is why scientists studying tar sands environmental impacts are muzzled.



– Ramming thru absurd omnibus legislation that he NEVER would have dared campaign on, toxic items that would have sunk his election , he use to attack those that went with omnibus but in the end succumbed to the temptation of mass fisting his countrymen in the a**. Grotesque Hypocrisy.
Harper has reached cartoon levels of absurdity in the amount of slimey items he is ramming thru at once.

Like he said, you wouldn’t recognize Canada when he was done with it.


-Ran to the Governor General + Prorogued Parliament twice in two years, about as cowardly and un-democratic as it gets ,

the second time, in fear of facing oppositional criticism over the Afghan detainee scandal and torture.
Shark Eyed Stevie didn’t want to be running from a torture scandal so he shut down Parliament, now that’s banana republic worthy,


-Recently admitted to “losing” track of 3.1 billion of security dollars, gross mis-management worthy of a Sheila Fraser Audit with RCMP backed subpoena power .
Some believe the missing funds are probably going to be used for their ongoing legal war chest / dirty tricks, black ops, slush fund.


-In and out Scandal : February 24, 2011, 4 senior Conservative Party members were charged in the In and Out Scandal under the Elections Canada Act with overspending over $1 million dollars in the 2006 election including allegations that Conservative election expense documents submitted to Elections Canada were “false or misleading”


-Chief of Staff just resigned for corrupt payment scandal covering up for another corrupt Senator.
Mike Duffy : A man who physically resembles a pig and with a sense of entitlement that only a true douchebag could roll with.
Laws Broken .  Inquiry and criminal charges time , right Steve ?


– Let’s take a trip down memory lane when Harper said this

“There’s going to be a new code on Parliament Hill, bend the rules, you will be punished, break the law, you will be charged, abuse the public trust, you will go to prison” warned Stephen Harper


-The F-35 Fighter Plane Scandal : billions of dollars, knowingly underestimating and misrepresenting the true costs,should be an investigation into what

was really going on and who took money.who was lobbying who, reeks of payola. More back room deals.


-Harper continues wasting millions of dollars on Action Plan Propaganda Ad’s that are only fooling the most ignorant Canadians at this point (some programs that don’t even exist) , these AD’s are basically never ending campaigning benefitting the CPC, and on taxpayers dime of course.


Wasted over $1 billion in three days for security and other costs during the 2010 G20 Summit in Toronto,

it was a historic G20 disgrace,with stormtrooper pigs charging woman singing the national anthem.
A disturbing and shocking amount of innocent people wrongly detained and abused.
-The resulting protests became the largest mass arrests in Canadian history.


Like he said, you wouldn’t recognize Canada when he was done with it.

– Full Spectrum Assault (Since the 2011 election)  Harper has shut down the Health Council of Canada, the National Council of Welfare, the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy, Rights and Democracy, the First Nations Statistical Institute and the National Council of Visible Minorities. The Millennium Scholarship Foundation, the Council for Canadian Unity and the Canadian Council on Learning were shut down a little earlier.


-Scientists lash Harper Gov. for pulling plug on Experimental Lakes freshwater research program.


-Gazebo Gate: Tony Clement, $50 million from the G8 fund pissed away on gazebos to win him favor in his riding, more cronyism ,banana republic worthy.


-Pushing for new private, for profit, prisons in the wake of decreasing crime rates so his crony’s can profit off of caging Canadians. One of them is an Enbridge Executive,they want to make money off jailing pipeline protesters. Sick, sick bastards.


-Rolled out the red carpet to admitted and confessed torturers George W Bush and Dick Cheney AFTER they admitted to the torture programs VIOLATING our own strong Canadian and International laws in the process.


-Dean Del Mastro, Michael Sona, and Pierre Poutine. (If you don’t know why these guys are on the list you need to start paying attention )


-Senate Appointee ~ Brazeau overspending and allegedly woman beating, calling Justin Trudeau Shiney Pony then getting ass kicked by him, left disgraced.

