The Public Trust has been betrayed!

A word to those who betrayed the Public Trust!

mirrored from here.

Take notice that as of this moment you are on trial in The Great Court of Public Opinion! Right here, right now, today, on this very website, you are on trial!

Everything comes around, you see. You forgot this, didn’t you? For years you’ve grown accustomed to always getting your own way.

In fact you have become so used to getting everything you want that you simply cannot imagine losing or being defeated! So now be afraid! Be very afraid of this website court.

There will be no intimidation of witnesses here! You cannot threaten people in return for lying testimony.

You have no one who will toady to you, no one you can bully, no one you can scare into submission, and no one to buy so you can get your way!

No one here will lie and cheat for you! And no one here is afraid of you!

You cannot speak the lies here, for you would be damned out of your own mouths!

Perjury will not help you, for the evidence against you is a mountain of simple truth.

When you lie it will be instantly apparent to everybody, and your transparent perjuries and contemptible falsehoods will be seen for what they really are!

You cannot subvert this website court to your own selfishness, neither can you cut back-room deals with other dishonest hacks and crooks, and self-serving politicians!

Your sins have finally caught up with you!

“Oh, Pshaw!” you say! “You can’t do this to us!”
“Pshaw, indeed!” we reply. “We absolutely can do this to you and we are doing it right now!”
The Court of Public Opinion has now been told what you are doing, and there nothing you can do to hide!

By the way, there have been hits on this website from every country, worldwide. Most people are returning again and again! They are learning what the truth is in Canada!

Your pompous arrogance and your utter disdain for those you consider your “inferiors” is exceeded only by your hatred for any individual whom you perceive threatens your power or your pocketbook!

You should be locked up, but justice in Canada lacks the backbone to do so.

It is time for The Court of Public Opinion to pass judgment on you! Now be afraid!
Be very afraid! The world is watching you!

When the Public Trust is betrayed, not only individuals lose, everybody loses! What hurts one of us hurts us all!

God Bless All

The Jehovah’s Witnesses The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc. is a legal organization in use by the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The Leadership here in Nova Scotia attacked us, point blank, in 2005.

They still viciously continue today. In 2005 we knew nothing about them or their beliefs. Yet, they attacked our business and our personal lives.

They did this through jw members in the chartered banks, in government departments, and in the many other places mentioned throughout this website.

They hide in the ‘Trojan Horse’ we refer to in our videos.

They are using their inside positions to breach The Public Trust granted to them here in Nova Scotia.

The JWs initiated these attacks, and it is they who have always been and still are directly behind all the criminal acts against us!

They started as cleaners. Now they dominate over 85% of the cleaning market in Nova Scotia!

How did they do it? Any individual or company who competes against them, or bids against their contracts, comes under attack by The JWs as the consequences for their actions.

The JW’s spread there evil roots into the cleaning support industries, into the courier and transportation industries, and is steadily encroaching into more and more businesses and industries everywhere in our province.

They are like a cancer. Their members can be found everywhere, from simple cleaners and labourers right up through all the ranks of the Nova Scotia civil service, police forces, including the RCMP, and influential businessmen, educators and professionals, including lawyers, and members of the judiciary and legal systems.

Dumb and ignorant they are not!

They are well disguised and they walk among us everywhere! Like cancer!

We have researched this organization for years and have discovered they are not what say they are, nor do they follow the precepts and teachings of their society.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses, here in Nova Scotia, run their own contemptible ‘gang’.

They rule by intimidation, fear mongering, government interference, and other tools at their disposal.

They are truly dedicated to subverting our laws and business practices, and replacing them by their own twisted teachings.

Their insidious goal is to eliminate all competition and to take control of the financial and business affairs of Nova Scotia. By infiltrating our society, they are working to destroy the very core of our democracy. They are using our own institutions against us!

This is why our government and its judicial and law enforcement branches are made to appear as if they are breaching their sacred trusts.

We intend to expose this corruption, and get help not only for ourselves, but for all the good people of Nova Scotia who are being used, abused and misled by the renegade JWs.

