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Canada Defiance to Islamification sign petition

Muslims Booing Canada’s National Anthem

Muslim Family Kicked Out Of Theatre For Disrespecting National Anthem

Canada Defiance Part 1

Published on Feb 19, 2016

As of March 1, 2017 I have created a new petition for you to sign. Please visit the link below:

Petitioning Canadian citizens

Remove Justin Trudeau from office

To all my fellow Canadians.  If you are reading this then you have watched the video “Defiance ” on youtube and you wish to help in restoring Canada back to greatness and remove the current threat which is the Liberal Government that is headed up by a muslim supporting Prime Minister.

I am asking that you sign this petition and stand united in the cause of freedom and liberty.  Justin Trudeau has demonstrated his deceitfulness by exposing his treasonous behavior against Canada and her citizens and the time has come to put an end to his reign of deceit.  Trudeau must be made to resign and his muslim MP’s expelled from Parliament for the sake our nations future.

Consider the following list very carefully as you ponder the lies that Trudeau has been propagating to Canadians concerning the endless torrent of “refugees” he is drawing into Canada which you, the taxpayer will be financially supporting for the rest of your lives.

  • 1. Canadians demand that Justin Trudeau immediately resign from office of Prime Minister. A continually growing number of Canadians believe that he is threat to the national security of Canada.
  • 2. Justin Trudeau’s burning passion to bring unvetted muslim “refugees” into Canada has created deep fears among Canadians who believe this is a dangerous idea and that the Prime Minister is forcing his personal agenda against the wishes of concerned Canadians.
  • 3. There are currently 11 muslim Members of Parliament who due to their devotion to islam are a threat to the constitution of Canada.  Islamic law forbids devout muslims from respecting or abiding by non Islamic laws and therefore we as Canadians reject these 11 MP’s and demand their immediate expulsion from the government.
  • There is at least one muslim MP (Omar Alghabra) in the new Liberal government who is linked directly to muslim extremist groups and as such is a threat to the safety and peace of Canada.  We as Canadians demand his resignation.
  • Currently another muslim liberal (Iqra Khalid) has introduced Bill M-103 which if passed would render freedom of speech in Canada to be restricted and any criticism of islam or muslims to be considered a hate crime.  This bill only supports the belief that muslims are terrified of freedom and they desire to destroy it in order to introduce sharia law.
  • 4. Canadians demand and immediate halt to all muslim immigration and an immediate passage of Bill C-51 to be implemented which will allow the government to expel all suspected and convicted terrorists & extremists out of Canada.
  • 5. Canadians demand that all immigrants who are able; but refuse to work to be stripped of their welfare benefits which are creating an economic hardship for all Canadian taxpayers. Welfare benefits are not for employable and non English speaking migrants. These are for Canadian citizens alone. Canadians must come first.
  • 6. There is overwhelming reason to believe that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau converted to islam and failed to mention this to the Canadian voters during the election campaign of 2015. With the ever growing threat of islam across the globe, Canadians do not want a muslim Prime Minister.

This petition will be delivered to:

  • Canadian citizens

Deavon Gruber started this petition with a single signature, and now has 283 supporters. Start a petition today to change something you care about.

Anti-Sharia Muslims Assaulted by Muslims in Canada

Published on Nov 3, 2011

who gets to speak for islam? the moderates or the radicals?

Why it’s time to pause Muslim immigration to Canada

Published on Nov 27, 2015

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Ezra Levant of

Why are we so driven to accept 25,000 Syrian Muslim refugees but not the truly oppressed Syrians: the Christians, Kurds and Yazidis?

Between 2005 and 2014, Canada’s Muslim population has doubled. This was social engineering carried out by both Liberal and Conservative governments.

Canadians are concerned, and not just about terrorism, but about honor killings, sharia — beliefs that aren’t compatible with Canadian values.

