Bridget Depape Ottawa’s Parliamentary Page Holds Up STOP HARPER Sign

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Bridget Depage Parliamentary Page Holds Up STOP HARPER sign

DONATE: Stop Harper Funds

Open the paypal to donate!! This young lady lost her job holding that Poster STOP HARPER! The younger generation want a future in Canada! Brigette Depape states they don’t have one if Harper remain’s in power. Please create awareness, ask friends to donate on the blogger!!!!

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Please create awareness, support and care for Canada!

The Stop Harper Fund

for Peaceful Direct Action

Many people have generously offered to make donations to me, after I lost my page job. While I am thankful for these gestures, I do not want to personally benefit financially.

I have, however, decided to create a fund to support organizations and individuals engaging in creative non-violent direct actions against the Harper government’s agenda. Any money donated would go to training, legal advice and support for such actions.

I hope that people who had thought to donate to me will instead consider donating to this fund.

Decisions about which organizations or individuals will receive money will be made in consultation with an advisory committee that I will help form in the near future.

A lawyer and registered accountant will verify that all funds are spent in accordance with the stated mandate.

Please stay tuned to this web site for upcoming events and actions.

–Brigette DePape



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