Canadian Man Tells The Truth About Islam

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White Canadian Man Tells The Truth About Islam Peel District School Board Ignores Him – Eric Brazau

Published on Jan 13, 2017

Meet a Brave Man: Eric Brazau helped to mobilize people in Mississauga recently against the Peel Board of Education decision to allow Islamic prayers. Our speakers were delegated to speak on the issue. Additionally, as a director with Canadian Hindu Advocacy, I was pleased to see a large Hindu turnout against the Peel school board decision.

Islam must be resisted and eventually outlawed in Canada and every civilized nation. The totalitarian ideology of Islam emphasizes control and domination of every aspect of life, leaving no space for any form of government and society but a sharia-ruled state. It is not only incompatible with, but fatally destructive to, democracy or any other form of governance but an Islamic state. will use every lawful tactic to have Islam de-listed by authorities as a religion. This means mosques and Islamic institutions should not receive taxation and other privileges that religions receive. It also means that opposing Islam and its medieval practices must NOT be seen as violating religious freedom. Islam seeks to exploit the privileges and courtesies extended to legitimate religions as a cloak to achieve its supremacist aims.

Ron Banerjee is a director with Canadian Hindu Advocacy and part of the Advisory Board to is the leading anti Islamic movement in Canada


George Soros And The Canadian Agenda Exposed

Published on Nov 17, 2016

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth warns Canadians about an upcoming coup currently being carried out by the Soros family who are now trying to “help” Canadian refugees migrate to Canada.


BREAKING: Massive Movement To Overthrow Globalist GEORGE SOROS Explodes In Macedonia.

QC Davis2 weeks ago
+Clifford Hutchinson Yes I hope Troudough (forgive the spelling) I hope her will at least stop the Islamic invasion into Canada! This is a war of civilizations! One mission , to kill every last one of us.
War Survival! piss on waiting for our sold out leaders to protect us. Time we all form local and state militias along with our military men,sons and daughters.
The evil despots have one thing in mind and that is to conquer us all for allah.. Viscous brutal demon inspired !!! Wake up Sheeple ! Read the True history ! look at their conquest..
Meanwhile we slumber over our smart phones and video games like sheep led to slaughter.. its sick… Buy guns buy ammo ! if they don’t allow you ! then mone ! here !
The Civil war is coming . A entire assault by the socialist Marxist progressive left in America. Sick, Child raping, abducting, pizzagate despots with the financial backing of the Muslim Brother hood deep inside ouir government placed by Ovomit the chief demon…
Mark my words here friend its coming. I;m not a kook, Business owner 25 yerars raised 5 kids 3 College, not brainwashed one in the Air Force and my baby girl fixing to get married. All Patriots, all wide awake all locked n loaded. 150 million just like us.. We love America, Trump, our Constitutional Republic, freedom, liberty, the rule of law for all , The Bushes were nazi supporters, clintons are both up to their eyeballs in scandal and murder accusations and most disturbing , child sex rings world wide.
We live in a sick despot world and now is our final chance to take our countries back.. People must make the time to go oppose these soros paid punks and be ready to clash.. It has come to that. every source has warned us . We are there just the bullets have not begun to fly… Civil War , Marshal L:aw, Financial collapse, Stock up on life supplies while you can! ! I hope and pray you all take this serious..
Brian Michael1 week ago
QC Davis I’m taking it very serious, and I, as well as many others, feel as you do. What we need is a way to actually organize, to communicate and formulate an effort of our own to unite and stand against all the criminally insane corruption within our gov’t, entertainment industry, etc., in a peaceful manner that isn’t like that of a terrorist cell.
How can we achieve this is the question. If you come up with something that you wanna share, my email is I’m also on google hangouts with that email. Fyi, I’m just a regular guy with a regular hourly paid job, not a shill or cuck or anything like that. I’m just a God fearing man who has a patriotic heart and I want this insanity to end, and will do whatever it takes to help get it done.

Peel District School Board Uses Lawyer to Threaten Kevin J. Johnston

Published on Feb 28, 2017

When will lawyers in Toronto learn? When will they learn that you can’t incite me to do anything with a piece of paper. You need to have a loaded weapon pointing at me to get me to jump.

