Shooter in Moncton N.B. Canada HOAX

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Moncton Shooting Message from Daniel J Towsey – A Truth Soldier


You need to be very concerned about the fact that there is no proof that Justin Bourqe did anything except walk around carrying guns.

No videos or eye witness testimonies that he actually did any shooting. This looks like another fake shooter pastie set up.

That video shown from someones living room shows cops hiding behind a car but not holding there guns. It does not show a shooter. Ask yourself why did they not video tape the shooter that they claimed was there?

That video is a production. Proof is very simple. Why would she scream to call 911 when the cops were already there? This is a faked drama crisis production that actually shows nothing of value and sounds like the gun shots sounds may of been dubed into the video.

That Police car has a dash camera, so where is that video showing the shooter?

After the shooting the Police claimed they did not know where the shooter was. Really?

The cops new exactly where he was. He was were they were called to and the officers where shot.

He was walking slowly and police were even taking photos of him and yet there was no police around and they claimed they did not know where he was. Bull Shit.

The person that took the photos knew exactly where he was. How did those photos get online even before the guy was caught some four hours later.

NOTE: It has been confirmed by CBC that the photos of Justin walking were tweeted by the RCMP.

Why was the so called shooter just walking around very slowly and casually?

Amazing how the RCMP took those photos and just let him walk on..

There are no photos showing him holding any guns in a threatening posture as if he was prepared to do some shooting.

I think the photos were done at the drill they were conducting in the town of Sackville.

Now in that police chase, all those police cars have dash cams. So why no videos showing a chase?

I bet you the shooter had no idea of what he was being set up for when he was probably told to just walk through town.

Even at the end he just walked over to the police and surrendered. There was no shoot out.

Then you should also know that they were conducting a drill in Sackville N.B. “Emergency Response will be tested during upcoming simulation exercise”  Published May 21 2014 in the Sackville Tribune Post.

So this is why all that heavy duty militarized equipment happened to be in Moncton. They use these so called ‘Drills” to hide their true activities so no one would suspect anything.

This is another very concerned!

The N.W.O. is trying to create and fake a civil war so they can bring in their Marshall Law. We are all in danger.

Daniel J Towsey.


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Moncton Shooting False Flag? Actors Script Exposed!

Published on Jun 9, 2014

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‘Dangerous, alienating, sociopathic’: Former police captain on arming US cops with military gear

Published on Jun 16, 2014

Dangerous, alienating, and sociopathic: the policy of arming police to the teeth with military-grade gear shows a fundamental misunderstanding of how crime is solved and what it means for a cop to walk the beat, former Captain Ray Lewis told RT – READ FULL SCRIPT

Moncton Shooting False Flag Witness Contradicting Testimony! Must See!



Wow..that guy must of been walking in super slow motion… First she sees all that through her window and then he is still there in front of her and could of shot her..while he was listening to her talking to the RCMP..what a bunch of bullshit..this actress surely failed her course at
What the hell did she say..”WE SENT HIM DOWN THERE WITHOUT BACK UP’ Can you believe it..she said “WE” so that would make her a really stupid lying COP…


Then she for no reason can not hold back her smiling..One minute she looks so somber and then everything is really funny..Her coach was probably watching her smiling and giving her a thumbs up…


Now she talks like she knew him and he was a very intelligent guy, How did she know he was intelligent?..then she starts to describe him with a very pleasant face..what the hell shit is this..First he is a very scary looking guy and now he looked friendly.. This woman idiot should only be permitted to act in front of a camera in an x rated porn flick..


What can I say..She was talking while the shooter was there listening to her..Then the cop shows up before she got off the phone.. Dam..that shooter really must be a digital creation because somehow he then just disappeared…and the shooting shown in the so called eye witness through their window showed a paved road with curbs… so for sure no shooting with a gun occurred where she is..


This video should be rated “X’ because she really is trying to fuck everyone listening to her….

Here is the same witness telling another story.

Justin Bourque’s walk into the woods


She says she was the first one to call the police. Was talking to the Police on the phone for two minutes. Then tells the cop the guy is going into the woods. She says he was right there beside her by the trees. Then she says no one can walk in a straight line on that road because of the terrible condition of the road.

So If you look at the video and think two minutes while she is on the phone. Justin could not of ran that far on that buddy pot holed road loaded down with guns in less than a minute and the cop car would of been there at the tree line in just seconds.

In the first video above she makes no mention of anyone else being in the window with her.

She did not see his face. She was in the house when the lady came in and asked her if she had seen him. She had not seen him through the window.. She said a man and a child were in the window at that time. She could of only  seen the back side of him because he had already walked past the house and was down the road by the trees.

The fat guy with the glasses tells a very convincing eye witness testimony.

But his testimony does not fit with the rest of the informmation you will see below.

The video belw done out of the livingroom window shows a police car with houses and no trees. But this witness shows and says the cop car was by the forest with no houses near by.

