VIDEOS Warning To American Gun Owners From Canadian News Anchor

VIDEOS Warning To American Gun Owners From Canadian News Anchor

Published on 10 Feb 2013

Brian Lilley gives an important warning to his American friends: registration of firearms will lead to the confiscation of firearms.

Canadian Gun Laws 101

Published on 30 Dec 2012

***I am NOT a Lawyer, The information contained is based off my interpretation of Canadian Firearms regulations. This information is up to date as of the end of 2012, laws and regulations may change.***

Canadian Firearms Program:
Firearms Safety Education Service of Ontario:
Firearms Safety Course:

I discuss general Canadian Firearms:

1) Applying For Your License
2) Classification Of Firearms
3) Firearms Registration
4) Storage, Display & Transportation
5) Authorization To Transport
6) Purchasing Firearms


Published on 10 Jan 2013








1-10-2013: On today’s edition of AMTV, Christopher Greene explains that Americans will die after Obama’s executive order to ban guns in America.


Biden: Obama Might Use Executive Order to Deal With Guns…

(VIDEO) Biden: Obama Considering ‘Executive Order’ to Deal With Guns…

Americans never give up your guns…

As liberals propose more gun control, Google searches on ‘Hitler gun control’ spike…

Biden pledges urgent Obama action on gun control…

English Warning “Our Gun Ban caused 40% jump in Gun Crime” DONT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS!

Uploaded on 26 Dec 2011

Thank You LedaOhio5
An English Warning to Americans.. Proof Your Gun Rights keep CRIME DOWN!

Uploaded by alielbaryeshua on Aug 12, 2011

The British people have been completely disarmed according to UN resolution, and here are personal accounts of british citizens of why Americans need to fight for their constitutional rights.

Best 7 minutes on gun control I have ever seen!

Published on 24 Feb 2013

In this segment of his Virtual State of the Union, the Virtual President talks about why politicians want to talk about gun control rather than crime control, and delivers the factual evidence and historical truths that make the case for the Second Amendment self-evident.

Gun ownership

Why should ordinary citizens own a gun?

Because owning a police officer is too expensive. Time and time again, statistics show that the that law enforcement arrives usually just in time, to draw the chalk outline around your body.

Why do some states have a mandatory waiting period, after purchasing a gun?

Some states, such as Illinois and others, have a mandatory “cooling off period” when purchasing a firearm. At Gun Right Across America, we do not support this. As a former Illinois resident, I can personally attest to the fact that nobody went back to retrieve their firearm after the mandatory wait, and said “I’m not mad anymore.” This is just another silly restriction that some liberal states impose, to create more useless restrictions.

Open carry / Concealed carry

Why do some states allow ordinary law abiding citizens to carry a firearm?

I say why not! The key word is law abiding. 49 of 50 states currently have legislation for citizens to train, qualify, and carry a firearm. As an American, our second amendment guarantees us this freedom, and we will fight to keep it.

Which is better? Open carry or concealed carry?

Ahhh, yes, the age old debate. Open carry is a deterrent. Concealed carry gives you the element of surprise. Given both options, I carry concealed, but that’s just my personal preference. There’s advantages and disadvantages to both. If you do open carry, you do have to be much more alert to your “personal space” and surroundings. At Gun Rights Across America, we support both methods 100%.…

They Are Killing Us “MUST SEE”

Published on 5 Feb 2013

This is a message we can not let slide. Our lives depend on it.
Proud to say this was written by a very special friend, Linda West “morningmayan”

My next video is Plan “B” How you can easily make a difference.…

To go deeper and for the big picture…


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