Shootings in Ottawa and More To Know About It

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So here we go again, a story and events that make no sense. The only sense I get about this is the smell of Bullshit…

How could a man shoot a soldier on at the war memorial  and then go back and get into his car then drive to the front of Parliament Hill, park on the street. Run onto the grounds with a riffle, highjack a ministers limo, drive to the front og The House of Commons and then just walk in with a riffle in his hand.

That place was very busy outside with many people everywhere.

Why was he not immediately chased after when he fired that loud shot?

Where were all the armed security and Police that are always present on Parliament Hill?

There are videos below showing the man walking outside unobstructed after he supposedly had shot the soldier.

It is not possible to walk around with a shot gun and shoot someone on Parliament Hill without an immediate Police response unless this event was possibly created by insider  subversives.

Amazing he. Parked his car on the street, a car with no license plates. Was video taped by someones dash cam walking slowly with a riffle in his hand after he returned from the long walk to and from the war memorial and got into his car then drove up to the entrance of The House of Commons grounds. He then got out of his car started running towards The House of Commons.

How could that car not of been immediately noticed by security? Are we to believe Parliament Hill area has no video surveillance cameras and no armed security?

Do not believe that the main entrance of The House of Commons does not have strict armed security.. Until today where they let this crisis actor in…

So after you see all the videos below.. See that there were multiple corporate media cameras in the Halls… How can there be not one photo or video of the guy being shot..whether before he got shot while he got shot or even after he got shot..

How could of the shooter have run that far down the hall when you consider the surveillance video clips showing the guy entering into the building with multiple cops right behind him. The cops would of had no problem shooting the guy as he ran down that very long hallway..come on folks. do some thinking…. FALSE FLAG.

It is now time for me and you to do more research.

End of commentary by Daniel J Towsey


Learn about CRISIS ACTORS and False flag operations.. Click here..

OttawaParliamentShooting_001_ OttawaParliamentShooting_002_

NEW AUDIO-Ole Dammegard: NWO crisis actor group false flags at Ottawa, Paris, Copenhagen. Italy?

Published on Feb 24, 2015


Published on Oct 29, 2014

Excellent Video by Justin Bryant (the Ottawa Expositor):

Flase Flag (7)SHADOW PROOF: Ottawa Shooting False Flag! Picture NOT TAKEN AFTER 9:30!

Published on Oct 28, 2014

Here’s the evidence! Link below to the channel at which this video was mirrored!

Shadow analysis shows, that the picture indeed was NOT TAKEN AFTER 9:30! Check by yourself.

Ottawa Shooting False Flag – War Memorial Narrative EXPOSED! TruthFreqMedia

Published on Oct 30, 2014

Video by TruthFreqMedia:



 You know what upsets me the most?! That YOU, Jeff C. risk your life to deliver the truth day in and day out while these liars get all the glory. This disgusting pomp and circumstance for a bunch of satanist NWO depopulation pieces of $HIT while the true patriot fights to get heard. I’m an American and I am so humbled by a Canadian who is fighting with ALL he has to deliver the truth; to the US and Canada… no less the WORLD!
My American forefathers would be so proud of all of you Canadian unsung heroes. Let us pray that someday the truth shall set us all free.
Skyla Star
+JaeBird LMFAO How is Jeff risking his life? Not like he has millions of followers. LMFAO wow
Several actors have died mysteriously after Sandy Hook, 9/11 etc. In the US and Canada there are more and more laws being pushed to silence people like Jeff C. I feel that he’s risking quite a lot bringing the truth to the masses when the truth is NOT something our governments want told. Laugh if you want to. I feel that truthers like Jeff C. risk everything to get the truth out to the masses. Obviously, you Skyla, don’t. And frankly, I couldn’t give two shits about what you think.
+JaeBird I agree Jae, but I know that for every channel like Jeff’s there are 20 more that I dont have the time to subscribe to.
That’s just youtube, then there are the Forum’s, blogs etc.
The way to make us all safer is to wake someone UP.
Good luck, all friends.
+Skyla Star cuz you know it’s true that’s why it hurts! …you can’t handle when people call you out…so you going to judge people and call them names….and now you going to use my own words against me?? come up with your own comeback….everybody knows what a troll is….and you are a perfect example of one….instead of having something constructive to say, all you do is talk negative shit….with your 0 videos and 0 sub…you have no influence over anyone.  Your cover has been blown…go remake another account and hope one day people will actual listen to what you have to say.


Hey free is how you block trolls for ever from all your posts..Click on their name..go to their channel on ‘about” and there you will find a link to block the user for ever…time to block Skyla Star.. it is just a  fake troll channel

HOAX 150px textOttawa Shooting Hoax: SMOKING GUN? 9:30am photos of Police before Hoax!

Published on Oct 24, 2014

Photo taken at 9:00 am


OttawaParliamentShooting_004_ OttawaParliamentShooting_005_

Ottawa Shooting Hoax: Corporal’s White Gloves & the CPR Fail – TruthFreqMedia

Published on Oct 31, 2014


Sid Young

Oh WOW good eye….the dudes pressing down by his stomach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why aren’t the EMT’s hooking him up to an IV? It’s stated that he’s breathing so in that case NO CPR is needed. In fact if you give CPR to someone breathing you could kill him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Also, you DONT do chest compressions on a gaping bullet wound. You just pump out more blood that way. Pressure is the only thing you can do.

He is pushing down on the soldiers left arm..the compressions prove he was not shot…and no blood anywhere..

10/23/2014 — Canada Parliament Shooting “Hoax”? False flag PRE-STATIONED CAMERAMEN?

Published on Oct 23, 2014

Canada shooting in Parliament was a hoax.

Proof here… the “CPR” is totally fake. Whats that he’s pressing on??

This confirms it. Not a real event.

Ottawa Shooting Hoax: Corporal’s White Gloves & the CPR Fail – TruthFreqMedia

Full website post with multiple .gif’s and screenshots of the MULTIPLE cameramen pre-stationed for this “shooting”:
From a skeptic, as to WHY so many cameras are there during lockdown roaming freely:

This explains everything! lololol

“….after the gun men shot and killed the soldier guarding the monument, radio calls went out immediately of which the press listens to and since it’s parliament area the press corps are located near by all the time. The press ran to the parliament building after the first shooting …not expecting the shooter to be there, but he carjacked a vehicle and to their surprise the shooter ran to the parliament building. There you have it! ”



How could of the shoot have run that far down when you consider the surveillance video clips showing the guy entering the the building with multiple cops right behind him.
The cops would of had no problem shooting the ran as he ran down that very long hallway..come on folks. do some thinking…. FALSE FLAG…


Sure there are cameras at parliament, but how many HIDE FROM EACH OTHER and out in the open during an active shooting? How did they know to be there in front of each pillar? ducking out of each others views.. come on, get real.

Sure I know media covers parliament, but not like this.. to have cameras setup while bullets are flying.. already set?

Building was supposedly cleared.. no one else there.. just cameras , sound guys, and cops. Camera guys hiding from each other, NOT from a shooter… they’re hiding in FRONT of the pillars to be out of each others shots, not behind them while bullets are supposedly flying.

Plus, the one camera guy really looks busted when he quickly pulls back out of frame while looking up and seeing he’s been caught on cam. Camera guy caught on cam dives out of the way, while NOT being concerned with an active shooting going on?

He’s more concerned about getting out of the way of another cameraman than capturing a live shooting????? huh?

I don’t believe it. Sorry. Deal with it.


Canada terror ‘pretext for police state’

By Brandon Martinez

Two headlines in the Zionist-controlled National Post sum up the Orwellian nature of this week’s phony “wave of terror” in Canada.

