More Native Indian Land Stolen By Kathleen Wynne In Ontario

Published on Mar 6, 2017

Chief Grant Tysick was kind enough to tell me about the misappropriation of First Nation’s land in the Ottawa region.

Kathleen Wynne and Charles Sousa have lied to them and are taking what isn’t theirs.

We need to stop the tyranny in Ontario now.

Kevin J. Johnston
Journalist & Social Commentator

79tazman1 month ago
The Liberals are corrupt criminals that does not have the IQ within the whole party to run a Country they are releasing Top Secret information and bringing in people who live on welfare and are putting their own people out of work and charging so much taxes and hydro people are starving so they can pay their bills we have to vote them out of our provincial and federal government
LRGCAR PACAR1 month ago
I think our native brothers and sisters have to stand up and let the country know this is not going to happen!!!!!!! This is CANADA not the Middle East
Gryer1 month ago (edited)
The Native population here in Canada has been given a pretty raw deal in a lot of cases but I find myself really sick and tired of this whole topic set because it all ends up leading back to the white guilt bullshit that is currently being recognized and repudiated by more people than not.
The fact of the matter is that the native populations have nothing but thrived under colonial rule if you would just look at the population numbers and life expectancy etc.
The fact they were removed from their traditional way of life is hard for the people and hard for a people to lose their culture, in large part but much of that is an unavoidable result of modernization that occurs with the new world and the previously mentioned increase in life expectancy and standard of living and all this stuff.
Even the amount of peace that has been enjoyed by the native populations of Canada would not be the case had whites not come to the west because natives were constantly warring anyways.
There are many wrongs that can be gotten into like their exposure to alcohol and all that shit too but at this point now, modern natives going off on their asses getting drunk day and night it is not the fault of the white man showing them booze.
There are many things now that can no longer be attributed by the white occupation of Canada in the same way you cannot attribute the failure of black communities in America on slavery. Also, the natural advancement of disease ahead of the colonizing whites caused much of the disease deaths before the whites even actually set foot on the lands of the new world.
HUMANCLAN antecedent algonquin collective1 month ago
Forget the white guilt idea this is about the defacto corporation of the crown called Canada and the arbitrary and capricious powers used against natives and all in Canada that want to stand in there full legal capacity
Gryer1 month ago (edited)
+HUMANCLAN antecedent algonquin collective I understand and I agree with the side of the first nations people on this particular issue but what I am decrying is how these conflicts are portrayed while never truly rectifying the hardships.
savydude11 month ago (edited)
The ultimate goal is likely to increase the land owned by the federal gov’t, before the subjugation of Canadians by Islam! It’s a perfect plan to use Islam to subdue Canadians and the west, and plunge the economy with regulation and taxation to force as many people on welfare as possible. The addition of an incompatible Islam will be a good excuse to put military on the streets to quell inevitable unrest. This will be the totalitarian/communist takeover of the west!
savydude11 month ago
Chief Grant I was raised in Eganville and my brother lived on the Golden Lake reserve. I advocate for all natives in Canada 1 million strong join forces and make a stand on the land that belongs to you!
Stan Ulch1 month ago
Who’s fault is the lack of facilities and water? The natives have to take some responsibility, with the amount of corruption within. From Chiefs who’ve laundered/squandered funds that were meant for their own people. Look at the Attawapaskat, which is just one example. Much like our own gov. corruption, it needs to be rooted out, but we cannot deny, that it happens in all cultures.
mycattitude1 month ago
Damn straight they have to actually take some responsibility. I lived outside of Ashton, which is part of rural Ottawa and there was no septic, no water services, no buses and no one gives a damn because they are white. They pay full taxes through the nose for all that too.

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