New Glasgow Cops

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Idiot Petey MacKay posing with one of the new vehicles that probably came out of the $14,000,000 earmarked for anti-terrorists. He’s seen here with duly equipped militarized police in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.
You might feel proud men but you all look like frikkin’ jerks … this is Canada, not a Taliban-held region of Afghanistan!!!!!
Go hide, you idiots embarrass me. Stop posing like you’re trying to take Vimy Ridge!!!!!
Harper is a psycho and I swear he’s equipping every power-trip hungry sociopath in Canada who couldn’t pass grade 6 algebra. — with The Only Innocent Member.

RCMP in Saskatchewan have unveiled a new tactical armoured vehicle designed to help keep officers safe in situations such as hostage takings and armed standoffs.

RCMP Receives Military Styled Armored Personnal Carriers

Posted on July 26, 2012Posted in: National News, Police State

Not too long ago the new department of homeland security armored vehicles hit the streets of America. The vehicles are massive and are built for nothing short of all out war.

Now the RCMP is rolling out their new armored personnel carriers according to a Navistar Defense Canada press release:

Navistar Defence Canada, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Navistar Defense, LLC, today announced that it delivered on a USD $14 million contract from the Government of Canada to supply the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) with International® MXT™ Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs). The new vehicles will provide increased protection and rescue capabilities for RCMP officers and members of the public during high-risk situations. The contract to support the RCMP is the company’s first MXT vehicle sale to the police and security sector.

“The RCMP is well regarded throughout the world as a top police service and we are honored to have been selected to provide MXT vehicles,” said Dan Webster, president, Navistar Defence Canada. “Navistar proudly supports allied military forces overseas and now we are taking steps to help security forces serve and protect here at home. In addition, this award supports the product diversification goals of our parent company.”

The RCMP is unique as it serves as a national, federal, provincial and municipal policing body. The RCMP provides policing services to three territories, eight provinces (except Ontario and Quebec), more than 150 municipalities and more than 600 Aboriginal communities. In addition, the RCMP provides federal policing services to all Canadians.

Navistar has used its manufacturing and engineering flexibility to customize MXT APC units to meet the RCMP’s specialized needs. The proven MXT platform is currently in operation in Afghanistan with the British Army. The vehicle has demonstrated exceptional survivability and off road performance in theater in all environmental conditions.

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As stated in the press release the MXT platform is currently being used in several military conflicts and below is a picture of one in Afghanistan. Receives

The models being employed by the RCMP will look more like this one.

The RCMP version comes with multiple gun ports, and can carry a full tactical team.

As we watch countless police forces around our nation and even our national police force the RCMP totally militarizing, we must stop. Take a step back and ask is this really necessary? Do we need or want military vehicles in the hands of local police? And most of all. When do we start calling Canada a total police state?

Johanna Sommer New Glasgow now has a tank to protect the people…. INsane Cons … and they have a trained dog? Why is Harper expecting terrorism in New Glasgow? How can that city or town afford such an expensive vehicle? This is madness!!!!!
Henry Evans-Tenbrinke Welcome to the new police state.
Mike Rilstone “It may never be used, but if it’s needed, we will have the capability,” said Const. Ken Macdonald”

NEW GLASGOW — It’s not a tank. It just looks like one. And you won’t see it in your rear-view mirror with lights flashing anytime soon. But, yes, the New Glasgow Police Service is the province’s first force to get its hands on an armoured military vehicle. Defence Minister Peter MacKay, the Central…
  • Mike Rilstone Why don’t we buy 6,000 Ferris Wheels for the Arctic Circle too. They may never be used, but if they’re needed, we’ll have the capability.
  • Cindy Armitage I’d like to see the documentation of “terrorist” threats that Canada has received. Maybe, we’ve only received them since our monster of a leader has taken office, that would make sense, but otherwise….I truly doubt that Canada has ever been threatened, simply because we don’t threaten others. -.-
  • Johanna Sommer So they have so much money to spare they buy this machine? Or did Harper give it to them… We only have terrorists on Parliament Hill.. … They are usually going to the Prayer meeting on the Hill on thursday nights…
  • Mike Rilstone Harper has even furnished them with Nazi-stylized helmets!!!!

    Alma Vickie Miller I AGREE, AND THEN SOME.