One headline read: “Conservatives’ new anti-terror laws likely to mirror ‘immensely controversial’ U.K. legislation.”

The other said: “Conservatives mulling legislation making it illegal to condone terrorist acts online.”

According to the articles, Harper and his deranged neocon colleagues are looking to use the conspicuously timed shooting in Ottawa as an excuse to strengthen the state’s surveillance and police powers.

One article reported: “The Conservatives are understood to be considering new legislation that would make it an offence to condone terrorist acts online. … Sources suggest the government is likely to bring in new hate speech legislation that would make it illegal to claim terrorist acts are justified online. The Prime Minister told the House of Commons on Thursday that Canada’s law and policing powers need to be strengthened in the areas of surveillance, detention and arrest. He said work is already under way to provide law enforcement agencies with ‘additional tools’ and that work will now be expedited.”

The National Post revealed that Harper’s proposed draconian edicts were prepared in advance: “The Conservative MP said the new legislation was crafted before this week’s events and is not ‘trauma tainted.’” This is reminiscent of America’s freedom-obliterating “Patriot Act,” which was written well in advance of 9/11, and railroaded through Congress a week after the synthetic disaster.

None of this is the least bit surprising and was totally predictable. My Non-Aligned Media colleague Joshua Blakeney and I had repeatedly warned readers over the past few weeks that the Canadian government was about to stage an event to justify joining America’s sham crusade against ISIS in Iraq and Syria and to silence dissidents at home.

Everything came to pass as predicted.

In an October 18 article entitled “Terror-scaremongering designed to erode freedoms, stamp out dissent” I wrote:

“As expected, the recent fabricated ISIL terror scare that swept the headlines of Canada’s Zionist-owned media is being used by the neocon regime in Ottawa to give Canada’s spy agency CSIS more sweeping powers to spy on citizens and protect the identities of informants.

“The Canadian government’s informants are more than likely responsible for spurring or otherwise concocting the very ‘terror’ plots CSIS claims to have foiled — just like its counterpart in the US has been caught doing time and time again. … Problem, reaction, solution — the Machiavellian methodology never fails.

“… Like Canada, Australia and Britain are endeavoring to empower their spook agencies as well as stiffen their fraudulent ‘anti-terror’ laws in the face of phony ISIL ‘terror plots’ that bear all the hallmarks of intelligence psy-ops. That is what the ISIL sham threat is all about — creating a bogus pretext so our governments can strip us of our liberties and stamp out dissent.”

The Canadian government and media had been hyping the ISIL ‘terror threat’ for some time, preconditioning the public to accept the inevitability of an attack in the homeland. The true masterminds of the Ottawa attack — where one Canadian reservist soldier was killed — designed it as a mind control mechanism to steer public opinion in favor of the US-led coalition against the ISIL, which Harper signed on to several weeks ago. Harper gave a laughable emotive speech on the day of the shooting, mimicking President George W. Bush’s bombastic rhetoric right after 9/11 (“they hate us for our freedoms,” “this is an attack on our values,” etc.) If anybody hates us for our freedoms, it is our own government which is bending over backwards as I write this to extinguish what pittance of freedom we have left.

The government’s “lone gunman” narrative is all too familiar and prototypical of psychological warfare operations of this nature. Evidence has emerged indicating that US and Canadian intelligence had been monitoring both the Ottawa shooting suspect and the Quebec man who allegedly ran over two Canadian soldiers with his car on October 20 for quite some time.

Another textbook indication of the manufactured nature of the events this week was revealed by Adrienne Arsenault of the CBC, who reported that the Canadian authorities had been running war games simulating ISIL attacks in Quebec, and “another city” amid the specter of ISIL militants of Canadian origin returning to Canada.

Far from being caught by surprise by this week’s dubious attacks, Arsenault told CBC anchor Peter Mansbridge that:

“[Canadian authorities] may have been surprised by the actual incidents but not by the concepts of them. Within the last month we know that the CSIS, the RCMP and the National Security Task Force… ran a scenario that’s akin to a war games exercise if you will where they actually imagined literally an attack in Quebec, followed by an attack in another city, followed by a tip that…‘hey some foreign fighters are coming back from Syria.’ So they were imagining a worst case scenario. We’re seeing elements of that happening right now. … [Canadian authorities] may talk today in terms of being surprised but we know that this precise scenario has been keeping them up at night for a while.”

This follows a pattern of identical occurrences during the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks in New York and London, where American and British authorities had been running war games mirroring the actual events that unfolded later in the day. The “drills” seem to be test-runs for the actual attacks.

Earlier this year, Edward Snowden revealed that Canadian intelligence was heavily involved in the “Five Eyes” spy apparatus, which is neck-deep in illegal espionage activities against Canadians. It is nonsense to suggest our intelligence agencies weren’t aware of what was coming.

This is the standard modus operandi of Western intelligence agencies, who have perpetually used informants to incite ‘terror incidents’ that are utilized by the state to sanction massive military and intelligence budgets and unlimited powers to spy on the citizenry. Niall Bradley of Signs of the Times explained that the infamous ‘Toronto 18’ terror cell that was comprised of 18 hapless adolescents who were accused and convicted of conspiring to commit a wave of terror across Canada in 2006 was entirely led, guided and “handled” by a career CSIS operative named Mubin Shaikh. Without Shaikh, there would have been no ‘Toronto 18.’

Whatever the truth is about the Ottawa shooting, the Harper regime and its Zionist puppet masters are the only ones who stand to gain from it. The timing of it is far too convenient for Harper, who has used it to swing public opinion behind his foolhardy decision to prostitute Canada’s military for Obama’s fraudulent campaign against the ISIL in Iraq and Syria. Everybody in the know understands that the ISIL — much like its Orwellian predecessor al-Qaeda — is the CIA’s Frankenstein monster, armed, trained, funded and deployed by Western and Israeli secret services. The ISIL is the West and the West is the ISIL. So whatever terrorism is blamed on the ISIL, our governments ultimately stand behind it.

I’d like to hear the explanation for why the dozens of POLICE were there beforehand too… blocking the streets on the West Lawn of the building….

So .. we’ve got a ton of police on hand before the shooting, and we’ve got a ton of cameramen as well…

All there for what? For caucus? Okaaaaay…. gotcha!

Shieena Living Waters
oh sure- an active shooter and they cordoned off the enter parliament building but let the cameras in before the police?? Use your head!

Ottawa Shooting False Flag Fully Exposed! With PoliceStateRadio + Peekay22

Published on Oct 25, 2014

RealmanPwns I would like to point out that there is absolutely no reason to be doing chest compressions on a gunshot victim. CPR is for heart attack victims.

Homer Simpson Yeah but just putting a bandage on his gunshot and holding it doesn’t look as exciting. Plus you’d then have to explain why there’s no blood
Aquaponaquarium ND  I agree. Your supposed to put pressure on the wounds to hold blood back. not pump it all out!
JoL  excellent point….eye witness say the shooter was carrying a double barreled shotgun….and to shot someone at close range with a double barreled shotgun would leave body parts and blood all over the place…totally STAGED!
FearedKillerz And they said he got shot in the back. So y did they start pumping on his chest?..
Daniel Shori Great Point! Everything was top speed! No thought involvement existed. It was all about, we want you to do this and then go over here and do this other stuff. After watching this video, I would say that the
Ottawa Shooting is 135% BUSTED !!!
OttawaParliamentShooting_006_ OttawaParliamentShooting_004_

Ottawa attack fake CPR.