We will never give up until the people of Nova Scotia are aware of this threat.
The house that Spotless Built !

“The Jehovah’s Witness religion teaches its membership to believe that homosexuality is ‘detestable’, ‘an abomination’, ‘abhorrent’, and is caused by demon possession” quoted from

This is a breakdown of the Renegade Jehovah Witnesses membership list, from 2007, above.

These people in one form or another, have been involved in causing harm to our company.

There are many many many others who are not mentioned, however, they do exist and we do know who they are!

Jehovah’s Witnesses cult exposed

A letter to tell you why I did this video; this happened to me in my pain, hurts, sorrows and sufferings and many troubles.

I just wanted to die and leave this wicked world, but I was on my knees praying for God to take away my pain and suffering and He came to me in a vision so clear so real, so beyond anything I could ever have thought possible and His brilliant light was so bright and overwhelming I thought I was going to die from all I was seeing.

Then He starting pouring His love on me. God’s love is beyond all knowledge, all understanding.

It is so beyond your wildest dreams. It is so warm and compassionate.

It so pure and so real that you cannot explain it and there is no one that could ever love me like this it.

It is beyond everything I have ever known or could ever imagine or ever could make up. It is so u conditional so beyond anything I could tell or write or put in words.

You just wanted to be with Him forever and ever. I thought I would die from the power and excitement and the thought of being so truly loved. I just want God’s will to be done. For I give Him all the praise, honor, and glory, for everything in my life and I give Him all praise thanks for the victory over everything in my life.

NOW may the LORD MY GOD BE EXALTED I PRAY AND MAY HE touch all your hearts the way He touched mine, for this is the love He gave to me. I want you and pray that all of you to have this love.

God loves all of you too, if you just let Him. May God bless you all.

God Bless, Mother Murphy

Mother Murphy Shares her Experience, strength and Hope

Hey this not about thiers religion views we speaking about, but who run this gang is Bankers and Lawyers and most people don’t know what the JWs are.

A corrupted organization that hurt innocence people that let them come in to there communities and the Jws act like Trojans that break their trust of the very people gave them to come in theirs communities. Most JWs are not aware of this themselves they don’t know what there leadership doing .


By way the leadership of JWs come on internet but don’t want their members on the internet. The JWs put out a lot miss information to keep people confused so no one can understand what and who they really up to.Wow it so very sad for everyone! 😦

Max bur
Jehovah /dʒɨˈhoʊvə/ is a Latinization of the Hebrew יְהֹוָה, a vocalization of the Tetragrammaton יהוה (YHWH), the proper name of the God of Israel in the Hebrew Bible, which has also been transcribed as “Yehowah” or “Yahweh”.[1][2]
יְהֹוָה appears 6,518 times in the traditional Masoretic Text, in addition to 305 instances of יֱהֹוִה (Jehovih).[3]
The earliest available Latin text to use a vocalization similar to Jehovah dates from the 13th century.[4]
Most scholars believe “Jehovah” to be a late (c. 1100 CE) hybrid form derived by combining the Latin letters JHVH with the vowels of Adonai, but there is some evidence that it may already have been in use in Late Antiquity (5th century).[5][6]
The consensus among scholars is that the historical vocalization of the Tetragrammaton at the time of the redaction of the Torah (6th century BCE) is most likely Yahweh, however there is disagreement. The historical vocalization was lost because in Second Temple Judaism, during the 3rd to 2nd centuries BCE, the pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton came to be avoided, being substituted with Adonai (“my Lord”).


