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Attention Canadians and First Nations: “Financial Silent War for Control” Coup d’Etat of Canada

It is being implemented by Canadian politicians and heads of private corporations under the Public-Private Partnerships.

To regain control and to stop these things from happening in Canada, 51 percent of the people have to sign an agreement saying yes or no to do anything about it. For this to be effective, we must also need to stop voting our rights away to politicians.

You can listen to our interview about the P3’s here:



The Canadian Peoples Union, Freedom 2017 – Press Release PDF download – Canadian Coup d’Etat


September 13th, 2017

Greetings to all that this concerns;

  • Canadian Citizens and First Nations
  • Small Businesses and Service Industries
  • Coalition of Small Business Tax Fairness


RE: The World Bank  Group and United Nations Corporate “Financial Silent War for Control” coup d’état against Countries and Citizens under the guise of the Public-Private Partnerships.

Those at the lead include John Manley of the CCCE (Canadian Council of Chief Executives) responsible for the Security and Prosperity Partnerships amongst others and now the CCPPP (Canadian Council of Public Private Partnerships).

Purpose: Complete control  over our governments and our governance through the P3’s is what they are after.

Registering new PPP corporations allows them 50+% percent control to private corporations over our government and our assets. This means we will have no recourse nor will our governing bodies in its control and bind us into and up to 35 yr. contracts. Leaving Canadians to countless lawsuits with no recourse to end the contracts. See HWY 407 Ontario

Beware of the bait and switch tactics example: The lies and the dance…

  • Accessibility and transparency of public procurement rules and practices remain limited, depriving many small and medium firms of the opportunity to bid for service contracts for government and other public sector institutions, finds Benchmarking Public Procurement (BPP) 2017, which assesses public procurement regulatory systems in 180 economies.
  • The worldwide public procurement market is estimated at approximately US $9.5 trillion each year. Of this, developing countries spend an estimated $820 billion a year worth of citizens funds, about 50 percent or more of their total government expenditure, on procuring goods and services that range from food for welfare programs, to wiring for electrical grids that power homes and businesses. Government procurement can average as much as 16 percent of GDP in the European Union to 33 percent in Eritrea.  Read more.


What the Canadian Politicians actually do instead of what they say. They are one of the same:


  • Increased taxation to small businesses (taking out the middle class)
  • Propagating hate and fear
  • Sold our Canadian Wheat Board to Saudi Arabia et al.
  • 30 yr. Oil deal with China
  • Selling our nursing homes to Chinese International Private Corporations in BC.
  • Selling of our Public Corporations to Privatization who are psychologically assaulting the poor and sick. See: I, Daniel Blake video below
  • Handing over our Canadian Prosperity Funds to funnel money to wealthy private corporations.-  e. Bombardier 1.3 billion dollars
  • Changing our criminal code to satisfy International corporate law.
  • Splitting Indigenous Affairs and Northern Development (those in AFN Band Councils who have sold out their people and territories and those who have not into separate groups.
  • Elimination of Canadian Savings Bonds
  • etc., which are too many to mention here.


Let me introduce myself, my  name is Nicole Lebrasseur, I am a researcher by trade.  My partners and I are contacting you today because Canada as a country and all of its people are facing something much darker than taxation increases for Canada. This is only one part of a corporate globalist control takeover of our human and natural resources.

The control of our governance and our public crown corporations  are being handed over on a silver platter at the hands of our politicians and Canadian government which had officially begun in 1974 by the implementation of privatizing of public debt through private banks and forced globalization with Canada’s politicians and Pierre Elliot Trudeau taking the lead.

See: Canada’s implementation of the World Trade Organization implementation ACT 1994.

This forced globalization scheme comes directly from the World Bank Group, Inter American Development Bank and The United Nations. All of which are controlled by private corporation conglomerates in taking over the control and financing of all countries’ infrastructure procurement under one umbrella. This umbrella is the banking industry  under the World Bank Group of which is being implemented under the premise of the Public-Private Partnership (p3’s) worldwide.

