Crime Minister Harper Tweets Threats To All First Nations

Written by A Truth Soldier.  HarperTweet_4779

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On October 13 2013 Crime Minister Harper of the Harper Corporate Government Sent out this tweet.

Please understand The Common Wealth Country of Canada was created by electing common people 

to our House of Commons in Ottawa, these common people created the common law of our land.

The only law of our land is common law.

All other laws are corporate criminal tyrannical laws.

Canada no longer has a representative government of the common people.

Actually Canada no longer has a peoples representative government.

It now only has a corporation pretending to be our government.

The threat you read in the tweet applies to all first nations on our land.

So please understand that the Common Wealth Country of Canada is also a first nation.

So now I want to mention about Harpers Crown law mention.

Canada is not governed by the imaginary unreal crown.

Canada is a democracy and as such, no crown has any authority over we the free people of the 

Commonwealth of Canada.

The Crown he spoke of is only a fake corporate image.

For those of you who are reading this that are not from Canada. The Harper tweet pertains to the 

Mi’kmaq Natives anti fracking protests that are happening in New Brunswick which is on the 

east coast of Canada by the atlantic ocean.

The natives have come under attack by privately paid Police that obviously have been paid by 

a corporation to be there. Since we have no peoples government.

All the Royal Mounted Police vehicles there have license plates from other jurisdictions as far

 as the Province of Nova Scotia and possibly Quebec.

These for hire Police can not be trusted.

Police in Canada have been proven to engage in illegal activities such as they did at the G20 

protests in Toronto, by torching their own decommissioned police vehicles to make it appear

 as if the peaceful protesters are being violent.

Since we the people do not have our own governments to protect us. 

The corporate governments can and do engage in any covert activities they choose.

Such as possibly planting guns and bombs in tee pees at the anti fracking native protests.

Harpers tweet clearly states that he is applying non democratic corporate crown laws that do 

not even exist in common law.


Truthers always sound insane when they are telling you what the insane corporate criminals 

are doing.

The insane have no self control. They only look to control we the free people.

Do not assume anything in life.

Question everything with critical thinking.

Then when you learn what truth is.

It is your duty to spread the seeds of truth.

So a healthy tree of life will grow and provide healthy food for thought.

It is time for a revolution.

A world wide truth revolution.

For if humanity is not guided into the future by truth.

Then we are all doomed for we live in fear by obeying the dictates of the criminally insane corporate minds.

For the insane seek no truth and nor do they speak any truth.

So are you insane? Or Are you a truther?


Mi’kmaq Warriors Go Up Against the Giant to Protect All that is Sacred

Levi Rickert, editor-in-chief in Entertainment

SINGNIGTOG, ELSIPOGTOG FIRST NATION – The scene was reminiscent of 1960s Civil Rights Movement when law enforcement used excessive force to halt protests in the Deep South to do away with segregation.

Blockade WarriorsRoyal Canadian Mounted Police shooting Pepper Spray at the crowd.

Some fifty years later, excessive force was used on First Nations Warriors in Mi’kmaq Territory who were at a blockade against fracking on their homeland.

It happened Thursday at the anti-shale gas encampment on highway 134 in New Brunswick.

The protesters were unarmed, but were still sprayed with tear gas and rubber ammunition was fired by the Canadian Royal Mounted Police, reportedly hitting two Warriors in the process. Among the protesters were elders, women and children.

While the protesters were primarily First Nations citizens, much support for the anti-shale gas blockade has come from non-Native environmentalists. The anti-shale gas protesters argue the region’s water supply is being endangered.

In many struggles involving environmental issues, big corporations are involved. In this case, SWN, the Texas-based gas company, won an injunction against the protesters. It becomes a David versus Goliath situation. The justice system works in the favor the giants.

Heavily-armed police forces are then brought in to break up the blockade.

“We, the Mi’kmaq Treaty beneficiary with the support of the Mi’kmaq women of Mi’kmaki’k stand united for the protection of our water as a Nation within our homeland which we hold legal title. Water is sacred, without water no life can exist. As Mi’kmaq, we have the responsibility of stewardship and this stewardship is reflected in the treaty relationship which is based upon our covenant with Creator. To this end we have inherited the duty to defend all that is sacred,”

writes Elizabeth Marshall, of the Eskasoni Treaty Beneficiaries Association, about why the blockade existed.

Fighting for the sacred requires warriors to rise to the occasion. They fought the giant on Thursday in our Photo of the Week.

posted October 19, 2013 6:57 am edt


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