Canada is a Corporation Under UK Queen

Check this out. Canada is TRADED in the US Stock Exchange and registered as [ What about the OTHER “ex-colonies”?] :

“…CORPORATE CANADA in USA. This is Canada’s Corporate registered number. 0000230098 CANADA DC SIC: 8880 American Depositary Receipt. Business Address Canadian Embassy 1746 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20036…”

Canada owned by US Corporation?

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Canada is listed on the Securities Exchange Commission’s website as a company — complete with annual reports.

I mirrored this from the good doctor himself..

Check it out for yourself.

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Quebec Canada they are Corporations legal persons

Canada is a Corporation Not a Country

With Millions of Punjabis living in CANADA a thing that I don’t know how many of us knows.

Canada is a Registered Corporation/Company (under US Securities and Bonds) and certainly not a Country and this company is ruled by Britain’s Queen.

Canada is headed by Governor General who is the De Facto(Illegal head) of the Canada and he has been delegated power by Her Majesty(My foot) Queen Elizabeth. [Search for CANADA]

The Bondage The Freedom – YouTube – CANADIAN BONDAGE

defacto my lawful excuse – YouTube – CANADA’s Defacto Head

Not only Canada but Italy,US, “Commonwealth of Australia”, South Africa and many other are just corporations countries ruled by Queen. You can check them on

Why Canada is not a Country and the True Nature of the Courts

Under international Law, the Law of Nations, Confederation never happened as per section 1. Further Confederation was not done by the People of Canada but by a Minister of the U.K. Parliament. None of the Quebec Conference Resolutions of 1864 were ever put into the BNA Act. The BNA Act is nothing more than a simple policy manual for private corporation called Canada of which no one is a resident of.

Section 2 and 9 of the BNA Act confirm that executive power is vested in the Queen and to her heirs and successors. However the extension part listed in section 2 was repealed in 1893 thus the British Monarchy lost all executive Power in Canada after Queen Victoria died in 1901.

All Constitutional documents make reference only to Persons or variations there of which are corporate entities not flesh and blood real men and women.

Statute of Westminster 1931 revoked all powers of the U.K. Parliament to have any authority over Canada.

Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms only applies to Government not to people as per section 32 of the Charter. Further Section 52 states that the Charter is supreme law in Canada and all laws must be compared against it.

Canada is a corporate entity and even under the Law of Nations it would still be unlawful because the Law of Nations makes reference to Persons that form a country not Human Beings or rather Living Free Will Full Liability Men and Women. International Law is based on Roman Civil Law and Admiralty Law which is corporate law and only deals with persons. Men and women’s rights come from God and not from Man.

The use of the STRAWMAN corporate name on all tax documents is used as a way of deceit for making people think that the all caps name is really them, when it is an insolvent slave created by the Government with no contract to the living or contract with the strawman or authority to impose any form of law what so ever.

There is no Queen of England etc, as Elizabeth Windsor has allowed her name to be corrupted into an all caps strawman name, HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH II, which is a corporate entity and not a living Women. Further Elizabeth Windsor in her Coronation Oath stated that she would do her upmost to uphold the Laws of God. Hiding behind a corporate entity makes her feel she is not responsible for the failures of an imaginary QUEEN and thus reaps the benefits from the massive Usury and extortion Rackets involved. She is nothing more than a common theif and criminal.

The courts are contract courts only and as sovereigns we have the right to contract or not to contract with the courts. You show up in court you are indicating you are willing to contract. If you are forcibly put before the court no contract is lawfully enforceable as the use of force to make a contract is of no value and is void.

If anyone has any authority in Canada to make laws and enforce them on the living free will full liability men and women then I haven’t seen it. Canada is only in the imagination and the ship called the Crown represented in the Courts as the Judge sits on the Bridge deck and you cross the bar to speak with him entering into his Jurisdiction of the imaginary world called Canada is unfortunate. Lawyers are officers of the ship called the Crown and do not represent the people they are purporting to protect but rather their Banker Masters in London who own the Bar Association.