We’ve done our part, for ten years straight. We’ve got 561,165 Muslim migrants here already. We’ve doubled our Muslim population since 9/11. I think it’s time to press pause. If you agree, SIGN OUR PETITION at

The Death of Canada. Prepare Yourself Accordingly

Published on Jul 8, 2017

We Need Your Support:

Question: “On this 150th Canadian anniversary, I asked myself the following question: what is Canada? It may be because I am from Québec, but I am unable to provide an answer. I concluded that Canada is, in essence, legal fiction. It seems to me to be a country that exists on paper, but lacks any truly identifiable culture or people that unmistakably separates it from the rest of the western world. As nationalism is currently gaining strength throughout the world, how will this affect Canada? Will it lead to our country gaining some sort of identity of its own? Or will it lead to a splintering as regional identities take precedence? What will be the result of Canada’s status of ‘first post-national state’ as the world goes through what will most likely be a major geopolitical shake-up in the coming decades?”

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Trudeau’s Dictatorship Exposed In House!!!

Published on Mar 23, 2017

Every Canadian needs to watch this!
In a rather rowdy question period the Conservatives & NDP tag team beating the hell out of King Trudeau for scheming to change the house rules where he only has to show up to question period once a week. While Trudeau gets compared to a “Dictator” and mocked for the fact that he could be replaced with a “cardboard cut-out”, Trudeau tries quelling it all by playing the schoolchildren card. Trudeau is no longer just an enemy of the Conservatives, Trudeau’s an enemy to all Canadians. I say vote of no confidence and instead of a Conservative Leadership Election we jump right into a Federal Election. Right now O’Leary vs Trudeau.

Saudi Attempts To Behead American In Canada – Trump’s Right

Published on Feb 1, 2017

Shariah law coming to Canada, warns Muslim

Published on Feb 12, 2017

Justin Trudeau and his Muslim cabinet want to make free speech illegal and criticism of Islam a crime punishable with jail time. An ex-Muslim woman bravely tries to spread the truth about the dangers of Islam in Canada.…

How Muslims Have Invaded Canada; The Truth Told!

Published on Apr 4, 2017

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Islam is In Our Schools; You Tube Channels are Deceiving You!

Illuminati, Pyramids and Fallen Angels!

Ten Trillion Dollars Stolen from Americans; Remember 9-11?

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Justin Trudeau’s Betrayal of Canada! It’s Wake up Time Canada!

Published on Feb 19, 2017

I have 2 websites that I am currently building. Please remember them for those who wish to Join me. They’ll be ready in 2-4 weeks.
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Syrian Refugee Arrested For Sexual Assault On 6 Girls In CANADA

Published on Feb 13, 2017


New York Muslim Kidnaps Girl, Calls Horrified Father To Reveal What He Did With Her

Published on Jun 13, 2017

New York Muslim Kidnaps Girl, Calls Horrified Father To Reveal What He Did With Her
After a New York man kidnapped a 13-year-old girl, her distraught father desperately sought the FBI for help. However, the father’s nightmare quickly erupted once he received a phone call from the kidnapper who happily explained to him what he had just done to his precious daughter.As the violence and oppression commanded in the Quran continue to rise in the West, the left is scrambling to explain away this religious behavior with any other excuse they can fathom. Unfortunately, their push for multiculturalism has introduced the West to the most inhumane aspects of Islam and Sharia law that used to only plague Muslim countries.

Just days ago, local and alternative news outlets broke the report that a Muslim U.S. citizen had kidnapped his 13-year-old niece and was refusing to give her back unless her father, who lives in the U.S. on a work visa, paid a hefty ransom. The mainstream media was eerily silent, once again proving their pro-Islamic agenda and willingness to censor. Now, the FBI have uncovered even more horrific details regarding the case that should have full coverage on every major television news outlet in America right now.

On April 4, 2015, a man walked into the Buffalo FBI unit’s office and pleaded with agents to save his child who was being held hostage in Yemen. The unnamed father explained that his brother, 43-year-old U.S. citizen Yousef Goba, had taken her while she was with her mother in Yemen and refused to give her back unless he paid $12,000. Sadly, the dad soon realized that it wouldn’t have mattered if he could raise the money as Goba revealed in the next phone call that he had already sold the 13-year-old girl as a bride to a much older Muslim man.

The Buffalo News reports that Goba married off the underage girl to his brother-in-law in a Yemeni village and that the location was too dangerous for her father to rescue her.