The black suv under cover vehicle shown with windows blown out and blood on the ground also contradicts this eye witness claiming the the SUV took off from there at high speed..

Now remember Justin is walking with a heavy load. So how could the cops not find him for almost 30 hours that the guy in a video below says that this incidence took..

I do not believe it was 30 hours. More like 10 hours. Still I can not comprehend that it was possible for Justin to be walking for that long with no cops there..

Three technicalities that prove that the last so called witness to speak in this video is a fraud.


When he claimed to of seen Justin fire at the Police car parked by the No Parking sign. Take notice where he points to for the shooter far away over on the right and behind that picket like metal fence.

If you stand at the angle he described that picket fence would then be a solid steel fence with no space visible between the pickets. An impossibility to shoot through.


He says that an officer got into the Police car and says he saw him push either a plastic garbage bag or a wounded Police officer over to the passengers seat.

Another impossibility is if it was a wounded Police Officer. First he would not of touched the wounded Officer and would of called for back up and an ambulance.

Then the fact that all Police cars have a rack in  middle that holds their computer and there is also a gun rack there. It would of been impossible to push the wounded officer over. Even if he had gone outside of the car and opened the passenger door (which the witness did not indicate that he saw that), it would of been impossible to quickly pull the wounded officer over.

Then consider this, No Police officer would of stood in the line fire and risked his life after knowing that there was a gunman who supposedly just shot the wounded officer.

Then the witness says the officer drove off in the Police car. Where did this Police officer driving come from? The witness made it clear that he only saw one Police car there. So the witness is making the whole story up…

That officer suppoedly driving away would of never abandoned the scene nor would he of come out from behind his protective shelter and he would of only drove off if there were other officers there to keep the shooter trapped where he was.

Also a side note here. Unlike what the RCMP have said on the news that they did not have enough fire power, such as a high powered riffle. That is a LIE. All RCMP cruisers have high powered riffles and more in their trunks as standard equipment.


Then this so called eye witness gives very detailed descriptions of a Police vehicle, presumably the SUV. Which the witness did not indicate was there when the shooter was firing. He gestures with his hands how the drivers window was shot out and continues giving very close up observations of how the other windows were shot out from different directions.

The way he described it would seemed like he himself actually shot the windows out. Because he could of never been in any physical position to be able see the details he was describing  from where he indicated he was standing when the shooter was firing from behind the fence.

So everything this third so called eyewitness says is also a complete fraudulent  fabrication.


I can easily see many more impossibilities in his story from what the woman said. Such as how did this third so called eyewitness get to the scene right when the shots were  being fired.  I believe that could only be possible if he was the the actual shooter on the CrisisActors Stage.

Below you will learn about the full scale shooter exercises being conducted with all the equipment you see on the news, exercises taking place in the very nearby village of Sackville N.B.

If you want an example of staged shooting being done by the N>W>O. criminals Please go to and have a look at the Australia Port Arthur Massacre.

After you see all the evidence below, you will surely know that the Moncton Shooting was a HOAX…

Moncton Shooting False Flag? Problem Reaction Solution = AB1014 Gun Control

Published on Jun 9, 2014

All the parallels of recent shootings (Hoaxes) brought to you, courtesy of the Corporate Media! Join the discussion below!

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Published on Jun 7, 2014

Was the Moncton Shooting a hoax? Better (wo)men than myself are on the job, so time will tell. For now…SUBSCRIBE for more Videos on everything NWO.

The Moncton Shooter – Cui Bono?

Published on Jun 5, 2014

The question we must always ask is who benefits? What will the ramifications be of this horrific tragedy and how can we ensure that the phoenix which rises from the ashes will not result in more tyrannical control?

Moncton Shooting Questions_002_ Moncton Shooting Questions_001_The Moncton Shooter Rampage – Counter The Propaganda!

Published on Jun 6, 2014

Dan Dicks reports from Moncton New Brunswick in an effort to counter the propaganda coming from the mainstream media.

Why the Moncton Shooting could be a FALSE FLAG – Canadian Awareness

Published on Jun 12, 2014

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Justin Bourque the Canadian Cop Killer and Do The Cops Have It Coming? – Resist The Tyranny

Justin BourqueMoncton Shooting Questions_004_ Moncton Shooting Questions_003_

See much more at this link.

Moncton Shooting False Flag? the GUN GRAB and POLICE STATE!

Published on Jun 6, 2014

Canadians need to wake up… seriously. The gun grab is on!

Hard Proof the Shooting in Canada is a Hoax

Absolutely, the so-called shooting of up to five Mounties, three of them shot dead, is a fake. It simply didn’t happen. This was orchestrated by the great ones of the Canadian Zionist cabal.

There was no active shooter, no real bullets fired, no actual Mounties targeted, and, most importantly, no one killed or wounded. The mayor, police chief, various police associates, and all other key public officials are collaborators in this fraud.