-Senate Appointee ~Pig Mike Duffy-Gate left disgraced.

-Senate Appointee ~ Piglet Sen.Wallin-Gate, money overspending , trough piggery, left disgraced


-Bruce Carson’s influence peddling and RCMP investigation , disgraced and charged.

-Scumbags trying to bribe Chuck Cadman on his death bed, sub-human behavior.


Bev Oda, The Imelda Marcos of the North.

– Public Safety Minister Vic “Babysitter Love” Toews , Viki-Leaks and Big Brother warrentless surveillance
” You’re either with the child pornographers or the guys that cheat on their wive’s to bang their babysitters.


-Julie Couillard NATO lost document and lobbying scandal the reason why Minister Maxime Bernier resigned from cabinet.


Turncoat David Emerson who betrayed his riding winning as a Liberal but then jumped ship into Harper’s greasy mitts.
Classic douchebag move :
On election night he told supporters that he wanted to be “Stephen Harper’s Worst Nightmare”, then jumped ship to Harper and the CPC.

People in Vancouver have never forgave him and consider him a “benedict arnold”


-Irwin Cotler Affair, more misleading phone campaign fuckery.

-Appointed RCMP officer Giuliano Zaccardelli to TOP COP at Interpol in the wake of The Arar scandal, the canadian citizen who was falsely implicated by an RCMP/CSIS “terrorism file” on him and illegally renditioned by US authorities to a Syrian torture cell.

Then, when it came to public light, RCMP smeared Arar further in the press, rather than take responsibility and protect the life of a Canadian citizen.

Zaccardelli was also called a “liar”by a fellow career Mountie, to his face, in the presence of the Parliamentary committee investigating the pilfering of RCMP pension under Zaccardelli’s watch. But Zaccardelli remained Commissioner.


– Runs a Federal Dictatorship isolating himself from the Premieres in fact Harper has not met the premiers as a group since November 2008.

The last time Canada went that long without a first ministers’ conference, Louis St. Laurent was the prime minister.
-Industry Minister Paradis was found guilty of conflict of interest for helping former caucus colleague Rahim Jaffer

meet senior bureaucrats on a controversial green energy project. Cronyism, standard operating procedure.


-Peter McKay Taxi Service scandal : Allowed Defence Minister to use a search-and-rescue helicopter as a personal limosine to ferry him between fishing holes.

-Budget cuts to Canadian Food Inspection Agency and wide spread E-coli outbreak, dangerous mismanagement resulting in illness +death.


– Enbridge Shilling : Harper is pushing a pipeine project (NorthernGateway) onto BC that nobody living there wants.
The project would turn the coast into a supertanker highway ticking time bomb.
Harper is pushing so hard that people think bloodshed will erupt in BC over this volatile issue.

Many experts giving grave warnings and say it’s a sure fire way to mess up the coast for future generations.
The recent Dog and Pony Show Pipeline hearings we’re ridiculous, a true joke and in the wake of massive historic opposition.
1700 vs 3 Opposed Enbridge amongst presenters to Harpers 3 Person JRP Review Board in British Columbia.
The only thing that would make sense at this point is if Harper is actually on the payroll of Enbridge.


– Enbridge , caught erasing islands in their commercials, an absurd tanker route laden with massive safety issues. buy hey,

lets make it safer by erasing the islands for the TV commercials so the public is fooled.

2013.12.21_15h05m44s_011_A SFU study just released saying 90% certainty of disaster

if Northern Gateway goes ahead, British Columbians and First Nations unified in Opposition against Harper and Enbridge.


-Muzzling the Ottawa press gallery, yes !! effectively muzzling journalists from asking questions , Muzzling journalists !!! Banana Republic Worthy.


-Harper Gov. muzzling scientists. Let’s not forget the Scientists that marched on Parliament Hill, think about that ,

scientists in lab coats marched on Parliament Hill, The Harper Government is now muzzling scientists, i repeat, MUZZLING SCIENTIST’S !!!