Further many Lawyers, Judges and Politicians are Masons and of the Jewish Faith and may partake in the Kol Nidre which disavows them of all their Oaths of Office not to mention those who partake in the sacrificial ritual in Bohemian Grove California called the Cremation of Care, where a sacraficed child is burned inside a 40 foot stone Owl called Molech, which is mentioned in the Bible and goes back to Ancient Babylon.

Another thing they fail to mention to you is that all modern commercial law is based on the Talmud which goes back to Ancient Babylon and is based on Master/Slave relations and how living people are to be treated as things rather than living people creations of God. It is sick beyond belief what is in this Talmud, my opinion.

God created the Earth and Heaven and everything that exists as per Genesis 1 and John 1:3. God never made any laws and there are references in the Bible that Man shall not make laws or ought not make laws. In Matthew 22 the two commandments that Jesus gave the Pharisees and Sadducees are paramount as it states that all laws must be based on these two commandments. What they have gone and done is to create an imaginary world under Roman Civil Law using the Ship called the Crown as their imaginary ship and apply law only against corporate entities and trick real God created men and women into becoming sureties for the slave STRAWMAN all cap name. Thus washing themselves of all sin against God?

It all comes down to a few ruling elite families and the Illuminati of which if David Icke is correct in his lecture on the Illuminati are not even human beings, but rather Reptilian hybrids called the Nephelium as described in the Bible and on Clay Tablets in Iraq which was once Sumeria (Babylon). They are in a war against God and we are made after his image so they are at war with us and this is only one battle in which the few have deceived us into. You can download David Icke’s Lecture here:

For more information on what I have said here goto:

Information on Bohemian Grove go here:

By Rob Hay

Hon. Premiers, MLA’s, MPP’s, MP’s,
MNA’s, & Respected Inhabitants:

It appears our politicians have a problem defining what a country/nation is: They are both described in the dictionary as being one and the same. Are you all trying to create a mythical name that can be twisted to mean just about anything, so you all can spend the taxpayer money arguing over it, in order to deceive we the people? It appears so.

It appears that this fraudulent government is trying to find a way to prevent the exposure of their fraudulent corrupt actions, of the past two hundred years, by trying to create a new definition that will be accepted, by the mis-informed inhabitants of Canada.

These politicians have no intentions of following International Law, that would require them to honour their promises, by International standards for Sovereignty Rights, They have deceitfully created Canada as a Corporation. “CORPORATE CANADA”, by the directions of the UK Queen, that they all pledge allegiance to. We have been ruled under the UK Queen and her corporate rule, Rules that are legislated without representation, a fiction entity.. And fraudulently posing as our government.

This fiction entity did not request our approval to join the UN, who planed to rule the world, nor did they request our approval when registering Canada as CORPORATE CANADA in USA.

This is Canada’s Corporate registered number. 0000230098 CANADA DC SIC: 8880 American Depositary Receipt. Business Address Canadian Embassy 1746 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20036.

The political mess we are in, was caused by the deceitful actions of the UK Kings and Queen’s, in the signing of both the 1867 and the 1931 documents, that did not comply with International requirements, for International Sovereignty agreements of Common Contract Law of the Land.

Quebec has tolerated this deceit for too long, as Quebec maintained her status as a country/nation long before the 1867 fraudulent documents were sign. And was stated in those documents under the BNA, Acts that they would continue to be a country/nation. It is the deceitful rhetoric and actions of the UK Queen’s agents in Ottawa, who has been stating otherwise, to the inhabitants, and our Indigenous people.

With all this deceitfulness on the part of the UK. Queen’s agents in Ottawa, they have placed Canada in a precarious position. Following the definitions of accepted International Sovereign Common Law of the Land, other area’s in Canada can do as Quebec, and all can belong to Sovereignty Association, within Canada if they have a mind too. Canadians who fail to see this, know very little concerning international law, and fail to use their creative thoughts in their block heads, for anything more than to hang their hats on.

Once an area fulfills all the requirements for Country/Nation, they require no approval of any other nation.

The big question in Canada is: do we wish to accept a nation/country in Canada’s Association; Anyone with a bit of intelligence will recognise that after two elections and failing to acquire a majority vote, that the system is dead.