Everyone will be affected by this including those at the bottom helping to implement the Public- Private Partnership strategies.  The taxation increases to small businesses is only one of the steps for control being implemented to further their agenda. They have already affected the population at large by placing Canadians and people in other countries at the mercy of private corporations who are controlling the public infrastructure in the health care industry, social services and employment worldwide.

No small businesses or Canadian will escape this. Even doctors, nurses and hospital attendants will be affected as already being seen on an international scale. Once international  private corporations have complete control of the health care systems, doctors will simply become mere employees of the private corporations. We see this being done with insurance companies who are now allowed by our governing bodies to hire doctors  to contradict the physicians of Canadian citizens and their claims cancelled or diminished and it doesn’t stop there.

As it stands, International private corporate policies are overruling our judicial system and precedent for globalization laws under international organizations such as the International Labour organization (ILO), dictating policies as seen with the Supreme Court of Canada’s latest judgments supporting them.

Employers, Assurance (Insurance) companies, WSIB and CSST etc., which are managed by the government but paid for by the corporations should not be allowed to pit off doctors against doctors. There is no doubt that an undeniable conflict of interest exists and is being displayed in too many aspects of Canadian governance and monopoly.

These conflicts of interest and business monopoly are extremely detrimental to all Canadians and people worldwide under the same controlling policies accepted by corporate governments placing the people who are the true shareholders of the crown of Canada at risk through undue financial and emotional stress and anxieties.

There is so much involved and being done, that more Canadians and people in all countries will suffer at the hands of this forced corporate globalization scheme if we do not help each other to stop it.  NAFTA, the EU agreements  and all of these previous agreements will fall apart on purpose as they now need to fall under this corporate global control scheme.

Together we can create a better Canada as we possess everything we need to make it happen and be the example for the rest of the world. The people and businesses can prosper but only if the Canadian citizens step up and the small businesses together  as we all are the official shareholders of the Crown of Canada and the Crown Corporation of Canada.

One thing is certain, we must remain aware and  be vigilant by seeing beyond the words of those implementing these strategies for control and look deeper at the actions and especially to those writing the words. Who is paying them to write as they do  to keep people oblivious to their agenda? But most importantly, what are we doing ourselves that help them further their objectives? What are we unknowingly guilty of?

Of what we are seeing to date, many of the big corporations involved in Canada and our governing bodies is that they are and have been involved  in lawsuits and corruption.  They have been  accused of or have been named in the bribery of past and present Canadian Government officials for contract procurement all at the cost to the people of Canada.

This Public-Private Partnership strategy is a cash cow for these banking conglomerate corporations and detrimental to all Canadians as seen with Greece. This will create the perfect opportunity to repossess countries for debts. This is the big picture, and if you think clearly and see it for what it truly is, you will understand what needs to be done and fast.

 No one will escape it if we are too late. We need to take action now!

This forced corporate globalization of control is why we have created the  Citizens’ Convention of Consent and launched the Canadian Peoples Union Freedom 2017 to end  our present system of de facto governance managed by private political corporations  for the true system the people of Canada deserve as being the final decision makers in our country under pure direct democracy system of governance.

Please help yourselves and all Canadians by joining together with the Canadian Peoples Union, Freedom 2017 in stopping this the right way and not risk further manipulations at the hands of those pretending to be helping humanity when all they do is to help themselves to the detriment  of humanity.

The multitude of distractions must end and everyone needs to focus on the root cause which is our political system of governance.  Given that the pen is mightier than the sword, our solution  does not put anyone at risk.  However, we need at least 51% of Canadians to legally and effectively state our claim and proceed to implementation.

Remember this:  Nothing in law supersedes the will of the people .  If we do not stand together on this, all Canadians will fail our country, our people and everyone worldwide.

In closing, please view these four important video links attached below:

Video 1:  I, Daniel Blake – UK – Also happening in Canada  and worldwide. Is this what we want for our country if we do nothing?

