Crime Minister Herpes A Fictional Leader

(Alternative title “The DICKtator”)

This fictional leader is the head of a registered corporation

known as the Corporation of Canada.


That makes him a Dick head.


This Dick head has been going around screwing everyone

in this Fictional Country known as Canada.


Beware to those that are not aware for you are nowhere.


You can not be aware with your head buried in the ground

while your bare naked ass is up in the air.


For that is a sexually attractive position

to get screwed by the Dick head.


When a Dick head goes around screwing everyone,

it will surely have herpes.


Canada has definitely been screwed.


Truth is the only cure to get rid of

and to prevent getting herpes.


This has been a purely fictional writing about fictions.


For all fictions exist in the absence of any and all truths.


The Country of Canada is now a fiction headed by a Dick head.


This writing exhibits an absence of truth for it is a fiction.


Creative writing by

Daniel J Towsey

harpershitforbrains_ crimeministerharper_Save-Door-To-Door

PM Harper’s UN Speech – Director’s Cut

Published on Oct 8, 2014

Crime Minister Herpes A Fictional Leader2013.12.21_15h04m00s_009_ 2013.12.21_15h05m20s_010_

Stephen Harper Verbally Mauled by an Angry Bear

Published on Mar 7, 2014

After walking over 400 kms since January 17 to protest against Harper and Enbridge, I filmed this rant…
I initially was just going to film the beautiful river as I normally do with ocean and other natural landscapes when I felt pulled to jump in and share my worries about the way Canada seems to be getting out of control when it comes to Human Rights and also, its poor Respect for the Planet & First Nation People. I felt like a French Suzuki blasting Harper.

2013.12.21_15h05m44s_011_ 2014.01.01_17h55m13s_002_ 175204_10202298882809233_2007500775_o 542744_491140270917726_340450005_n 553243_519415998090153_1141336772_n 1149293_10202621001181991_508659319_o 1489619_10202465322170113_1908714868_o 1491295_10202348797417067_909396458_o 1492336_10202398886629266_1667896877_o 1495197_10202392119860101_79287095_o 1495373_10202406282614161_1639637587_o 1500864_10202329820462655_1044990143_o 1501047_10202427114774952_2053231609_o 1502892_10202504016457446_2036398685_o 1506213_10202524720575036_1050477932_o 1511985_10202349719720124_1436315520_o 1529682_10202681550815694_604767919_o 1531600_10202689003522007_1614200902_o 1537651_10202705440172913_1687704102_o 1557221_10202730997771837_80169331_o 1602149_645154922186682_2040964903_o 1622824_10151850478201218_898020656_n 1658573_10202698735205293_2075798146_o 1780983_10202627998716925_824498429_o 1781155_10202718604902023_1732186360_o 1799132_10202724297444333_59073620_o Budget 2014 triggers Harper’s plan to dismantle national health care Crime Minister arrested Harper omnibus punch HarperTearsCanadaPost He Came For notice of termination passport STOP Harper


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