Million Mask March_5340

Harper’s Spiritual Leader and Creepy U of Alberta Prof, fired CBC pundit,Tom Flanagan fired for pro-child porn viewing comments

-Trying to destroy the CBC and replace it with Fox News North.


-Trying to mandate Sun News for mandatory carriage for his own personal propaganda network for chrissake, banana republic worthy.


-Caught faking immigration ceremonies on Sun News  (Minister Jason Kenney  caught faking an oath ceremony and running a bonafide clown show )


Filled the government lobby with photos of just himself, (Harper) Creepy,mixed with extreme hubris, in a Jeffrey Dahmer-Joseph Stalin kind of way.


-Government of Canada now listed as the “Harper Government” in official communications, of course, this after all, is a neo-clown dictatorship.


-Trashing Canada’s reputation internationally.  thanks to Harper and his ghouls Canada’s popularity in many parts of the planet is on a heavy decline.


-Perpetual shilling for the Koch Bros and Big Oil.
Harper spends most his time meeting with oil and energy lobbyists.

We have a petro state minded government that is governing for itself without a care for what the rest of the nation

thinks and hell bent on turning Canada into Mordor.

-Pissing away millions on chinese panda bear rentals while closing coast guard bases.  People already dying over these cuts.

Opens the “Office of Religious Freedom” that nobody asked for while closing Vancouver’s busiest Coast Guard Station.
Deranged and delusional leadership at it’s worst, worthy of The Taliban.

-International experts removed Canadas economic superstar status while he pretends that he knows what hes doing.

-Trying to destroy environmental groups while allowing industry to poison our air and water unabated.

Complete, one-sided lapdog pandering to apartheid state Israel,even as they continue to expand settlements

and dump white phosphorus on woman and children in Gaza. Many wonder if MOSSAD is blackmailing him.

-Snubbing the U.N and getting kicked out of the security council weakening Canada’s National Security in the process.

Extreme un Canadian sabre rattling ~ Chicken Hawking and wrongly supporting the highly illegal 2003 Invasion of Iraq.
We could go on and on….It’s high time for this mascara wearing asshole to resign.

He’s run out of clowns + minions to throw under the bus,and we’ve run out of patience.
sincerely,  Canadians

Harpers Gift to Oil

“When we stand up and we sing O Canada, we pledge to stand on guard for thee. If that doesn’t include our WATER, we might as well sit down and give up.” -Rick Mercer.



Harper conservatives cutting more than $100 million in environmental protection of Canada’s fresh waters and oceans.



December 27, 2013 – “More than $100 million in cuts are underway at the federal department in charge of protecting Canada’s water and oceans,

despite recommendations from top bureaucrats that it needs to increase spending for both environmental and economic reasons.According to internal federal briefing notes obtained by Postmedia News,

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government is eliminating about 500 jobs at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans related to Coast Guard services, patrols to stop illegal fishing activities as well as scientific research to promote conservation, protect endangered species and prevent industrial water pollution.

“”The downsizing also includes the shutdown of federal libraries and millions of dollars in reductions to climate change adaptation programs.

In total, the department estimates it will cut about $80 million per year from its budget by 2014-15, and over $100 million per year in the following fiscal year.” -Mike De Souza, Postmedia NewsRick Mercer Rant Slams Harper conservatives attack on Canada’s Water & Scientists >



Harper’s omnibus ‘Budget’ Bill C-45 Guts 99% of Canada’s Protected Rivers and Lakes – Conservatives Toss Out 130 Year-Old ‘Navigation Water Protection Act’ to Speed Up Pipeline Construction- Over 99% of Canada’s waterways are now unprotected – Canada HAD over 2.5 million protected lakes, and over 8,500 protected rivers.

Canada now has ONLY 97 Protected lakes and 62 protected rivers. (90 per cent of the total of those remaining 159 protected lakes and rivers are on conservative riding territory)

ESSENTIAL READING: Proof Harper works for the Oil Industry, not Canadians

“It means the removal of almost every lake and river we know from the Navigable Waters Protection Act. From one day to the next we went from 2.5 million protected lakes and rivers in Canada to 159 lakes and rivers protected.

