Pale people of pale character

May Peace Smile On You

I was inspired to write this because of the horrible situation in Canada where the Prime Minister Harper is now passing bill C-41 that will take away all the indigenous peoples of Canada treaties and financial support. There is now a protest going on across Canada named “Idle No More” Please search for it on youtube to see all the videos of this serious event in Canada. It appears the the Pale skinned peoples in the government are declaring war on native peoples AGAIN.. This is a horrific event..Please learn what is happening and do everything you can to stop this..

audio-video transcript

Pale people of pale character

written by Daniel J Towsey

A Truth Soldier


Pale people of pale character think they are superior.

That is because they are pale of character.

Historically pale people appear to have taken everything through

deception, theft, destruction and murder.

They think that makes them superior.

Their selfishness has given them an undeserved higher standard of living.

That is because they have gotten it through deception, theft and murder.

Pale people do not understand the vitality of colors.

Pale people only see things in white.

A pale character is a sign of unhealthiness.

One with character has a personality full of color.

One with a colorful character has a very healthy body and soul.

A healthy body flows with a healthy red blood.

A healthy red blood will make ones skin appear red

at times when that blood is flowing with vitality.

Healthy red skinned people live in balance with a healthy environment.

Healthy people need a healthy environment to live.

That can not be if people of pale character keep destroying our healthy planet.

Pale people need to improve the health of their minds and bodies.

As long as people with pale character keep destroying the beautiful natural world,

healthy red skinned people can no longer be.

For without a healthy planet their will be no colored skinned people remaining.

People of pale character hate all colors of peoples.

A pale skin is a sign of unhealthiness.

What are we to do to improve the health of this planet?

We need to deal with people of pale character and give them medical care.

Some will need to go into hospitals for sick minds.

Other can be saved by them working to improve their pale characters.

Pale skinned, pale charactered peoples need to understand that peoples of colors do not have hate for them.

Colorful people are very ready and willing to share their vitality of love with the pale charactered peoples.

Peoples of colors have a vitality of wonderful love flowing through their minds and souls.

A love for the whole planet and every living thing on it.

When the pale charactered peoples come to the realization that a beautiful colorful vitality of love awaits them.

They will blush red with realization.

Pale skinned and pale charactered peoples are only missing the vitality of love flowing in their veins.

If only the pale charactered peoples would only realize

that what they need the most in life can not be gotten by deception. theft, destruction and murder.

All peoples of color await to share their love with the pale skinned peoples.

When the Pale peoples begin to love, then their will be no one thinking they are superior.

Then we will have peace on earth.


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