Published on Oct 23, 2014

GO TO 03:30 SEE THE FAKE CPR. Provably a phony fake show. A staged fake event to take away Canadian civil rights and liberties. Clamp down on security. New world order master plan.

Benjamin Fulford – Ottawa Shooting Coup d_état

Published on Oct 27, 2014

By Benjamin Fulford

Posted By: Jordon

Canadian False Flag Confirmed



All the false flag bullshit we been seeing lately , I wouldnt be surprised if more state and media masonic bullshit . Prob gonna have to make a video on it to show up for what it is. Come on people arnt you smelling the ISIS Bullshit by now , American 911 BS, London 77BS, Woolwich Beheading BS, Boston Bombing BS , Sandy Hook BS, and now in Canada this ?!?!?! Please tell me there is some common sense in Canada ?!?!

Commonly Known as Tom

What a load of bollox. Where’s the soldier’s wounds or blood? Who has camera to video in the midst of a shooting in a public building. Why police laughing, where they running to and why? Members of public laughing as they file out of building. Early days yet. You will soon see.


Published on Oct 25, 2014

Amazing video by Justin Bryant! Wake up Canada!!!

_2014.10.27_00h22m47s_004_ATruthSoldierThe Ottawa Expositor Youtube Channel.

Free Radio Revolution UNCENSORED!

Staged Ottawa Shooting-Fake Hit and Run Terrorist Attack (Redsilverj)

Published on Oct 23, 2014

First came the fake hit and run played out by Martin Rouleau shortly after came the fake terrorist shooting by Michael Zehaf-Bibeau…all in the same week and right after the CSIS bill was updated to monitor people who would do things exactly like these fake events..
Bill proposed to give CSIS tools to investigate, track and prosecute potential terrorists

He seemed like a typical and fairly boring convert’: Inside Martin Rouleau’s rapid descent to extremism

Revealed: Muslim convert who shot dead Canadian soldier is the ‘privately-educated son of country’s immigration chief, had his passport revoked and has ‘links to Syrian terrorist’

Martin Couture-Rouleau, hit-and-run driver, arrested by RCMP in July

Hit-and-Run That Killed Canadian Soldier Is Called Terrorist Attack

Cpl. Nathan Cirillo loved life, especially being a dad, friend says

Lone wolf terrorists hard to stop: Experts


ron erkkila

They never have a runny nose….No tears maybe, but were is the runny nose?…Ya gonna bawl you gotta have a runny nose. Maybe they make an ointment for that. Just spray them in the face with pepper spray. The crying will be more real then. No pain no gain. They still act like they are in a play….oh wait they are….A crappy one at that. I hope they take my advice they deserve it if they do….Mwhahaha…ha.

Ottawa Parliament Shooting Hoax – Just More Fake Dying And More Real Smiling


Canada Joins the ISIS Terror Circus

Published on Oct 22, 2014

Not before time Canada has joined the ISIS terror circus with a pathetic staged hoax. It has all the trademarks as prior hoaxes. A soldier/cop supposedly killed to get the public to feel sorry for them. The shooter always gets killed so we don’t see or hear them talk to see if they are actually for real. We don’t see any vision of the shooter even though 100’s of CCTV cameras everywhere. Fake interviews from acting witnesses etc etc etc.
Watch as we bust the fake cops laughing hysterically when they are meant to be in a very serious situation. And what a coincidence the Ottawa Senators were to play Canadian rivals Toronto Maple Leafs that night in Ottawa. Perfect timing 🙂

FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 106A-117 of the U.S. Copyright Law.

Don't trust corporate media

Ottawa Shooting False Flag: New Footage of Gun Fight

Published on Oct 23, 2014

Here’s some new footage that I came across off the CBC website. There’s some interesting dialogue going on. What’s your take on this event? Is it a false flag or a Hoax, or do you believe it’s real.


dutchsinse SAYS;
Holy shit! pause it at 1min 49sec!! Look at the main stream media camera in hiding on the left!!!!!!!
OMG.. then again at 2min… ANOTHER ONE!!.. then he runs out down the hall and there are THREE or FOUR MORE!!!!

Brugga Jugga
So, the camera crew is in position before the cops? LMAO! HOAX!

So this incredibly sophisticated organization pulls off this false flag, but mistakenly let’s cameras be seen in video released. Got it.

Brugga Jugga
+D McC
Exactly! Thanks for getting it. Idiot!

+RickCleek All these cameramen…all these CCTV images…but do we ever see the Suspect? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

within 15 minutes? I called it within 1 second. Show me WHERE in the building we see this guy killed? Where is the dead body? where is the body taken away? WHERE THE FUCK IS THIS CRISIS ACTOR????????
+c nadeau That’s the point I was trying to make, but that’s far too logical. They are really just all actors from the Moon (!)

Brugga Jugga
+c nadeau
HA HA. Nice try.If that’s the case. They would’ve been removed promptly…for their safety…not positioned to film it. LMAO! Fucking brainless…You too, Rick. You cheery piece of shit. LMAO!

+Brugga Jugga since you know how all of this works please answer some of the sheeple’s questions. Was there any real shooting? Did Nathan Cirillo exist? What do the people that planned this hoax expect to gain from it?

j holmer

Thanks for the info.  Canadians need to learn that 911 was a false flag.  2 planes flew into New York on 911 – 3 buildings fell down.  WTC 7 was the third tower to fall on 911 – 47 floors came down in 6 1/2 seconds – not hit by a plane.  All Canadians must be vigilante of their government -as their government works for elite bankers – not Canadians.  If you live in Ontario – you are aware of Mississauga and Oakville gas plant closures – 1 billion was stolen by New York investment bankers (EIG) through usury (same people that own the towers and WTC 7 and profit from war and bank bailouts etc)).  This is a real crime that our government overlooks (read the july 2013 auditor general report on the closure – the info is there – but very few tell the truth).

Ottawa shooting Canadian Crisis Actors With Guns

Published on Oct 24, 2014

At 01:15 of this ABC6 clip you can see the
crisis actor tard gun noob
Here is a the photo of the other crisis actor tard gun noob–3-2–770×513/public/slideshow-photos/canada_shooting.jpeg-0992d.jpg?itok=LDN2KK8h
I’m sure there are more tard gun noobs to be discovered



Dashcam Captures Alleged ‘Parliament Hill Shooter’ Fleeing War Memorial!

Ottawa Shooting Hoax – Rex Murphy = CBC Mind Control


Victory Nulandistan
Rex Murphey, what a clown, these Life long Big daddy news figures are all over north America, Local tv stations keep these clowns on the air for 20 30 years, it worked well in the 70’s 80’s and 90’s but now days with the internet the lies expose these daddy figures as the drunk psychotic Lying sociopaths they are ….. keep up the great work
Barry Popik
Is there a nickname for the CBC? Something like Grope and Fail, or British Brainwashing Corporation, or Corporate News Network, or All Bullshit Channel, or Nothing But Crap, or Faux News?
Barry Popik
+Barry Popik “Canadian Brainwashing Corporation” — new post, inspired by this video!
Aaron Aageson
I’m Canadian and no one here ever questions what is spoon fed to them.. They eat it up and sing it as gospel .. Damn the facts the tv said it’s true and so did my buddy .. Question it and you’re a nut and un patriotic. Facts be damned

Published on Oct 23, 2014

This went over 20 mins so I had to post on backup! Please sub, thumbs up, share and leave comments! Thank you!

Ottawa Shooting False Flag: Live Footage of Gunman MUST SEE!

Published on Oct 23, 2014

Please share this video. Canadians need to know what is REALLY going on. Thank you!

