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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Opening Flood Gates to Muslim invasion

Vin Raj
Justin Trudeau will destroy your wonderful Country unless you stop him NOW, he is a puppet for George Soros’s Globalist Agenda
C. D.
Poor Canadian women….. be prepared for mass rapes and bomings of your children and cities. Sickkkkkk PM!!!

We are ripe for invasion..Gorilla Warfare Do not ignore this warning from Canada

BREAKING: Trudeau Announces Canadian Open Door Islamist Policy.

Published on Jan 29, 2017

BREAKING: Trudeau Announces Canadian Open Door Islamist Policy.
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Hello my Patriot friends. !!! Please do SHARE let’s awaken the sheep ! Thank you Patriot Canadians ! We need to protect this great peaceful country and our future generation from radical Islam, Sharia Law Menace, Criminals who come in without being screened,,and political correct corrupt Politicians like Justin Trudeau.
Lets all the like minded people like us who Love Canada join as one Big team please this one time lets do it together. Show Canada and the world we had enough this will be rude awakening to countries like Sweden etc. who are waiting to break loose.
High treason by Trudeau and Liberals!!!! Please and thank you Ethics commissioner do your job, all government politicians and employees your compliance to the Nazi Islamic agenda by compliance is treason. It is time to speak out now, or be held accountable later !!!!!!
The courts of our lands will bring justice !!!! Clearly evident Trudeau’s government, compliant with an invasion, Trump did the right thing. Democratically we must remove this government ! We need our million man march contact all Jewish, Sikh, Hindu, Christian. Buddhists, eat woman’s right groups, ay community whom the the Muslims hate , Conservatives, every kind of organization you can think of plan it for a couple months send a feed to Fox news all our cultures have been persecuted by Islamofascism !!!!
We must unite, the enemy lies within in Bahrain, Egypt, Russia, Syria, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia the Muslim Brotherhood is a Terrorist organization !!! That comprises many individuals within our government, many promote Sharia !!
Paid to uphold and protect civil law, promotion of religious law a direct conflict of interest and high treason. ! US has bill before Congress, to also designate Muslim Brotherhood as a Terrorist organization. We all take one day on a Friday millions !!! Unite !!!! contact many groups and organizations CANADA wide !
A peaceful gathering to gain INTERNATIONAL ATTENTION send it out to everyone all Networks globally live news feed lots of interesting clear and concise informative signs !!!! JUST one day to change a Nation no school, work, man , woman and child we march against the invasion.
We must collect our signs when protests are done, and be civil and respectful of the people and our surroundings so don’t be like lunatic Liberals ! It just has to be well coordinated and Organized, do what Soros does in a good way these organizers we need PEOPLE that must be cream of the crop !!!!! Make it an International embarrassment and maybe an FBI Investigation into Trudeau’s liberals. !!!!! LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN .
Silence is compliance ! Why do we have a prime Al-Qaeda recruitment center in Trudeau’s home riding of Papineau ? Or a mosque on the International terror list !!! High treason we must march, man woman and child Trudeau must resign or whatever process of government must be used to remove him !!!
The only limits are those of vision !!!!! Soros and the loony lefts greatest strength is organizing, because of finances and mainstream racist media. Liberalism the politics of division, contact rebel media and Breitbart and any alternative media that would show interest I know two more and plan it for a couple months.
I have a friend that is a carpenter, which made me think floats depicting life in each Nation under Sharia so lots of Burkas.
Have a traditional couple 60 year men in marriage garb and his 10 year old bride and different aspects of Sharia lashings, etc.
Signs with stats like Sweden on rape before and after the invasion, Collages if Cologne Germany New Year’s Eve 1250 victims raped and assaulted, pictures of victims from assaults , raped even make a teen girl image to out on a float with her face burned off from an acid attack.
We must be creative but truthful, paint the picture truth will make them ashamed to see what they support ! I stand by my statement the enemy lies within !!! Obama is the MESSENGER !!!! SOROS is the new HITLER and Liberal parties worldwide have been infiltrated by Nazis. !!!
In those news feeds say millions of global citizens warning us, give them good sources and truth like White Helmets and Hamas are Terrorists.
We must use all our skill sets, we all have something to contribute have children draw pictures of Sharia then ask them if they would like that ? We must do whatever we can We need GREAT organizers !!!! We together are the political STORM to save our Nation !`
Amy Harvey
Welp, looks as though ANOTHER wall needs to be built!
Brian Aitchison
Amy Harvey , we welcome President Trump to interfere with Canadian politics and get this retard out of office.


Published on Jan 28, 2017

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said he welcomes the refugees banned by the USA … Linol Anderson rants on how this is an illuminati agenda!



Terry Lake
Did you know that we have very strict laws against the posesion of and distruchtion of any child pornagraphy. Video or written , possession, distribution or accessing, description of sexual acts. . The Quran has clear violations of Canadian laws in it !
g augusteijan
Oh my God ! No Justin…WE do NOT WELCOME UNVETTED IMMIGRANT: ASK US FIRST AND WE WILL TELL YOU. You are inviting disaster Justin ! Deadly and onerous disaster !

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Responds to Donald Trump’s refugee and Muslim ban

Published on Jan 28, 2017

alllives matter
This idiot has now opened the flood gates just like that slag merkel did, you will rue the day this loser took control. Cheers from New Zealand.
Republic of Texas
You and China do have a lot in common China wants to rule Canada and Canada’s PM wants to give it to them. Wake up Canada why on earth would you allow all those Immigrants into your country , I guess it’s known Germany announced itself open and excepting to all immigrants look at them now. We here in the US see you as are brothers but this will cause trouble between our two Countries.
Terry Lake
Enough of this Politically Correct Trudeau insanity. .Trudeau is a FUCKING IDIOT WE NEED A NEW ELECTION RIGHT NOW. . But until then The Muslims can stay with Trudeau and his family. . Countries around the world have been turned into Religions and Citizens Oppressed, by their Politically Correct politicians and now their nothing more than Islamic murdering Gang Raping Muslim infested hell holes..
One Individual
I am Canadian, and I would not take the chance. I would not take the chance to harm relations with the US. Especially if, lets says, terrorist do come here plan, and are successful hurting the US. I do not want all these refugees, in my country when they ( the government) sold off the jobs to free trade, there is not enough good jobs.
What happens is the government spends more money on these people than the ones they need it, that paid into the corrupt system for 30 years.
The government will make incentives to companies wage subsidies for immigrants, and regular citizens do not get the jobs. Go bankrupt. Trudeau is a dictator, because if the people voted, they would not be coming.
Trudeau is a Nazi. soon will it will not matter because the vote will a majority of immigrants. Only good thing I see about all the muslims coming in, because I am a positive person, and hope so bad that these people are not potential terrorist, that I will beleive it, I know one thing, what happened to me in family court, the abuse and discrimination of men, you can not do that to a muslim, and perhaps if we get enough of them here, and they experience it, perhaps the vote will be for sharia law, in family court, because the Jewish law, is corrupto, it more about how to drain funds from the emotional, breakup, of the family. Kidnapping children, making the man pay the support, letting women present false accusations, with out any accountability, a Muslim will not take that abuse.
Fucking Liberals! The party is spiralling down into destruction, it will burn. Just like what Mulroney did to the progressive con artist. Die already!