Canadian Politician James Sears Calls Out Private Central Banks as Reason for Refugee “Crisis”

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Published on Feb 4, 2016

In a rare moment of TV history, Canadian politician James Sears publicly named Zionism as the reason for the flooding of Europe with refugees during a debate of the 2015 federal election.

He also stated that the moment a country loses control over its own money supply, it becomes a mere slave to international bankers, which is precisely what happened to the entirety of Western nations. Permanent debt due to a private central bank loaning money at interest leads to both parents in a Western family being forced to work to keep the economy going.

This debt enslavement, coupled with high Muslim immigration and the resulting tax-burden of a welfare state results in native birth rates far below extinction level, sentencing all European nations to a slow death.

A weak and chaotic Europe means a strong Jewish state. The Refugee Crisis is merely a symptom of dying nations – Low birth rates, debt enslavement and liberal propaganda have manipulated Europeans into accepting their own demise – clapping at the invaders as they march into their homeland – despising all that is traditional and healthy for the sake of degeneracy and hedonism.

The entire round was speechless, it is really surprising they actually aired this. He went as far as to say that Canada evolved from a peaceful nation to a “bitch of the United States and Israel” – on television. As an independent candidate with no party affiliation he scored 5th out of 7 candidates. The debate full debate can be seen here:


Why didn’t Canada elect this guy? Much smarter than the fag Trudeau. He is absolutely right too. Fuck the jews.
Elections are as rigged in Canada as they are in Fascist Amerika. Voting is far too important an issue not to have it controlled.
Canada is a extremely brainwashed state. More so than Americans. It might be the biggest victim to jewish brainwashing, I mean Canada.
Yu Toob
+YourFavoriteUncle I agree about Trudeau (the son), that dude is scary creepy stoopid, sitting in photo ops, in islamic garb with muslims doing selfies: I don’t even think you could get Obama to do that, high on weed…..Everyone respects a nationalist even though I disagree about Sears anti Israel position. We have a dearth of nationalists in the West as of recent….liberalism is the cause as usual.
+YourFavoriteUncle I wont say much, but I will say this for real Israel: their God hated sodomy above all things, and they would kill their women and children before they’d see them defiled by aliens.
Our species needs cleansing and our Beautiful White Race needs purification.
Aquarium Vision
Maybe they did elect him? There is no way of knowing.. election is rigged!! haha…
Adrian N.
I like what this guy has to say. I think he is intelligent and has tons of charisma. The only problem with him as a leader or political figure is that he is a sexual deviant. He has stated on Twitter, under his alter ego Dimitri the Lover, that he allows his dog to engage in sexual acts with girls he’s fucking, if they’re into that sort of thing. That’s the point when he lost me. I didn’t even want to bring that up but I don’t want people in the alt right to throw their lot in with him only to find out that disgusting fact much later. Just FYI.
What a fucking degenerate. Disgusting.
Eternal Bliss
+Adrian N. his twitter is absolutely disgusting.
Chris Poole
+Adrian N. He’s probably a schill ‘one of many’ who say all the right things but have a link to Neo-Nazis or deviant behavior ‘real or imagined’ whatever. Guilty by association but it still doesn’t mean the message is incorrect. Cheers
dragon fly
did any of you considered he may be trolling? i think it’s possible
Adrian N.
+dragon fly My sister thinks so. In any case, I searched his Twitter feed back to 2013 and didn’t see any of the tweets about bestiality (except one that has nothing to do with him). So it’s a moot point. Maybe I’m mixing up something that was in one of his blogs, with Twitter, or maybe it was longer ago than I remember. But I’m not making that up about his dog, cause as I said, if it weren’t for that I would be endorsing him even in spite of him being a huge perv.
Morti Dadirector
Everyone in the world (even Jews) hate the Zionist mass murderous who are the puppet master of Netanhyahu. Ever wonder why ISIS (Isreali Secret Intelligence Services) have never been attacked? They have med vac facilities to help and send back their very own. Russians have satellite images of Israel’s evil doings. Zionists are not Jews, do not get the two mixed up. Zionists murder their own people .
Jeb Rothberg
This is a man who will bring real change and real progress. Too bad brainwashed people vote for Marxist homosexuals like Trudeau who is just a puppet for the globalist banker cartel.
Pete WDHCo
he would get my vote.. at last someone wide awake .. pheww so many are blind .. faith restored a tad lol
James Sear, my new hero 🙂 exposing the money counterfeiting bankster tramps! I love it!
“Sears’ medical licence was revoked by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario in 1992 after pleading guilty to two counts of sexual assault.”
Raimonds Stokmanis
The video that is linked has been removed. Interesting, why would it be removed? Perhaps because there is truth in what he says?


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