Friendly Peaceful Canada Actually the Worst Place on Earth

Friendly Peaceful Canada Actually the Worst Place on Earth?

By Douglas Ou-ee-ii-jay-ii Jack


July 11, 2012 “Information Clearing House” — As a Canadian, I would like to propose that Canada is a much larger belligerent aggressor per capita in the world than media, the public and organizations like the United Nations recognize. Canada’s silent role as a (perhaps ‘the’) major world leader in living off of the trade proceeds of war, death, injury and destruction, remains outside public consciousness. Canada and the USA seem to act as indivisible twins of death, yet Canada hides behind a media-military-industrial-complex which continues to portray Canada as a ‘pacifist’ nation.

Canada has only 33,000,000 people, 1/10th the US population and seemingly not a leader, when in fact the world’s leading aggressor. This article addresses Canada’s infamy ‘per-capita’ meaning livelihood generation ‘per-person’ in energy, materials & arms as proportions of our national economy. We can understand both Canada and the US as leading aggressors, # 1 & 2, because of un-matched histories of colonial genocide against the First Nations of the Americas, which form our ‘world-view’. Mutual-Aid and compassion are not the foundations of the societies we have formed. We’ve only barely gained a sense of the massacre in which we are involved as part of our lifestyles and colonial-chauvinistic attitudes. The Residential-Schools death / abuse is a point of popular confusion but not yet of moral direction.

In the following seven categories A – G, Canada is and has been for over 150 years (# = Number):

A. # 1 Mine developer and mineral extractor around the world per capita as found in Canada’s mining corporations. Simultaneously Canada is the world’s worst recycler of metals in terms of not reducing, reusing or recycling domestic, commercial or industrial metals.

B. # 1 Forestry exploiter around the world per capita as found in Canada’s forestry corporations. Simultaneously Canada is the world’s worst recycler of wood and paper products in terms of not reducing, reusing or recycling domestic, commercial or industrial paper & wood products.

C. # 1 Energy developer, infrastructure supplier and consumer per capita, primarily from Hydro electric dams but as well from Canada’s CANDU nuclear reactors in Canada and worldwide. Canadians are the most consumptive worldwide users per capita of electricity, natural gas and oil. Canadians are the world’s worst energy consumers in terms of not: avoiding conserving (eg. Insulation), reducing (eg. 1/10th of Canadians have 2nd home as a cottage), reusing (complementary design for capturing such as waste-heat), transforming (eg. Passive Solar design)

D. # 1 Consumer worldwide per capita for all major non-renewable materials. Canadians identify themselves & lifestyles as consumers, without reserve buying plastics, metals, wood, paper & composite things for every occasion. Superfluous use of non-essential energy and things, in a finite world sadly displace human relationship. Where most humans don’t have access to these for essential services because of foreign ownership of their lands and resources, then superfluous-use is a lost opportunity for human solidarity and relationship.

E. # 1 Source of Depleted Uranium per capita. The Depleted Uranium coated artillery, ammunition, bomb and missile shell-covered bombing of sites is an extreme war-crime against Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Iran, Pakistan, Libya, now Syria and other countries wherever our depleted uranium is used as a shell casing for penetration of all forms of defensive cladding in buildings, vehicles and equipment. These nations and all humanity are victims of this Canadian-made radio-active warfare.

F. # 1 Source of Refined-Uranium for Nuclear Power per capita. Canada’s heavy-handed uranium-energy industry which is key to nuclear arms development such as India and Pakistan’s nuclear arms programs is a crime against humanity. The spreading of human genetics and health damaging materials or technology, never responsible for constant spill-releases, accidents, mine tailings, refinement wastes and finally massive volumes of highly radioactive post energy production wastes radioactive with no reliable storage for millions of years.

G. # 3 Arms Producer and Sales per capita (after Israel, USA) when the above six raw material and energy factors are added to Canada’s already high standing in advanced weapons system components. Canada is # 1 supplier of major arms components / capita to the US arms system per capita in both assembly and parts supply.

