Bell’s lobbying just paid off big time

Yesterday, Bell Canada’s lobbyists convinced Ottawa city council to kill an important Internet affordability motion at City Hall in a 17 to 7 vote.1

Had it passed, the nation’s capital would have joined Toronto and Calgary in supporting pro-customer rules we helped win – rules that will ensure affordable access to ultra-fast fibre Internet and break up Big Telecom’s ISP cartel.2

We fought hard to win these open access rules, but now Bell is pulling out all the stops to undo them. And if they’re working this hard to lobby Ottawa City Council, imagine what they’re doing to lobby the federal government.

Will you stand up, speak out, and help make sure they don’t get away with this? By adding your voice, we’ll make ensure Bell doesn’t pull the wool over the federal government’s eyes.

We were shocked to hear misinformed councillors join Team Bell and vote against the motion.

Councillors explicitly mentioned their conversations with the telecom giant, and said little about their constituents—even after OpenMedia community members in Ottawa fought down to the wire, driving hundreds of calls to their offices.3

It’s clear that Bell twisted the arms of Ottawa’s Councillors as part of a plan to kill off smaller, more affordable ISPs. Their next stop? Parliament.

Please add your name now so we can fight back with real people’s voices before Bell gets to Parliament and destroys all of our hard work. If they succeed, this will be nearly impossible to undo.

The backstory: Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson and Toronto Mayor John Tory joined Team Bell earlier this year, bypassing their councils and supporting the telecom giant’s campaign to overturn our hard-won Internet choice rules.4

The community’s hard work scored us a big win at Toronto city hall, with Canada’s biggest city officially supporting our position against Bell’s power grab, and punishing Mayor Tory for his pro-price-gouging stance.5

We can still beat Bell by showing the federal Cabinet that Canadians want choice in our Internet market, but it’ll only happen if we grow our numbers and shout louder.

If Big Telecom wins in Parliament, Canadians across the country will lose access to affordable, independent fibre Internet. Full stop.

The future of Canada’s high-speed Internet market is at stake. Please, , stand with us today and add your voice to our call right now.

With determination,

Josh, and your OpenMedia team

P.S. You can bet Bell’s hired guns will be making federal Cabinet ministers’ heads spin with phonecalls, position papers, phony studies, and meeting requests. Donate now to fuel our campaign and make sure decision-makers hear the only story that matters.


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