Halifax celebrates the declaration of War on America

Halifax celebrates the declaration of War on America

What an odd monument that was erected on the Halifax waterfront in the summer of 2012.

The monument is huge, standing at least twice the height of adults.

I really could not understand why this monument was erected.

So, since I am The Visionary Folk Photographer, I took some photos of it.

For those of you who are reading this without the photo. Please go to the link (below) to see the photo.

Later on after I took this photo.

I was approached by this guy who was like a government tourist information guy.

He asks me, with his huge glee of a smile.

Do you know what this monument is about?

I really did not want to talk to this guy.

I really did not like the look about him.

So he continued on informing tourists on the Halifax waterfront about this very huge and expensive monument.

It is a monument that celebrates the British declaration of war on the USA in the war of 1812.

Delaration of war on the USA 1812

The provincial government of Nova Scotia seems to think that they are of British decent.

What amazes me is that the Britain of 1812 no longer exists.

Anyone researching the events going on in Britain, knows that Britain is now fully under the control of the Zionist New World Order banksters.

Also I remember when Queen Elizabeth came to Canada so see the then Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, she came to sign the documents that gave Canada is complete and independent sovereignty .

The  Canadian Charter.

So why do does the government of Nova Scotia think is is part of Britain?

This would help to explain Halifax’s connection to 9-11.

Please read the article here.


Written by A Truth Soldier


Daniel J Towsey says, Notice the RED COAT of paint

Daniel J Towsey says, This monument is sure to offend all the hundreds of thousands of American Cruise ship tourists that come to the water front and the Nova Scotia Casino that is just behind me where I took this picture.


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