CTV News does fake report about Muslim Immigrants at Soup Kitchen in Sault-Sainte Marie in Ontario

Anyone race can be a Muslim..Being a Muslim means you Submit to the Quran and Sharia law. Muslim is not a race… The English meaning of the word Islam means to SUBMIT…Most people who only know of the Arab Muslims think that the only Muslims are actually Arabs.. The Chinese taking over Vancouver are Chineses Muslims.. China has 200 million Chinese Muslims..
UPDATE the subversive crooks have done another sting operation on me in the soup kitchen and they are now banning me from the only soup kitchen in this tiny town…please donate if you care about Canada and our freedoms..so I can stay alive and keep bringing you reports…. http://www.paypal.me/danieltowsey
atruthsoldier.com Please go to CanadianSituations.wordpress.com to learn much more about the Muslim U.N. Globalists agenda and the take over of Canada with their Islamic machine…


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