Do Not Call 911 The Police Will Threaten you if you do

RCMP and R.C.M.P.
The Gestapo of the Crown -the RCMP- has nothing whatsoever to do with the R.C.M.P. –the Royal Canadian Mounted Police– a no-longer-in-existence, honourable police force of the North West Territories and nowhere else. R.C.M.P. never had a French name, i.e.: GRC, so that, alone, suggests it is a corporation which R.C.M.P. is not. RCMP/GRC has no authority. Please make the distinction

RCMP Crest

Written by Nicole States

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The night before last, on Davis rd in St Croix, many many, people had their cars broken into by thieves. Items that were stolen include money, gift cards, music players, notepads, work supplies, house keys, vehicle keys, wallets, id’s and much more.

The first report of this break in, was at 7:00am in the morning. The majority of the community missed work, and waited around so they could give their statements. Some got impatient and went into the police station.

At the police station, when we questioned as to why there had not been one single police car out to
speak with us yet, they responded that they were still receiving reports, and organizing strategies and we would be hearing from them soon.

By 5:30pm in the afternoon there was still no sight of a police car. I called 911. I was read the riot act for daring to use the 911 system to try and reach a police officer.

The RCMP told me that if a life was not in danger, people are not to call 911. In other words,if someone is molesting your children, stealing your car, or the like,

DO NOT CALL 911, because it is ONLY if a life is in danger that you are allowed , and that was the only THING that they consider an emergency that even warrants me daring to dial those digits.

They even threatened me within an inch of my already empty (because I’d been robbed) pockets, with a $693.95 fine, like I AM some sort of crank calling criminal.

Me wanting to report that my residence had been broken into and people were walking around with my house keys, vehicles key, and identification, was not a danger to my- or my children’s -life -said the NOT AT ALL friendly 911 operator.

Well I’m sorry, I thought that if someone was bold enough to break into your car, and steal your keys in the first place, well maybe just maybe, they might be bold enough to come back with the keys they stole, to your home, and also take your car and take your vehicle or come into your home.. I must have been mistaken about the character of the criminals that violated me and my family. They are probably, really good and honest people.

I also could have also sworn that the money I pay EVERY MONTH on my landline phone bill and cell phone devices, and have been paying for yearsssssssss was supposed to pay for the readily available service of 911 for Nova Scotians and it allowed me to report an emergency and a crime when it happened to me. Bare in mind, I still did not get a chance to report this crime, because when I drove to the police station I was sent home, because the police officers were too busy to speak with me.
I truly thought that 911 was the number I should use to report a crime that needed, not just a fire-truck, or an ambulance, but also for an emergency situation where police were in fact needed.

Residents in my community, had statements to give, a plethora of evidence, to our local police to help them catch these guys/gals which could have prevented this from happening in your community also, and help us to feel that after being violated, and terrorized by this robbery, that our local detachment was actually going to do something about this, and actually cared about the people they are supposed to protect AND SERVE.

I thought it was a reasonable assumption that hey, they might even nail these criminals.

After my call to 911 a very polite and empathetic RCMP officer called me back, and said she would be right out to speak with me. YAY i thought, they are finally coming out to investigate. Me and my husband and my children, and our neighbors danced a joy….and waited with anticipation , anxious to see these criminals get caught and brought to Justice.

When the friendly Police Officer arrived at my door, she informed me that I could inform everyone else in my community, to stop waiting for the police, because noone is coming. Noone is coming to get a statement, noone is coming to get evidence, noone is coming to talk to us, noone is coming tonight, tomorrow or ever.

She informed me that the police station is currently structured in such a fashion, that their priorities are their back work on cases like assaults, and that they are under directive to catch up on that work, and are too busy to respond to such things as robberies.

She said that the officers on duty were too busy doing what they deemed were more important things, and that they would be busy….FOREVER.

That our cases were handed over to a different unit, that does not collect evidence, statements, or investigate, and I would be lucky, if I even got a call from that unit that could come in, only Heaven knows when…

Well I feel really protected and really safe, and I was especially flattered that I was chosen to deliver that good news to the rest of my community as it were, who were STILL home waiting for a police officer to show up.

I reiterated to the officer ” so there’s nothing you can do for us?”


And “there is nothing we can do?”


Dear citizens of Hants County, and communities nearby. Break ins are the latest trends, and everyone is experiencing them, in case you aren’t someone that manages to catch the news.

In case you are one of those people just like the residents in our “safe ” community who thought that it would be okay to leave the car doors unlocked when they were not parked in mall parking lot, or downtown, but in the comfortable privacy zone of YOUR OWN HOME.

The nature of this crime has become as common as an everyday cold, and even more common.

What is  really ridiculous is that your local police will minimize this event, even LESS important than a common cold, which at least a doctor will treat as serious in some cases and offer you a Tylenol or anti -biotic ……..

Lock your doors, put up cameras, install alarms….don’t count on your local police to protect you, investigate, or bring these criminals over for Justice…..because just as they informed me …



Lucy Multari

You should be calling you local newspaper or maybe Halifax newspaper and have a reported come out and take your statement…your story might get published and then the police department will need to make a statement explaining why this crime was handled in this manner….just a suggestion


2 thoughts on “Do Not Call 911 The Police Will Threaten you if you do”

  1. I find it hard to believe that someone would leave their house keys in their car if they need them to get into their house, unless of course you have left your house unlocked, where as youa re lucky that it was only your car that was broken into. As for your account of what you encountered with the RCMP, they will NEVER tell you that there is NO ONE EVER coming to investigate. Further more I have never even… living in the most remote places that you only see a few cars a day go by left anything in my car overnight, always use the locking alarm. AND Calling 911 after you have already visited the RCMP Office is really stupid and of course they are going to tell you that this is not life or death and that you should really use your head. I mean come on, the robbery was hours and hours ago, you already reported it and you are going to take up an operators time that could be better served with answering calls that are urgent,


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