This was a drill or simulation which was falsely created into a live event. There actually was a drill in the area less than a week before this phony event:


Distance between Sackville, NB, Canada and Moncton, NB…

Driving distance from Sackville, NB, Canada to Moncton, NB, Canada 31 Miles / 50Km. How many hours? 35 mins.

The Canadians should abandon the hoax business, leaving it to the Americans and, perhaps, Kenyans (Nairobi hoax). It was just an all-around poor job. The police chief wins the award, and may well be deemed the Robbie Parker (the give-away hoaxer) of the Canadian shooting scam.

The captions state that the loss of his men brought him to tears. Really?

DailyMail caption: Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer Damien Theriault holds back tears while addressing the media

Zoomed in, there can be no doubt about it. The claim, and the act, of crying is a lie.


The fact that he must fake the crying is hard proof that he lost no colleagues in any shooting and that the entire claim of a real shooting is a fraud and a hoax. 

Shattered: A Codiac Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer drives with the rear door window shot out by a bullet in Moncton, New Brunswick

After this, that is the existence of the drill and the fake crying by the police chief, the rest becomes almost moot. Here, a police car has been damaged by the police themselves – or their Zionist handlers. Only the window is knocked in, which is easily replaced. Note that there are no bullet holes anywhere on the body of the car. Therefore, in all likelihood that window was smashed in by hand rather than being shot out.

Note: the fact that only windows are busted out, while the car frames are not pock-marked by bullet holes from a long-gun, is also proof of the fraud.

There appears to be an officer in the front seat; the car is merely a prop.

What in God’s name is this monstrosity? It has an armored turret on top. This is purely for purposes of intimidation. There is no way such a vehicle would e on hand in Moncton without being pre-arranged.

What in God’s name is this monstrosity? It has an armored turret on top. This is purely for purposes of intimidation. There is no way such a vehicle would e on hand in Moncton without being pre-arranged.

A Royal Canadian Mounted Police armored vehicle moves to a location as the search for a heavily armed gunman continues

Broken glass and blood stains: the intended targets of these shootings was unclear as the cars appear to belong to civilians rather than police

There is fake blood smeared in a long streak that makes no sense of any kind, that is unless someone drug a freshly and severely wounded person from the car. Yet, with that much blood on the street there surely should be significant contamination of the car:

Looking for clues: Police said Thursday that they are conducting a thorough investigation into the suspect's background
They are getting better. This time the Zionists and their agents poured a bit of fake blood within the car.
It’s just tempura paint, though (that is fake blood for moulage and drill purposes). It can be seen to be the same color as paint, it lies as paint (doesn’t clot), and it separates as does water-soluble paint. See the separation occurring on the edge of the upholstered seat. That coloring is 100% fake, no doubt about it.
Too, there is no evidence of a shooting in that car, no arterial spurting, and no exit damage of the bullet to the interior. There is more fake blood on the street than in the car. It’s not plausible.
There are apparently Zionist stooges in every city in North America, including relatively small suburbs, like Moncton.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer Damien Theriault holds back tears while addressing the mediaMayor George LeBlanc addresses the media
Such public officials surely can’t be enthused about such a fake. It can be seen in their faces.
How fake is it? So fake that the Canadians can’t even keep the key props out of the imagery, like the portable toilet. The existence of such an element in the imagery is absolute proof of a staged event. It is there for the officers who are faking the stake-out part of the drill.
Dramatic: Twitter user Matt Arsenault took this picture of police surrounding a house in Moncton, New Brunswick, after a shootout with suspect Justin Bourque
There were surely other portable toilets in place but they didn’t always make it into the imagery. The mounties, though, seem to have a fetish for taking aim at houses, an element also seen in the martial law hoax of the Boston smoke bombing fraud.
Firepower: Police say Bourque is carrying two military-style rifles with high capacity magazines, a bow and a knife
God knows how many people were inconvenienced and how much money and public assets were wasted, just for the service of Zionist machinations:
High alter: Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers use their vehicles to create a keep a perimeter in MonctonThe water isn’t a waste, though. It does help independent bloggers determine the nature of any such scam or hoax. How is Mr. SWAT going to fare if that gunman surprises him with his strategic left arm tied up in the water bottle? It’s no matter, the only danger is dehydration (sarcasm), and surely there would be every effort to prevent anyone from being hurt; a lawsuit would constitute devastatingly damning publicity.
Keeping residents safe: Police officers walk around a strip mall urging merchants to shut down their stores as a precaution
Surely, no one was hurt in any way, not physically. Yet, the psychological hurt, actually, attack is clear and evident. For the wretched Zionists its all about intimidation:
How about that for the body language for psychological intimidation and absolute tyranny. There are two of these storm-troopers in this stance, while the man with the handgun looks on, smirking.
Life as usual: A teen rides his bike past a trailer where murder suspect 24-year-old Justin Bourque resides in Moncton, with an armored police vehicle parked out frontA McDonald's Restaurant on Mountain Road, in the lockdown area of Moncton, displays a sign apologizing for its closure in the midst of a manhunt for Justin Bourque
It’s pure, raw – and wretchedly vile – intimidation, Zionist-style.
Yet, those props are ever-present in the Canadian hoax. There is no possibility in a real random act of violence with the appropriate law enforcement response that they would be there. No one in a real man-hunt of an armed and dangerous person is going to take the time to place such props in the danger zone, risking their lives to do so.
Duck and cover: Police officers take cover behind their vehicles in Moncton
The RCMP takes the credit for this image, one of the purported shooter, Zionist mole Justin Bourque:
Manhunt: Residents of Moncton are being urged by police to stay indoors
The time appears to be late in the evening, just before sundown. Yet, according to reports he was arrested at 12:30 a.m., not because of police actions but, rather, because he ‘gave himself up.’ Surely, he was well paid for this role.
It matters not. He is an actor, which is obvious from his stance and facial expressions. Furthermore, his meandering was under full control, rather, authorization, of the Mounties.
Like all spies he speaks in riddles:
Last post: Bourque published this set of song lyrics shortly before starting his shooting spree at around 7.20pm on Wednesday, and friends reacted in the comments
“Programmed, replacing rights with wrongs, fool us, Evil Book of Rules (presumably the Talmud and Protocols of Zion), rewriting stories, altering facts and figures (on) every issue?” This is not the commentary of a man about to go on a mindless rampage. A cockroach is a sneak that comes out at night when no one is aware.
Bourque is one of them. He might as well be on the roof-tops, taking aim, like the rest of the storm-troopers.
Desperate search: A heavily armed Emergency Response Team member walks on the roof of a house in Moncton
The Canadian shooting hoax is a Rothschild-Rockefeller false flag act. This clique has the power to do it, and surely leveraged its local Zionist assets in the Canadian system, including assets within the town of Moncton.