You name the river, you name the lake and it is no longer protected by this act, and this has nothing to do with the budget that the government rammed through, it has everything to do with oil pipelines, because you are able to now are able to ruin navigation and not trigger an environmental assessment.”


“The Act which previously provided basic protection for our Canadian waters was eliminated and its replacement is called the Navigation Protection Act. Notice first that the word “water” has been removed from the title; that will give you insight into the meat of this Act. This is a continuation of the Harper government’s abandonment of responsibility to protect water and water habitats.

This new acts leaves 99.9 per cent of our rivers and 99.7 per cent of our lakes without basic protection.”


“Major changes to the act—now called the Navigation Protection Act—mean oil and gas developers looking to build on and around lakes and rivers no longer have to notify the federal government of their plans.

As a result, future projects won’t trigger a federal environmental assessment, which First Nations say undermines their right to free, prior and informed consent for construction in traditional territories.”


“The word “environment” was suddenly deleted from a federal government website that described Conservative proposals to change the law protecting Canada’s navigable waterways.”


Harper government removes protection from 99% of Canada’s 2.5 million lakes and rivers– except in Conservative ridings


“90% of 159 lakes and rivers that will now be designated as protected are in 1% conservative ridings-

The list of lakes includes those surrounded by wealthy cottagers north of Toronto, in the Muskoka district of the riding held by conservative Tony Clement. Among them is Lake Rosseau, where Hollywood celebrities, business moguls and NHL stars perch on its banks.


Harper conservative government removes water protection from historic 130-year-old Canadian law >


Documents reveal oil pipeline industry changed laws in Canada (Navigable Waters’ act)

Stephen Harper’s conservative government guts Canada’s environmental protections, water protection act, fishery act, and wild life act


“Harper’s second monster budget bill dismantled environmental reviews, gutted the Fisheries Act, eliminated wildlife habitat protection, repealed the Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act, reduced the powers of the auditor general, dissolved the Public Appointments Commission meant to fight patronage, and restricted food safety inspections.

Thousands of lakes and rivers are not covered any more by the Navigable Waters Protection Act, the Environmental Assessment Act has been shredded, and fish habitat protection disappeared from the Fisheries Act.”

Harper government shuts down Canada’s ‘groundbreaking’ freshwater research station


“Stephen Harper pulled the plug on Canada’s greatest freshwater defender and scientific achievement: the Experimental Lakes Area (ELA)”


Stephen Harper Conservative’s effort to privatize Canada’s municipal water and wastewater systems, and the threat this poses to the accessibility of safety public water for all Canadians.



View This Documentary Film, ‘Sacred Spirit of Water’ here


Water is a living organism, water is sacred, water is life, water is worth defending and protecting for those yet unborn. Rivers and lakes in Alberta don’t stop at provincial borders.

These rivers and lakes flow throughout Canada and the United States, therefore everyone will be affected by the ominous bills which have become law.

This means the previous 2.5 million lakes and rivers that were protected have been diminished to only 62 protected rivers and 97 lakes. If you enjoy the benefits of the Canadian outdoors, camping, canoeing, boating, fishing, for that matter clean drinking water, you need to ask yourself how will you be impacted by the sale of your water resources?

Treaties stand in the way of the federal government. Traditional treaty territories within Canada protect the natural resources and within these traditional territories the four legged, the winged, and those within the waters, all your relations, will no longer be protected, as well as your human rights.

The government has cut 186 million dollars from the First Nation water and waste water action plan and sunsetted the entire program. The government ignored the calls to provide the First Nations with the basic services other Canadians have become used to.

Watch the full documentary now – 58 min



WATER documentary -How your consciousness directly affects the universe Dr. Emoto 1_8

Sacred knowledge of Vibrations and Water

Why is Harper Selling Canada’s Fresh Water Supply to corporations?

