Grace Factory Homes Affordable Housing in Nova Scotia

Copy of Grace Factory Homes Affordable Housing

Below you will find an audio interview and documents slideshow with Bill Grace of Grace Factory Homes in Nova Scotia.

Bill was making his story known to the public in front of the Nova Scotia Provincial legislature building.

Please listen to Bill describe the legislated hindrances he is trying to over come to make his Affordable Housing company a reality for the many low income people in the rural parts of Nova Scotia.

About us

Traditionally the Pre-Fabricated Home Industry has contributed to making Home Ownership possible for many families. Grace Factory Homes plans to further this goal. We have developed a comprehensive Program and are able to offer this service to the public.

This program packages the Building Lot, Foundation, Pre-Fabricated Home Package, Installation Services, Electrical, Plumbing and Heating, Air Exchange Systems all under one roof. The Service is also available to people owning their own lots.
The Unique System allows the buyers to contribute their own input into the costs by permitting them to do some their own work and offer these buyers a cash back from $9,000 to $15,000. This feature can make Home Ownership possible for more Families.

Grace Factory Homes offers Five Lines of Homes:

Super-Mini Homes, Affordable Homes, Custom Homes, Summer Cottages and Semi-Detached.

Grace Factory Homes Affordable Housing in Nova Scotia slideshow


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