Even the corrupt government in Ottawa recognises this, and is why they are so willing to accept Quebec within Canadian Association. Only these block head fail to see that Quebec is an asset to the rest of Canada.

The citizens have been lied to for so many years, that it is difficult to recognise the truth, when it is starring them in the face. Now to save face for these crooks, they must make it a Historical event, in order to further deceive the citizens that we have a Sovereign government, which we have not, we have a corporate entity posing as a government in Ottawa.

The Ethnic population in Toronto can do likewise, as they have the population to carry any vote in changing Ontario into a Nation. The Western and Eastern provinces can do likewise.

The UK Queen and Her deceitful agents in Ottawa, have caused this to happen by their corrupt actions. This may be the one way to remover these deceitful corrupt agents of the foreign Queen out of Canada. It appears the inhabitants are no longer willing to accept corporate rule by promises that are not enforceable, and have indicated it in two non majority votes at the poles, They are fed up with the removal of their rights and freedom under corporate rule of a fiction persons Corporate Canada.

Quebec has through the year rejected Corporate Rule, to continue to protect their sovereignty, Quebec does not need the approval of the rest of Canada to sanctify her as a nation, she has all the qualification, and that is all that matter. This ritual of approval by this corrupt UK agents are nothing more than a save face exercise of diplomacy nothing more.

Definition Country: any considerable territory demarcated by specific conditions; region or district, Mountainous country.
2. the territory of a nation.
3. a state. 4. the people of a district, state or nation. 5. the public. 6. Law. the public at large, as represented by jury. 7. the land of ones birth or citizenship. 8. rural districts as opposing to city or towns. 9. go to the country,

The British to dissolve a Parliament that has cast a majority vote disagreeing with the Prime Minister and cabinet and to call for the election of a new House of Commons, Also appeal to the country. (why is an independent country as ours using Brit. rules ?). 10. of the country rural, country road, 11. rude unpolished, rustic. country manners, 12 of a country, 13. Dial. of one’s own country. Country club, country cousin, country dance, countrified, country folks, country gentleman, country house, country man, country seat, country side, country woman. This is the variety that leaves no doubt as to the meaning of the word country.

Although; it doesn’t apply to Canada, as Canada is a corporation and not a country/nation, and this is what the old Ottawa politicians do not wish to be expose. Therefore Quebec is a country/nation, and not a corporation. Likewise are our Indigenous people are a nation as defined in the dictionary. As in the definition 6. the public at large as represented by a jury. Fiction persons by “CORPORATE CANADA” is represented by appointed judges that must follow the chain of command from the Prime Minister acting as Captain, down to the lowest mate.

Definition of Nation:

1, a body of people associated with a particular territory that is sufficiently conscious of its unity to seek or to possess a government particular its own.

2. the territory or country itself.

3. a member tribe of an Indian confederation.

4. an aggregation of persons of the same ethnic family, often speaking the same language or cognate language, Nationhood, nationless as commonly used.

Definition of Nation:

1. we don’t possess a government, a corporation is not a government and not ruled by sovereign common law of the land and by jury as required in the definition. It is ruled by commercial rule of the sea. Quebec knows they have never been part of the rest of Corporate Canada. It is these old timers deceivers in Ottawa, agents of the UN, UK, Queen and NWO who wish to continue to deceive us with their fraudulent corrupt actions. Wakeup old timers you are not dealing with uneducated slaves and trusting Indigenous people. Those same old tricks are not going to work the third time…

How long do you old politicians think it will be, before the people will turn the tables on you deceivers, when this truth is out to be examined, with your past dealings with us grassroots, and our Indigenous people. Do you all think you will get a majority vote in this next election?. If you are so pleased to pledge your allegiance to the British Queen, take a plane and serve Her in UK and let her pay your salaries and pension benefits. We can do very well without the crap you have given us in the past two hundred years….

