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After the Collapse: Into the forest (SHTF NORTH AMERICA/ ALBERTA)

Published on Jan 10, 2017

After the Collapse: Gangs of SHTF (Part 1)

Published on Sep 25, 2016

This is part one of an in depth exploration of how gangs will function in the absense of rule of law. In this first part I discuss theories about how and why gangs emerge.

In the next part of this series I will discuss the general categories of gangs that will emerge in an SHTF situation and some challenges they and their prey will face.

After the Collapse: Gangs of SHTF (PART 2)

After the Collapse: The End of Time

Published on Nov 27, 2016

What is the role of time in grid down? This is one of the most abstract After the Collapse installments yet, so it may not be for everyone but I hope it at least gets you thinking. I had to omit a lot from this one due to time constraints and not finding an appropriate place for it in the video, like things about record keeping and circadian, infradian and ultraradian rhythyms had to be cut out. The gist of that section was that our natural biological clocks will take over in the absense of the conventional time, and the importance of recording history.

Photon Cannon: ICBM of Flashlights/ Thrunite TN42

Published on Oct 23, 2016

Its the COOLEST flashlight I’ve EVER used, which is not to say its necessary for survival or preparedness, it may be very beneficial to first responders, farmers, hunters and people with large properties.

Thrunite TN 42 (Pure spotlight, no flood)

Thrunite TN 40 (spotlight with some flood)

ThruNite Official Website: (5% OFF Coupon Code:THRUNITE , limited time!)

Thrunite TN 36 UT (Pure Floodlight)

Olight Marauder 9000 Lumen (Pure floodlight)

After the Collapse: How to Survive Longer in SHTF

Published on Aug 13, 2016

Maximize your mental and physical potential before SHTF!

Adaptability is but one aspect of strength. Push yourself beyong yourself while you still can!

After the Collapse: Anarchy (Part 2 of Martial Law)

Published on Aug 3, 2016

A continuation of the Martial Law chapter of the After the Collapse series

After the Collapse: Martial Law & Phases of SHTF

Published on Jul 31, 2016

I discuss a potential timeline of events that might ensue post-disaster from anarchy to excessive rule of law and everything in between. Stay tuned for part 2 on wednesday August 3rd which will continue the discussion.

After the Collapse: Women VS Men (Part 1) | Canadian Prepper

Published on Jun 17, 2016

In this after the collapse instalment I share MY opinions about how the fairer sex would fair in a hypothetical collapse scenario. Part 2 will be released in a couple days.

After the Collapse: Womens Role After SHTF (Part 2) | Canadian Prepper

Published on Jun 20, 2016

In PART 2 of this after the collapse installment I share MY opinions about how women would fair in a hypothetical collapse scenario.

After the Collapse:10 Urban Survival Strategies (Part 1) | Canadian Prepper

Urban Survival: After the Collapse (Part 2) | Canadian Prepper

Published on Jun 10, 2016

I discuss a few observations I’ve had about urban survival strategies.

Climate Change Or Ecological Collapse? Prepping and SHTF | Canadian Prepper

Published on May 14, 2016

I share my views in greater detail about a contentious issue that has been very divisive in the preparedness community due it being used as a partisan football. I try to separate the wheat from the chaff here by discerning between climate change and the collapse of eco-systems due to mismanagement.

Post-Apocalyptic Cults & Mind Control: Walking Dead Lessons

Published on Dec 6, 2016

In this video I review season 7 episode 7 of the walking dead. I relate the events in this episode to general post-collapse concepts like cult behaviours, how tyrannical rulers use fear to keep people in line, post-collapse industry and bullet making, and womens role in the zombie apocalypse!

Dead: Negans New World Order | Canadian Prepper

Published on Apr 6, 2016

How will society be organized post- SHTF in the long term? I do a longwinded analysis of season 6 of the walking dead and what can be extracted from it to help us understand how society may assort itself long after TEOTWAWKI. I also do some rambling about the notorious NWO concept.

After the Collapse: Post-Apocalyptic Fantasies | Canadian Prepper

Published on Mar 29, 2016

I float a few theories about the seemingly never ending infatuation with post-apocalyptic fiction.

After the Collapse: Cannibalism… | Canadian Prepper

Published on Mar 15, 2016

This is an in depth exploration of cannibalism as a factor in a post-collapse world…

I discuss the many aspects of cannibalism, the psychology of it, wendigo psychosis, famine based cannibalism, filial cannibalism, prehistoric cannibalism, neurological affects, and why it will be an important factor in a prolonged grid down scenario.

After the Collapse: Hunger and Starvation | Canadian Prepper

Published on Feb 11, 2016

A brief blurb intertwining the physiological process of death by starvation and the social consequences of food shortage.

