Halifax Police Involved In My Attempted Murder

Halifax Police and The Waterfront Development Corporation has now again Banned me from the Halifax Waterfront..

Please go to this link for the full and complete article with videos, official maps and a full explanation..



I am now wheelchair bound since the Halifax Police were complicit in the attempted murder of me when they were involved in driving a car over me several times, two and a half months after I witnessed the Halifax Police involvement in the death and robbery of a man on the Halifax waterfront during the Aug 2009 International buskers festival.http://wheelchairrights.wordpress.com/2013/06/24/halifax-police-involved-in-my-attempted-murder/

See scans of the documents they gave me below.

See this related article..


You can also go to http://wheelchairrights.wordpress.com for my more articles about what the government of Nova Scotia, The Police, Metro Transit have done to me since I wiitnessed and reported on the event of the man drowning in August 2009.


PPA June 2013_0001

PPA June 2013_0002

PPA June 2013_0003 PPA June 2013_0004 PPA June 2013_0005PPA June 2013_0006


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