Yes, Canada can stay united, by establishing a distinctive Canadian Constitution as was recommended in 1979 by our Unity Task Force. Should other provinces wish to do as Quebec, fine, but entrench in our distinctive Constitution the responsibility of belonging to a Canadian Association. We, then will be self governed, and in control of our destiny, and not ruled by a foreign country, who have abused us for almost two hundred years.. Most of us are sick and tired of listening to prepared rhetoric read to us by these unholy corrupt agents of a foreign Queen..

Telling us of all the advantages we have been given by them. Never mentioning the unholy debt that they wish to place on us, our children, yes and grandchildren Other previous colonial countries, are also fed up with this “Human Rights Rhetoric”, that is regularly dragged out to impress us. While we have humans freezing to death on our streets.

Establishing a Distinctive Canadian Constitution should not be drafted by politicians, who will do everything to prevent it, by claiming it is such a difficult task, and making it a long term plan. We have many young intelligent persons who are capable of the task, of establishing a Website for inhabitants to use to express their needs and opinions. It should not take more than two years, with our present technology to accomplish this task.

We have had two non majority elections with another in the near future. The expense of these elections, and the salaries of these non accomplishment politicians, plus the corrupt management of funds, in many of the programs that are used to buy votes.. A Foreign Aid Program, that is nothing more than a corrupt system of linning their pockets with “Kickback” Establishing our Distinctive Canadian Constitution will protect all Canadians in the same manner, with elected judges and jury courts.

It remains to be seen, do we have the intestinal fortitude to do it? I believe we have run out of options, and now must act on a Distinctive Canadian Constitution, by the people and for the people. We have seen what has happened to the USA’s constitution, by the failure of the citizens to accept their responsibility, and be more active in the actions of their elected officials.

A constitution is only as effective, as the inhabitants are willing to participate, in keeping it honest and effective, by amending it as needed in our fast changing world…Have we suffered enough from the present corruption in Ottawa to be more mindful of our responsibility in protecting our freedom? I hope so !. Let us use our God given gift, the tool of Creative

Thoughts and Free Will, to create a better world for our next generations. Justice in the life and conduct of the state is possible only as first it resides in the hearts and souls of the citizens: Plato: Ancient Greek philosopher. and I agree.

Very Historically Interested

Genevieve A. Briggs, Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Canada is a Corporation Under UK Queen


4 thoughts on “Canada is a Corporation Under UK Queen”

  1. We are forming a new political party in Manitoba and this is part of our up coming platform. 30 years of research into the hidden truths and yes David Icke is dead on. I will be running for the Candidate in my riding of Rossmere Winnipeg. People are starting to listen due to there years of frustration. So hopefully this may be a time of change. The Party is The Manitoba Party and has a web site (the Manitoba party). It would be our pleasure and honor for your help in these matters. Please send me a reply to My personal number is 204-668-6779. Your contribution of knowledge would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks William Sullivan

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  2. “… Political Correctness remains just what it was intended to be: a sophisticated and dangerous form of censorship and oppression, imposed upon the citizenry with the ultimate goal of manipulating, brainwashing and destroying our society.” —

    While Many of us live day to day, and paycheck to paycheck, if we can,
    Through many of our Struggles and Hardships- we look at why?

    Could things have been done differently?

    Many of us are Not Working, because we can’t work- perhaps because of Health Reasons, Workplace Injuries, Poor Economy, etc.

    Many Working for a Wage or Low Salary- think it’s because our Employers don’t want to pay a decent wage…. and we compare our money -To their money.

    Loosing our Property and Family, looking at Banks and Government Perhaps.

    Well all these things are quite intertwined…

    But I’ve often thought the reason was because we live in a Dictatorship.

    Blaming our Employers for Closing with High Profits,
    Governments Soaking Us with Taxes, Fines, Restrictions, Laws, etc. I think the Best and NOT so Best Know, and Have seen- How things can be so unfair…. How far does Humanities Problems Root?

    Lets have a Look at this Scenario: If we follow the money- and who controls it? Do you think it’s the Government? The IMF? Well, I think your Probably on the Money. But seldom do we look at the Very Head of Our Country, and Others: The Queen.