After the Collapse: Addiction and Bad Habits | Canadian Prepper

Published on Feb 1, 2016

In this video I discuss the consequences of carrying bad habits over into a grid down situation…

Credit to grunge animated background is to Footageisland who provides free use of this background if integrated and modified in ones work.

After the Collapse: Dangerous People | Canadian Prepper

Published on Jan 12, 2016

Some high risk, people, personalities, characters, groups in post-disaster scenarios…

After the Collapse: Fanatics, Extremists & Radicals | Canadian Prepper

Published on Jan 7, 2016

Musings about what may happen when passionate people get out of hand after a societal breakdown…

After the Collapse: Philosophy of Survivalism | Canadian Prepper

Published on Jan 3, 2016

A short explaination of what Survivalism means to me…

After the Collapse: Trolls… | Canadian Prepper

Published on Dec 8, 2015

How would online trolls fare if society collapsed? Leave your thoughts lol

After the Collapse: Preparing to Survive | Canadian Prepper

Published on Dec 2, 2015

A short motivational video about my transformation into a survivalist/prepper 6 years ago I was the complete opposite of the person I am in this video, still much work to be done. I hope it inspires… -CP

Micro VS Macro Preppers and Survivalists | Canadian Prepper

Published on Nov 12, 2015

A way of categorizing different styles of preparedness, please share your thoughts. -CP

After the Collapse: Prelude

Published on Oct 29, 2015

Opening sequence and trailer for the series…

After The Collapse: Things Fall Apart | Canadian Prepper

Published on Oct 28, 2015

This is probably my most contraversial social critique to date so please take whats helpful to you and leave the rest. The purpose of this talk is show how at the peak of our globalised civilization we are also most vulnerable in a extended global collapse situation.

After the Collapse: Chaos Theory | Canadian Prepper

Published on Oct 27, 2015

The grid that we depend on for our survival is not guaranteed to work indefinitely, the sheer scope of our dependence on technology to sustain our current world is as awe inspiring as it is frightening. I hope this stimulates some thought on just how frail the global grid really is and why preparation is crucial, please share.

After the Collapse: Can Wimps Become Warriors?

Published on Oct 18, 2015

Will peoples personalities change in a post-collapse world?

After the Collapse: The Total Survivor & 10 Factors | Canadian Prepper

Published on Sep 23, 2015

The 10 ‘T’ Factors that comprise the ultimate survivor. Please share this video if you enjoy it, stay strong and stay ready!- CP

After the Collapse: Hard and Soft Prepping Skills

Published on Aug 31, 2015

A follow up to Survive Until Sunrise discussing in more depth the hard and soft preparedness skills.

After the Collapse: Survivalists and Preppers | Canadian Prepper

Published on Jul 13, 2015

Discussing the psychology behind why people become preppers and survivalists.

After the Collapse: The Marauders | Canadian Prepper

Published on Jul 2, 2015

Part 1 of a two part series about the criminology of a post-disaster environment.

After the Collapse: Human Threats & Criminology | Canadian Prepper

Published on Jul 2, 2015

Part 2 of the marauder series discussing the various types of criminal elements that may present themselves in a post-disaster environment.

Criminality in the post-collapse environment, emergency preparedness, disaster, economic collapse, local emergency, grid down, prepping for shtf, doomsday preppers.

The Psychology of Bunker Survival | Canadian Prepper

Published on Jun 23, 2015

In this video the topic of surviving long term in a bunker/ confined area on limited resources is discussed with a specific focus on its effect on the human mind.

After the Collapse: Vigilantes and WROL | Canadian Prepper

Published on Jun 9, 2015

Some thoughts about community policing after a disaster.

The Art of War: Psychology of Surviving WROL | Canadian Prepper

Published on May 31, 2015

A brief talk about the importance of keeping your enemies closer, choosing your battles wisely, and some stratagem for your consideration.

The Most Likely Disaster Scenarios | Canadian Prepper

Published on May 25, 2015

Some ideas regarding the likelihood of certain disasters, the actuarial science of disaster preparedness if you will. Personal, Local and Global disaster scenarios are discussed.

After the Collapse: The Beast Within | Canadian Prepper

Published on Apr 29, 2015

An exploration of the cultural effects of a hypothetical global post-collapse environment.

After the Collapse: Silence and Darkness | Canadian Prepper

Published on Mar 16, 2015

Part two in a series addressing some of the potential unexpected aspects of a long term grid down situation. In this episode the psychological effects of a downed power grid are discussed.

After The Collapse: Pestilence, Disease and Plague

Published on Mar 2, 2015

Part 1 of a new series. A short video about the pestilence, the collapse of big agriculture, the spread of disease and what it may entail… my most ambitious project to date visually speaking!


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