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Moncton Shooting Questions – Group Chat – Justin Bourque

Published on Jun 7, 2014

Super group chat featuring +KateSlate11 +UpNorthofthe49th +BrianRoberts +RedPillRevolution +PoliceStateRadio and +FreeRadioRevolution

Link to pictures taken of Justin Bourque:

Press For Truth Links:

Moncton Shooting False Flag Police State Shades of Boston Bombing + Dorner

Moncton Shooting False Flag the GUN GRAB and POLICE STATE!

Published on Jun 6, 2014

by free radio revolution


Published on Jun 6, 2014

YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS SHIT UP! (Can I get a patent for that quote? LOL!).

So the main witness of Justin Bourque’s arrest is a Canadian Actress… he just happened to be hiding in HER backyard… Yup…

Moncton Shooting False Flag Actors Script Exposed!

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Published on Jun 8, 2014

Talks of CROSSBOWS and BEING ON A MISSION – Say WHAT? – SUBSCRIBE for more videos!

Original video courtesy of:

Moncton Shooting False Flag? Witness gives Contradicting Testimony! Must See!

Published on Jun 7, 2014

This thing gets stinkier every single day – listen to this witness totally botch her lines and completely contradict herself on multiple occasions! Join the discussion below!



Moncton shooting: RCMP release names of 3 slain officers

The names of all three RCMP constables killed in the shooting rampage on the streets of Moncton, N.B., on Wednesday night were released this morning.

In a statement Friday, the officers were identified as:

– Const. David Ross, 32, from Victoriaville, Que.

– Const. Fabrice Georges Gevaudan, 45, who was born in Boulogne-Billancourt, France.

– Const. Douglas James Larche, 40, from Saint John.

“This is a trying time for our members as we have lost three of our own and two more are hospitalized,” RCMP Assistant Commissioner Roger Brown said in the statement.

“I commend our members for their dedication and professionalism as they were able to stay focused on the task at hand and getting results throughout this ordeal bringing the situation to a quick end. The work of our members was professional and effective. They deserve my utmost respect.”

Ross, a police dog trainer from Victoriaville, Que., joined the RCMP from Ottawa after graduation in 2007, and was posted to the detachment based in Moncton as a general duty police officer.

He was a married father of a 19-month-old with another baby on the way, his mother-in-law told CBC News on Thursday.

“This is the most horrifying, difficult experience,” she said.

Victoriaville Mayor Alain Rayes said flags in the city have been lowered to half-mast in solidarity with Ross’s family.

Rayes said he has been in touch with Ross’s mother and brother to offer condolences on behalf of the city.

“It’s very painful for them,” he said. “It’s been 24 hours since they were informed … so I can only imagine they’re having a very difficult time.”

Rayes said Ross left Victoriaville, located between Montreal and Quebec City, when he was 19 to pursue his dream of becoming an RCMP officer.

Family members say Ross had a longstanding goal of joining the national police force, hoping to follow in the footsteps of his uncle.

Rayes said Ross’s death is devastating for his family and the community.

