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Daniel J Towsey’s personal message to President Donald Trump at The White House

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I need your urgent help and protection. I am known on the internet as A Truth Soldier.
I am a very well know activist, journalist and more.

Canada is in serious jeopardy and so am my for report so.

Canada is being quickly converted into an Islamic State.

Our governments have been stolen through vote fraud, bank fraud and more.

Mr President with your aid we the Canadian people have a small window of opportunity to restore our governments to Common law and direct democracy.
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I have repeatedly been attacked by the shadow government. I have survived very serious injuries such as having been deliberately run over by a car three times.

Presently I am barely surviving and the corporate governments have denied me my basic human rights and I have been living in my car for almost two years. Please note that I am…

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Muslim Demands Sharia, Tells Court ‘Go To Hell’ — Judge Destroys Her In Just 3 Words

Published on Nov 13, 2017

Breaking News: Muslim Demands Sharia, Tells Court ‘Go To Hell’ — Judge Destroys Her In Just 3 Words Source and content:
Please subscribe and enjoy more: When a woman stepped into court, she immediately began cursing the justice system, demanding Sharia law, and telling the “infidels” that they can “go to hell.” However, as soon as the judge heard her disrespectful shrieking, he replied with 3 simple words that put the hateful woman in her place.
While millions of Muslims from tyrannical nations flock to the West, the left assures us that they are fleeing political oppression and war. However, as the same migrants who plead for asylum from their despotic governances begin to demand the same despotic governances in our countries, their underlying motives for immigrating are revealed. Instead of enjoying the democracy that allows them freedom from their religious law’s stranglehold, refugees require not only that they have the liberty to practice Sharia but that we all respect it.
However, non-Muslims soon discover that respecting Sharia actually means permitting its implementation and obeying its compulsions. In August, 32-year-old ISIS recruit Rehab Dughmosh began her long list of ultimatums, including refusing to leave her prison cell to attend the trial, refusing to stand for the honorable judge, and incessantly demanding to be tried in a court of Sharia law, all in accordance with her religion, the Toronto Sun reports.
However, she quickly found that the judge wasn’t a politically-correct Muslim-sympathizer like most of Canada’s officials. On November 10, Dughmosh rebelliously stood with her back to the judge’s seat as she belted out, “Damn your legislation, damn your nationality!” and “Go to hell!” before insulting the rest of the Canadian officials by shouting, “Hey, you infidels, I do not worship what you worship!” according to CP 24. Fed up with her ridiculous disruptions and religious supremacy, Judge Robert Goldstein angrily interrupted the screeching woman’s final demand for Sharia law in perhaps the most applause-worthy way a Western judge has ever responded to such a supremacist.
In a brilliantly bold reply, Judge Goldstein audibly laughed as he berated Sharia law to Dughmosh’s face, adding that she should “consider herself lucky” that she’s isn’t being tried by an Islamic court because of how brutally they treat women.
“Your views about what system you would like to be tried under are completely irrelevant,” he told Dughmosh, who scoffed in response. “You should consider yourself lucky that you are caught up in a justice system of this nature rather than one that in your flight of fancy you seem to think is better.”
Not only did Dughmosh feel the sting of her religious beliefs getting obliterated by an infidel judge, she also undeniably suffers the humiliation of being judged by a magistrate who’s Jewish, whom the Quran considers the ultimate filth and most despised of the infidels.
Although Dughmosh talks a big game, the reality is that she’s a failed and disgraced Muslim jihadist. The haggard woman had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State before launching a pathetic and easily-thwarted terror attack in the summer of 2017.
On June 3, Dughmosh brandished a golf club and kitchen knife in Cedarbrae Mall and the Canadian Tire store in east Toronto before chasing after confused customers while screaming, “Allahu Akbar,” “I’m here for Syria,” and, “I’m going to kill everybody!” Dughmosh was apprehended and charged with 21 counts of criminal activity, including attempted murder of at least 3 people for or in the name of a terrorist organization, assault with a deadly weapon, and issuing threats of physical violence.
Officials later added a myriad of terrorism-related charges after discovering her affiliation with ISIS and intent to leave Canada for Syria with the purpose of committing crimes. After undergoing a psychological evaluation that deemed her fit for trial, it was at the initiation of her trial that Dughmosh proved her supremacy, bucking the authority of the Canadian court at every turn, first refusing to answer Judge Alice Napier and disrupting court proceedings with her antics. “ISIS — I pledge to the leader of the believers — Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,” blurted the woman through an interpreter. “I reject all counsel here.
I only believe in Islamic Sharia law,” Global News quoted the Scarborough woman as saying during a court appearance this week. “I would like to revoke my Canadian citizenship that I received. I don’t want to have any allegiance to you.” Although Dughmosh seems like a mentally ill fanatic, the Quran considers Muslims like her the utmost devout followers who shall receive the best of rewards.
Quran 3:151 states that unbelievers have no authority over superior Muslims while verse 4:74 states that Allah promises a vast reward upon those who “slay and are slain.”