“Goba has married the victim child off to his brother-in-law,” the FBI said in court papers detailing his alleged scheme, “and the victim child and her husband are residing in the village of Qoaz, a very small village in Yemen.”
The FBI has confirmed that Goba is a brother of Yahya Goba, a member of the “Lackawanna Six” group which trained with al-Qaeda months before the September 11 terror attacks. Yahya pleaded guilty to terrorism charges in 2002 and is living in New York after serving a prison sentence.

“At first, Goba demanded $3,000,” the FBI said. “Goba, however, ultimately demanded that the victim father pay him $12,000.”

“Goba sent a text message to the victim father telling him that everyone wants to marry the victim child and that these individuals offered to pay Goba for the marriage,” according to court papers, which do not identify the girl and her family.
Goba eventually found an imam to perform the Islamic wedding and told the father that he would forge his signature on the marriage certificate. He told the devastated dad that he had easily found a man willing to pay any amount he requested for the child.

Goba was arrested earlier this month and was charged with extortion. If found guilty, Goba faces up to 20 years in federal prison, according to WIVB. His child victim, however, may never be saved from her marriage or war-torn Yemen.

While child marriage occurs in many diverse cultures, only Islam condones and commands it. In fact, the 50-year-old Islamic prophet Muhammad modeled it by taking the 6-year-old daughter of his best friend, Abu Bakr, as his bride. Sadly, 6-year-old Aisha became so ill after her engagement to Muhammad that she lost her hair and nearly died. After she was well at age 9, the prophet consummated their marriage by raping the prepubescent child.

In no passage does it state that Aisha was any older than 10 when she was forced to have sex with Muhammad. In her own words, she even describes being fondled and bathed by the pedophile prophet purely for his pleasure.Like countless other inhumanities, child marriage is a product of Islam that is undeniably justified by the Quran and legalized by Sharia law. Anyone who says that it is un-Islamic to for a man to marry a prepubescent child is also accusing Islam’s “perfect man,” founder, and only earthly authority of being un-Islamic. It simply cannot be removed from Islam as the founder established it in both his teaching and personal life.

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Trudeau should be charged with treason: Morris

Joe Warmington

Saturday, July 08, 2017, 6:04 PM

Former US Special Forces Sgt. Layne Morris is seen in this undated photos from Afghanistan.(Handout/QMI Agency)


Layne Morris admits the “sneakiness” of the Canadian government to shield Omar Khadr from having his sweet cash settlement being exposed to an American court order felt like another terror attack.

“Like a punch in the face,” Morris said. “We didn’t understand the deal but we didn’t think that the government would do a behind-the-scenes move like that.”

After all, where Morris comes from, the government does not fraternize with the enemy trying to kill their soldiers, let alone reward them with a $10.5-million payout and apology.

“It feels like a dirty deal to me.” said the 55-year-old special forces sergeant, who was there when Omar Khadr threw a grenade that killed fellow Sgt. Christopher Speer.

His wife Leisl made the comparison to Sept. 29, 2012 when Khadr was released from Guantánamo Bay: “It was just as secretive. President Obama moved him in the middle of the night back to Canada and nobody even knew. He sure gets special treatment,” she said.

Morris said that special treatment goes all the way back to Afghanistan when wounded by American army fire he was saved by medics who could have early let him “die like a dog.”

But they were bigger than that. “We were doing our duty honourably,” he said.

Morris wonders just what in the name of good God the government of Canada thinks it is doing right now.

“We were fighting the terrorists. They were the bad guys. Something is really off here,” he said. “I can’t believe any government would get involved in something like this,” he said.

In fact, if it was a solider like himself or Speer who made such a deal with a member of the enemy trying to kill them and their pals, they would end up in jail. “You don’t ever do anything to aid and abet the enemy,” Morris added.

Khadr, on July 27, 2002 was the enemy in Khost province in Afghanistan.

“I am still in shock about this,” Morris said.

He asks “why” so much money?

“Is it going to fund a Harvard education?” he said. “Will it help feed starving refugees around the world?”