The Peel District School Board, traitors to Canada that they are, went crying to a lawyer. The lawyer is Christopher Wirth, A Partner in The Firm Keel Cotrelle LLP.

Tel: (416) 367-7708

Fax: (416) 367-2791


His firm is here:

36 Toronto St., Suite 920
Toronto, ON M5C 2C5
phone: (416) 367-2900 | fax: (416) 367-2791

100 Matheson Blvd East Suite 104
Mississauga, ON L4Z 2G7
phone: (905) 890-7700 | fax: (905) 890-8006

This video is me reading his letter with commentary.

Peel District School Board Trustees Do NOT Answer The Phone And Don’t Return Calls:

A Letter To The Peel District School Board About Radical Islam and The Death of Canada:

Kevin Jackal Johnston Serves Tony Pontes Court Papers And Takes On Peel District School Board:…

Kevin J. Johnston
Journalist & Social Commentator

Lexi Beorhtsiģe1 month ago
I’m an ex-muslim, Canada has no idea what they’ve unleashed into their civil society, very sad’
The board of trustees are pack of pussy under the paroll of Saudi Arabia. Why not HINDU SCRIPTURES, JEWISH , BUDDHIST, JAIN, ZORASTRIANS SCRIPTURES be taught.That lady should go to Saudi Arabia with her family.
CanadianTurf Sandwich1 month ago
Western world tried to give democracy to the middle east ; in turn they voted for shariah.
Armando Rodriguez1 week ago
+Tallim1 When a nation kills it’s own people, the US or any country has the right to step up and stabalize that nation through military means, it’s international law, you can’t kill innocent people even if they belong to you
JesusOrMuhammad1 month ago (edited)
Yes they want to meet the needs of all students including muslims, how nice. But why exactly do you want millions of sharia loving muslims to live with you in Canada in the first place with the risk of having many terror attacks every year, like Turkey? Why would you want Canada to become in part or as a whole to become islamic to begin with? These kind of questions is what we need answers for. Why do they support the islamization of Canada? Why do they want Canada to become like Pakistan, Egypt, Nigeria, Afghanistan or other countries where the majority of people are muslim? Why?
Con Cong1 month ago
Jess or Mhammad… If the parents of a young white family are not terrified for theirs and their kids’ future, then they need a good slap to wake them up. I’ve lived in a Muslim country. Watch the feck out! Not only the young girls, either. People, brace yourselves for a complete world of shit. You’re going to have to submit to Islam, if things continue. It’s going to be very, very unpleasant indeed. WAKE THE FECK UP!
K S3 weeks ago (edited)
sarah, you’re a dumb cunt, probably wish a bunch of arabs would assfuck you, BUT here is what will happen instead, it will be your sweet old grandmother instead when she goes to the store for a gallon of milk, then you can blame yourself, and if you think you are so tough by siding with those who would cut off your head while you beg, why dont you put your address in your next reply, maybe you’ll get that attention you want so bad or maybe ill come and visit you when you are sleeping and give you an asskicking like you’ve NEVER seen, oh and im a white girl like you but that is all we have in common you can be sure of that
Jim Watson3 weeks ago
Because they think Islam is a race issue and it isn’t it is purely political, it’s a false satanic doctrine that isn’t even a religion, it is the biggest pile of shite and should be stamped out everywhere starting in the West and finishing with the complete destruction of our so called Saudi allies.
What a fucking joke that is. We should never have released their oil for them. Lying fucking savages we needed guys like Sadaam to control these fucks, he had Iraq under control with no WMDs, Colonel Qadafi too, they need savage people to control them, not nam by pamby left wing apologists who suck up their arses, people that will wipe out thousands if they get a sniff of insurrection.
Arab fucking Spring, right, sprung all over us didn’t it. Islam and democracy go hand in hand NOT. GET THEM BACK TO KILLING EACH OTHER and save the Christians from these hellholes.
Obama and Hilary have allowed many thousands to be killed and it’s a travesty. They should be investigated for high treason along with the head of the CIA at that time and if found guilty should face the chair and confiscation of all assets to be sold and given to decent charitable foundations doing work in New Orleans for example to helping Haiti and perhaps setting up Arab Christians in places like Haiti to help the people and themselves through hard work rebuilding the infrastructure and housing.
