Omnibus March Against Stephen Harper in Vancouver B.C.

Omnibus March Against Harper in Van B.C.Keep EmStraight_002_

Arrest the Prime Minister_John Allen West-Omnibus March Against Stephen Harper

Published on Mar 11, 2014

Segment from the Vancouver BC Omnibus Rally Against Stephen Harper. Speaker John West calls for an end to the corrupt banking system which is holding citizens as financial hostages to the benefit of the corporate systems` never ending search for outrageous riches & control over the masses.

Viewers comments on B.C. video.

  • Daniel J Towsey I wish Halifax would permit real activist speakers..this town is run by scary subversives..

    Keep Em Straight You mean this person would not be allowed to speak like this in public in Halifax, how would they stop free speech if this had have taken place there ?
  • Daniel J Towsey Facebook wont let this video play… but I watched it on youtube..Fantastic speech..when I tried to speak here in Halifax I got swarmed and overwhelmed by serious subversives..But good thing the local Police finally know who i am and what I have to say. The Police actually had to protect me from the U.N. subversive this military nato town.
  • Daniel J Towsey In this town if you try and speak freely they will attack you..They wont even let me have conversations with people while I am sitting in my wheelchair on a public sidewalk.. Oh I just bought my own PA is a very small but very powerful public announcement speaker that even has a tiny mouth mike. So that now when I go to protests I they wont be able to drown me out..
    Keep Em Straight Sure wish I was out there with you, or do I.
    Daniel J Towsey I am the only person doing anything real for Canada and this this town..
    Daniel J Towsey When I spoke about the same issues about the corrupt banking system I was literally swarmed by very scary aggressive people..they hid me from view and kept me from speaking..

    Canada The Corporation_Chief Rock speaks at the March Against Stephen Harper rally.

    Published on Mar 8, 2014

    Higher Playback resolution version found here: Stolen Lands: “An interesting talk about who is the real authority on the lands of the native people on turtle island”

    Vancouver Omnibus Rally_Phil Lane Jr.

    Published on Mar 5, 2014

    For Higher resolution version Click Here- – . Opening segment from the March 1st 2014 Vancouver BC Omnibus Rally “March Against Stephen Harper”. Guest speaker Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr. Please visit and support:

    A Message From Our Youth_Omnibus Rally Mar-1st 2014

    Published on Mar 6, 2014

    Higher resolution version viewable here.

    Young motivated speaker at the Mar.1st 2014 Omnibus Rally against Stephen Harper reminds the adults what a mess they have left for younger people to grow up in. Almost everything taught has been a lie or a stream of mixed up priorities. The economy and generation of wealth is simply not more important than Humanity, Truthfulness, the Environment & the well-being of all living things!


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