American Officers To Police Canada – NAU

American Officers To Police Canada – NAU

Uploaded by  on May 30, 2009

On May 27th Peter Van Loan, (former) Minister of Public Safety for Canada, announced that he signed an agreement that will allow Americans to police on Canadian soil and allows Canadians to do the same. He said that “the agreement should not be looked upon as Americans encroaching on Canadian jurisdiction because it is a joint effort between the two countries
They claim this new agreement started as a pilot program where they successfully stopped some illegal shipments of tobbaco and marijuana.. no mention of stopping any terrorists though, just those two pesky plants. As a result of their successfull busts together we can now look forward to,
– Foreign officials policing on Canadian soil
– Harmonized database with the United States
– Integrated Border Security For North America
– RFID & Biometric equipped Drivers licence and passports
– 2 Tier border system using YOUR threat assessment profile
– New Powers to the Ministry of Transportation to gather public information about YOU to build your threat assessment profile
– Integration of this ID framework into the global ID framework headded up by The United Nations ICAO PKI with the private sector developing the software that will run it all. (Global ID Integration)
– Adopting an ID system demanded by WHTI, an American Law developed by Homeland Security and the 9/11 Commission and we all know how accurate the 9/11 commission was- so lets now base our new “agreements” off of their bad data and make the tax payers pay for the whole thing!

If you are Canadian, please research:
– Ontario Bill 85
– Smart Borders Declaration and Action Plan
– WHTI (The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative)
– ICAO PKI Documents (also research CoreStreet LTD as they are developing the software)
– Building A North American Community (CFR document with Canadian participation)
– CCCE (Canadian Council of Chief Executives)
– Canadian/American Border Trade Alliance (CAN/AM BTA)
– The Standing Commission on North American Prosperity
– Power Corporation Of Canada
– North American Calibration Committee (NACC)
– The Northwest Corridor Development Corporation (NCDC)
– Center for North American Studies (CNAS)
– Central North American Trade Corridor
– The North American Forum on Integration (NAFI)

We Must All Stand Up Now And Say NO To The North American Union Agenda!


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