Morris says Canadians should ask. It’s their money.

“Is nobody concerned about where that money could end up? I mean, it’s well-documented that Omar Khadr’s father was a chief fundraiser for Osama Bin Laden,” he said. “I hate to be the one to ask but is anybody going to keep tabs on Omar’s movements, now that he has this money? Is anybody going to track where that money is hidden?”

His questions are rhetorical, but legitimate.

“The fact is Chris Speer and myself were fighting with Canadians in Afghanistan. We were alongside the PPCLI (Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry). There was a Canadian flag flying along with the American flag at our base there, so it’s quite a thing that now Canada is giving millions to a guy who would attack a compound where Canadians were serving.”

Canada, he predicts, will regret this dark deal.

“As a general rule, and in every other case that I have ever heard of, you keep money out of the hands of people who build bombs or would throw hand grenades at our soldiers,” said Morris.

The fact that Canada didn’t, he said, raises red flags for him.

“I don’t see this as anything but treason,” said Morris. “It’s something a traitor would do. As far as I am concerned, Prime Minister Trudeau should be charged.”

If he or Speer had done anything similar to what the PM did, he said, they certainly would be.


Sign petition to stop M-103 Islamophobia Bill in Ottawa’ House of Commons

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Jihadi Justin admits it M103 is an Islamic blasphemy law

Published on Mar 10, 2017

Jihadi Justin admits to House of Commons that M103 is entirely about Islamophobia (not the general anti discrimination motion they said it was). Further more in his speech, he makes it clear criticism of Islam will no longer be tolerated.

see part one here

Justin Trudeau’s Unhinged Islamophobia Rant

Published on Mar 28, 2017

Justin Trudeau is happy you opposed M-103, because you’ve exposed your bigotry.

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Still Report #488 – Is Canada’s New Prime Minister Trudeau a Radical Muslim?

Published on Dec 27, 2015

And you thought that in just 55 weeks from now President Obama would be gone and the world would return to being safe for democracy – at least in the United States? Well, maybe, not?
The new Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is one step more open about his support for not only Islam, but even its most radical forms, then Obama ever was. In fact, Trudeau does not deny assertions in the Canadian press that he is actually a Muslim convert.
Trudeau – known as the anti-Trump candidate in Canada’s recent elections – is the son of flamboyant Liberal Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. He has a long history of media revelations regarding Islam.
According to today’s edition of the Toronto Sun,
… in 2011, during his first term in Parliament, Trudeau visited the most radical mosque in Montreal, which was at the center of his parliamentary district.
A month later, it classified by U.S. intelligence as an al-Qaida recruitment center.
Trudeau pleaded ignorance of the radical ties, despite a lengthy investigation in 2006 by Radio Canada which identified it as a center of radical Islam.
According to a video entitled: The Truth About Justin Trudeau and the Liberals that appeared on Oct. 18 – the day before the election – while at the Montreal mosque, Trudeau was photographed participated in a prayer ritual reserved for practicing muslims or those seeking admittance to the Islamic faith – the Maghrib salah.
Part of the prayer is the shahada, which in Arabic means to testify to the Truth that Allah is the one true God, and Mohammed is his one true Prophet.
Saying the shahada in the presence of two or more Muslim men is the sole requirement in Islamic law to convert to Islam.
By 2013, Trudeau had ascended to being the Leader of the Liberal party.
According to today’s Toronto Sun, he held a controversial closed door meeting with the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). The parent organization of ISNA in the U.S. was listed as an “unindicted co-conspirator” affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood.
No details have ever been released concerning the content of this meeting.
This year, during his election campaign, Trudeau courted muslim political support at mosques around the nation.
One Canadian terror expert says that even within the Liberal party in Canada there is discontent over growing Islamic influence.
According to David Harris, director of the terrorist intelligence program of INSIGNIS Strategic Research Inc. in Ottawa, and formerly chief of strategic planning at the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS):
“… very senior people in the Liberal party in the past have expressed serious concern on the extent to which certain individuals – Islamist elements, among other interests – may have gained access to the party.”
One of Trudeau’s senior advisors was Omar Alghabra, a Saudi-born Syrian immigrant and the past president of the Canadian Arab Federation, or CAF – a group known for its support for radical Islam, Hezbollah and Hamas – that has also compared Israelis to Nazis.
On Dec. 2, Trudeau named the 46-year-old Alghabra as his Secretary for Foreign Affairs.
Justin’s brother, Alexandre Trudeau – according to Wikipedia attracted controversy in 2006 by writing an article praising Fidel Castro’s Cuba.
The video, also labeled Alexandre Trudeau as a documentary filmmaker:
“His documentaries are produced and funded by PressTV, the state propaganda arm of the Iranian regime.”
Under Trudeau, the most radical elements of Islam may be allowed to flourish without significant challenge.
According to a Dec. 14 article in The Daily Beast entitled: Canada’s Growing Jihadi Cancer:

American counter-terrorism analyst Mitchell Silber says in his book The Al Qaeda Factor: Plots Against the West, that terror leaders want to use Canada as a staging area for attacks on the United States.
Brian Levin, a former NYPD officer turned counter-terrorism and extremism specialist at San Bernardino State agrees. In a Dec. 14, 2015 article he told The Daily Beast:
“People talk about Mexico. They totally overlook Canada. Nobody has any idea what’s going on up there. In my opinion it’s a bigger threat than Mexico.”
For example:
Ontario has a branch of the al-Huda school, the same religious school for girls the San Bernardino killer Tashfeen Malik attended in Pakistan.
Two weeks ago, this school closed for one day after the CBC reported that four girls who studied there left to join ISIS.
Last week, a member of the moderate Canadian Muslim Congress told The Daily Beast that the podcasts of the school’s principal:
“… praises jihad and says women should participate.”

Arabic Speaking Woman Overhears What Muslim Refugees Have Planned And It Will Chill You To The Bone

Published on Jun 7, 2017

Arabic Speaking Woman Overhears What Muslim Refugees Have Planned And It Will Chill You To The Bone
In 2015 an incident occurred that many didn’t hear about and that many are still not aware of. A train station in Budapest was laid siege to by Muslim ‘refugees’ and ticket holding passengers were tormented with threats and insults. Most of the legit passengers couldn’t understand the Arabic language and as a result was led to believe by media that the Muslims attacking the trains were simply displaced and in fear for their lives.

However, one European woman who happened to be on that train had lived many years in Arabic-speaking countries and understood the words and intentions of the Muslims perfectly well and what she heard was horrifying. She did interviews to tell the world the truth about the Muslim invasion of civilized countries and the intentions towards ‘infidels,’ but once again her words were overshadowed by pandering media and terrorist supporting governments.

Aida Bolevar, an Arabic-speaking Russian woman, rode the same train the media felt compelled to report on with sympathy – but she discovered a very different narrative. The Muslim refugees among whom she was traveling did not realize she understood Arabic and they spoke freely about the advantages of robbing and raping her. Luckily, she escaped that ordeal unharmed, but many Europeans have fallen victim to Muslim violence. Bolevar suggests people learn Arabic in order to better understand, and protect themselves from, the violent culture to which these refugees belong.

The narrative has to be turned from sympathy for their fake fear into the truth of what they truly want from western civilization and that is everything we have from our women, our belongings, to our lives. The whiney rhetoric that these people are peaceful and only want better lives is getting ridiculous when all the actual facts and evidence points to the exact opposite. They come to our countries literally by force and they leech the system while making demands against our laws and values, and they rape and murder our people.
Islam is a disgusting ideology and if anyone can watch these videos and still find sympathy for these Muslims then the problem is more concerning than before. They use and abuse their own children with absolutely no care in the world and don’t even blink twice to throw their babies literally to the wolves to save their own skin! Those type of actions are not wanted nor should they be allowed in civilized societies. If they are such peaceful people then why have their countries been at war for literally centuries?

The time has come to put our feet down collectively against the invasion of these people and protect our lands from the same fate as so many others. Not in America, not now, not ever! At what point do we take warnings to heart like the one in the above video and worry more about protecting our children and less about pandering to so-called refugees? Now, now is that point!

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