Nova Scotia is not and has never been a democracy

Nova Scotia is not and has never been a democracy.

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As I and many other people have painfully discovered.

I have previously written articles about the horrific violations of Truth, Justice and Liberty that are done by the state in Nova Scotia.

Let this and my other articles in the past be a warning for anyone that is thinking of living or coming to Nova Scotia.

For a free and open democracy to function, their is one necessary element, and that is not present in Nova Scotia.

That is that any and all servants of the people need to always do it truthfully.

For if the servants of the people are not always truthful then it is impossible for the society they represent to achieve a truly free and just, open democracy.

Nova Scotia was built as a military post.

Follow the history of the Halifax Citadel Fortress and the Fortress at Lousiberg in Cape Breton and you will discover that the history of Nova Scotia is all about military.

And the Military only has one rule. That is that truth is never permitted.

No one in the military is ever permitted to freely speak truth.

That is why Nova Scotia is not and has never been a true democracy.

One of the most important issues that makes Nova Scotia not free, is that the civil Police forces are mostly staffed by exmilitary that still follow that one military rule.

I am writing this article to clarify and warn anyone that falls for the Corporate (Corrupt) image that Nova Scotia is a wonderful and happy place.

Nova Scotia is only such for those in authority who are living off the people who are struggling to be free and happy.

Nova Scotia has the highest tax rate in the country of Canada and also the highest poverty rate.

As witnessed by the poor condition of the sidewalks that lead to a food bank in every neighborhood.

So if you like me have come to Nova Scotia from any other province in Canada, be warned Nova Scotia is unlike any other Canadian province.

For all other provinces of Canada were built by freedom loving people who over the years created a society with checks and balances in the function of their laws to prevent those working for the people from corrupting their democracy.

But that is and has never been the case in Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia has no functioning check and balances which is why the Police here care not one little bit for being truthful and not deceptive.

Many previous articles that I have published about Nova Scotia can very clearly demonstrate this.

You can find them at

I recommend you read these to begin getting a better understanding of my warning.

Please note , that I am note writing any of these articles in hopes that thing s will be changed for the better here.

I long ago gave up on that idea as I fully realize that a real democracy has never and will never exist here in Nova Scotia.

So for your security and wish to be free of tyranny,

The freedom to speak freely in open public places is absolutely necessary for a society to be free.

But his article that I wrote recently clearly proves and shows that if you try to assert your guaranteed human rights by expressing your outrage verbally while in public, you will have this done to you.

and this related article.

If you want more understanding and proof, I recommend you read this.


So after you study all of the above, you might want to read this, to get an understanding on how it might have been possible for Nova Scotia to have been so corrupted.

This article proves and shows how corrupt government insiders have been stealing from the people. Please note that the theft of publicly owned utilities has occurred all through Canada.

So here is a WARNING.

More here about Canada.

Please do make copies and share all this information..

We the people need to take back OUR governments

from the Corporations

now pretending to be our governments.

Nova Scotia is not and has never been a democracy.pdf RIGHT CLICK TO DOWNLOAD PRINT AND SHARE PLEASE


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