I wish this was just another old Jehovah’s Witnesses story but it is not! They attack us here in Canada and our families and friends and our communities.They have been here over 80 years and we thought they were just good people doing God works.
The Betrayed the Public Trust. Out of nowhere they attack us and we came to internet 7 years ago as group of men and women to make everyone aware of JWs threat.
We are not JWs we are just common people that were attack by these JWs  who hide like Trojans all through our system.
There like Borg on StarTrek they want to a stimulate our way of life here in Canada! We are sorry to have report to people this type news!  We sorry to all innocence folks that don’t know nothing about the leadership of these folks! 😦


Sards Peñas
mrpjet = I asked you WHERE in  Hebrew or greek bible it is writing  HELL . in original bible = there is no HELL .
THE hell idea  is NOT  EFFECTIVE.  IN THE OLD TESTAMENT,  they STONNED THE  convict .  but not saying GO TO HELL .
windy witch
! st mistake is being nice to them as i was … they will worry a person to death no not at all just good people who care a cult ….they worry us to death in the USA also I hide and DO not go to the door any more…they are slaves for this main office in NY  STAY AWAY JW”S

Wow this video about to hit 250,00 views. We just put up and we were lock out this channel for 9 months.
The video is spreading like grass fire.We trying to make people aware of real story about JWs.
This what happen to our families and friends and what we found out about JWs after attack us for many years over and over.
It not about there beliefs or bible it about the Public Trust has been Betrayed here in Canada by this group of people!
We want make other people aware so if doesn’t happen in others communities this channel and video will a be record for those people who like us didn’t know what happen when evil came rate through our communities! Wish you all very best!
This is just one video and we have been working as community all over internet for 7 years now on internet Exposing JWs for betraying the Public trust.
This is a record in case some other community fall in trouble and are attacked like our communities.
We left a record for them to understand what there are fighting.
We want to make people awareness and show are love.
It seem to be working here and there halls are falling so something working! God bless from living:-)
We are sorry to everyone that good folks of JWs that walk into this innocently, we are not targeting you.
We are praying you get away from these evil people.
The JWs want us to fight over our religion believes so they keep us detracted from what they are really up to.
The leadership here in Nova Scotia JWs attack us and our way of life here.
We gave them our trust to work as good people doing good works in our peaceful communities.
Our story is basic our experience of what Jws did to us here.
Our family and friends risk our lives to get this story out to public. It took 7 years to tell this story.
We don’t want hurt anyone.
We are making good folk aware of these evil people and what there really up to.
People wake up and don’t let these people inside your communities then have been here in Nova Scotia spreading there evil roots for over 80s years!
The must be stop and exposed the more bigger picture of what happening all over the world and these people part of it and there with the money!!
I don’t why a group like this can exist in Canada!
Remember JWs you are in Canada and we Canadians are not a broken people we will fight when we see wrong doings!
You will be exposed because people are learning about who you really are! Trojans living inside our communities and hard to fight this all we can do is make people awake! 🙂
Sweet Sugar 101
One of my friends is a JW. She usually goes on weekend ‘field ministry’ as she calls it whether she’s feeling sick or not. She’s very devoted even when she’s very tired.
She told me that a couple years back while attending nursing school, caring for her husband and family, and her sick parent, and other things that she had a mental breakdown and is now bipolar.
She’s usually always sad or depressed about something. Some moments we get together and have our laughs (b/c usually,
I’m a very happy individual), but many times, she looks ‘worn down’ by life. My heart goes out to her.
I really don’t believe she and other JW’s around here really understand the deception their in. They’re friendly people though.
+simon bendorJesus is definitely not the founder of any form of Christianity that does the opposite of what he taught. Likewise, Russell is not the founder of a religion in which he did not believe, and that teaches and practices the opposite of what he taught.

Hi everyone who wrote comments weather we agree on not we believe in freedom of speech!
We lost our channel for 9 months after we put up this video we couldn’t access this channel put we could write on the video.
We were just able to approve all your comments.
This one video but base on real story we not JWs.Go to our website and watch my mother video
This a false religion is  front for these people!
We feel sorry for innocence that trap with these evil people!

Frank Manzeroy

The Jahova’s are indeed false prophets. “But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing upon themselves swift destruction”. (2 Peter 2:1)
The true path is Seven Day Adventist and particularly the Branch Davidians.   David Koresh was the son of God on earth and will rise again.  As he Prophesized the end times are coming and the seven seals are being opened one by one.  Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD! (Psalm 150:6).

