Women warning us about Islam








Justin Trudeau to Pass Motion 103 Criminalizing Critics of Islam, Huge Protests Erupt

Published on Mar 6, 2017

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has introduced a Bill, Motion 103, that would criminalize criticism of Islam if passed. Protests broke out across Canada, namely in Toronto and Montreal, where protesters decried the abolishment of free speech. Communist-style laws have been initiated by leftists in Canada and across Europe since President Trump’s election. In this video, ex-Muslim women who were persecuted in their home countries speak out about the dangers of this law and what Sharia has done to them and other women.

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Carol littlecarol5 days ago
Trudeau gives Muslims special treatment in Canada, The law does not apply to them. He is allowing a bill to go through, so the people they constantly harass such as Christians, Jews, Gays, none believers can no longer say any of the things you say on this channel.They go to prison., but Muslims can call them all the filth under the sun.Those girls died because their father is a murderer, no less, but also because Muslims gets a superiority card from Trudeau.

David Wood ABC Equality for Women Islam


Former Muslim Woman Tells the Truth About Islam and Its Murderous Ways Peel School Board Won’t Hear

What Will it Take for Europeans to Push Back?

mark doppelganger2 weeks ago (edited)
Poland and Hungary are pushing back already, before we even got over-flown. Or rather, we never let ourselves be led blindly into trap of unchecked mass immigration. There is also growing awareness in France, with good chances of Marine Le Pen being elected.

Canada Afghan Muslim Honour Killings Father & Son Murdered 3 Daughters & Mom.God Bless them all.



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