Earth Revolution Sang by Ta’Kaiya Blaney

Listen to this sweet child sing for the future…


For more information check out.


Published on 12 Jan 2013

January 11th at City Hall, Coast Salish territory (Vancouver, B.C) 🙂

Video by: Damien Bouchard

SAGAcom BCAAFC Gathering Our Voices 2012 Ta’Kaiya Blaney

Published on 17 Apr 2012

Over 1400 Aboriginal Youth attended Gathering Our Voices 2012 held in Nanaimo, BC. Spoken words by 11 year old Ta’Kaiya Blaney along with her memorable performance “Earth Revolution”.

Ta’Kaiya – Shallow Waters official music video

Uploaded on 28 Aug 2010

Shot in the beautiful Vancouver in Kits, Spanish banks, Ubc and downtown by Colter Ripley and Video in Vancouver.

Ta’Kaiya is an official selection at CBC Radio 3 to be part of David Suzuki’s Playlist for the Planet songwriting contest.

Taka’iya Blaney joins We Canada

Uploaded on 29 Aug 2011

Takaiya Blaney is the youngest We Canada Champion! She is a singer, an actress and an activist. Sean from We Canada catches up with her to find out why she became part of the movement.

Host: Sean Kravetsky Director: Gabriel Forezli Champion Coordinator: Georgia Campbell Motion Graphics: Akash Verma Producer: Aleksandra Nasteska, Gabriel Forezli, Sean Kravetsky

10-year old Ta’Kaiya says ‘Protect our coast from oil spills’

Uploaded on 17 Mar 2011

March 24, 2011
Open Letter to Canadian politicians,

My name is Ta’Kaiya Blaney. I am 10-years-old. I live in North Vancouver and am from the Sliammon Nation. My name means “special water.”

I am writing to you because the Enbridge Corporation is planning to build a pipeline from the tar sands of Alberta to Kitimat, BC. I thought it would be very risky for our coast so I wrote a song, called “Shallow Waters” about an oil spill happening in the shallow waters.

You will be debating Bill C-606 soon, if an election is not triggered, which would ban oil tankers from our northwest coast. I am sharing my song’s music video and a personal message to encourage you to vote in favour of the bill.

Today is the anniversary of the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska. Even today, 22 years later, oil still remains a few inches under the surface of the water.

With this song, I hope to encourage government officials, people of British Columbia, and people across the world will realize the dangers of oil pollution, replace jobs that destroy the environment with jobs that help the environment. I ask government and corporate officials such as yourselves change your plans stop oil tanker traffic on BC’s coast and in waters around the world.
Please feel free to share my letter and video with others.

All my relations,
Ta’Kaiya Blaney

For more information, please read Stephanie Goodwin’s blog:…

Shallow Waters was a semi-finalist in the 2010 David Suzuki Songwriting Contest, Playlist for the Planet. The song was recorded in studio by Audio Producer Joe Cruz. Footage from Vancouver, BC was filmed by Colter Ripley. Footage of the traditional ocean-going canoe from the Squamish Nation (Burrard Inlet, North Vancouver, BC) ; Ta’Kaiya in traditional cedar bark regalia (Tofino, BC); the Oil Refinery in Burrard Inlet; and the Vancouver Aquarium was filmed by Tina House. Additional footage contributed from Canada Greenpeace and Living Oceans Society.

Ta’Kaiya Blaney’s performance and speech at No Tankers Rally

Published on 26 Mar 2012

Ta’Kaiya Blaney performs and speaks at the No Tankers rally at the Vancouver Art Gallery on March 26, 2012. The rally was held on the 23rd anniversary of the Exxon Valdez oil spill to raise awareness of the dangers of oil tanker traffic off the Coast of British Columbia. For further details please see article and other videos on

NTNPNTS_Ta’Kaiya Blaney

Uploaded on 31 Aug 2011

10 year old Ta’Kaiya Blaney of the Sliammon First Nations is interviewed by Jay Peach of EVOTV and addresses the crowd at the No Tankers, No Pipelines, No Tar Sands demonstration on August 27, 2011 in Burnaby, BC.

Earth Revolution – Ta’kaiya Blaney – Occupy Vancouver

Uploaded on 5 Nov 2011

The amazing Indigenous 10 Year Old Ta’Kaiya Blaney sings her new song Earth Revolution at Occupy Vancouver. Wow… Please share this with everyone you know.

Ta’Kaiya Blaney – Save the Fraser Declaration

Uploaded on 1 Dec 2011

10 year old phenomenon singer/ actress/ activist Ta’Kaiya Blaney speaks at the first anniversary signing ceremony for the save the Fraser declaration ( 130 first nations groups have signed the declaration opposing oil pipelines through their territory and tankers traffic off the west coast.

Ta’Kaiya Blaney and Aileen Del la Cruz “Carried Away” with heart felt thanks to Pacific Wild.

Published on 11 Jun 2012

Ta’Kaiya Blaney wrote the song and her Kookpa Robert Blaney translated the Sliammon words and Aileen Del la Cruz put to music. This song is to bring attention to the profound beauty of culture and nature contrasted by harmful impacts of industry and development…that nations, people, governments, and corporations have on Mother Earth. We give profound thanks to Pacific Wild for their generous contribution to making the recording possible. NO TANKERS, NO PIPELINES, NO TARSANDS, NO TREATY!