Video 2:  About us – The Canadian Peoples Union, Freedom 2017.  Removing final decision making authority from our politicians and reinstating the People of Canada  as the final decision makers for our country is the only viable solution.  We have that solution.

Petitioning Canadian citizens

Remove Justin Trudeau from office

Video 3:  How Corporate voting splits work – Richard Wolff on Capitalism


Video 4: The CCPPP 20th Anniversary  video – Provided by SNC Lavalin Inc., which is one of the most sued company in Canada and fraught in corruption bribery charges of government officials for contract procurement, depicting the top government officials leading this Canadian made  worldwide coup d’état.

We look forward to hearing from all of you ASAP as time is of the essence. This letter is also posted in the news section of our website listed below. We thank you for your time and consideration.


Nicole Lebrasseur

The Canadian Peoples Union , Freedom 2017

Tel: 1. 226. 777. 5580



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It’s time for a tax revolt in Canada

  • Opinion –
  • Columnists
  • Lorne Gunter

    Saturday, August 26, 2017, 6:14 PM

    (Getty Images/iStockphoto/Files)

  • This country badly needs a tax revolt.

    According to a report released this week by Vancouver’s Fraser Institute, the average Canadian family earned just over $82,000 in 2016 and paid taxes of just over $35,000.

    That means the typical family saw 42.5% of its income gobbled up by one level of government or another.

    That’s a higher percentage than families in every other G7 country, except France.

    That’s right, the Germans paid lower taxes than we did in 2016. And the Brits did too.

    So did the Italians, the Japanese and the Americans.

    According to Fraser, the 42.5% we surrender to federal, provincial and municipal governments is more than we pay for food, clothing and shelter – combined! We pay 37.4% for the basic necessities.

    And what do we get for all that tax money? Basically two things: very happy public-sector workers and tons of waste.

    Fraser looked at every auditor general’s report for the past 25 years and determined that the federal government alone has wasted nearly $200 billion simply by ignoring AGs’ recommendations.

    On top of that, half of all taxes paid go to the salaries of public servants, who now earn salaries that are on average 10% higher than those of private-sector workers doing comparable jobs. Plus, they also have much better pensions, job security and benefits, work shorter hours and retire earlier.

    Since taxes consume $2 out of every $5 Canadians earn, and since public servants’ wages consume half of all taxes collected, that means $1 out of every $5 a Canadian earns goes just to paying civil servants, teachers, bureaucrats, judges, social workers and other government employees.

    And spare me the lectures on how the “rich” don’t pay their fair share. The top 10% of Canadian income earners paid closer to 56% of their income in taxes.

    Enough is enough.

    No government in the country has a revenue problem. No government brings in too little money, even though many are running deficits.

    Governments are going into debt because they have spending addictions, not because Canadians are paying too few taxes.

    And yet, despite all of the taxes we already pay, the federal Liberal government is about to impose one of the largest tax increases in history on middle-class Canadians.

    Remember all the Liberals’ high-minded talk during the 2015 federal election campaign about standing up for the middle class?

    Several campaign ads featured Justin Trudeau claiming a Liberal government would ask the rich “to pay a little more,” so his party could give middle-class taxpayers some much-needed relief.

    Now those same Liberals are talking about small business owners and farmers – the very soul of the middle class – as if they were criminal tax cheats.

    This summer, Finance Minister Bill Morneau has proposed eliminating many of the tax concessions employed by entrepreneurs and farmers to help them make up for the lack of benefits, pensions and job security salaried employees take for granted.

    Because they have to save for their own retirements and pay their own health benefits, because they get no paid vacations, sick days, overtime or severance, and because they are constantly at risk of losing everything (including their homes), governments have typically allowed entrepreneurs and agricultural producers more write-offs than other taxpayers.

    Small business owners may also lower their taxes by “sprinkling” their incomes around – paying dividends or salaries to family members who did a little work for their companies.