“It’s very sad,” he said. “I have three children myself and I know there’s a lot of sadness right now, a lot of anger seeing that events like this could still take place in our society in 2014.”

‘Beyond comprehension’

Brown said Larche worked in Miramichi before joining the detachment in the Moncton area as a highway patrol and general duty officer. He received a commander’s commendation in 2008 for saving the life of an unconscious baby.

Gevaudan was born in France and joined the RCMP in Regina. He was posted to New Brunswick in 2008 after graduating from the training academy.

Brown said details about funeral arrangements for the three officers are expected to be released soon.

“With respect to funeral services, we work with the families on that,” he said. “They deserve some time, some space to deal with what has to be dealt with.”

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson said the days ahead will be difficult for RCMP members across the country.

“We will need time to mourn our fallen brothers and support their families through this tragedy,” he said. “Their deaths are beyond comprehension. Their ultimate sacrifices will never be forgotten.”

‘The start of a very long road’

Brown said the two officers wounded in the shootings, Constables Éric Stéphane J. Dubois and Marie Darlene Goguen, are both recovering after undergoing surgery on Thursday.

“Both are recovering well and both are to be commended for the role that they played in this particular incident as well,” he said.

“This is the start of a very long road for all of us … My thoughts and my prayers continually remain with the families of … the fallen officers who died in the line of duty, and our recovering officers. We should also include the members that evening who were on scene with those individuals. They continue to work through this process.”

Police apprehended the 24-year-old man suspected in the shootings early Friday morning.

Justin Bourque, from Moncton, was found in a wooded area near the intersection of Wheeler Boulevard and Mountain Road.

He surrendered without incident and remains in police custody.

Brown said it’s expected criminal charges will be laid later today, the same day Bourque is also expected to make his first court appearance.

Moncton shooting timeline: RCMP hunt for Justin Bourque

Three officers killed, two wounded as shooter remains apprehended


June 4, 7:30 p.m.: Codiac RCMP officers respond to a call about a man wearing camouflage and armed with two rifles in the woods near the Pinehurst subdivision in northwest Moncton.

Witnesses Danny Leblanc said he saw the gunman standing in the middle of the street, gun pointed at police cars. He thought the man was an RCMP officer until he fired.

8:12 p.m.: New Brunswick RCMP issues an alert for those in the Hildegard and Ryan Road area to stay inside and lock their doors.

Over the next hour, that area is expanded to Plaza Boulevard, Moncton Coliseum, Worthington Avenue, Preston Crescent and Elmhurst Drive.

8:30 p.m.: Local photographer Daniel St. Louis arrives at the scene of the shooting. He later told the Associated Press he saw two bloodied police vehicles on different streets and a third vehicle with the bullet holes through the windshield.

Further along, he found something he said will always haunt him.

“I walked over and I saw two feet, facing the street, toes up,” said St. Louis, 51. “I realized, ‘Oh my God. There’s somebody down.’”

The RCMP would later confirm that three officers were killed and two others wounded. Their identities have not been released.

After math of shooting in #Moncton last night. Suspect is still at large. Photo credit: Michael Landry—
Jon Munn (@Jon_OnAir) June 05, 2014

A photo from the Canadian Press showed a blue sedan with its windows shattered by gunfire and pools of blood on the ground at the intersection of Mailhot Avenue and Isington Street.

9:17 p.m.: RCMP identify the suspect as 24-year-old Justin Bourque.

Posts on Bourque’s Facebook account show a penchant for firearms and disdain for police.

Overnight: With the suspect still on the loose, police establish a search perimeter. Those living inside the area are asked to stay inside, lock their doors and keep outdoor lights on to help in the hunt.


June 5, morning: Bourque is spotted by police within the search radius — one confirmed sighting and two others unconfirmed. Despite an overnight manhunt, Bourque has still not been apprehended.

Numerous closures are announced in Moncton for June 5, including English and French schools, public transportation, government buildings and the courthouse. Mail service is also suspended.

10:30 a.m.: RCMP officers and Moncton’s mayor George LeBlanc hold an emotional press conference.

RCMP superintendent Marlene Snowman said Bourque was not previously known to police and his family is being interviewed in hopes of finding out more about his motives and where he could be hiding.

“Please work with us as we go through this together. When you see an RCMP officer working, please thank them,” said RCMP Commanding officer Roger Brown.

12:30 p.m.: Officers surround a building in Moncton, weapons drawn and snipers positioned. Reporters on scene are not sharing photos or the location of the confrontation at the request of officers.

2:30 p.m.: Officers appear to have cleared the scene, police will be holding a press conference at 3:30 p.m. EST.

3:30 p.m.: In a press conference, Cpl. Chantal Farrah said the suspect is still at large. One of the wounded officers has been released from hospital, though all names are being kept confidential for now.

Residents in the Moncton north are reminded to stay inside and keep the movements of police officers off social media.

With files from the Canadian Press.

