Sign ‘Convention of Consent’ form Sovereignty declaration statement

Did you you sign the ‘Convention of Consent’ form online at

here is the video that people need to listen to and watch beforehand as it helps

here is the pdf of the form. right click here to download it. CoCform video signing.pdf


My Freedom 2017 How To eSign -What the Canadian Government doesn’t want you to know and do!

You are a sovereign and the Queen gave up her sovereignty over Canada in 1932 and gave to the Canadian people and not to the corporate government of Canada and then again 50 years later in 1982 the Queen repeated the same process..

Trudeau failed to state that the Queen gave up all her control over Canada and gave it ti the People and to the Natives. when he created the Canadian Constitution.. Please note that the constitution he created only applies to corporate employees of the corporation of Canada and not to the free common people and natives.

So below you well discover the solution by every Canadian and Native to sign the corporate law document below.. After which we the peoples of Canada will have full direct democracy control of all governments in Canada and then we will be able to rid Canada of all corporate governments and assert our Common Law control of the House of Commons and all provincial governments..

Please tell everyone to e-sign the legal document below. and join The Canadian Peoples Union.


We have our very own People’s UNION. *** By Ann Magoon   A victory for Nicole Lebrasseur and Paul Chauvin of the My Freedom 2017 movement as they have started up a union for the people of Canada, similar to employee unions who work for different companies! As she says,   “There are only employees […]

Creation of the Canadian Peoples’ Union (CPU) Freedom 2017 to stop the Corporate 3 P’s takeover and control of Canadian Assets and Infrastructure

*** URGENT- Here is our assessment of CANADA and the laws and how we are losing our country through a corporate coup d’etat being done world wide: We have Public Corporations (Crown Corporations of Canada – what the people own) and; Private corporations (what private corporations own). Private corporations are now running what the public […]

CANADA: True North, Strong and Free or Not?

CANADA: True North, Strong and Free or Not? By Ann Magoon   I will be presenting information today that will be new to most of you. Please keep an open mind and read the supporting documents listed at the end of this article. It has come to my attention while doing some research last week […]

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Published on Mar 1, 2017

Pissed off with Politics and Corporate scams?
You want the Government to listen to YOU? This is how you get your voice back! What are you waiting for? Become a Political Game Changer!

My Freedom 2017 How To eSign -What the Canadian Government doesn’t want you to know and do!

Canadian Governance Reform , Political Game Changers. The Pen and the legal Citizen’s Convention of Consent is mightier than the Sword!

eSign your legal contract for change! This is a binding contract to be used in Court and not a Petition where you only ask permission for them to hear your voice in Parliament.

This legal Citizen’s Convention of Consent dictates what the people want to the Courts, the Federal and Provincial Governments once 51% of the population in the Provinces have signed.

Our Courts and Governments have no choice but to comply with the People’s demands, as we have legally spoken through the legally binding Convention of Consent between the people.

ESign and get our FREE App here:

My Freedom 2017 – Political Game Changers is about each and everyone of us taking simple, lawful initiatives in order to rise the People into our rightful positions as the lawfully, legal Shareholders of our Countries and having the “Final Decision Making Authority” within all aspects of Governance including International Law, thus, automatically turning Taxation into Dividends.

See us on FB – My Freedom 2017 – Political Game Changers…



Solutions such as this, can put an end to all Government and Corporate tyranny in not just Canada, but all Countries.

This group is about ending politicaL PARTIES – Please respect that. If you do not believe in the people as final decision makers, then this group is not for you!

We will be deleting posts that should never have been allowed in this group, as it defeats this group’s purpose.

What type of democratic political system do you want for Canadians and Canada?


Solutions such as this, can put an end to all Government and Corporate tyranny in Canada or any other Country.


1. Keeping the existing democracy where we elect politicians to create laws to control all Peoples by giving these politicians “all final decision making authority” once in power for the Citizens and First Nations People within all levels of governance.

Or choose


2. By instilling a direct democracy for the People by the People. Whereas, we, along with the First Nations People collectively create the laws and have final decision making authority within all levels of governance.
How can we do this?



Constituency Bottom up Governance – Modus Operandi…


click on image

Our country needs to be safe and secure. If you can’t vet them, don’t let them in.

53 signatures are still needed!
Loreen Howarth just signed this petition on Change…

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