Ta’Kaiya Blaney poem “One Lone Cedar Tree,” and song “Watching Over Me” acapella

Uploaded on 28 May 2011

Ta’Kaiya speaks at the Bella Bella Film Festival for the environment…Ta’Kaiya recites her poem she wrote for presenting at the Enbridge AGM and sings a song she co- wrote “Watching Over Me” You have a voice use it, you have a gift share it. Say not to the pipeline, say no to supertankers, say no to treaty.

Ta’Kaiya Blaney Sings Earth Revolution at youth Gathering Our Voices conference Earth Revolution

Published on 7 Apr 2012

Nanaimo Gathering Our Voices…Aboriginal Friendship Center organized.

Ta’Kaiya Blaney sings Amazing Grace in Sliammon @ Youth Gathering in Nanaimo

Published on 6 Apr 2012

a wonderful song and a huge appreciation from over 800 youth who attended the conference.

Ta’Kaiya Blaney in Winnipeg

Published on 5 May 2012

One of the younger members of Yinka Dene Alliance Freedom Train is Ta’Kaiya Blaney, 11, of Sliammon First Nation. In Winnipeg, at the Circle of Life Thunderbird House, on May 4, 2012, she spoke of the struggle to stop the Enbridge Gateway Pipeline and performed “Shallow Waters,” a song she co-wrote with her singing instructor, Aileen De La Cruz. It could become the anthem for all who love and seek to protect the Earth.

More information: Yinka Dene Alliance:
Video Production: Paul S. Graham,

Ta’Kaiya Blaney – A Night in Solidarity With the Dene Suline

Uploaded on 7 Aug 2011

Ta’Kaiya Blaney inspired the crowd at this August 2011 event at the Rhizome in Vancouver for the Dene Suline. She is 10 years old, she speaks from the heart and sings with passion.

Ta’Kaiya is determined to stop the Enbridge “Gateway” oil pipeline. She spoke her truth tonight, oil executives would be smart to listen.

The event was organized in support of the Dene Suline. Since early May 2011, the Dene Suline from Cold Lake, AB, have held a Peace Camp at Berry Point, English Bay to protect their traditional lands.­/

Ta’Kaiya Blaney:Swinomish 2011 tribal canoe journey

Uploaded on 7 Aug 2011

Ta’Kaiya sings for the Swinomish people to encourage people to think of the damage done to the ocean from oil. Ta’Kaiya knows the impacts that oil spills will have on First Nation culture and would like to add her voice to stop spills from happening. Ta’Kaiya knows that First Nation people signing treaties opens the gates for corporations to come in and drill, dig, dam, and bascially pollute the lands, rivers, and ocean.

Ta’Kaiya Blaney Performance at Yinka Dene Alliance Freedom Train Concert

Published on 10 May 2012

Ta’Kaiya Blaney performs at the #Freedomtrain Solidarity Concert at The Great Hall in Toronto, Ontario Canada on May 8th, 2012. Ta’Kaiya was one of the 40 First Nations leaders that traveled across Canada from BC to raise awareness on the Enbridge Gateway and SuperTanker Project that is threatening BC First Nations way of life.

To support Yinka Dene Alliance, Sign the petition here:

For more info on Ta’Kaiya, visit her site here:

Watch her video here:

About Ta’Kaiya

Ta’Kaiya, 10, lives in North Vancouver and is from the Sliammon First Nation. “Shallow Waters,: recorded July 2010, is one of 5 songs co written by Ta’Kaiya and her singing instructor/professional songwriter/pianist Aileen De La Cruz. Ta’Kaiya is also known for singing “Amazing Grace” in the Sliammon language, translated by her grandfather. Ta’Kaiya began working with Aileen since the age of 5 and has performed at large events in both BC and Washington State. She also sings and plays the violin at various coffee shops in Vancouver and North Vancouver. Ta’Kaiya has also recorded the songs “Carried Away,” “Watching Over Me,” and “Wonderful, Beautiful” in June 2011.

A homeschooled student entering Grade 5 this fall 2011, Ta’kaiya particularly enjoys studying about the oceans and marine life. It was her idea to write a song about an oil spill. When Ta’Kaiya and Aileen began writing “Shallow Waters,” it was to raise awareness about a proposed oil pipeline planned between the Alberta Tar Sands and Kitimat, BC. By the time the song was almost finished, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico suddenly happened.

The message from the song “Shallow Waters” is urgent because an oil spill in the northwest coast could tragically end the traditional way of life for many coastal First Nations. It would also devastate all marine and coastal life and habitat.

Ta’kaiya Blaney sings at Rio+20

Published on 19 Jun 2012

11 year old indigenous girl from northern Vancouver at Rio+20 earth summit, June 2012



Laura Ludwig SAYS,  It scares the hell out of me that this brave beautiful soul cannot touch the hearts of the

pathalogical satanist pigs. She made me cry my heart out.


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