The World Wide Resistance Network

The World Wide Resistance Network

Shooter in Moncton, N.B. Canada. phone report part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Justin Bourque 2Justin Bourque 7 Justin Bourque 4 Canadian Police Are Hunting Justin Bourque After He Shot Dead 3 Police Officers Canadian Police Hunt Justin Bourque After He Shot Dead 3 Police Officers

Follow up on the Moncton NB Canada Shooting

Published on Jun 6, 2014

As promised Connor returns to talk about his experiences during the Moncton NB Canada shooting witch took place only 5 blocks away from his home. Stay tuned for a phone discussion video this weekend as The Tinman talks to connor about the nightmare in his home town that lasted nearly 48 hours.

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Moncton Shooting: Three Canadian police officers dead

Justin Bourque Shooting a Cop (Moncton Gunman)

Justin Bourque ~ Moncton NB THREE RCMP COPS SHOT DEAD

Police State Radio

MONCTON SHOOTING HOAX CONFIRMED Drill carried out days before

 Go to this link to view video.
Autoplay On
Description: He’s pissed and we should be too!There is always a drill.Why did Homeland Security arrive in Manhattan the night before 911,an unpredictable event.And it took them days to arrive for Hurricane Katrina and they knew almost exactly when it would arrive?

Justin Bourque Canadian Moncton Police Hitter


Linda Cormier

thank you for your weloming commety we love you too ;we are thousands who are on justins bouques side,and we don;t know him police did not capture him ,a young man livindg in the park 4 3 days .HE GOT FED UP OF WAITING AND WALKED CALMLY RIGHT UP TO THEM SOMETHING IS AMISS HERE ,GOD KNOWS WHAT BA JOB THE DIRTY COPS ARE GONNA DO TO HIM ,THERE WERE 6 COPS WHY DIDN’T THEY DO SOMETHING ??GIVE ME A BREAK DANIEL .SO LONG FROM HALF AN HOUR FROM MONCTON MY HOME TOWN .

A Canadian Rambo?

Unanswered Questions on the Moncton Shooter and the RCMP

A Critical Look at the Facts and the Hype Concerning the Moncton Shooting Episode. Is the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Deploying Disinfo at the Behest of US Black-Ops Funders?

How did it happen that this young man, Justin Bourque, was able to stroll down the street in Moncton New Brunswick to kill and wound five heavily-armed RCMP officers? Where is any evidence of the actual shootings? Is Justin Bourque a patsie?

by Anthony Hall


The shooting spree said to have resulted in the murder and wounding of five Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers in Moncton New Brunswick raises many questions. Here’s some that occur to me after my curiosity was piqued by FB post published today by American author and pundit Naomi Wolf.

Wolf suggests that the Moncton episode’s whole US-counterterrorist-style might be explained by following the flow of US-black-op-financing apparently now streaming into the burgeoning Canadian police state. Wolf’s observations about possible US involvement in the Moncton shootings helped me to remember theories going around in 2013 about the possible role of US Delta Force/Statfor (see below) in the heavily-armed raids of the RCMP on Native Mi’Kmaq anti-fracking activists in and around Elsipogtog.

A special ops operative deployed near Moncton New Brunswick in 2013 to defend the fracking operation of an Irving related US Company from the interventions of Mi’Kmaq anti-fracking activists.

This thought raises further questions. Could the Moncton RCMP be somehow involved centrally in all the blending of US and Canadian policing and military operations as secretly negotiated in the so-called Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America? Is there more than meets the eye to the Ramboesque style of this whole operation in New Brunswick, a Canadian maritime province essentially owned by the Irving Natural Resources Company?

Alternative Media

As raunchy and crude as is some of the internet coverage of the Moncton shooter incident is, the citizen journalists covering this matter tend to run circles around the well-paid stenographers of press releases from official sources. This stenography, evading at all cost any critical evaluation of the actual evidence, is pretty much what discerning people have come to expect from the mainstream media these days.

I have been learning from citizen journalists that shooter drills took place in Sackville, just a twenty minute drive from Moncton, only days before the lethal incident. Apparently the alleged shooter, Justin Bourque, was apprehended and taken to the RCMP detachment in Sackville, not Moncton, after he was apprehended. Why?

It has been credibly argued that the juxtaposition of drills that approximate concurrent or subsequent episodes of mass murder such as on 9/11 embody classic signs of false flag terrorism.

I have learned from one of the You Tubes linked to below that a key witnesses in this matter is a professional actress. Another witness filmed by CTV clearly has huge internal contradictions in her story. I have seen the allegation that relevant Facebook pages, including the one attributed to the alleged shooter Justin Bourque, have been tampered with and altered. I want that allegation to be addressed on the record by the responsible authorities.

Obvious Questions

What am I to make of the allegation that the Rambo-style shooting episode in Moncton seems like a poorly-produced replica of other fairly obvious false-flag events? What is the story behind the dissemination of the key image sent viral of Bourque strolling along with his hunting rifle? Is that a bow and arrow on Bourque’s shoulder?

