Canada is a Common Wealth and NOT a Corporation

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written by A Truth Soldier

Please see ” A Freeman – A Common Man” To understand Common Law

The Canadian Bill of Rights

 Canada Is A Commonwealth

Canada is a common wealth.

With a house of commons.

That we the common people elect common people to create common law based on common sense.


The law of the land we call Canada, is common law.


The remainder of the so called laws are Corporate laws.


I and our country does not belong to any corporation.


Our once free country has been stolen by corporate criminals.


The government of Canada no longer exists.


That is proven by the fact that Crime Minister Harper announced that it is now to be known as

The Harper government.


If that is not a dictatorial statement then what is it?

Crime Minister Harper has now proven that he is a dictator.


Why did not the people of Canada riot in the streets when Harper made that announcement?


Ask yourself, Why are you paying taxes to the corporation of Canada?


The corporation of Canada is traded on the New York stock exchange.


Your taxes are going to the share holders.


Canada has been taken over by the international banksters who created corporatism.


When I was young Canada had no corporations, it only had companies.

We then had the most joyous happy prosperous country on earth.

With the highest standard of living.


Now we have all been turned into poor financial slaves.


Now let me tell you about the bank of Canada and how Canada had no income taxes until after the second world war.


In a common wealth country the people own the wealth.


That in particular applies to the creation and distribution of money (currency).


We the common people created our Bank of Canada to handle our currency.


The Bank of Canada, our peoples bank never ever had to borrow money from corporate banksters at interest.


We simply created the money we needed to create our roads, infrastructure and public utilities by creating money that is then know as inflation.


Then after we the peoples bank removed the currency from circulation once the infrastructure and public utilities were paid for and self sufficient.


Take note that the corporate criminals have now stolen all our Canadian assets, Our utilities, our governments,

our natural resources and everything else of value.


Now the corporate banksters create money out of thin air by entering any amounts they want into a computer bank account.


The commercial banks are no longer accountable for their actions to we the people because we the people no longer have any representative governments.


So the corporate criminals are doing what ever they want.


The banksters have now turned all of us people into financial slaves.


Remember, money has no value unless we the people agree to do physical work for it.


So now the situation is out of control because we the people have no means of controlling the financial criminals.


Even unionized workers are now living in poverty.


That has occurred because all those living off the gains they get from corporate banksters is robbing the value of your money before you even spend it.


The fake money the banksters are creating is watering down (Devaluing) the money in your pockets.


Add to that, the tax rates the (corporate) governments and fees they charge for everything else that are taken from you,

which adds up to eight percent of your income.


Now you should understand just how horrible the situation is in Canada and everywhere else on earth where the corporate banksters set up business.

 If you want to know how we lost Canada then please read this.

Also Please read this.

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Uploaded on Oct 20, 2011  Quebec Canada they are Corporations legal persons


That’s a pretty striking page. I say that Canada is still a real country (ours) so long as believe it. All it may be is an idea, but what isn’t? It’s all ideas Vs. ideas, isn’t it?

Trying to get people to see what’s going on and care is not easy. I guess all we can do is to keep pounding the drum. Sites like yours are important because they educate people with the truth. The longer it remains and keeps its message the more people will get it. Lies are impressed on people the same way: if you say the sky is red 1,000 times, people will begin to believe you. It works the same for the truth, only more so, because in theory the truth becomes self-evident.

Have you heard about the Investor-State Dispute agreement? I did a vid warning people about it. Chinese (and American) companies can now buy up our companies, resources and previously-Canadian-owned property! What this means in regards to China is of course the economic takeover by Communist China. It’s unreal to see what’s going on. The head of CSIS has spoken out against how we are being invaded from within but so few are listening.

Democracy and Capitalism is being perverted into Corporate Communism right in front of our faces.



The Corporate Takeover of Canada

Published on Jul 28, 2013

This is what we have to fight: government corruption and the international corporations (globalists) which are taking over. The People lose more and more rights and freedoms while big companies and corporations gain more and more. We are losing our sovereignty to the global economy, as even Stephen Harper himself admitted (while claiming that we need a “global governance” to manage it and then stated that the G-20 is the closest thing that we have to global governance thus far.)


