Canadian Situations

NOT 'Our Gov'

Corrupt Canadian Elections

(Vote Fixing)

This is how they Corporatized

and stole our common wealth country.

Fukushima Apocalypse

Canada Is A Commonwealth

A Freeman - A Common Man

Anonymous News Canada.

anonymous sees

Informing the world on current events.

We are Legion. We do not for give. We do not forget. Expect us!

Do yourself and your family a favor…
Don’t Fall into the Sheeple Pit...

Ignore all Corporate and Official Sources of (dis)information.

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CanadianSituations Flyer.pdf



The World Wide Truth Revolution Is NOW!

AnonNews – Everything Anonymous

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Be Part of the World Wide Truth Revolution for Victory.


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For your understanding; I am French and English speaking and writing is self taught.

So that you may find my  writing  structure odd or unusual..

So I ask that you read my writings to understand the content and meanings of my

articles and not judge by my writing style.

I write about both loves and hates. My writings cover the whole spectrum of life.

So your reading of my articles and then your enlightenment is dependent on what you seek..

Seeking truth means that you have to discover and acknowledge good as will as evil.

But then what you do with the knowledge you discover depends on your moral make up.

Living is all about decisions..and making choices.

So do you choose to be a good and positive force or do you choose to do nothing,

that results in you doing no good.

Be warned that my writings will require that you truly look at how you think..

How you think will determine what you think…

Below you will find writings on my personal life as will as my discoveries in my pursuit of pure truth..

For without truth there can never be love and harmony with the natural world..

At four years old I made a promise to God to always seek and speak truth.

I discovered pure truth..and that is that God is real… _______________________ 

Light of truth


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Copy notice

The Canadian Bill of Rights

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Canada is scary Governments run by Criminals

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