What if anything was the role of RCMP tweeters in sending this image viral? Who is taking responsibility for the appallingly poor police work if it turns out that one or more aspects of the rather implausible official version of these lethal events is actually true? One thing that is almost certainly true is the existence of dead RCMP officers.

Was the Moncton shooting in whole or in part a staged event to secure increased budgets and new powers for police-state attacks on our human rights and civil liberties?

Could the event have anything to do with a strategy for re-electing the “law-and-order” party that presently control the national government in Ottawa?

Could the episode be in any way a diversion from the RCMP’s failure to enforce the criminal law on high-ranking officials involved in, for instance, the Senate scandal, election fraud, the torturing of prisoners in Canadian custody,

the wholesale and illegal police invasions of our private communications by the ubiquitous surveillance state, the lethal tasering of civilians including subsequent RCMP misrepresentations,

that frequency of police extending to other police passes for killing civilians, the failure (or worse) of law enforcement in the unsolved cases involving hundreds of missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Canada? This list is far from complete.

Former RCMP Commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli took the politicization of Canada’s ailing federal police to new levels when he intervened in the 2006 election with the goal of putting his friend Stephen Harper in the prime minister’s job.

At the beginning of the election campaign Zaccardelli held a press conference to announce the RCMP’s criminal investigation into the activities of the Finance Minister of the then-Liberal government of Canada.

Zaccardelli’s purposeful intervention into the election campaign had the desired effect. The RCMP had nothing more to say on the matter once the Mounties helped Harper to move into Canada’s top job.

More recently the RCMP seems to have walked away from its investigation into the well documented $90,000 bribe handed over to Senator Mike Duffy by Harper’s top aid to entice the former CTV reporter to play by the script of a concocted fable hatched and implemented in the Prime Minister’s closest circle of advisers.

More and more politics, show biz, and political policing are merging

There is more than enough contradictory evidence out there on the Moncton shooting to justify at least the asking of some critical and penetrating questions by reporters in Canadian media venues such as CTV, The Globe and Mail, and the CBC (the CPC Broadcasting Company?).

The lack of such questioning screams of journalist malfeasance similar to what happened when Sgt. Peter Montague and other RCMP spin doctors concocted a tapestry of lies and half-truths to paint a false picture of Aboriginal terrorism in British Columbia in 1995.

As RCMP media relations officer Sgt. Peter Montague boasted during the 1995 episode, “smear campaigns are an RCMP specialty.” Another police official was caught on camera asking for journalistic help with the RCMP’s “disinformation and smear campaign” targeting especially the Native activists’ controversial lawyer, Bruce Clark.

Presumably the RCMP expect to pay for this kind of professional media help in spreading politically expedient lies.

The integration of journalists into the national security state has a long history in the Cold War when the CIA in Project Mockingbird put thousands of journalists on its payroll to spin, lie, and censor for the manufacturing of consent for certain policies.

The spread of purposeful, planned and coordinated disinformation is nothing new in police work, journalism and politics.

This kind of activity was accelerated after 9/11 when anti-terrorism replaced anti-communism as the major justification for the even tighter merger of journalists and police into the fast-growing military-industrial complex.

Does this current failure of critical reportage not suggest that the media venues named above have allowed themselves to become extensions of the police and of those that have transformed the RCMP from a law enforcement unit to a political enforcement unit?

Citizen Deserve Genuine Evidence-Based Answers

Might the asking of hard questions by mainstream journalists result in the possibility that those who step out of line might lose the prospect of lucrative jobs such as PR spin doctors or even as Senators with sweetheart deals like those formerly extended by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to CTV reporters Pamela Wallin and Mike Duffy.

Given the list of crimes, violations, and misdemeanors delivered on Canadians so far with impunity by the election-fraud government of Stephen Harper and the smear-and-disinformation RCMP, the time has now passed for the extension of the benefit of the doubt in cases such as this one where the smell of deceit is so unmistakable.

Tony Hall

Here is an excerpt from an article by Sakej Ward in a United Church web publication on the Indigenous resistance to the Moncton RCMP’s protection of the contested fracking operations in New Brunswick in 2013

In reference to the Mi’kmaq warrior society being targeted and raided I spoke in the interview about the similarities it had to the raid made by INSET (Integrated National Security Enforcement Team – Canada’s counter terrorism law enforcement department) against Dave Dennis and I.

I wanted to add that these similarities are not coincidental. They are part of an overall strategy at defeating any grass roots movement. Stratfor, is a US company, created by former Delta Force (U.S. Army Counter terrorism unit) operatives.

After leaving the military the owners of the company utilized and modified a war strategy model of counter-insurgency to be employed against grass roots movements opposing corporations.

On Stratfor see

MONCTON SHOOTING FALSE FLAG, CONFIRMED Drill carried out days before!

