Occupy Nova Scotia is a fraudulent fake staged event UPDATED

click here for full video playlist. Occupy Nova Scotia Fond Memories


You are about to discover just how fraudulent the event is and how many of its participants have been fooled.

written by A Truth Soldier  on November 4th 2011

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I have been covering the event since before it even started. I went to the small meeting that was held several weeks earlier at the Halifax Commons park and I also did videos of the busker fest they held on the Halifax waterfront for a few days before the Occupy NS started.

Here is the link to the complete video play list.

I will also write a short report about the Busker fest and how I and Rodger were lied to and manipilated to prevent our participation and communicating with the general public about corporation and government corruption in the world.

And finally I will write an article about Mayor Peter Kelly issuing the eviction notice.

You will be able to watch the videos that will prove what I am about to write.

You will also find out how ‘The Tour De Finance’ protest parade through Halifax on a Sunday, was also staged for  the corporate media. I have posted all the videos on my http://www.youtube.com/folkphotographer site. Look in the OccupyNS play list. I will write a seperate report about the staged protest parade.

Ok so here goes.

Since early March of this year I have been doing folk videos of street performers in Halifax. So just about everyday I have been on the streets and observing the vibes of the street scene.

I assure you that never has anyone ever spoken a word about world events or any of the issues that have led up to the Wall street movement.

Not until a couple of pretend street people showed up. But they also never spoke of anything about political issues. But I did do video music albums of these two individuals. So I assure you I am familiar with who they are.

To my surprise these two individuals who were never seen together on the street, all of a sudden they were conducting the setting up of and organising the Occupy NS event at the Halifax City Hall property.

This made me so suspicious. How could they even know how to do all this.

I soon found out that the same identical system was being set up at other Occupy events that were sprouting up everywhere.

What really puzzled me is that none of the people who were putting on the show at the general assemblies ever spoke with the people who were Occupying and living in tents.

I wondered why was it that the organizers and their actors never engaged conversations of political issues or any other issues with the tent Occupiers.

The only thing the actors were interested in doing was to tell the tent people how to behave. The actors were always engineering the event.

I noticed that the event was not a spontaneous peoples movement.

Also I noticed that most of the people who were attending the meetings were not occupiers. These actors would always block and discourage anyone from speaking about anything that did not fit in with their staged event’s agenda.

Soon I found other Occupiers and also people of the general public were expresing many concerns that something was very wrong with this event.

I made a suggestion that signs be put up at different locations for free speech areas, for such things as, Fluoride, Chemtrails, GMO etc. The organizers again discouraged any idea of anyone starting up any topics that were not on the orgaizers agenda.

Many of the public who came over to see what was happening soon realized that this event was not what it was being made to appear as.

The general public soon started loosing interest.

The organizers would always say that there was no organizers. But their lies soon became obvious.

I could write allot more that would prove to you that this whole event was fake.

The organizers would not allow anyone of the general public to bring their issues of injustice and corruption to be voiced.

I spoke with many people who arrived that the Grand Parade that wanted to be able to make speeches about serious issues but they told me that they were not being facilitated to be able to do this.

So I made it possible on a few occassions to get some people to do their speeches, which I video taped.

Here is three of them.
In this video you will notice that the girl and a guy were repeating and screaming across the grand parade because the organizers started a group meeting to try and attract and distract people from listening to this free speech

Occupy Nova Scotia Day 9 Ascension Free SpeecH


Here is another important freedom fighter that was ignored.

Occupy NS (10) Day 2 Robert Menard – Freeman On The Land


I approached one of the organizers meetings and told them that I had brought a singer to perform one of his original songs about OccupyNS. All the organizers completely ignored this performer. Here is his video.

Occupying the old mans square by Butch Cassidy


I soon discovered that the organizer devised ways of blocking free speechess by doing really loud mic checks. These mic checks would drown out the people who would attempt to do free speechess. If that did not work the organizers would do drum circles and make alot of noise to block the free speeches.

The actors used many other ways of blocking free speeches.

So I decided to do my own free speeches when ever people of the general public would engage me in discussions.

But again the actors and organizers would threaten me and tell me I was disturbing them. So I just got louder and screamed at them to stop blocking my free speech rights.

Later on I was once permitted to do a short free speech with the aid of a speaker thingy.

Oh and a note here. I will also write an article about the fake and staged corporate media interviews that were being conducted at the OccupyNS on the Grand Parade which is the Halifax City Hall property’s name.

I will now talk about a guy known as ‘The Granite Man’ who is a busker. I will include pictures of him below.

The Granite man soon got very upset at the staged event. He would tell me about all the workings going on while I was not there. You the readers need to understand that I get about in a motorized wheelchair and that I am very dissabled.

I did a whole series of videos and photos on the events occuring at Occupy NS.

The granite man’s name is Rodger.

So Rodger decided to persue his purpose of posting words about what he strongly believes to be an important issue. That being GEET and free energy.

Rodger was very concerned about this because he had worked at the Alberta tar sands for twelve years and was really upset at the complete distruction of the wilderness of Alberta. He grew to really hate the oil industry.

