Opposition responds to Trudeau’s alleged manhandling MP Brown Brosseau

Published on May 18, 2016

One year in: Top 5 ways Trudeau and his Liberals are ruining Canada

Published on Oct 19, 2016

Brian Lilley provides a run-down of the top five ways Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are ruining Canada one year into their majority government. MORE: http://www.therebel.media/one_year_in…


Lord Monckton: Trudeau Is An Idiot – Pushing Communist Carbon Tax

Published on Dec 6, 2016

During an hour and a half interview author and economic analyst John Sneisen conducted with Lord Christopher Monckton, the issue of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s federal carbon tax came up. Lord Monckton called out Trudeau for being incapable of rational thought, an idiot and a capitalism hating communist cut out of the cloth of Soviet Russian communism.
Despite Trudeau claiming during the Canadian federal election in 2015 that he would not impose a carbon tax on provinces, he has broken that promise and will enforce such a tax which will destroy small businesses, push those in poverty further to the curb while further monopolizing major corporations by the hand of the state.
The tax will in no way actually cut emissions, but will simply be another giant money grab.
Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall will be taking any legal action possible to block Trudeau from this business killing form of extortion under the umbrella of globalist man-made climate change fearmongering.
The deception being promoted by the United Nations and the Canadian government regarding global warming is detrimental to the people of Canada and further takes advantage of people’s good intentions (while ignorant) in order to take away the people’s individual freedoms and liberties.

Why Australia axed their carbon tax

Published on Dec 7, 2016

Holly Nicholas interviews Dr. Chris Berg who is in Canada to explain why Australia axed their carbon tax after only two years. MORE: http://www.therebel.media/find_out_wh…

Trudeau Liberals hide true cost of carbon tax

Published on Dec 13, 2016

Brian Lilley shows how the Trudeau Liberals are being tight lipped about what they know about how their plans for putting a national price on carbon dioxide emissions will impact Canadians. MORE: http://www.therebel.media/trudeau_lib…

Justin Trudeau Canada’s Illuminati NWO Shill Prime Minister EXPOSED!

Published on Aug 9, 2016

In this video I expose my prime minister Justin trudeau as a NWO puppet! Do not be deceived by his charm and good looks! This man will lead Canada is the wrong direction! Please share this video! God Bless, STAY VIGILANT & FEAR NO EVIL !!!

The Trudeau Deception

Vigilant Christian GOING TO JAIL for Trying to Exercise Religious Freedom (Coming Soon!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxfqm…

The Trudeau Deception

Published on Sep 17, 2015

“Federal Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau is a neo-conservative with better public relations than his counterpart Stephen Harper…. In fact, aside from his stance on legal marijuana, there is essentially no difference between him and Harper…The only thing that separates Trudeau from the other candidates is his stance on legalization. But what Trudeau is advocating is not the end of prohibition, it’s just a different version of it.” – Dan Dicks

In PM Justin Trudeau, “Canada just elected an idiot”

Published on Oct 21, 2015

(Language warning): Gavin McInnes of TheRebel.media reports:

This is great news for Rebel Media as we are about content and nobody provides more content than Justin Trudeau. I am stunned Canada chose this fool to represent them but there you have it. As a lampooner of absurd politics, I just won the lottery. Canadians, on the other hand, just jumped off a cliff.

When Americans ask me how dumb he is, I say, “He’s not like anyone you met in real life. He’s like a character in a TV show. Like, Joey from Friends. He’s cartoonishly dumb.”

The other amazing thing about Justin is that his entire merit is based on the fact that he’s Pierre Trudeau’s son. Young people assumed Pierre was a good Prime Minister but for those of us who were there, we remember what a complete tool he was. He rammed French and multiculturalism down the entire country’s throat and he spent so much of our money doing it, the dollar never really recovered.

So, the Prime Minister of Canada is incompetent and he was elected because of his father, who was also incompetent. It’s going to be a wild ride.

ronny slams
Trudeau has created zero jobs, he will have created a welfare state in Canada by bringing in more useless immigrants. He promised to legalize pot, which he hasn’t yet done. Chicks love his hair , and Canada is feminized with white knights everywhere. The Leftists have dominated Canada , all I can do is sit back and watch it burn,,,,, sadface,,,,,,

Canada Is Being Set Up To Fail!

Published on Jan 26, 2015

The Bank of Canada cut interest rates Wednesday morning, from 1% to .75% in what some are calling a surprising move. But can we really be surprised? Dan Dicks of Press For Truth breaks down how this recent move by the bank of Canada’s head Stephen Poloz is designed to set Canadians up for failure.
Meanwhile with the American debt out of control and the derivatives market about to explode – shouldn’t Canadians be doing everything we can to limit our exposure to this massive risk?.

Levant: Speech Proves Justin Trudeau is Unqualifed to be PM

Published on Mar 10, 2015

Ezra Levant weighs in on Justin Trudeau’s controversial March 9, 2015 speech:

First, Trudeau falsely conflates a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf in a Quebec courtroom, to the Harper government’s ban on wearing full face coverings during citizenship swearing in ceremonies.

Even worse, Trudeau then compared the experiences of present-day Muslim immigrants to the shameful chapter in Canadian history, when Jewish refugees were turned away circa World War II.

(That was done by a Liberal Prime Minister, incidentally.)

In actuality, since 9/11, the Canadian Muslim population has doubled, and — concerningly — the number of Saudi student visas issued has gone up dramatically.

(PS: The Globe & Mail covered Trudeau’s speech last night — but they quickly changed their original headline…)

Here’s why Prime “Bully” Trudeau manhandled fellow MP’s in temper tantrum

Published on May 19, 2016

Canadians were shocked yesterday to see their Prime Minister behave like a bully in the House of Commons, elbowing a female MP and pulling another back to his seat. Brian LIlley explains what set off Trudeau’s temper tantrum and why this dictatorial behaviour will not be excused by anyone. MORE http://www.therebel.media/conduct_unb…

Trudeau wants to change Canada’s voting system.
Tell Justin we DEMAND a referendum on this issue!

“What an embarrassment”: Justin Trudeau’s 60 Minutes interview

Published on Mar 7, 2016

Ezra Levant reports: “So the substitute drama teacher, former snowboarder bum, never had a real job till he was nearly 40, trust fund rich kid, is telling Americans they should be smart and worldly, like him” MORE: http://www.therebel.media/_what_an_em…


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