Shooter drill only days before the publicized shooter incident, a common feature of this genre of false flag episodes

Staged photo op?

The changing story and internal contradictions of the woman who claims to been the first, or one of the first, to call 911 for RCMP help

Moncton Shooting False Flag? Actress is “Main Witness” Justin Bourque

Robot Voice assesses modification of Facebook pages etc.

video deleted
A critical look the Canadian version of what may be a Rambo-style meme of false flag police work

Slightly more polished Rambo assessment focusing on the stretch of credulity required to accept the police version of events as entirely true

Discussion of media spin on the Canadian Rambovideo deleted
Amazingly Retrograde Spin, Delivered as a Crappy Sappy Hollywood Replica of a Really Bad Cop Showvideo deleted
“True Evidence” inserted pictures from Italy into Moncton story

Something Rather Sinister Here, Something going on in Canada

Video deleted
Arsenault’s Reprehensible CBC report, Canadians are the most asleep people on earth, Canadians should stop sipping so much Tim’s

An excerpt from Naomi Wolf’s FB post on possible US Funding of Canadian “counter-terrorism” operations and the need for evidence to support the reported facts of Canada’s supposed Rambo-style shooting episode.

“I found a series of bills pumping DHS [Homeland Security] money (the unaccountable billions out of our budget) into…Canada’s borders and national security.

Now Canada does not have a terrorism problem (no one hates Canadians, those sweet, peaceful, rational people). So to justify all that money ….it has to have a crazy people problem.

This is not to say Moncton “didn’t happen.” It is to say VERIFY DETAILS as there is a major financial incentive for senior Canadian officials and their closely related news outlets, to have the same fear climate in Canada we now lucratively have in the US.

I hope this is clear by now. It is the same reasoning behind everything I will ask you to verify. Money’s relationship to lies.”

Thanks to my friend and colleague Mark Taliano for introducing to me to the false flag implications of the Moncton shooting incident and the pertinent observations of Naomi Wolf who has questioned the veracity of RCMP, eye witness, and media reports

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Posted by Anthony Hall on Jun 10 2014,


Kaylynn Caldwell There are eye witness testimonies… Perhaps this is too much speculation?

Marc Evince!/content/1.2666937

Marc Evince Same last name as this Batman actress

There is the witness… Thebes….

I heard Michelle Thibodeau who knows. My opinion the event happened the false flag is just the media spinoff to try and deter us from the real problem.

Our banking system, the threat of gmo consumption and production, abuse of geo-engineering, abuse of media, spreading awareness about who stole 2.3 trillion dollars the day before 9/11 and then managed to destroy the people investigating it, the hard copies of the evidence, and keep complete media blackout about the crime for 13 years so far.

Thebes, the city of the god Amon, was the capital of Egypt during the period of the Middle and New Kingdoms. With the temples and palaces at Karnak and Luxor, and the necropolises of the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens, Thebes is a striking testimony to Egyptian civilization at its height.

That fits in a weird way… The witness was Michelle same family name. Both actors. Batman of all movies..,, it goes …. Too much work to investigate, so done with the lies. Somebody stand in truth.

Tyler Dunphy Wait so Shawnna is the witness and Michelle is the one who witnessed the arrest?

Marc Evince No … Michell witness. Same last name as S… A coinkidinks ?

Same last name (family name) and both actresses …. And the batman connection is a trip. Enough for a question?

Moncton shooter in pics as joker… Batman sucks. Lame psy op ima thinkin …

Sent from my iPhonePlay Video

Aurora Sandy Hook Boston Bombing- The Joker & Batman DARPA Memetic Warfare

Facebook: Brett Waste Joker Blog:

Tyler Dunphy at what part?

Marc Evince Question whatever ..,, one thing for sure. Batman sucks.
Nadia Stepanek We will win by deceive…Marc Evince Nobody wins by deception.
Nadia Stepanek Well it is one of several rules of the greedy.
Marc Evince Like any magician after they wowed the audience …. They go home and feel shame.
Linda Cormier my son and i knew it from thye very first hurray ,,now free the innocent sad eyed young man .he only did what you told him too
Michelle Sanjenko The name Justin Bourque is what threw me off , from the Bourne movies, Jason Bourn

4 thoughts on “Shooter in Moncton N.B. Canada HOAX”

  1. thank you for your weloming commety we love you too ;we are thousands who are on justins bouques side,and we don;t know him police did not capture him ,a young man livindg in the park 4 3 days .HE GOT FED UP OF WAITING AND WALKED CALMLY RIGHT UP TO THEM SOMETHING IS AMISS HERE ,GOD KNOWS WHAT BA JOB THE DIRTY COPS ARE GONNA DO TO HIM ,THERE WERE 6 COPS WHY DIDN’T THEY DO SOMETHING ??GIVE ME A BREAK DANIEL .SO LONG FROM HALF AN HOUR FROM MONCTON MY HOME TOWN .


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