99.999% of Canadians are completely unaware of their nefarious status as world leaders in the above categories. Careless and destructive consumption and production are part of our colonial worldview, taking what we feel are god-given resources without consciousness of the suffering we cause for others in the destruction of their eco-systems and biospheres for our extractive resource policies. It seems from Canada’s military involvement in arming insurgents in dozens of countries worldwide but particularly in Islamic and Hispanic American countries, way out of proportion to our population, that Canadians are world leaders in war on Islam and attempts to destabilize dozens of countries worldwide.

Even as Canadian governments occasionally may take an official non-intervention stance, our industries fully arm insurgents and support belligerents such as the USA in destabilization programs for acquisition of resources and geo-political advantage.

No public controls or conditions are ever placed on Canadian arms and component exports to belligerents and insurgents worldwide. This was true of our role as # 1 supplier / capita of the US war-effort in Vietnam where we paid no war reparations for the results of the Canadian arms industry collusion in decades of destruction in the Vietnamese abundant Polyculture orchards and many dozens of conflicts in which Canada has played a role in stirring-up and festering dissent. Presently social-media is being used to foster what George Orwell characterized as ‘hates’ in his book ‘1984’ mirroring his experience of ‘hates’ against the Axis powers during World War II. Social Media has the great unused potential to bring both sides of conflict into dialogue through formal debate. Canadian corporations are always #1 war-benefactors per capita in the world. Is Canada the dog that wags the US war tail? In order to bring the US government in alignment with world law, the issue of its silent but belligerent war-twin Canada will have to be addressed.

Douglas Jack, Sustainable Development Corporation, Indigene Community –

This article was originally published at War Is A Crime

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habu's avatarhabu·
No doubt. I have read accounts about the way police agencies and the Canadian Mounties have mistreated First Nations’ peoples. I hope you folks don’t join their armed forces. At least the USA is the acknowledged thug around the world. But Canada does the same and sometimes worse, only it does it slyly. Thankfully, Americans are willing to howl at injustices but we don’t hear the same from Canadians.
evelynburch's avatarevelynburch·
about time someone compiled these statistics in one place.
as a person born in canada and having lived in its territory all my life i can testify as to this nation’s colonial attitude in its treatment of the indigenous and its plundering of natural “resources”.
Ian MacDougall's avatarIan MacDougall·
Japan would have been a lot better off last year if it had had CANDU reactors.
Drifter's avatarDrifter·
Will this ease the seething “mercan” bashing posts. Join us all yee “candins” citizens as leaders of the entire planets demise. Fat bloating pigs with cell phones, biggie fries and fake democracy.
DrS's avatarDrS·
Harper and his government are INTOLERABLE.
paul's avatarpaul·
no one mentioned jewish bastards who are plundering our planet,plan further invasions and stealing natural resources ,mass murder,looting other nations wealth and blaming everybody else for crimes they committed
DutchV's avatarDutchV·
The most buzzling of all paradoxes- The worst among us seem to have dominion over all things we treasure.
Does canadians worst still promote the exportation of asbestos to other countries while regulating its use in the homeland
Mike's avatarMike·
Yet its banned here in Canada, I always thought one of the worst trait of Anglo-Saxon culture is its blatant in you’re face hypocracy.
davidg's avatardavidg·
This is another comment on the mainstream media. Canadians are ignorant and comfortable, moving toward the American model faster than any other country in the developed world with a governing party that is the most virulent version of Republican North and won with a majority. Canadians are ersatz Americans and take pride in the health system when they are not bitching about it….a system that their grandparents got for them and they wouldn’t have the sense to vote for now. Canada used to have some little sense about it and is busy throwing it away. Pathetic. As ye sow, so shall ye reap. Gotta go, Canadian idol is starting.
upisdown's avatarupisdown·
Finally, an aticle about the corrupt corporation called canada. Dirty deeds done good that’s for sure. What is killing Iraqi children? DU with love from canada.


Bob Renner says, I’ll follow you to the end Dan,what ever you say goes in my books,like i may have said before in so many words ,,,say we are only half right geees are we in a lot of trouble,just those truths are all it takes to prove our case .but i believe we are 90% accurite as not even we can uncover them all,but we are getting close.

Daniel J Towsey says, You are correct..there is no way we will ever uncover all the insanity..


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