Also many African places need serious help they make poor Americans look well off in some places’ that have been torn apart by war.
More than enough to bring a tear to a glass eye, I am sure many Christians would find it a cathartic experience to help others worse off than even themselves.
Change from despair to virtue by working hard and give us a chance to decide if these people prove themselves to be worthy of a green card. No more blindly letting people in without super extreme vetting including working on pig farms and eating bacon. I kid you not!
Master Bates3 weeks ago
Because of muslim apologists who look at what is written in the bible and know we just ignore or change it like the bibles kill cripples gays etc so these protesters can’t get it through their heads that you can’t and muslims don’t change what they believe is the perfect words of god
so the idiots running our governments and boarders ignore the quranic surahs that commands muslims to convert or kill us disbelievers lie to us strive to implement sharia laws etc even muslims flying passenger planes into buildings goes over these traitors heads
But we know were mass muslim immigration will lead us because europe has reached the point of no return and muslims will attack their hosts over and over again waves of suicide bombers in our schools as happened in Russia buses will be targeted malls subways etc it will not end
look what islam has done to the cities of syria whole cities in ruins and they just keep going so even knowing they will be living like rats eating garbage doesn’t stop the brainwashed muslim hordes from following the commands found in the quran BAN THIS CULT NOW
Pro Active2 weeks ago (edited)
@monica, animals need different set of medicine. I have and am doing factual debate with the iSlamists quoting passages from their authentic books but at the end they turn the table and go blaze. So that’s just as futile as disproving iSlam is a religion of Peace claim. So I have no regrets using this colourful words and it works! – all the time
Pro Active1 week ago (edited)
@talim , Hey fucking iSlamic shithole, when did you come back from fucking your allah bitch??? Go away asshole, you go read your koo-raan and the hadiths. It’s better than any porn you can even find in a Gore site. mooHELLmad fucked a lot of young children and even his own daughter-in-law, And you the smart asshole consider him as the role model Go fuck yourself , you son oif a mooHELLmad
Canadian Girl3 weeks ago (edited)
And they wonder why people move away from areas that stop being Canadian. Stand up for Canada. Protect Canada
23Aike63 weeks ago
I Hope Canada will not be in the same standing as those other western country that got plague by the scums they let in
Guit Meister3 weeks ago
Tooooooooooooooo LATE
windsorpatb3 weeks ago
It appears that Canadien Gov’t is made up of simpletons. With so much information about Islam available, it is incomprehensible to me that any country would go out of their way to encourage more immigration from a culture that professes beliefs in total contradiction to civilized countries.
I can only assume that there is some infusion of large quantities of money from Saudi to grease the strange emphasis on middle-eastern immigration, because it flies in the face of any rational thought.
Don’t ever wonder why a seemingly narcissistic, megalomaniacal, supremely confident man as TRUMP made it to the Presidency of U.S.
The word is out regarding the septic culture of Islam, and it is only a non-politician like him who has a high degree of patriotism coupled with ample intelligence and some brass balls sufficient to confront this toxic sludge.
It may be too late to impede the corroding flow to Europe, Canada and England, but I think that the American temperament may have the scrotum to shear off the nasty nose of Islam at every opportunity when it presumes to impose its sick, medieval ideas on to an essentially good and decent society. Good luck, Canada. So sad…
Canadian Girl3 weeks ago
windsorpatb Why is it that the east, like Quebec, ship in their oil from Saudi, and are stopping the pipeline from Alberta? Why can’t the east get oil from Canada? Sounds suspicious. They have no problem taking money from Alberta.
Tallim11 week ago
Who let you and your kind in ? Did the native Indians let you in ? You invaded, killed, stole and occupied everything you saw and now have the temerity to criticize Muslims; what a dunce you are !!