    But because the Liberals are so greedy for more tax money, Morneau wants to close these “loopholes” and raise billions more (perhaps tens of billions more) every year.

    Stop it. Now.

    Canada’s Being TAXED Out Of Existence! – Trudeau Raises Taxes AGAIN!

    Published on Sep 7, 2017

     Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the massive tax hike just issued to Canadians, mainly small businesses. As 50% of small businesses in Canada don’t make it past the one year mark, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced un-apologetically that taxes will be raised on small businesses in order to “grow” the middle class which of course is the group taking the biggest hit. Trudeau during the election claimed that small businesses were largely just ways for people to hide their taxes. Now let’s get this straight. Taxation is theft.
    The vast taxation Canadians face on a daily basis is nothing short of robbery. From income taxes to the carbon tax, property tax, business tax, general sales tax, provincial sales tax and countless others. Not to mention inflation, the hidden tax. The government puts in regulations and taxes on businesses under the guise of stopping monopolies when these regulations and taxes in actuality CREATE monopolies by pushing small businesses out of the market.
    The major corporations that liberals act as if they oppose can afford to pay the taxes. They can just lay off tons of employees, or just move to another country with less aggressive regulations and taxes. The small businesses are then forced to pay these taxes and follow these regulations and they simply can’t afford to compete in the market and they’re driven out of business.
    The free market provides so much more than the state, and far more efficiently. The debt accumulation and poverty in Canada is growing by the day. Canada’s private debt to GDP is 6th in the world at 266.89%. That’s insane! Trudeau is moving Canada towards the likes of Venezuela and Zimbabwe.
    Truth be known, Trudeau doesn’t have much of a say, he can hardly spell his own name, he’s the talking head as bankers and regulators work behind the curtain to shove people into debt servitude via the hand of the central bank and governing powers, but people think all surface, no substance, so people must be made aware of what these implementation mean and what they will further lead to. Stay tuned for more from WAM as we continue to call out that which the media refuses to touch! Video edited by Josh Sigurdson Featuring: Josh Sigurdson

Petitioning Canadian citizens Remove Justin Trudeau from office

To all my fellow Canadians.  If you are reading this then you have watched the video “Defiance ” on youtube and you wish to help in restoring Canada back to greatness and remove the current threat which is the Liberal Government that is headed up by a muslim supporting Prime Minister.

I am asking that you sign this petition and stand united in the cause of freedom and liberty.  Justin Trudeau has demonstrated his deceitfulness by exposing his treasonous behavior against Canada and her citizens and the time has come to put an end to his reign of deceit.  Trudeau must be made to resign and his muslim MP’s expelled from Parliament for the sake our nations future.

Consider the following list very carefully as you ponder the lies that Trudeau has been propagating to Canadians concerning the endless torrent of “refugees” he is drawing into Canada which you, the taxpayer will be financially supporting for the rest of your lives.

  • 1. Canadians demand that Justin Trudeau immediately resign from office of Prime Minister. A continually growing number of Canadians believe that he is threat to the national security of Canada.
  • 2. Justin Trudeau’s burning passion to bring unvetted muslim “refugees” into Canada has created deep fears among Canadians who believe this is a dangerous idea and that the Prime Minister is forcing his personal agenda against the wishes of concerned Canadians.
  • 3. There are currently 11 muslim Members of Parliament who due to their devotion to islam are a threat to the constitution of Canada.  Islamic law forbids devout muslims from respecting or abiding by non Islamic laws and therefore we as Canadians reject these 11 MP’s and demand their immediate expulsion from the government.
  • There is at least one muslim MP (Omar Alghabra) in the new Liberal government who is linked directly to muslim extremist groups and as such is a threat to the safety and peace of Canada.  We as Canadians demand his resignation.
  • Currently another muslim liberal (Iqra Khalid) has introduced Bill M-103 which if passed would render freedom of speech in Canada to be restricted and any criticism of islam or muslims to be considered a hate crime.  This bill only supports the belief that muslims are terrified of freedom and they desire to destroy it in order to introduce sharia law.
  • 4. Canadians demand and immediate halt to all muslim immigration and an immediate passage of Bill C-51 to be implemented which will allow the government to expel all suspected and convicted terrorists & extremists out of Canada.
  • 5. Canadians demand that all immigrants who are able; but refuse to work to be stripped of their welfare benefits which are creating an economic hardship for all Canadian taxpayers. Welfare benefits are not for employable and non English speaking migrants. These are for Canadian citizens alone. Canadians must come first.
  • 6. There is overwhelming reason to believe that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau converted to islam and failed to mention this to the Canadian voters during the election campaign of 2015. With the ever growing threat of islam across the globe, Canadians do not want a muslim Prime Minister.