SOS Canada

 Below is a personal message I received..Unfortunately their website is not functional but the message is very real..

Dear Daniel,

My brain the last few years  have gone hundred mile hour of thinking how can we United all Nova Scotians and Canadians. For those that know the true and trying to help the other to wake up.

Your story is lot like my own.

We live on South Shore of Nova Scotia hour from Halifax.

We have been fighting all this since 2003 and it was 2006 when took to internet. My mother and my friends my community were attacked. Our website was a way to get the message out.

Before all this happen my partners Jeff and I  ran two company companies and we sold them and went in to Cleaning Contractors and we still are we rebuild from help of some big maritimes families that have money to help us and protection to do business here.

 I love Canada and I love Nova Scotia with all my heart and like you and my friends and family won’t stop until we wake up people or cause one hell of stir.

If we have to bring the whole worlds eyes on Nova Scotia this has been our goal. I like to touch basic with you and we are looking and holding ungrounded meetings through Nova Scotia and Canada.

We realize we must organized ourselves if there to be any change to overcome this evil in all communities. There no Justice in Nova Scotia or Canada.

Our website was done as team and we got over 80,000,000 millions views worldwide.

I see our website as people website I just one person.

We want to hook up with other good Canadian standing up .

We want make  our  website inter active and  feed the millions of people we touch.

The website was done from the God Grace for all us.

We are just simple folks that were attacked and we fraught back.

We have a lot to do with NDP coming into power.

We gave them the nine seats of South Shore. Here in  Queens’ County  was 60 years of Tories rule we knock out their flag ship.

We don’t believe in the political system we want a people spiritual solution.

 We want our homeland back and we will fight to death if this is takes. I writing you because I like to meet with you and brain storm ideas how we can come together and help the common good of own people.

We know how bad it is in Nova Scotia and  Canada now what we want is to organize others and do it without enemies know what we are up to.

Dear Daniel my late friend Hugh who in wheelchairs most his life had help build our website at age of 71 years old and he pass away 8 months ago at age 75.

I miss Hugh he was great man to take in a battle like this one. We nuke the South Shore we have very deep Nova Scotia roots here and we are not leaving, they are!

I am sure what you hear from many people but we are the real deal and we will fight back with music, art, movies, videos, cartoons, most all the“Truth “whatever it take to bring down the evil that hurting everyone here!

The people are unaware of it and same with a lot our leaders don’t know what going on! We must keep educating these people!

We are truth soldiers and we serve the source and it is where we get our strengths to fight. We are not afraid of these people they can’t work in light.

They screw with the wrong people. We were the sheeple and we were attack and we figure it all out.

I met a man that came to me Cyril Reddy the King maker of John Hamm and Cyril die before he hurt me.

There are nine crooked Lawyer inside Governments and running  things in back of Nova Scotia government.

Yes the JWs attack us but they are connecting to Jews and have big place here outside Bridgewater where all meet every year form Israel.

The Jews and JWs have our Justice department in their hands and department transportation and list goes on and on!

 I leave this with you I download every videos you made as a truth soldier and gave them to my 74 year mother to watch your work.

I was blowing away to see you  the stuff and how hard you have work. Please think about what we are saying we must united all good folks here Nova Scotia.

I can’t write everything I know because I don’t trust too many things anymore. I trust in Higher Power that gotten me thought this far.

I always love living God but never had to fight for it like now!

I hear you pain we as the son and mothers and fathers and sisters  and brothers of Nova Scotia Canada must united together for the one cause to get rid of this evil people that have come here to Nova Scotia shores!  

I see you work and your very good I can help in matter speaking get your message out a lot farther they you can I know how internet works and how get around it.

It time for all us to united I have other people that will help to.

If you want to run alone that up to you but we all have realized here we must united for one cause then after it over we all go back to single causes.

Anything I have and can help you and my family and friends we stand with you and we asked to stand united with us for one cause for Greater Good of everyone!

 Peace@ light Tony Anderson J




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