Canada is a common wealth country NOT

Canada is a common wealth country NOT

written by Daniel J Towsey

Canada is a common wealth.

With a house of common.

Making common laws.

By common people.

Based on common sense.

We share the common wealth.

Laws made for the common good.

And we have all that in common.



Modern communism has taken over.

That communism is known as corporatism.

All our governments have been corporatized.

We in Canada no longer have governments

of the people, by the people and for the people.

We the common people have been put into the financial debt prison.

We are all now slaves they call human resources.

And that is all we have in common now.

All this happened because you all stopped using common sense that is built on truth.

If humanity is not guided into the future by truth.

Then we are all doomed to a new and permanent dark ages.

And for most it will be six feet under,

or even lower all the way to hell.

For you all have not sought truth.

So you know no truth.

Care not for truth.

So that is the common truth today.

Meaning that our world is now a very sick place indeed.

For those who seek no truth can only end up mentally sick with the illness known as insanity.

For truth is absolute and the further you go from truth.

You will arrive at the opposite absolute being insanity.

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