The one way street to hell

The one way street to hell

 written by A Truth Soldier

There is no turning back.

There is no reversing.

Once you sell your soul for money created out of thin air known as credit.

You have sold your soul.

Then one day you will realize that you are now bankrupt.

Yes, you are bankrupt if you only exist for fake money.

But, you will have a real difficulty in realizing the truth of your situation,

for those who only seek money eventually go completely bankrupt.

Those who only seek money have a corporate mind.

A corporation is created by these two requirements.

First you have to enter into a cooperation and then you have to also agree to cooperate in corruption.

This is achieved by never ever speaking the truth of the wrong doings of you and your corporation.

So as to, why you will have such a difficulty in realizing that you are bankrupt is because you never seek or speak truth.

Today here in Canada and the USA, our governments have all been corporatized.

That explains why our society is now on the one way street to hell.

You, with your corrupt corporate minds have become completely morally bankrupt.

The only solution in avoiding moral bankruptcy is to never live for money in the first place.

You need to live for truth.

And that is the truth..

But I know for sure that your corporate criminals only do one thing when having to face the truth of your insanity.

You run and run faster.

You like all those corporate heads, will try to take as much money as you can, when you try to run away from you

reponsibilites for the evils you have done.

But again because you never seek truth, you do not realize that you are just running down that one way street to hell.

I have written this because I want it to be a message to all government insiders in Nova Scotia.

If you or anyone wants to understand this better, then please read my related articles entitled,

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