Muslim Sues Boss For Telling Her ‘No Hijab,’ Judge Gives Her Nasty Surprise

Published on Sep 23, 2017
SOURE : Muslim Sues Boss For Telling Her ‘No Hijab,’ Judge Gives Her Nasty Surprise An entitled woman decided one day that she would begin wearing a hijab to work, daring her employer to challenge her decision.
When she was fired for violating the company’s strict policy, she threatened to sue them in a supreme court. However, as soon as she thought she had her boss for racism and discrimination, the judge had some shocking news for her. Samira Achbita wasn’t always a Muslim elitist who believes that the majority should cater to her every religious whim. In fact, for over three years in her employment as a receptionist at G4S British security firm located in Belgium, she never once had a problem with the company’s dress code and policy for a neutral environment.
As soon as she converted to Islam, however, she demanded that her employer grant her special privilege by exempting only her from their business code. Radioverslag reports that in 2006, Achbita was fired for wearing a hijab to work after being warned that no employee was allowed to wear any head gear.
Although she knew about the company’s open stance against any employee displaying articles concerning religious or political affiliation, she decided that she was a victim of racist discrimination, and she was determined to sue for thousands in damages.
After her case was dismissed in court, she decided to take it all the way to Belgium’s Court of Cassation, a supreme court of last resort. With the rise in catering to Islam and political correctness over the last decade, Achbita believed she not only had a good chance of winning her discrimination case but that she’d get a hefty amount of money for the alleged persecution she faced.
Unfortunately for her, she couldn’t have been more wrong. After 10 years of battling for entitlement to wear the Islamic hijab against company rules, Achbita was told by the judge that not only was the court ruling against her discrimination case, but that all companies in the EU can ban Muslim employees from wearing headscarves as long as they have a rule that states that workers must refrain from religious and political symbolism, according to the EU Observer.
The headscarf ban “may … be justified in order to enforce a legitimate policy of religious and ideological neutrality pursued by the employer,” Juliane Kokott, a German advocate general at the EU Court of Justice in Luxembourg, said in a statement on Tuesday (31 May). Kokott said G4S was right to have a no-symbol policy “because of the special nature of the work which G4S employees do” and because Muslim scarves or other religious paraphernalia would have “a defining impact … on the image of the firm.”
Kokott added that businesses must first establish “a general company rule” that bans religious symbols of any kind, adding that it must be “proportional” to all ideologies to be fair. Since Christians and Jews would not be allowed special rights in the workplace, Muslims should adhere to this rule just like everyone else. Of course, Achbita is outraged at the court’s decision to make her comply with the rules like a common non-Muslim. Comparing not covering her hair to exposing her genitals, she dramatically complained that she’d rather be killed than go outside without her head covering, a punishment some Islamic countries would oblige.
“That to me is the same as going to work without pants or sweater. I’d rather die,” Achbita whined. In a Sharia governed country, Achbita would get her way. In fact, a business would be shut down for even asking a Muslim woman to remove her legally mandatory hijab, since women have no choice in Islam.
With her case’s dismissal, Achbita got a taste of real democracy. While many would argue that she should be allowed to wear her hijab in accordance with her religious beliefs, that would require cessation of true equality.
When Muslims are allowed to adhere to their supremacist right that often deny the rights of others, they are erected far above the rest of us and are not at all equal.

Canada Needs You To STOP Jihadi Justin

Defeat The Trans Pacific Partnership that is now censoring all truther sites on the internet. If the  rolling social media idea goes viral it will defeat the insane NWO control over information.

Urgent Canadian  Worldwide Coup d’Etat through the Public Private Partnershps

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Justin Trudeau publicly becomes a Muslim

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Introducing the traitor of Canada – JIHADI JUSTIN!!!!!!!

Sandra Solomon is bringing hell to us – Deceiver

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Justin Trudeau says Islamic terrorists can keep citizenship but white terrorists lose theirs!

Canadians Are Homeless across the country

Canada is one of the riches country in the world so why do we have uncountable homeless people across the country?


Why is Canada bringing in a countless number of so called refugees when we have no affordable housing available anywhere in Canada.

Have you considered that the huge influx of immigrants are the sole reason why Canadians are homeless everywhere?

So now Justin Trudeau is going to bring in another million immigrants. Where are they going to live?

Obviously they are going to take Canadians homes and the Canadians are going to be put on the street.

That is happening because Jihadi Justin is using our money to fund and pay for the Islamic invasion of Canada..


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