ISIS Tweets Ottawa Shooter Michael Zehaf-Bibeau’s Photo Only Minutes After Name Released Publcally

Published on Oct 22, 2014

I am not claiming (as of yet) that this is 100% false flag or hoax as I would like to allow some time to do more research, though initial signs certainly are pointing in that direction.


Canadian Parliament Shooting – EXPOSED! HOAX! FALSE FLAG! STAGED! CASE CLOSED! SHILL!!!!!

Published on Oct 22, 2014


David Brainerd
Dude, you’re an idiot.  It was proven already by the car footage that this was staged. CMP had a whole lane blocked off to allow the shooter to drive up.  And there were people supposedly running from a shot who stopped and hung out waiting for the shooter’s car to catch up to them, and they approached his car, then as soon as he opened they door they got the cue and ran.  Even one guy way away from him, RAN TOWARDS HIM instead of away.


“Proof case closed exposed!” Lmao. Good video I still think you should take this seriously. There are many false flag events and a big part of the governments job is to scare the population into submission thinking we need the government to protect us.
+NickMack how man of these events are you going to have to BELIEVE before you realize they are staged? They are making it very obvious, they want us to revolt, the are telling it to our faces that “we own you”. It’s like your big brother trying to entice you into a fight, he won’t come right out and say it, he will aggravate you until you lash out. This is what they are doing to us, they probably can’t believe how slow people are at picking up on these hoaxes. Zombies do live and they believe their TV’s and politicians…Dumb and DUMBER.

Surveillance video of Ottawa shooting

Published on Oct 23, 2014

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson shows surveillance footage of yesterday’s attack on Parliament Hill.

Ottawa Shooting: What Happened

OttawaParliamentShooting_006_watch this video and ask yourself why would they fake this?..

Published on Oct 22, 2014

Terry Milewski has all the details on the shooting attack in Ottawa today.

OttawaParliamentShooting_007_ OttawaParliamentShooting_008_ OttawaParliamentShooting_009_

Ottawa gunman ‘identified’ as Muslim convert, high-risk traveler

Published on Oct 23, 2014

While the name of the Ottawa gunman is yet to be announced, a number of officials told numerous media that the shooter is believed to be Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, a recent Muslim convert, allegedly designated as a high-risk traveler. TIMELINE:

Ottawa shooting raises security questions

Beware of fake crisis actors posing as witnesses..

Published on Oct 22, 2014

We’ve learned more about the soldier who died today and the man who killed him, as people wonder how a gunman could have made in onto the Hill undetected.

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau: ISIS Media Posts Picture Claiming to be Dead Ottawa Shooting Suspect!

Published on Oct 22, 2014
And The Circus Continues.. Michael Joseph Hall !
As Breaking911 adds, the shooting suspect was allegedly born in Quebec as Michael Joseph Hall. He’s a recent convert to Islam.

‘Ottawa shooting shouldn’t be used as pretext for stripping away more civil liberties’

Published on Oct 22, 2014

Ottawa remains in partial lock down as police scour the streets for perpetrators of multiple shootings across the Canadian capital. A soldier and one gunman have been killed, two victims are in hospital.

Why are there guards at the War Memorial?

Published on Oct 22, 2014

There have only been guards at the National War Memorial for about eight years, what prompted their presence?

Ottawa gunman ‘identified’ as Muslim convert, high-risk traveler

Published on Oct 23, 2014

While the name of the Ottawa gunman is yet to be announced, a number of officials told numerous media that the shooter is believed to be Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, a recent Muslim convert, allegedly designated as a high-risk traveler. TIMELINE:


Witness describes Parliament Hill Shooting

In this video you will hear her describe him as a white man and not wearing any scarf..

Published on Oct 22, 2014

NDP Press Secretary Greta Levy recalls what happened when alleged gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau started shooting on Parliament Hill. Hamilton, Ontario reservist Nathan Cirillo was killed in the attack.

Canada: Soldier shot, gunfight in parliament in Ottawa (recorded LIVE feed)

Streamed live on Oct 22, 2014

A Canadian soldier was shot at the Canadian war memorial in Ottawa and a
shooter was seen running towards the nearby parliament buildings where more
shots were fired, according to multiple media and eyewitness reports on Wednesday.

The buildings were put on lockdown as police and tactical teams converged on the
area. The shooting comes two days after an Islamic convert ran down two Canadian
soldiers, killing one, near Montreal.


Dashcam footage shows suspected Ottawa gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau

Published on Oct 23, 2014

Footage from a dashboard camera appears to show Canadian Parliament Hill shooting suspect Michael Zehaf-Bibeau getting into his car parked across the road from the parliament buildings on Wednesday, October 22.

Downtown Ottawa was in lockdown on October 22, following dozens of shots fired in Parliament Hill.

Video footage: Canadian parliament gunman shows final movements

This video shows the gun man getting in his car that he left parked on the street after supposedly doing a shooting.

Published on Oct 23, 2014

Video footage has been released of the moment a gunman stormed the Canadian parliament in Ottawa.

Thirty-two year old Michael Joseph Zehaf-Bibeau killed a soldier at the National War Memorial before racing through the parliament building where he was shot dead.

Officials say the shooting is not related to an incident on Monday when a Canadian soldier was killed in Montreal.

“Zehav-Bibeau acted alone and he is the same person who perpetrated the attacks both at the national war memorial and…
Video footage has been released of the moment a gunman stormed the Canadian parliament in Ottawa.

Thirty-two year old Michael Joseph Zehaf-Bibeau killed a soldier at the National War Memorial before racing through the parliament building where he was shot dead.

Officials say the shooting is not related to an incident on Monday when a Canadian soldier was killed by in Montreal

“Zehav-Bibeau acted alone and he is the same person who perpetrated the attacks both at the national war memorial and on Parliament Hill. The investigation is ongoing and will rapidly determine if zehab-bibeau received any support in the plannig of his attack. We have no information linking the attacks this week in Saint Jaques sur Richelieu and Ottawa,” said RMCP Comissioner Bob Paulson.

Paulson also confirmed that Zehav-Bibeau was not one of the 90 high-risk travelers that the RCMP was currently investigating.

Zehav-Bibeau’s mother has apologised for her son’s apparent actions. In a statement Susan Bibeau said “No words can express the sadness we are feeling at this time,” adding “We send our deepest condolences.”

Zehaf-Bibeau had been living at a homeless shelter in the week before the attack.

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EP-0112 Ottawa Shooting Hoax and Conspiracy of 33 (+White House Fence Jumping Hoax… 33-days later)

Published on Oct 23, 2014

First, please know that all shooting hoaxes reported in the mainstream media dating back to Columbine, Colorado are coded with the same numerology of “33”. This might have much to do with the fact that the biggest gun lobby in the nation has coded “33”, as does our international media, governments and man of their leaders, including Stephen Harper.
NRA = 14+18+1 = 33
Newtown = 5+5+5+2+6+5+5 = 33
Stephen = 1+2+5+7+8+5+5 = 33
Harper = 8+1+9+7+5+9 = 33
Michael = 4+9+3+8+1+5+3 = 33
Vickers = 4+9+3+2+5+9+1 = 33
Cpl. Nathan Cirillo = 3+7+3+5+1+2+8+1+5+3+9+9+9+3+3+6 = 77
Nathan Cirillo died on 10/22/14 = 10+22+14 = 46
Nathan = 5+1+2+8+1+5 = 22
Cirillo = 3+9+9+9+3+3+6 = 42
Nathan Cirillo = 22+42 = 64 (Died on a date with a numerology of 46)
To greater understand the relevance of these numbers and how they show up in history, please scan my selection of videos and watch what is interesting. Also, I recommend watching the following introductory videos:
Gematria Relevance:
English Language Based in Gematria and Mathematics:
Also, please read these related written posts to the events that transpired in Canada yesterday and on Monday:
10/22/14 Shooting Numerology Hoax Exposed:
10/22/14 White House Fence Jumping and 33:
Horrific Day Headlines:

*BUSTED* Fukushima Bitcoin CO2 Chemtrail RT News NWO Agents + Ottawa Parliament Shooting

Published on Oct 23, 2014

thenuclearproctologist Msmilkytheclown1 Radchick Nibirumagick2012 Kevin Blanch LIE. U.S. Founding Fathers & Banking History
Silver Vs Bitcoins -2014 The End of Pumpers & Dumpers
RT News FAKE Anchor Quits, Abby Martin Shills’, Max Keiser & Alex Jones
Silver Gold Man

*EXPOSED* Fukushima Bitcoin Chemtrail RTNews NWO Agents + Ottawa Parliament Shooting

43 Missing Students, State Crimes & Resistance in Mexico

“The story of the 43 young men, students at a teacher training college in Ayotzinapa, who were disappeared in Iguala, Mexico on September 26th is one that isn’t going to go away.

Recall that they were kidnapped by police and nothing has been heard from them since. ”

 Suspicious Canada Shooting Triggers ‘Minority Report’ Pre-Crime Plans for ‘Preventive Arrests’

Friday, October 24, 2014 14:26


On Wednesday, just two days after a “radicalized” man ran over two Canadian soldiers in a mall parking lot, a gunmen opened fire at Canada’s National War Memorial and at Parliament Hill, killing one soldier and wounding a security guard. He was later killed by an armed guard.

Within less than two days, rhetoric has risen unusually high for Canada in the wake of what have been called “terror attacks,” bringing terrorism home along with fresh demands for new police powers.

This time, the new powers would include ‘preventive arrests,’ potentially taking the country down the slippery slope of guilty-until-proven innocent authoritarian policies.

Via CBC News:

Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney is giving more indications of how the government intends to strengthen Canada’s security laws in the wake of Wednesday’s attack in Ottawa on Parliament Hill.

The minister told Radio-Canada on Friday that the government is eyeing the thresholds established in Canadian law for the preventive arrests of people thought to be contemplating attacks that may be linked to terrorism. Officials are considering how to make it easier to press charges against so-called lone-wolf attackers.

“The challenges are the thresholds — the thresholds that will allow either preventive arrest, or charges that lead to sentences, or more simple operations,” Blaney said in French. “So what the prime minister has asked is for us to review in accelerated manner the different mechanisms that are offered to police to ensure everyone’s security.”

There is even talk now of ramping up Canada’s hate speech laws.

A bill was already in the works prior to the shootings to strengthen the Canadian Security Intelligence Services’ (CSIS) powers; Prime Minister Stephen Harper had already announced changes including his belief police powers needed to be increased.

“In recent weeks, I’ve been saying that our laws and police powers need to be strengthened in the area of surveillance, detention and arrest,” he said as MPs returned one day after a gunman killed a soldier and made his way into Centre Block on the Parliament Hill. (CBC News)

That makes this shooting very convenient for Harper’s agenda; now in the wake of this week’s shooting, Harper has stated that work will be “expedited”.

Questions already abound as to where suspect Michael Zehaf-Bibeau even got his the Winchester 30-30 rifle he used in the shooting. Due to his criminal record, Zehaf-Bibeau was already prohibited from owning a gun; in fact, Canadian courts had already issued the man a standard lifetime gun ban due to a violent conviction. Even without that ban, however, this guy couldn’t have obtained the gun in any legal way.

If anything, first and foremost it just proves that gun control doesn’t work. Regardless, in Canada there is no right by law to bear arms. “Canadians, unlike Americans, do not have a constitutional right to bear arms,” the Canadian Supreme Court ruled in 1993.

As Tony Cartalucci of Land Destroyer Report notes, the same plot had been scripted by the FBI just a month prior:

In mid-September A Rochester man, Mufid A. Elfgeeh, was accused by the FBI of attempting to provide material support to ISIS (undercover FBI agents), attempting to kill US soldiers, and possession of firearms and silencers (provided to him by the FBI). The FBI’s own official press release stated (emphasis added):

According to court records, Elfgeeh attempted to provide material support to ISIS in the form of personnel, namely three individuals, two of whom were cooperating with the FBI. Elfgeeh attempted to assist all three individuals in traveling to Syria to join and fight on behalf of ISIS. Elfgeeh also plotted to shoot and kill members of the United States military who had returned from Iraq. As part of the plan to kill soldiers, Elfgeeh purchased two handguns equipped with firearm silencers and ammunition from a confidential source. The handguns were made inoperable by the FBI before the confidential source gave them to Elfgeeh.

It was warned that only an inoperable firearm stood between Elfgeeh’s arrest and his successful execution of deadly plans hatched by him and his undercover FBI handlers. This script, written by the FBI to entrap Elfgeeh, would be followed almost to the letter in live attacks subsequently carried out in Canada resulting in the death of two Canadian soldiers.

Cartalucci goes on to point out another troubling detail. Like so many other heavily publicized terror attacks, Zehaf-Bibeau was already under both Canadian and U.S. government surveillance prior to the event, with the suspected shooter listed as a “high-risk traveler” who had his passport revoked prior to the shooting:

It is very likely that the recent attacks in Canada involved at least one “informant” working for the FBI. Because the FBI uses confidential informants to handle suspects, if a plot is switched “live,” the informant will be implicated as an accomplice and the FBI’s covert role will remain uncompromised…

With both suspects having been on both US and Canadian watch lists – it is very likely undercover agents were involved in either one or both cases. While many possibilities exist, Western security agencies should be among the first suspects considered as potential collaborators…

And of course —

Conveniently, both suspects are now dead and little chance remains of ascertaining the truth of who they were in contact with and how they carried out their deadly attacks.

Canada’s domestic terror threat level was quietly elevated just days before by CSIS intelligence, issuing a medium-level ‘could occur’ threat advisory for the first time since 2010. Unlike the often hyped and exaggerated public threat assessments in the U.S., this was an internal determination among the intelligence agencies, and signals likely prior knowledge.

So what did they know and when did they really know it?

Also, as in many highly publicized shootings with government ties, initially police reported multiple shooters. In the end, the story changed, naming Zehaf-Bibeau as the only shooter.

Former public safety minister Stockwell Day told CBC News, “There are always limitations, and this is what we have to realize in a free and democratic society. Any time you increase your security, you decrease your freedom somewhere.” [emphasis added]

And there you have it.

Terrorism — monitored and enabled by undercover informants — used as a catalyst to break down civil liberties and accumulate more state power.

Delivered by The Daily Sheeple

Contributed by Melissa Melton of The Daily Sheeple.

Melissa Melton is a writer, researcher, and analyst for The Daily Sheeple and a co-creator of Truthstream Media with Aaron Dykes, a site that offers teleprompter-free, unscripted analysis of The Matrix we find ourselves living in. Melissa also co-founded Nutritional Anarchy with Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper, a site focused on resistance through food self-sufficiency. Wake the flock up!


Parliament Hill Shooting Hoax.. CANADA FALSE FLAGGed & UNDER ATTACK !

Published on Oct 22, 2014

well, surprise surprise.. the canadian mainstream media are already connecting the siege which took place at the parliament building today with the hit and run of a soldier that happened yesterday just outside of montreal. that suspect was identified as a french canadian who converted to islam or isis so you can kind of imagine where this is going to go with this one


Ottawa Canada shooting October 22, 2014

Published on Oct 23, 2014

Another HOAX “shooting” DRILL for gun control, “security” and distraction.


