Welcome to the Canadian Peoples’ (Shareholders) Union Membership Raising Campaign

Membership Certificates – You can donate to get them here; https://www.gofundme.com/canadian-peoples-union

Welcome to the Canadian Peoples’ (Shareholders) Union Membership Raising Campaign.

We’ve just launched our NEW Membership Raising Campaign, please help us RAISE the ROOF in the Canadian Parliament before the next election by taking our shareholder rights & power back!

As the official shareholders, WE CAN “RAISE THE ROOF”…To instill true Direct Democracy!

With 1000 plus members we can begin to launch moratoriums and enforce referendums to take back our AUTHORITY and POWER over our governance.

Together we can lawfully and legally, assert our final decision making authority & control over the Government as Federal and Provincial Crown Corporation shareholders.


IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT OUR COUNTRY; when our Governments are handing over the 50% plus control of our Assets, Infrastructures and Public Service management to PRIVATIZATION, INTERNATIONAL CORPORATIONS and GLOBALIZATION placing them above our SHAREHOLDER RIGHTS without OUR CONSENT.

By our RIGHTS as the official shareholders of the Crown of Canada and it’s corporations, our Governments should require consent by at least the majority of Canadians Citizens or be elected by it’s entire majority or more.

This is not being done by design. But it can and will change as “Nothing in LAW supersedes the WILL of the PEOPLE “with your help.

Please help us to clean up our Governance before it’s too late. Together, we can restore prosperity to all Canadians and safeguard our children’s futures.

By uniting, Canadians can work towards resetting the Crown of Canada, by asserting our “final decision making authority” for our Country over our de facto Governments.

Only by stopping to VOTE for Politicians can we take our power back as the official Crown of Canada shareholders for things to change. However, we need 51% of the population to do so. Only each and everyone of YOU can help us achieve this!

Once you’ve joined our Union and signed the Convention of Consent, you no longer need to vote since this means that you are lawfully keeping your rights and not giving all of your rights away to a politician or political parties for the next 4 years or the next election. Once this has been done, then your action has been legally taken and your voice will truly be heard.

These are STATEMENTS of FACT and not to be interpreted as giving legal advice. The choice is up to you.

Definition of de facto: A de facto government is one which has seized power by force or in any other unconstitutional method and governs in spite of the existence of a de jure government. (Duhaime’s law dictionary)

Because we have a de facto government we can not legally charge them with anything under he criminal code, see here:

Obedience to de facto law
15 No person shall be convicted of an offence in respect of an act or omission in obedience to the laws for the time being made and enforced by persons in de facto possession of the sovereign power in and over the place where the act or omission occurs.

R.S., c. C-34, s. 15.


People who would like to Donate but have no Credit cards or visa debit, you are welcomed to send Interact email tranfers to: membership(at) myfreedom2017.com or CanadianPeoplesUnion.com

Please contact us prior at the same email to get a security question that you can add.

For those who need to use Paypal we will be setting up a paypal account on the myfreedom2017.com website.

Thank YOU for being the heroes we all need to save our Country.

The CPU Team!

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