Canadian Girl

Canadian Girl1 week ago
Tallim The “Native people” arrive to North America when the continents where still attached. They did not just appear out of thin air. Europeans invented just about everything, built just about everything, Made civilized western societies. WE learn from mistakes in the past and WE do not repeat them. So you have been miss informed in thinking ANYONE will be allowed to take our countries over. People all over the world are waking up.


Robert Stewart1 month ago
You have to be Canadian first. Keep your religion in your home not in the schools. This is Canada, Canada first.
roland l1 month ago
Robert Stewart : You are right, first ( 1st ) they banned the American prayer in school . Now they want to impose the Muslim prayers in school , what the heck is going on ? I believe they want to change to chrislam religion , why is that ? Don ‘t they know about ” shariah law ” is following after they get to know the prayers of chrislam
john doe3 weeks ago
Robert Stewart I absolutely agree. I’m a minority Canadian citizen and Canada is our home. Your loyalty lies to your home and people, not black Canadians indo Canadians or Asian canadian or white Canadian. If you live here your canadian. And your home neighbourhood country come first. You can’t prosper if shits going down south. Assimilation is a must to build trust and growth for the sake of all Canadians regardless of race and religion.
superoriginalname3 weeks ago
bullshit.. these fuckers will out breed everyone of us and infect their ideas into their children. before you know it, we’d be outnumbered and out voted
Tallim13 weeks ago (edited)
Dumbass, they do not wish to impose anything on anyone. As Muslims, they simply ask for the right to pray as Muslims; nobody id being asked or coerced into accepting or participating in something that they are not a part of ! You ignorance and stupidity are astounding….how old are you ? 10 years old ?
illkhan3 weeks ago
john doe If you aren’t a descendant of the original British and French colonists then you aren’t fucking Canadian. You’re a fucking deadbeat invader fleeing the shithole you made to come fuck my country up until the money runs out. GET THE FUCK OUT.
john doe3 weeks ago
illkhan you’re wrong. I’m a Sikh Indian. We came here through proper means landed and eventually became citizens. My dad started from the bottom with nothing. Worked he was up to a point where ppl think we had old money. We have helped build this country up like white people. I honestly believe what bugs them is the fact that we have to carry the migrants and refugees who refuse to work and assimilate to the Canadian culture.
illkhan3 weeks ago
Look, I like and respect Sikhs. I know plenty, generally hard working people that assimilate well. HOWEVER, this isn’t the dumping ground for every poor bastard that wants to leave the shithole they were born into.
Your home countries will never get better when all the smart people flee here.
More importantly your very presence has negative consequences, foreigners destroy social cohesion and a host of other bad things. You make MY life worse simply by existing in close proximity.
This is OUR land, generations of MY ancestors lie in this dirt. White countries are the only ones subject to this invasion and it’s fucking bullshit.
You all need to go, period end of story. I don’t give a fuck if you made money or whatever.
There’s far more important things than the economy, we’re not fucking money obsessed Jews. This is our land and we WILL kill for it, you’ll see.
Robert Stewart3 weeks ago
You are right. But when your family came to Canada and became Canadian citizens, you did not try to force your religious beliefs on Canada, you practice your religion, work hard and would defend this country if necessary. It’s the people who want Sharia Law, who believe in honor killings, and that it’s OK to have sex with young children that’s the ones we do not want. Look at the news today a Syrian refugee at West Edmonton Mall, sexually assaulted 6 young girls, him and his family members should be deported immediately.
john doe3 weeks ago
illkhan I’m sorry but I can accept that.if you want to start talking about my land and shit you need to understand the only reason you can call it that is because your ancestors savagely killed the people it belonged to. Bottom line now that you made it clear you want some sort of civil war to kick out immigrants so be it. It’s a war you will lose. Look around your surrounded by immigrants. Instead of working together to build this country your gonna end up wiping out the white race in this nation. You can either do it in a peaceful manner or we can get down on some gangster shit. Up to you but no ones backing down.
David Moody3 weeks ago
deported? are you joking? they need put to death. send them to their virgins and let them meet the real God
illkhan2 weeks ago
Canada’s still 80% white, you shitskins are going to get annihilated.

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