THIS IS DO OR DIE Present dangerous condition of my Handicare Alex wheelchair

COVER  THIS IS DO OR DIE disabled wheelchair user testimoniesThis ‘Alex’ wheelchair is sold by Handicare and sabotaged

by Francois and Hank of Home Safe Living in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada

I need help my wheelchair is unsafe to use and soon will be completely unusable and I will be trapped in my home alone.


This ‘Alex’ wheelchair is sold by Handicare and sabotaged by Francois and Hank of Home Safe Living in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada

This is why I am a targeted individual:
and why i did this series of live testimonies for a public record so that people in our elected government have been made aware of my dangerous situation and that my life is in seriously in danger.
This series of testimonies is very revealing all the way back to my running a federal election in York Center Toronto 1984 against the then Solicitor General of Canada Bob Kaplan who created Canada’s secret Police CSIS where upon I was told that Bob Kaplan has issued their first contract on me to destroy me.
Here are Bob Kaplans very words he screamed at me in front of a whole crowd of reporters on a public street
“We are going to destroy you.
We are going to make you so destitute
that you will have to resort to crime to survive
were upon we will put you in one of our prisons.
Where we will have our fun with you”
After which time he lifted his hand to gesture to his uncover special agents.
He then yelled at all the reports that they are not permitted to ever report what they just heard.
His goons then took all the reporters notes and anything else they had.
Some where stripped searched on the street.
The goons made sure that everyone there was totally terrorized and scared.
Thereafter the reporters never mentioned any of this.
This post will tell you how bad the situation was and how important it was to Canada’s future.
Corrupt Canadian Elections (Vote Fixing) Daniel J Towsey
This is how we lost Canada..and this how we are going to lose our freedoms..and then our lives…
The insane corporate criminals have taken over Canada.

Trudeau shut down the function of the bank of Canada in 1975 and gave the creation of money to corporate banksters.

Who then used their unlimited fake unaccountable money they produced out of thin air to take control by buying up the whole country and then corporatized all our governments.
I warned you all long ago and you did not listen and you are still not listening.

I Am In Love And I Am So Happy Written by Daniel J Towsey


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