Ottawa Shooting False Flag – Barricades + Police Tape Prior to Shooting

Published on Oct 29, 2014

There was no construction planned – why are the barricades not there a few days before and after the shooting? Look at the girl he took “the last photo with” an actress

The Canada “War Memorial Shooting” Drill Hoax(?) of 2014

Published on Oct 22, 2014

The “Canada War Memorial Shooting” seems timed perfectly to get soldiers riled and in the mood for war in the Middle-East. A little TOO perfectly? There are Canada connections to the Sandy Hook fake school shooting, where zero children died, and also to the fake Aurora “Batman” shooting, and fake mall shootings as well.

Similarities abound to many already well-documented fake shooting hoaxes of the past. Just scratching the surface yielded all this. Does anyone think they can prove it REAL?

“An Ottawa Citizen reporter inside the Parliament building, Jordan Press, wrote on Twitter that a suspect was ‘5’9-5’10, overweight & wearing a dark jacket’. [Like a cop? – our comment.]

Witnesses also told the Citizen that they saw a man wearing an ‘Arabic scarf’ and carrying a long rifle, while others said the suspect looked South American.”

Ottawa Shooting Hoax+Hit And Run Hoax NWO Agenda Exposed (Redsilverj)


False Flag Alert! US Army Increases Security at Arlington Nat’l Cemetery after Canada Shootings!

Published on Oct 22, 2014
Security at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider at Arlington National Cemetery has been increased in the wake of the shooting death of an honor guard soldier at Canada’s National War Memorial Wednesday.

Security was increased as a precautionary measure at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier only, according to the U.S. Army District of Washington.

 _2014.10.27_02h44m22s_028_ATruthSoldierOttawa Parliament Shooting Reptilian False Flag Operation

Published on Oct 23, 2014

No Blood No Shooter Completely HOAX Crisis Actors in Action!

_2014.10.27_02h48m05s_029_ATruthSoldierISIS Jihadi Zehaf Locks-down Canadian Parliament, Frightens Harper & Dignitaries


Published on Oct 22, 2014

Canadian Terror Wave: a Modern-Day Gladio :

Canadian Parliament shooter Michael Zehaf-Bibeau: what we know and what we don’t know

Canada Shooter Media Hoax: FOX News says ‘It’s Terrorism, It’s ISIS’

Making Sense of Ottawa Shooting :

US Helping ISIS? One Accidental Airdrop vs Billions in Covert Aid :

Stephen Harper Meets With the CFR :

Transcript: ‘This is your victory,’ on 2008 inauguration speech says Obama :

Main Stream News Terror – Canadian Parliament in terrifying attack

Ottawa canada Parliament HOAX(10/22/2014(12-21-777-3) do not become a false witness.

Published on Oct 22, 2014

Stop the LIE at your MOUTH. DO not be caught Lying about (69)Death.

Ottawa Parliament HOAX

HOAX – Globe and Mail footage captures shooting in Ottawa Parliament building – 2

Published on Oct 26, 2014

In part two, this is a FAIR USE of a CTV broadcast Oct. 24th and a Russia Today video Oct. 24, 2014 about teh Parliament Hill shooting in Ottawa, Canada. Annie Machon of MI5 is on the RT video and she warns against governments using this incident to restrict people’s freedoms.

I am Brian Ruhe, a Buddhist follower and lay teacher. I teach Buddhism and meditation in Vancouver, Canada in adult ed. at several school boards and community centres. I am also available to lead private and professional retreats, and to mentor on a one-to-one basis by Skype. You can call my Skype address at: BrianARuhe . You can join me on Facebook at: Brian Ruhe Vancouver.

For more information please do visit my website .
My latest book “A SHORT WALK ON AN ANCIENT PATH – A Buddhist Exploration of Meditation, Karma and Rebirth”, is available in book or ebook form at at:

I was a Buddhist monk in Chiangmai, Thailand and I have been teaching Theravada Buddhism and meditation for 16 years. My first book from 1999, is “Freeing the Buddha,” also at Amazon. I follow the Theravada Forest tradition with Ajahn Sona at .

The Ottawa Shooting And Questions Of A False Flag

In the days following the Ottawa shooting at Parliament Hill many questions have left people wondering if this event was a staged false flag operation. Dan Dicks of Press For Truth sifts through the claims in an effort to separate the facts from fiction. The bottom line is that false flag or not…the end result is always the same: more tyranny and less liberty.


Message to all Canadians – Dan Dicks is 100% BOUGHT!
He’s way fucking worse than that! Fuck this Disinfo piece of SHIT!?
He works for himself. He has appeared on Alex Jones a few times, like thousands of other people also have. Whoop de fuckin doo.
You can’t even get basic facts straight, what makes you think your brain is capable of critical thought? Present some fucking evidence and maybe you’ll have a hint of credibility.
Until then, go somewhere else to stick your head up your ass you sensationalist shill.
Jarvis Stewart
Dan Dicks is a fucking statist.
Dan Dicks EXPOSED!
Press For Truth EXPOSED! Dan Dicks = Shill of NWO (Part 1) Ottawa False Flag

Published on Oct 28, 2014

Fuck you Dan Dicks! this fucking SHILL a piece of your mind Watch Part 2:
Press For Truth EXPOSED! (Part 2) Dan Dicks Shill of the NWO Ottawa False Flag

+Free Manitoba Well he says sensible things like you can’t trust the media. Then he says he won’t report unless he knows something is 100% truth. Then he says I can assure you that this event did actually happen. However he does not explain how he knows it’s 100% true that men died. Did he get this info from the untrustworthy media? How can he be so certain? How dare he say he only reports when he is 100% certain and then not prove how he knows. What a prick!?

Another thing Dan does is try an diminish this being a false flag at every opportunity. “First we must define what a false flag is” Then he goes on to say that letting is happen is not a big a deal but planning and executing it would make it a false flag.

Why spend time trying to say it’s not a false flag? That sounds like something the guilty would use to get off on a technicality. It’s also something the sheeple do rather than admit that the corruption is really that bad.

“Oh I am sure they did not plan 9/11, but they did make political capital out of it once it had happened”, yeah right.
Press For Bullshit!
Ya Dan – how’s the paycheck from INFOWHORES?
You’ve never broken anything in your entire career. It’s people like me who broke Sandy Hook, Boston, Navy Yards, LAX, Houston, Moncton, the fake ISIS Beheadings, EboLIE and the fucking Ottawa False Flag. Where the FUCK where you?
Oh yeah… collecting your fucking paycheck from INFOWHORES!
You’re fucking done Dan.
Totally agree Jeff. This guy is full of it. I would love to hear his take on why there is a picture with the authorities in place at least 15 minutes before hand. And then explain why all this information was scrubbed from the Internet including the Internet archive.