    Mike Rilstone

    The RCMP in B.C. are rolling out their newest crime-fighting tools — two surplus Tactical Armoured Vehicles that were given to them by the Canadian Armed Forces.
    Cindy Armitage So, Harper, dismantles the ELA, a vital need for the planet and all of Canada, because he says that we can no longer afford $2 mil, to support them, meanwhile, there are many who will privately fund them, yet he spends way F*CKIN more on useless crap that isn’t necessary and has no rhyme or reason to be implemented?
    Johanna Sommer Who is paying for these monsters?? Suddenly there is that much money around? Who paid???? outrageous..
    Mike Rilstone Beware Canada. If before Election Day 2015 the Prime Minister of Canada feels there is a “National Threat” he can cancel the election indefinitely. Don’t think this is what it’s all about?
    Cindy Armitage $23 mil spent on the stupid recreation/advertising for the war of 1812! Let’s do the math…..That would have kept the ELA running for, 11 years!! I AM BEGINNING TO HATE MY COUNTRY, but options are narrowing, where I’d want to be. Belgium sounds good!
    Johanna Sommer Harper is the threat to Canada.. but that is a good point Mike… Harper can make up any lie he wants…
    Alma Vickie Miller Mike Rilstone, I said that long ago about him getting a reason to use the charter of rights to be in power as long as he wants. NOT SCARED? YOU BETTER BE!!!
    Arlene Johnston he is looking Scared… of what or whom?? First Nations INM or Hippies growing green??? Canadian “harper government” labelled terrorists!! ow ch
    Siobhan Cohen Why on earth does New Glasgow -a quaint little town – need tanks? Unless they plan to help relatives in Scotland gain independence …just kidding! Seriously, what is Peter thinking?
    Upper Jim Durham police had one given to them free by the company that builds urban armoured vehicles. It has blast plates on the bottom. Guess our cops are expecting IED’s.
    Theresa Jordan Mike Rilstone I live outside New Glasgow and a lot of people were upset by them getting the Cougar. We can’t believe it. I would love to know what their planning. I can’t see why Peter would think New Glasgow needs a cougar. People in New Glasgow wonder how the town is going to pay for training and maintenance.The town is being laughed at. Apparently the Mayor of New Glasgow applied to the DND for this and peter helped. Its pretty scary whats happening.
    Harald Wolf They are using our money to buy the weapons they’ll use against us when enough people wake up and try to reclaim the Canada they’ve stolen from us.
    David Ivaz Exactly Harald, the states are really gearing up for the revolution. Ultimately assclowns like Harper, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan will be dragged out of their hiding places and given the justice due to them. Sadly a large number of us will have to pay the price before we get there.
    Arlene Johnston 2nd largest country ..With 4% Aboriginal, the price of that sum may hopefully not be environmental annihilation …INM Revolutions.
    Harald Wolf He’s fighting for democracy, he’s fighting for the Reds
    He says it’s for the peace of all.
    He’s the one who must decide who’s to live and who’s to die
    *And he never sees the writing on the wall.*

    But without him how would Hitler have condemned him at Dachau
    Without him Caesar would have stood alone.
    He’s the one who gives his body as a weapon of the war
    And without him all this killing can’t go on

    He’s the universal soldier and he really is the blame
    But his orders come from far away no more

    They come from him and you and me
    and Brothers, can’t you see this is not the way to put an end to war?

    – Buffy Sainte Marie (1962)
    Linda Wallace Scary and sad.
    Theresa Jordan Mike, they really do look like a bunch of idiots.
    Mike Rilstone You didn’t hear it here, but we’re going back to burn down the White House again because Obama is foot-dragging on the pipeline.
    Luanne Vendittelli Oh my !!! Just mind boggling!! How sad and ridiculous.
    Dan Cancade I’ll be one of the first they’ll come for. I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees. The SHTF is coming whether we want it or not. I won’t go willingly to a FEMA camp/prison.
    Laura Ludwig Sad to say, but I am with you on that. I will not go without a hell of a fight.
    Daniel J Towsey These cops never grew up..they have to have their toys..
    Elizabeth Book It makes you wonder just who they will be defending, in the end? I’m sure that they all have families, too. If there was a national emergency, most of them would head home to take care of their own families. You would be pretty much, on your own! Whoever got that vehicle, would definitely be the leader of the pack!
    Daniel J Towsey In a small town like that..everyone knows where these cops live..If the cops used that vehicle on the people..the cops would have to sleep eat and shit in it.

One thought on “THESE PIGS ARE AN EMBARRASSMENT! – New Glasgow Nova Scotia”

  1. God pictou county makes me sick!all these so called super troopers aka new glasgow cops need to be checked in at the dept of mental health!these punks in pictou county are nowhere’s near that bad!


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