This petition will be delivered to:

  • Canadian citizens

Deavon Gruber started this petition with a single signature, and now has 288 supporters. Start a petition today to change something you care about.

Reasons for Signing

I didn’t vote for him but near the start of his term I knew he wouldn’t be good for Canada. As time went on, him and the Liberal Government seem to be dangerous and getting more. We may not get to have a free vote in 2 years and if we did we may have a majority vote who are against what Canada stands up for today. Him and the Liberal Party needs to be remove now and this party dismantle and everyone in the party check by a neutral source to see that they’re law abiding and not a danger to Canada. To me as time goes on this government gives me the impression that some activities appear corrupt and go against the welfare of all Canadians. This dangerous government needs to go now, if we are going to keep a free, democratic, and safe country.

Judy Thrush, Hamilton, Canada

We are in grave danger and very few know, share this information with family, friends & neighbors

Heather Reid, Lacombe.Alberta, Canada

I am signing because our soldiers fought and died for our freedom and peace.Trudeau is betraying our country.JUst look at Europe or even
our own women being raped by these animals

ric garrett, Calgary, Canada

Wendy Sharpe

Coldwater, Canada
I am signing this petition because I think Justin Trudeau is a danger to Canada as we know it by letting terrorists into our country .His spending is to much donating to Clinton foundation we all know that’s a farce .Taxing Hard working Canadians to death to support refugees on welfare .

Huberthe Dumoulin

Roberval Québec, Canada
I’m signing for the removal of Justin Trudeau from office because he is a traitor to our great country Canada by promoting against the will of the canadian born citizens islam and sharia law!

Jean Rock Cere

Surrey, Canada
I am fed up with Mr Trudeau selling us out.

Josefa Grandio Castro

Chertsey, United Kingdom
To removed the earlier posibe as a treachery to his own and Country.
Shame Own him.

ric garrett

Calgary, Canada
I agree with all of the above and we are at war in our own land and he has to go now

William Griffin

Langley, Canada
I care about the future for my children and I see Justin destroy Canadian values

Jennifer Spietaels

Tillsonburg, Canada
I don’t agree with the fact that people here who have worked but can no longer receive less income a month then them. They have no intentions of integrating into our society and want free hand outs. While people here go without. Canadians should receive the same income as they do.

Darcy McCormick

Simcoe, Canada
Trudeau is an idiot

Christian Basile

Melbourne, Australia
This prime minister is just a muslim puppet its people like this that destroy the world as we know it.

penny carter

Edmonton, Canada
this so called Prime Minister, has over stayed his welcome. Send him back with his new friends


Sarnia, Canada
The very future of our Country and our democracy is at stake.

gord barron

Hamilton, Canada
I am not for striping the freedoms of natural born citizens of Canada, nor further abusing our first nations peoples! truedeau should be jailed for treason! shame on our supposed “leaders”!

Robert Frost

Guelph, Canada
Sick of pandering to others that do not respect the laws and culture of adopted country

Barbara Eifler

North vancouver,BC, Canada
He is a traitor to his country, more loyal to the Muslims.