Oh, and explain the shadow analysis which proves the picture was indeed before the staged event. LOL! I’m sure we won’t hear a thing.
“let us not question anything that we dont fully understand!?!” Yeah that will get to the bottom of it…. ‘PFT’ indeed… you have highlighted this channel for what it is.A [Regress For Truth]..anyone who says they are aware/awake and still gives the news the benefit of belief surely are telling a twisted vested tale…. stay positive..move forward Jeff C in hope there will come a day when more will see clearly..
Watchful Wonderingeyes
eventskeptic Rj
+DarkFreedom your funny your kidding right the difference here is you think your on some high world looking down this guy dAn is a joke he is an alternative reporter covering the main stream media what is that step away what is he telling me not to research ???WTF is that?
eventskeptic Rj
AT 444 IN THIS VIDEO dAN dick IS TELLING ME TO WATCH CBC and see what a great job there doing are you ok dark???
OMG he claimed CBC wasn’t as bad as FOX news!
He’s in on it! 100% UNDENIABLE PROOF MUST SEE! XXX. I bet he planned the whole thing out himself!@!@#!@!@
eventskeptic Rj
he is useless if he was real he would ask the right questions??? here are three for his fakeness next time
1 Why was the military men posted with fake guns a week after a report was released alleging lone wolf terror attacks on military persons .
2 Why were the military even guarding a concrete statue were they rarely have postings
3 how did the gunmen get into the highest security and government headteachers and manage to have 6 cameras on scene yet no one stopped him ?
How about mr Dan goes to Hamilton and asks this crpl s friends and family these ?s and see how your beloved save the day wile he slipping out the back with his wad of cash fake reporter does its people like this that try to play all smart and read his lines never rely reporting on the truth he is done DONE
Krissy Tokyo
UpNorthOfthe49th just posted this wonderful comment. I dunno about you, but I consider this to be a “lie” told by Dan Dicks.

“Really Dan you don’t report on anything unless it is 100% truth. Well you reported all the officers involved in the G-8 G-20 were Canadian Officers. How did you come to that 100% true information.

Those on the ground reported they spoke Russian or Ukrainian they did not respond to the group standing yelling at them not because they were unemotional, they did not respond because they did not understand.

They were not marked in their black military garb because they did not belong to any city’s police force or RCMP’s district. Don’t say you don’t report unless your 100% sure of the truth, you screwed up on that front when you did not report what people were telling you they heard and saw regarding those controlling the protest.

I know you did not report on it because I was standing there when they were telling you these facts. I didn’t see it anywhere on your featured film “Into the Fire”.?

I suppose we’ll be seeing you around in the “special” section of Youtube! Have a great fucking day! And enjoy that Dan Dick chode!
Generally it goes without saying not to swallow any bit of YouTube info but Dan went right ahead and said it. It came out more like “even the truth once on YouTube is a lie” to paraphrase Lois Griffin when she got a job at Fox. People are capable of figuring out if shadow analysis is a valid way of saying when a photo was taken.

YouTubers are also capable of figuring out if it’s reasonable to have that many police cars parked outside Parliament. Could there be another reason for them to be there?

Almost certainly! I expect they were tipped off that the gun lobby were planning a march. It will be something plausible because your average policeman likes to be one of the good guys. Dan is basically warning people off and telling them to wait until Press For Truth have finished their analysis. What a dick!
swing armer
Yup Dan Dicks is shill no question. Dan you and Rex Murphy should hang out.
Yes these people died Dan, but the word is sacrificed not died.They were sacrificed for the legislators benefit. TWAT
“Keep an open mind but not so open that your brain falls out” you have lost your way Dan.
Press For Bullshit!
Ya Dan – how’s the paycheck from INFOWHORES?
You’ve never broken anything in your entire career. It’s people like me who broke Sandy Hook, Boston, Navy Yards, LAX, Houston, Moncton, the fake ISIS Beheadings, EboLIE and the fucking Ottawa False Flag. Where the FUCK where you?
Oh yeah… collecting your fucking paycheck from INFOWHORES!
You’re fucking done Dan.
Rob M
Free Radio Revolution & John Charles – Right on Gentlemen ! – Dan, you may be able to con a few of the sheeple out there who barely have the IQ to tie their own shoelaces up – but those with a brain are wide awake to this staged bullshit and shills like yourself who attempt to cover this shit up -well, You just completely discredited both yourself and your whole channel at the same time.
Rob M
+Mia Amyton -Hey Mia, you may want to try to do some actual research before you start slamming people – Free Radio knows what he’s talking about – and by the way he is is a Canadian – not an American (again try doing your homework) and sorry but Dan Dickless here sold himself out to the corporate elites who coach him what to say and pretends to be a truther – whereas free radio revolution has been exposing false flags for many years now …so much like Dan – you also seem to know Jack shit about anything you discuss.
de bess
Go back to sleep Sheeple, everything is ok, just keeping believing what presstitutes like Dan Dicks are telling you to believe! DD, you should be ashamed of yourself for selling out and promulgating the LIES…but then, shills like you have NO conscience, money talks!
Krissy Tokyo
+Mia Amyton
So if you don’t live in the country an event happened in, you have no right to say anything? Plus LOL, he is Canadian and lives in Montreal…you know, in CANADA. Not American in the least…do you not hear the CANADIAN accent??
Krissy Tokyo
It blows my mind that so many people just want others to not have any passion about these topics. To never get mad about what’s going on AND to NEVER show it if you happen to feel anger, etc. What the fuck is wrong with that? Should we all just sit passively like the masses and always speak in a quiet, calm “inside voice” while our rights are being stripped from us daily and we are being lied to constantly by the very governments who steal our hard own money and anything else they can get their hands on?

If you can’t show a bit of anger or passion about that, then I honestly don’t see how you can say that you truly care about what’s going on. Am I saying you always HAVE to be angry while discussing these types of things? No, but to bitch about those who do here and there and fault them for it, that’s one of the more silly things I’ve read. But I suppose a lot are brainwashed into that “you must be a passive sheep” mentality.
Elizabeth M
how disappointing that after 5 days you can’t see the truth – how about change your channel name to press for shill – because that’s what you are – complete disinfo – you have the investigative skills of a maggot ! – leave the hard stuff to the masters like peekay and red pill and freeradiorevolution – you’re so pathetic on here it’s just embarassing!!! please cut your channel off – you’ve proven yourself to be either a complete idiot – or a disinfo shill – either way – unsubscribed !!!!
Conor Davis
You Dan Dicks are the definition of a piece of shit.
TITANX sands
LMFAO go watch free radio’s latest video he owned your fake ass!!!

Cops Point Guns at Journalists After Shooting in Canada

Published on Oct 24, 2014

Canadians Have Been Heavily Conditioned To Accept A Police State

Published on Oct 23, 2014

Alex talks with Dan Dicks live in Canada about the shooting at the Parliament building.

Watch “Conditioning Canadians For The War On Terror”

Ottawa Shooting False Flag: REASON = It’s the NEW CSIS BILL

Published on Oct 23, 2014

Problem – Reaction – Solution

CFR Run ISIS False Flag In Canada

Published on Oct 23, 2014

I got that Boston Bombing False Flag DejaVu
Remember the last time police ran false flag BS –
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is CFR scum.
DHS must really care about Terrorism by opening the borders…
The CFR Communist and Thief Barry Sotoro oversees chemical warfare attacks on the US just about every day.
And –
And remember the first time we tried to invade Syria based on a lie…-
The Trilateral Commission open border treason on their own website.
The False Flag symbolism known thus far
Canadian Police don’t check their corners for ISIS but instead laugh about being crisis actors

The BBC & CNN chants militarize more police all over their website
and we all know how well that works right… –

Ottawa Shootings Raw Video!

Published on Oct 22, 2014

Ottawa shootings on Oct 22/2014. 3 shooters: 1 shooter dead, soldier shot and killed, 2 civilians injured. One of the shooters still around, police looking for him.

[Raw Videos] Shocking Inside Parliament Building First Raw Videos Shooting at Ottawa,Canada,


Published on Oct 22, 2014

Today’s attacks on Canada’s Parliament Hill could very well be a false flag terror attack that will be used to take away Canadian Liberty and Freedom! In this video we look at there is more than meets the eye in today’s events! Please share this video, God Bless and Stay Vigilant!