Tories defeat last minute push for hearings on Canada-China investment treaty
(Mentions that it was being signed in secret by Stephen Harper without consulting Parliament)

Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership

Investor-state dispute settlement

“Bigger-than-NAFTA” Leesburg Trade Summit
Attracts Controversy, Protest
It mentions: “the United States has lost more than 90% of the more than 65 cases brought against it by other countries.”

Trade Dispute Settlement under NAFTA

“The Canada-China agreement has also been criticized for the length of time that must elapse before either country can terminate it — 15 years, plus 15 years’ additional coverage for investments established prior to termination” !!!

Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement Negotiations
(You’ll notice there is no mention of the Investor Trade Dispute Agreement)

Australia’s Concerns about singing the Investor Trade Dispute

Our stance against this trade pact is a positive step forward
“Don’t give firms special rights to take governments to court against the locals’ best interests”

Australian Gov Page
“Typically these clauses empower businesses from one country to take international legal action against the government of another country for alleged breaches of the agreement, such as for policies that allegedly discriminate against those businesses and in favour of the country’s domestic businesses…”

ICSID tribunal process

ICSID’s ‘reports’ on procedural outcomes

Analysis of the European Commission’s Draft Text on Investor-State Dispute Settlement for EU Agreements

Interview with Gus van Harten: What is an example of investor-state Trade Dispute?…

Interview : the Dispute Settlement System


Industry Canada has doled out $22.1B in corporate welfare since 1961: report

(CETA) Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement

Harper’s CETA Priority Is to Protect Big Corporations, Not Human Rights (Opinion blog)

Municipal Procurement Implications of the Proposed Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between Canada and the European Union

Stephen Harper on “Global Governance” and the G-20

Harper mentioning the need for “a global governance” again

Uploaded on Jul 10, 2009

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper: “There Is Going To Have To Be Global Governance”

Wake up Canada – New World Order Has Arrived – YouTube 

Uploaded on Jan 28, 2012

The Harper government is about to implement sweeping changes to the internet, specifically allowing police and government to spy on Canadians without warrants.

Lawful Access, a series of Tory bills, will force Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to collect and disclose information (name, address, email address) about customers (you and me) to law enforcement (cops and bureaucrats) without a warrant or judicial oversight. And will unleash sweeping warrant powers for police over online communication (emails, Facebook, chat rooms).

At the Davos meeting of the elite and government leaders the validity of capitalist system is being questioned, with that the democratic system of governance must also be questioned.

How can democracy function when governments represent the elite, uber rich, corporations and lobbyists often in contradiction to the wishes and needs of their populace. Capitalism has failed, more correctly it’s been corrupted just as democracy has.

The New World Order has come home to roost.

10 reasons Harper should/may step down

Published on Jul 4, 2013

Liberal strategist Warren Kinsella explains why he thinks Stephen Harper’s time as prime minister is almost over.


Uploaded on Oct 20, 2011

Quebec Canada they are Corporations legal persons

Canada Issued Debt-Free Money From 1935-1974

Uploaded on Dec 29, 2011

Bill Abram briefly talks about growing up during the depression in Alberta Canada, before describing Canada’s experience of debt-free money issue from 1935-1974 and its barely perceptible effect on the national debt. At the end, he waxes philosophical about the source of true wealth in society.

“Wealth does not come from a bank; it does not come from any money manipulation; it comes from us.” Bill Abram, 09.27.09

Video Credit:

Restore The Use Of The Bank Of Canada Lawsuit – Press Release

Canada’s New $100 Polymer Bank Notes

Mark Carney Hired As World Banking Regulator

Oh Canada Movie – Our Bought And Sold Out Land

Stop Outsourcing The Printing Of Our Currency

Goldman Sachs And The Bank Of Canada

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5 thoughts on “Canada is a Common Wealth and NOT a Corporation”

  1. Quote: “Your taxes are going to the share holders.” – and the shareholdes are the corporate criminals and banksters.
    this reads so beautifully like a poem, and it also describes what is happening globally, its all very heartbreaking because there are so many of us and so few of them and yet somehow they, through the use of stolen and dirty money have become offensively powerful. the most disturbing to me is that they also seem to now own all military branches around the globe. This beautiful and well written poem should go viral globally as we are all in this delima together.


  2. I wanted to thank an individual for this excellent read!! My spouse and i definitely experiencing every little bit of it I have you bookmarked to view new stuff an individual post


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