Alberta Tar Sands Fires need to be questioned

Alberta Strong Anthem – Fort McMurray Fires

Conspiracy in Alberta – Fort McMurray Fire – Latest

Published on May 7, 2016

Can we link this to Jade Helm? What is really going on? Is it a Black Op or a Terrorist Attack? Could it be Global Warming, really? Is Al Gorae (illuminati member) envolved in all of this with his “free energy” conspiracy theory? World war 3 ? Or just Global warming, and we must pay attention to oil usage?

+Joe King Hey Joe! Thank you for sending us a message that really adds something to our day!

Let me try to respond you:
” Does it make sense that the powers that be would not have protected such a valued investment as the city of Fort McMurray better than that?” – Yes it does. For example the leaders of the world see Oil as not necessary anymore, mainly Al Gore… Renewable energy is the future and all countries shall fall over this reign. It happened here in Brazil also, an infiltrated political Party destroyed the country’s biggest oil company……ruined it until the last cent….it only survived because it’s annual profit is ridiculously large, but it’s debt is off the charts…..Everybody in Brazil with a Sane mind is seeing this as a coupe…and it’s a coupe there too…I’m sure….all will unravel soon my friend let’s not hurry. The real interest was to evade the whole town. Let’s wait and see why.

“If the companies involved wanted to find a way to go bankrupt on those investments, how would they go about doing so?”

For example if the interest in “Global Warming” is to reduce Oil usage and change it to renewable energy and for instance if this has to be done fast because the world is collapsing (physically) it generates interests yes. If you look at Saudi Arabia right now they are all unhappy with the new “no Oil” policy….it’s on NYTIMES right now…..they have removed the long time minister and they are applying a non-pollution policy which will reduce their capital in great value….it’s global…it’s not only there. The real interest was to evade the whole town. Let’s wait and see why.

FEH – Warning to Albertan’s (Soft Martial Law?)

5/06/2016 — Canada fires near Alberta Oil Tar Sands – Suddenly spreads WEST to BC Oil Operation

Published on May 5, 2016

New Alert for people in Canada, just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse. Now a new large area has began burning in British Columbia on top of what is already going on in Alberta Canada.

As most people might already know, an extremely large fire has broken out across Northeast Alberta Canada near Fort McMurray. The massive fires have now forced the evacuation of over 88,000 people, with the loss of thousands of houses, and burning over 210,000 square acres in a matter of a few days time.

Seen on GOES Visible Satellite weather feed:

Now all of a sudden, massive plumes of smoke are appearing EXACTLY due West in British Columbia at another Oil + Gas pumping operation just North of Fort St. John, BC Canada.

(The new widespread fire location is upwind by 350 miles / 500km on the exact same latitude 56 43 N )

Today’s new fires appeared across a vast area of British Columbia all at once – on a clear day with no storms. The new BC fires happening near (of all the places) another Oil + Gas pumping operation.

The location which suddenly flares off is at least 200 square MILES in area.

Alberta and BC are now BOTH burning near huge pumping operations.

Both pumping operations are on the interior Northwest “edge” of the craton.

I’ve got to say it now, and I don’t want to alarm people when I say it, but…..these fires might have a tectonic magma source, not a human or weather related source.

Something very strange is going on up in North Canada again this year. Just like last year, the oil + gas (fracking and tar sands) operations are surrounded by large fires from out of the blue.

Just as before, the fires are immediately being blamed on ‘dry weather’, and “global warming / climate change”.

Unlike normal wildfires, these fires (just like last year) spring up suddenly without cause on clear days – no human ignition sources have even been fully presented which can explain the sudden outbreak of multiple fires across vast areas at once on clear weather days.

The fires will go out and disappear within days (like they did before) and then reappear elsewhere far away, but along the same latitudes, and longitudes.

Like last year, when the oil and gas operations started burning, then the dormant volcanoes also started burning.. all during a time of high seismic unrest. As soon as the seismic storm passed, then the fires magically died out without rain (remember California, BC, and Alberta last year 2015?).

Now we see (May 5, 2016 afternoon US time) a huge outbreak of fires occur across hundreds of miles in Northeast British Columbia live on visible satellite.

A zoom in on the area in British Colombia (BC) shows that the location which is now burning in BC is also another Oil + gas pumping operation.

This cannot be overlooked as coincidence, especially since Fort McMurray and Fort St. John fall upon the near exact same latitude.

What Caused The Fort McMurray Fire?

Published on May 12, 2016

Like virtually every problem in this country, the blame rests on state control, and the Fort McMurray fires are no exception.
The fire began on May 3rd, where it swept through the region destroying over 2000 homes, forcing the largest wildfire evacuation in Alberta’s history.
But what factors made this fire so destructive?

ALBERTA FIRE/URANIUM Connection/Clinton Foundation?

Published on May 8, 2016

People are being kept from the town of Ft. McMurray.

Wildfires, Chemtrails, and Mandatory Evacuations- Welcome to Fort Mcmurray, Alberta 5/2/16

Published on May 2, 2016

Fort McMurray as seen from the airport webcam May 4th 2016

First there is clear skies then chemtrail clouds above locations where fires began.

Published on May 4, 2016

SHOCKING NEWS REPORTS from the past week Alberta on fire and something strange is going on worldwide

Published on May 5, 2016

SHOCKING NEWS REPORTS from the past week are we living in the end times something strange is going on worldwide new world order current world news 2016

SHOCKING: Here’s why Canada’s largest water bomber wasn’t “available” in Fort Mac

Published on May 9, 2016

Sheila Gunn Reid looks into the question many are asking about why the Martin Mars, Canada’s largest water bomber, wasn’t made available in the devastating Fort Mac wildfire nicknamed “The Beast” by Fort Mac fire chief Darby Allen. To find out exactly what happened, tune in to Sheila’s video. As always, she has the facts. MORE…

Rebel Media is going to help rebuild Fort Mac
Go to to donate right now!…

Helicopter flyover shows scale of destruction in Fort McMurray

Take notice that all the trees surrounding the building are not trees burned

Published on May 8, 2016

he fire, which devastated much of the city and forced 80,000 residents to evacuate, continues to spread across northern Alberta

Fort McMurray fire in Alberta, Canada from the sky. Forest fire in Fort McMurray view from the plane

Why is only the nearby upwind area near Fort McMurray on fire and not other places..

Published on May 4, 2016

Something to hide? Anyone entering Fort McMurray required to sign non-disclosure agreement

Copy of Escaping Fort McMurray (uncompressed, 3 hour dashcam)

Owners Watched Fort McMurray Home Burn to Ground Over iPhone

Published on May 6, 2016

Welcome To Hell – Driver Escapes Fort McMurray Fire

Motorcyclist Can’t Handle The Heat From The Fort McMurray Wildfire

Last minutes driving out a burning nightmare of Fort McMurray

Documentary: Alberta Fort McMurray Fire | Most Devastating Wildfire in Canadian History


Published on May 20, 2016

Documenting the Beacon Hill / Fort McMurray forest fire evacuation.


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