Multiple Muslim Terrorists Open Fire At Canadian Parliament Building !!! PRAYER REQUEST!

Canada’s False Flag Event Used For Different Agendas – Episode 500

Published on Oct 23, 2014

Get economic collapse news throughout the day visit
More news visit
Report date: 10.23.2014

Bank of Italy sees a decline in GDP. France’s private sector output declines. U.S. manufacturing tumbles. Russia has de-dollarized 18% of the rouble. China taking advantage of low oil prices, buying as much as they can. Judicial watch confirms Obama orchestrated the illegals coming over the border. Drug makers want indemnity for the new Ebola vaccine. France moving troops to Libya. U.S. taking an airport in Iraq to create a military base. U.S. getting ready to bring in special forces into Syria under the guise of the FSA only being trained for defensive purposes. Canada’s false flag event was used for many agendas to get the war started in Syria. FBI warning that ISIS is about to attack. Be prepared for another false flag.

All source links to the report can be found on the site.

Most of artwork that are included with these videos have been created by X22 Report and they are used as a representation of the subject matter. The representative artwork included with these videos shall not be construed as the actual events that are taking place.

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The X22 Report is “one man’s opinion”. Anything that is said on the report is either opinion, criticism, information or commentary, If making any type of investment or legal decision it would be wise to contact or consult a professional before making that decision.

Biggest SCAM In Canadian History! Ottawa Shooting 100% STAGED DRILL

Published on Oct 28, 2014
‘Ottawa Parliament Hill False Flag Shooting: What A Coincidence – Canadian Authorities Ran War Game Drills Depicting “ISIS” Attack Scenarios!’

With the amount of money these people have at their disposal it would not take as much as you seem to think.  Not everyone is as moral as you and I.
There are a lot of greedy frikin’ people out there and there are a lot of former government employees who are coming out of the woodwork and speaking about things, but you wouldn’t believe them even if they had proof would you?
This is the very last thing I’m going to say to you because you’re obviously too full of yourself to consider any other possibilities other than what you are told by your rulers but maybe you should wake up and smell the coffee because your claims that the government will not and cannot stage events like this is the most ignorant thing you could have said.
Do some fucking research and you’ll find PLENTY of once very powerful people saying exactly the opposite.  Have you ever heard of Robert McNamara?

NEW AUDIO-Ole Dammegard: NWO crisis actor group false flags at Ottawa, Paris, Copenhagen. Italy?

Published on Feb 24, 2015

Hard Proof of Staging and Use of Fake Blood in Canadian Shooting Hoax

UPDATED, Oct. 23, 2014

The purported shooting of a Canadian soldier on guard at the Ottawa parliament building is a complete fraud. This is easy to prove. Upon even a cursory review staging is clearly evident. There is no way to stage a real, spontaneous shooting. It’s either staged or real: never both.

Staging is clearly evident in the following photo. There is supposedly a medical emergency; a Canadian soldier is down. Yet, who is attending to him? It’s not the EMTs or Fire. Instead, it is regular people, along with service-people. How does this make sense to anyone in this world? Too, there are people merely standing about in the background. No one is acting as if there is an emergency.  The regular people, including the service-people, are an obstruction; it is so the cameras cannot reveal what is going on.

Medically, it is even more corrupt, as the huddle of non-medical people are acting as an impediment to the potential appropriate treatment of the downed individual. The gunshot victim could die outright, because of their role in obstructing the scene.


Then, there is the red matter on the pavement. What is it doing there? It isn’t coming from any visible part of this body, like the rigtht leg:


Notice, too, the color of the skin of Cirillo’s leg; it’s normal; there is no evidence of blood loss, here. Nor is there even the slightest degree of blood splatter seen.

However, later, upon placing him on the stretcher this is what is seen:


It’s purple paint, the same kind of material used in all the other fakes. It is, no doubt, not real arterial spurt, therefore, confirming the hoax.

Let’s return to the staging scene. What is revealed is incredible:


Here comes the signaling agent in charge; it would appear that the fraudsters are ready to transport the fake wounded:


It cannot be said for sure what that is, presumably in a plastic container; it could be fake blood. Yet, what is on the pavement is more clear:


Clearly, rather than real blood this is red paint, and it’s position has no relation to the presumed injured.


The hoaxers did make the scene appear as realistic as possible, with the gurney-associated chest compression routine. The man in black sure is pressing hard in his attempt to simulate chest compressions.


There are making it appear as if it is an emergency, striving ever so hard to give substance to this fraud.


That purple color is typical of phony blood; it looks as if it has been pored on. It’s water-soluble, by the way, and you can make it in your own blender.

Here is another shade of color for fake blood, similar to that seen on the pavement:


Stain-free water soluble fake paint is just what the parliamentarians ordered; surely, they don’t want to stain up their glorious center for pomp and buffoonery.


He really is pushing down on the man’s body, yet, oddly, it appears that the compression thumps are rather than in the mid-line or towards the left are right-sided.

‘Hey, there’s a fanatical ‘Muslim’ gunman, a Jewish fellow who is now radicalized into Islaam, in the Parliament building. Let’s get him, before he gets us.’


Proof of staging is confirmed with an assessment of the purported Parliament building shooting. Supposedly, the shooter was gunned down in this building. It’s this man that they were supposedly charging after:


There are all manner of people in the hallway, where the ‘gunfire’ is happening. Does anyone see this scarf-bearing man anywhere?


Why are they looking over at the camera if there is a gunman down the hall? In fact, they are looking about in all directions.


Is he shooting at the floor or what? It’s no matter. They were just firing blanks. There is no gunflash to be seen anywhere.


Bang, bang; but nothing happens. There is no gunflash seen anywhere.


The hall is obviously empty. The only way they could hit anyone is through friendly fire. The far end of the image now lightened up, tint added:


There is absolutely nobody there. What kind of a ‘Muslim insurgent’ is this to just stand in the middle of the hallway so he could get gunned down in a hail of bullets. If the Zionist agent Michael Hall was really there, why didn’t they show his freshly gunned down body? They are showing people supposedly shooting it up inside the Parliament? Why the hesitation to show the gore: the blood, the blood splatter, and/or the corpse?

Now, watch the big man in the center. He’s the chief hoaxer in the group.


Mr. Masonic Temple Master raises his fist in the air to signal the ending of the drill.


Fist high in the air, as is demonstrated on the video, it all goes quiet; there is no more sound of blanks or fake bullets.


Moreover, here is the man, the hero of the day, Sargent-of-Arms Kevin Vickers:

He was given a standing ovation in great halls of that building; he was the star of the show who gunned down the boogeyman (of course, he gunned down no one; it is all a lie).

Vickers does a fair job of staying stoical, while a minister smirks in the background.

What are these storm troopers needed for? Why? The crazed gunman has already been plugged full of bullets. Vickers took care of it. SWAT is useless.


What a most sophomoric, supercilious attempt at a hoax it is, once again, makes a demand. Canadians, leave the hoaxing of such fakes to the American-based Zionists. The hack jobs committed by the Canadians are just too readily revealed. The least the Harper government could do would be to make it a bit more challenging, like Sandy Hook which took at least a few weeks to unravel.


Channels Featured:

Hard Proof of Staging and Use of Fake Blood in Canada Shooting Hoax

Published on Oct 23, 2014

See this video proving that the shooting of a soldier at the Canadian Parliament was a hoax, complete with the use of fake blood and a litany of crisis actors. It is an absolute fake, proven, here.


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