    Just how does she effect us? Do you know how much Countries GIVE and Pay to the Royal Family; and How Much Money they Have- and What She also Owns, and Controls, and Perhaps Who?

    Why with All The Struggles our Countries are having, Does the Queen do – Little to nothing, to help so many, when it’s within her Power?

    I would put forward, that perhaps there is a Pyramid Scheme? A Dictatorship?
    Perhaps like a Bunch of Ants- We All Work for the Queen/
    Pawns in the Ultimate Game of Chess!

    Canadian martial law under the tyrannical dictatorship of Stephen Harper

    Queen Elizabeth Worth $33 Trillion
    Queen Elizabeth is also the world’s number landowner…
    From Dick Eastman

    Difference Between Dictatorship and Monarchy

    “Queen Elizabeth II the largest landowner on Earth.”

    Elizabeth II the largest landowner on Earth.”
    “Queen Elizabeth II, head of state of the United Kingdom and of 31 other states and territories, is the legal owner of about 6,600 million acres of land, one sixth of the earth’s non ocean surface.

    She is the only person on earth who owns whole countries, and who owns countries that are not her own domestic territory. This land ownership is separate from her role as head of state and is different from other monarchies where no such claim is made – Norway, Belgium, Denmark etc.

    The value of her land holding. £17,600,000,000,000 (approx).

    This makes her the richest individual on earth. ”
    How Canada is owned
    “All physical land in Canada is the property of the Crown, Queen Elisabeth 11. There is no provision in the Canada Act, or in the Constitution Act 1982 which amends it, for any Canadian to own any physical land in Canada. All that Canadians may hold, in conformity with medieval and feudal law, is “an interest in an estate in land in fee simple”. Land defined as ‘Crown land’ in Canada, and administered by the Federal Government and the Provinces, is merely land not ‘dedicated’ or assigned in freehold tenure. Freehold is tenure, not ownership. Freehold land is ‘held’ not ‘owned’.”

    The British Head of State
    Queen Elizabeth II
    “The Sovereign can do no wrong
    and no laws can be brought against her”.
    Lord Halsbury – The Laws of England.

    Queen tried to use state poverty fund to heat Buckingham Palace

    UK Queen in depleted uranium trade.

    Depleted Uranium And The Iraq War’s Legacy Of Cancer
    Depleted uranium was used in Iraq warzone weaponry, and now kids are playing in contaminated fields and the spent weapons are being sold as scrap metal.
    By Frederick Reese
    Queen Of England Uranium Mines, Nuclear Plants, Nuclear Weapons; UK Royalty Owns 85% Of World’s Uranium Mineral Rights

    Britian’s LONG RICH History of Opium and Wars:

    “Out of 193 countries that are currently UN member states, we’ve invaded or fought conflicts in the territory of 171. That’s not far off a massive, jaw-dropping 90 per cent. Not too many Britons know that we invaded Iran in the Second World War with the Soviets. You can be fairly sure a lot more Iranians do. Or what about the time we arrived with elephants to invade Ethiopia? Every summer, hordes of British tourists now occupy Corfu and the other Ionian islands. Find out how we first invaded them armed with cannon instead of camera and set up the United States of the Ionian Islands. Think the Philippines have always been outside our zone of influence? Think again. Read the surprising story of our eighteenth-century occupation of Manila and how we demanded a ransom of millions of dollars for the city. This book takes a look at some of the truly awe-inspiring ways our country has been a force, for good and for bad, right across the world. A lot of people are vaguely aware that a quarter of the globe was once pink, but that’s not even half the story. We’re a stroppy, dynamic, irrepressible nation and this is how we changed the world, often when it didn’t ask to be changed!”
    “All the Countries We’ve Ever Invaded: And the Few We Never Got Round To”
    by Stuart Laycock

    “Britain & the USA Battle to Conquer the World”
    “We’re at War!” — And We Have Been Since 1776: 214 Years of American War-Making
    Iceland has jailed 26 bankers, why won’t we?
    Governments will surely be the Death of us all.
    When Citizens Unite, Perhaps we can work for a Common Goal, to Help one another.

    I hope you find some of this information of interest.

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