Does the Queen of England Care About Canada and the Canadian People?

Written by Daniel Jude Joseph Towsey

I am writing this as a plea to all honorable peoples.

I live in the second oldest city in North America, a city known as Halifax, in the province of Nova Scotia.

The birth place of common law.

The birth place of the common wealth country of Canada.

The birth place of the first representative parliamentary legislature known as Province House.

Where we the common people elected common people to represent us to create our common laws for the common good of all common people.

In this city Queen Victoria gave something very special to the common people.

She gave us The Victoria Public Gardens on Spring Garden Rd.

But what is even more important, this garden was built on a parcel of land that was the birth place of our common wealth country.

That parcel of land is 283 acres to be held in perpetuity for the good of the common people.

That parcel of land was the birth place of our common wealth country.

That parcel of land is known as The Halifax Commons.

I have heard so often in my life the authority and honor of the Queen of England.

I now ask for proof of such.

Canada and the whole of this planet has come under the covert control of devious evil deceptive bankers.

The first of which under minded the Queens home land of England and the true English common people.

Rothchild has spread his Zionist creation all over this planet.

Everywhere that this Zionist banskster touched has been left with a trail of utter death,

destruction and perpetual depression.

Depression of all that was once natural and beautiful.

The Rothchild Zionist Banksters have stolen everything of real value.

They have stolen the lives and the creations of all the common people.

Zionism is not part of Judaism and of the people who follow Judaism that are known as Jews.

Zionism is not part of Christianity and of the people who follow Christianity known as Christians.

Zionism is not a religion nor does it have anything to with the belief of Jesus and God.

Zionism is a satanic creation of Rothchild.

I recommend you read what Rothchild wrote.

He wrote the protocols of his Zionist creation.

These Protocols are known as, ‘The Protocols of the learned elders of Zion’.

I know ask the Queen of England and all the common people to rise up for truth, honor, and justice.

The off shoot of the Zionist bankster empire has been corporatism.

Canada has been stolen, just like every other country that the Zionist satanist spread their corporatism too.

The last remaining piece of common land in Canada is about to be stolen by corporatism.

The Halifax Commons has gradually been taken from the common people.

Only approximately 20 acres remains.

Recently corporate interests erected what is known as an out door skating oval.

Then the corporation announced and staked their claim to that last remaining piece of common land.

By planting their stake (sign post) into that land and put their corporate names on that sign.

Under Common law, if after one year no one has disputed their staked claim.

They can go into a land registry office and freely get their deed to that land.

A deed that actually says, “In deed they now have a claim to this staked land”

In Canada under common law no one actually owns any land,

as all lands of our Common wealth belongs to all the common people of our Common wealth country.

Canada has been taken over by the corporate banksters.

All our governments in Canada have now been corporatized.

All our public utilities, our Bank of Canada and all our lands have been taken over and stolen by corporate criminals.

These corporate criminals have taken over the the function of the Bank of Canada.

The corporate banksters now produce money out of thin air.

And since we no longer have a people government to protect out common interests.

These banksters can not be held accountable to we the common people.

They the banksters now produce fake money out of thin air to financially imprison all the people

They have used this fraudulent money to buy (steal) everything.

The common people of Canada now only have corporate slavery and corruption in common.

All this has happened because all the people have lost their common sense (cents).

We the people of Canada no longer have anything in common.

We have had our society covertly socially subverted and corrupted.

Like the Rothchild Zionist banksters have done everywhere else their evil fake money has gone.

They have destroyed and stolen our once happy and free common law country.

I now ask the Queen of England to speak publicly and address this problem.

I need to hear the Queen of England to speak with Common Sense.

Everywhere corporatism goes, only destruction remains.

Corporatism is killing our very planet.

I have written this in hopes that death not be the only remaining thing that we the people of planet earth have in common.

It is time for common sense to be what we all have in common…

I am just a common man….



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Joann Ridenour The queen supports the bankers….has from the beginning
Canadian Situations I agree and I am aware of that, which is why I wrote and published this..
  • Petitioning Prime Minister Harper

prime minister harper: RESTORE THE BANK OF CANADA

  • Peoplestandup CA I have been on internet from the beginning. It become more of the same thing. Only anyone can play God here. Most folks have left for the internet why theirs worlds are burning around them. There no body home on the ground. Shit is going to happen because no one watching what going on. Thank for all the hard work you and have done. Hey let face very few people are awake to hear this! Peace always
  • Daniel J Towsey The problem is the zombies are sleep walking and not realizing yet that they are in a nightmare.. careful when they wake..
  • Danny Kennedy Killuminati No she doesnt love from
    Bob Renner well said and so very true.thx for this statement of fact,,,

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