Economic Collapse Canada Sells all it’s Gold Reserves

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Canada Selling Its Gold


Published on Feb 12, 2016


Published on Feb 12, 2016

Canada is selling all of its gold. Welcome to the Junius Maltby Channel where we discuss a historical and important time for Canadians. This is a paving stone on the road to ruin Canada. Prepare yourselves, buy your own physical gold as insurance against the impending devaluation of your worthless fiat paper. The destruction of your currency is now unavoidable. UNAVOIDABLE.


Thanks for the report..unfortunately Canada was lost in 1974 when Prime Minister Trudeau shut down the bank of Canada and handed the creation of money to the banksters with their digital computer generated money..that is when Canada died and now they are robbing our grave sites.

Junius Maltby
SHARE WITH YOUR CANADIAN FRIENDS.  Brace yourselves Canada.  This precipitates and is done in preparation for extremely perilous times for your nation.  Your currency, your livelihood, your future depends upon your intelligent and calculated actions at this juncture in history.  Your actions now, will have far reaching impacts on your dynasty.

ElectroPig Von Fokkengruuven
+Junius Maltby Canadians don’t care about objective reality.  They don’t even care that, over the last year or so, ur fiat debt notes have dropped in value by 30%.  They don’t know what “money” is, because it is NOT  part of their education.

I took a $20.00 silver coin out REPEATEDLY and tried to use it at dozens of places, and NOBODY would accept it.  They DID accept my pieces of plastic with ink on them, though.

While most people looked at me like I was an idiot, or said I was “trying to scam them”, the fact remains that Canadians are exactly like our neighbours…the vast majority haven’t got the slightest clue about ANYTHING…nor do they have even the slightest inclination to acquire the information they will need, fairly soon, in order to just survive.

So few people in this world understand what’s going on, it’s absolutely pitiful.  It’s even worse how few people care AT ALL abut anything that actually matters.

+ElectroPig Von Fokkengruuven Hi ElectroPig.  I guess you are Canadian.  Don’t feel alone.  I’m here in the US and our education system didn’t teach us about money either.  I learned on my own and fairly recently, since 2011.
I tried to post a comment here twice with a link to the sale of this huge Canadian coin and my comments did not post.  So I hope by replying to you, Junius Maltby can read about the article being sold in June 2010.  Very beautiful coin.

ElectroPig Von Fokkengruuven
Being Canadian, I know that every Canadian KNOWS that we used to use gold as money…except for that pesky fact that we NEVER used gold as circulating currency.

We stopped using 80% silver in the summer of 1967 and went to 40%.  Middle of ’68 we were from 40% to JACK.

In 1996, we stopped using copper in our pennies.

In 2012, we stopped making pennies at all, and quietly recalled them to reclaim their metals.  We also decided that paper–WHICH ACTUALLY DOES GROW ON TREES!!!–was “too expensive to use for debt notes, and we went to plastic with ink on it.

The next logical progression is the elimination of currency and coinage entirely…and that’s when we ALL lose.

I understood the basics about 30 years ago (summer/fall of 1987), when I BEGGED my family to get some gold when it was about $264 an ounce.  But they knew better than I, and they have excuses today, now that I show them the price sitting at $1750 Canadian.

Unfortunately, being “the family idiot”, no matter what I’ve said, I’ve always been wrong, because “none of my financial advisers said anything even close to that!”  So basically everyone in my family still “believes” that their retirements are set in stone, and that nothing can touch them.

A VERY few people have actually listened, and have bought “some” silver over the last few years, but the vast majority of people just refuse to admit that zeroes and ones that don’t exist do NOT actually have more value than “things which can easily be–at the very least–proven to exist.”

I saw that “million dollar coin”…wasn’t impressed.  If I was to get any gold, it’d be in 1/10th ounces or something SMALL like that, as in the relatively near future, if things keep going the way they have been since 1967, NOBODY will be able to buy an entire ounce!

There’s also the serious possibility that we see gold backwardation, which is basically when EVERYBODY (finally!) wants gold, but NOBODY is wiling to part with it, so there are no sellers.  This will lead to absolutely skyrocketing prices, and silver will be dragged upwards in the process.

FAR better to get silver, I think, than gold.  At least for the time being, anyway.

+ElectroPig Von Fokkengruuven Well now you have educated me about your coins in circulation.   You had silver in circulation longer than us.  I wished I had listened to myself when I argued with a friend in the 1990’s about buying it then.  But I didn’t.

He was more into stocks and options and so I became involved with it but I never made much from it.  I think whatever happens going forward will be very risky for anyone who is independent and responsible.

My philosophy is, “the responsible always pay for the irresponsible.”  When govts can change the laws at the snap of a finger and ban ownership of precious metals like they did here in the US, while also banning cash, they will push everyone into a corner with NO choices, all in the name of war on terrorists, and drug dealers.  And the dummies who won’t think for themselves will lap it up and follow along.

I have always said, Freedom means having choices, and having only one choice is not a choice at all.  I am with you on that.  Yes, that coin way too enormous for me. As you know, I prefer American coins.  But this one is very nicely done.

I watched the video showing how they made it.  And it should be kept for Canada and not sold.  I prefer smaller pieces too and I adore my Lady Liberty I bought directly from the US mint last year.  Got booted out of ordering on computer for the Platinum Eagle, but I really like the new Lady Liberty 24k gold coin.  A special piece I really adore.

Economic Collapse Update #Canada Just Sold Half its #Gold Reserves

Published on Feb 10, 2016

This is not from a good source, there are several quality sources confirming this.


GOLD – Canada Economy 2016 – Things are going bad to worse

ublished on Jan 7, 2016

Canadian dollar is sinking below .70 to the US. Canada will face a huge economic crisis this year, both from internal economics and external events, are you ready?
Oil is in the mid 30’s, stocks are losing, jobs market is soft, and geo-political events –

North and South Korea and Saudi Arabia/ Iran and other hot spots, refugees, and countries facing their own economic woes like Greece, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Puerto Rico etc have put the global economy over the tipping point.
But if no major reforms take place, the rich will continue to get richer and we will be slaves…


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