“The Harper government has gutted every regulation and law we had in place to protect our freshwater supplies. Now this deregulation is locked in as corporations from Europe as well as the U.S. can soon claim to have invested in an environment without water protection rules and sue any future government that tries to undo the damage.” -Maude Barlow, National Chairperson, Council of Canadians

“About three years ago, the Harper government tied funding to municipalities for new water infrastructure to public-private partnerships. Most people don’t know about it, but it’s quite dangerous because it locks municipalities to a private model”


Why is Harper Letting the EU Profit From Canadian Water?

“Rather rather than providing the funding needed for First Nations water infrastructure needs, the Harper government has instead seen privatization as a quick fix for the water crisis in First Nations communities and has promoted public-private partnerships through its federal budgets.” >

It’s Official. Stephen Harper is Privatizing Our Water

Council of Canadians Condemns Harper’s Sponsorship of Water Privatization Conference


‘Why Canada’s Water Is At Risk’ by Maude Barlow

National Chairperson, Council of Canadians >

‘Fractured Land’ depicts First Nations’ fight to save water from oil and gas industry


“So, at one extreme you have indigenous, tribal societies trying to stem the race to disaster. At the other extreme, the richest, most powerful societies in world history, like the United States and Canada, are racing full-speed ahead to destroy the environment as quickly as possible.” — Noam Chomsky >>

“First Nations people – and the decision of Canadians to stand alongside them – will determine the fate of the planet.”


‘Indigenous communities against fracking like the Elsipogtog First Nation are on the frontlines of defending water and the land FOR EVERYONE’ >



New Brunswick fracking protests are the frontline of a democratic fight



“Freed of the distractions, we will be left with a single question. Do we obey provincial dictates that grant a U.S company license to pollute the water in Canada?

Or the laws of Indigenous peoples, of the Supreme Court, and of our conscience, calling us to protect it? The answer will tell us everything about the kind of country we will have.”

Thanks Stu for the Graphic! Research by Derek
– Occupy Canada !

March For Democracy

I came across a quote attributed to Stephen Harper. While searching for the source, I discovered that it was from a speech, once held on CTV.ca, but since deleted years ago.
Without further introduction, some choice quotes from the text from a speech made by Stephen Harper, then vice-president of the National Citizens Coalition, to a June 1997 Montreal meeting of the Council for National Policy, a right-wing U.S. think tank: “…
it’s legendary that if you’re like all Americans, you know almost nothing except for your own country. Which makes you probably knowledgeable about one more country than most Canadians.” “First, facts about Canada.
Canada is a Northern European welfare state in the worst sense of the term, and very proud of it.” “In terms of the unemployed, of which we have over a million-and-a-half, don’t feel particularly bad for many of these people.
They don’t feel bad about it themselves, as long as they’re receiving generous social assistance and unemployment insurance.” “Of our two legislative houses, the Senate, our upper house, is appointed, also by the Prime Minister, where he puts buddies, fundraisers and the like.”
“The NDP could be described as basically a party of liberal Democrats, but it’s actually worse than that, I have to say. And forgive me jesting again, but the NDP is kind of proof that the Devil lives and interferes in the affairs of men.” “…Conservative party was running the largest deficits in Canadian history.
They were in favour of gay rights officially, officially for abortion on demand. Officially — what else can I say about them? Officially for the entrenchment of our universal, collectivized, health-care system and multicultural policies in the constitution of the country.”
Among other insults, and intruiging implications, he mentions many policy thoughts, and specifically… His opinion of the Canadian people.
He officially denied this speech in the 2006 election, and it’s been deleted off the news sites since then. But words are not so easily erased off the internet, one should be careful with them.

Click on image for more options. Press F11 for full screen. Right click on full size link to download.


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  1. there is no difference between political parties anymore. they all lie so badly that it makes you think that there is a difference but in the end they do the same bs. they are all illuminati, committee 300, nwo, appointees that obey like perfect little disgusting drones.


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