The Halifax Commons is in horrible condition

The Halifax Commons is in horrible condition

This is an article with videos to show the horrible condition of The Halifax Commons and why it is in horrible condition.

I will be adding information to accompany all the videos and I will be adding more videos soon about other issues around the park that the city is neglecting to fix.
We the people of Halifax love this park and I live right next to this park so I can see very clearly all the problems..

One being that since hte park does not have proper flooding control because all the drainage grates are not properly installed.

So during the cold season this park is usually underwater.

Please watch all the videos and please leave your comments.

Note; I will also be adding more photos to this post.

I will be adding interviews from residents as I do keep coming back to check out the updates.

It is best to go to this youtube link that has the full play list to leave your comments under each video.

The Halifax Commons Issues Complete Photos album Link.

The Halifax Commons Issues – Full Play List Link

The Halifax Commons Issues (1)

trails are a mess

I can understand the reasoning that they do not want to put gravel dust on the path through the fields because they think it would interfere with people when they play their sports.

But that is unrealistic reasoning as the mud being walked on and bicycles does so much damage that the area with the path is unsafe for sports because it is uneven..

the gravel dust would keep the paths level and would not interfere with any sports.

The paths need to have gravel dust because people have been walking through this park for more years then anyone can remember and the people will always walk through this park.

So who uses the park more? The pedestrians or the sports players?

It is time to respect the need of all the people and the paths need to be made safe and need to be covered with properly installed gravel dust.

The Halifax Commons Issues (2)

New ice rink floods the park all winter long

(videos coming soon)

When you watch the videos about how poorly the ice rink was built and how it has no lip or edge around it to keep the water in, also please realize that this rink uses huge amounts of electricity to operate and when the water runs off on warm winter days it costs huge amounts of electric city to replace and refreeze the water that ran off because the edges of the rink does not have anything to keep the water in..

That water run off is flooding the rest of the park and the water sits on top of the frozen ground and it can not go to the drains because the drains were not properly installed..

The gravel needs to be removed and so does the gravel roads..

Options to fix the flooding.

Option 1; This rink should of been sloped towards the center. And the center should of had the proper drainage.

Option 2; better yet..Their should of been a raised lip all around the rink to hold in the water on warm days just like the boards do around any other rinks anywhere else on earth.

Why would they build a rink with no means to keep the water in? What a huge stupid and very costly mistake.

Option 3; Their should of been proper water trenches built around the exterior.

Trenches that would of been covered with water and that would of been sloped to cary the water to the drains that are presently doing nothing. What a horrible construction job they did..

The Halifax Commons Issues (3)

Citadel High School Athletic Field Destroyed Yearly

This video was done early in the morning. See the interview of two school students near the end of the video.


KeepEmStraight says, Once again: Good work my east coast friend! It seems “Insanity Rules” from coast to coast. Totally disgusting what I see here. Keep the faith / give them hell. Perhaps get some more interviews with the public about this location. Bury them deep with the truth. Side note re Terry Fox, my wife is a RN who cared for him when he was in hospital our here in BC.

The Halifax Commons Issues (4)

Athletic Field Destroyed by “Run for the cure” event

There is no way that any funds collected for “The run for the cure” is going to be enough to cover the costs to repair this athletic field.

And do realize that this field now can not be safely used until late spring when the new sod seeds grow.

Athletes can not safely run without the serious chance of tripping and breaking an ankle or leg in one of the tire ruts or holes.

So Citadel High school does not have a field to us for most of the school year.

The Halifax Commons Issues (5)

Athletic Field Destroyed. (Earlier in Morning)

This video was done early morning.

The “Run for the cure” event destroys this field

so that the school kids can not use this field from October 1st till June.. That is terrible..

Now the city crews need to re till this field.

Replant the seeds for the new grass and the field can not be used till early June after the grass seeds take root and grow.

The Halifax Commons Issues (06)

Paths and accessibility issues

learn much more about wheelchair rights issues in Nova Scotia at

The Halifax Commons Issues (07)

No wheelchair accessibility

The Halifax Commons Issues (08)

Horrible sidewalks around the Commons

The Halifax Commons Issues (09)

New Ice Rink Is A Disaster

The Halifax Commons Issues (10)

New Ice Rink Is A Disaster part 2

The Halifax Commons Issues (11)

Pitiful Water Fountain Condition

The Halifax Commons Issues (12)

Skate Park and Pools terrible conditions


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