But Rodger was continuosly attacked by operatives at the OccupyNS. Rodger told me that he found out that the event was engineered by an American company that was paying the organizers $300,000. You can see the picture below of the poster Rodger erected at OccupyNS.

Rodger became a victim of organized thugs. Rodger was attacked, robbed and then was arrested but immediately released. When Rodger returned his laptop and other thing were stolen.

Rodger also told me that the food donations were not being given out. Instead they were kept in plastic containers until the food rotted. So Rodger started opening up the kitchen at night and feeding the tent occupiers.

Eventually the organizers thugs got Rodger served with a restraining order to stay away for six months. So Rodger was never seen again. I wonder what really happened to Rodger as he never phoned me.

I believe he returned home to New Brunswick.

Rodger was a real hero trying to make a difference in the world.

If you look at my first Grand Parade video, you will see that the place is an enclosed compound that is not easily visible by the general public. But the small size of the OccupyNS events location made it very easy for me to see and understand what is really happening. This would not be possible to discern in a larger city with many participants.

I would like to make a disclaimer here.That not all the organizers are aware of the subversives activities and agenda. So when I say organizers it means the the hidden organizers with their agenda to attack our Canadian banks to make it appear that the people are very upset and want to bring down the banks. The real truth is that the World Bank wants to vilify our banks so that the UN can bring in their world bank and their one world currency.

Stay tuned for my other articles I will now write.



Proof that Occupy Wall Street is just another NWO uprising
Video : The Enemy Within – OWS Exposed
If this video doesn’t convince you that the forces attempting to absorb the US into the one world government are coming from directly within the US, then you are hopelessly naive.

http://www.aeinstein.org/organizations/org/FDTD.pdf right click save as


Anonymous TV SPECIAL REPORT #1: David Icke Speaks to OWS


This video is a mirror from David Icke’s channel which speaks directly to the Occupy Movement.

91101anon Questions the Motives of the G.A. at OpWallStreet


Anonymous-Motives of the OpWallStreet General Assembly Revealed


Message to the Occupy Canada Movement


Sorry but I have searched through my images and I can not find the one of Rodgers sign..I wonder why htat picture is missing from my files.

See COMMENTS below
truthjuice Newbrunswick likes this.

Ryan Romard Nice uh… off the wall anti-semetic conspiracy blog you’ve got there. I see articles titled… “Adolph Hitler Founded Israel,” “1919: The Power of Aims of international Jewry.” Seriously, what the hell is this garbage?

Tony Tracy In reading this blog post, it becomes very clear what the underlying problem is: clearly this person has embraced a number of conspiracy theories (related to chemtrails, some sort of idea that the World Bank wants to take down Canada’s banking system, and various other conspiracist ideology). Links on the right hand side of his blog site go to various conspiracy sites, including a variety of explicitly anti-Semitic websites. And of course frequent links to conspiracist David Icke’s website, as well as to right-wing “de-tax movement” sites.

It would seem no surprise to me that these conspiracy ideas received no particular resonance for him amongst the occupiers of the Grand Parade. And, of course, as his conspiracy theories are gaining no ground or interest, he then lashes out at the occupiers themselves as being complicit in the conspiracy. And hence the bizarre allegations such as “the event was engineered by an American company that was paying the organizers $300,000”, or his reference to “the hidden organizers with their agenda to attack our Canadian banks to make it appear that the people are very upset and want to bring down the banks. The real truth is that the World Bank wants to vilify our banks so that the UN can bring in their world bank and their one world currency.”

Of course, in the US this sort of conspiracy nonsense and its adherents finds itself immersed in the right-wing Tea Party operation. From reports that I’m hearing from friends in various cities, it seems that a number of conspiracy theorist folks have been turning up at Occupy sites in hopes of getting a hearing for their rather odd world view. I think that it is to the credit of the Occupy movement that this hasn’t generated much in the way of folks interested and attracted to those sets of ideas.

For those interested in the politics behind conspiracy theories, I recommend articles by Chip Bertlet of Public Research Associates, such as: http://www.publiceye.org/conspire/conspiracism.html
PublicEye.org – The Website of Political Research Associates
The Public Eye web page from Political Research Associates provides in-depth information, analysis, and news about threats to democracy and diversity.

Eros Vox Tropik Facebook needs a “favorite” button.

R. Mark Hamilton wowzers…

Scott Agnew Tinfoil… meet hat.

Truthjuice Newbrunswick thanks Daniel.. I agree 100%
about an hour ago · Unlike · 1
Daniel J Towsey Anti semitic..Tony your funny..go read my article entitled.. Okay I ask you what is a jew… Tony you have no idea what the words anti-semitic even means..you do not even know what a semitic is or what a jew is…

Robbie Loftus White
Submitted on 2011/11/04 at 10:20 am

Daniel you are insane. Granite man attacked several people and terrorized others. I know that other raving lunatics may seem like friendlies to you but you need to ask yourself if you really believe in the crap you’re on about. There is no conspiracy against you or any other occupier. You’re just loud, obnoxious and combative so people don’t want to listen to you. To say that occupy is a fake staged event is horse shit and you know it. If you really do believe that though than why don’t you and the other “Truth” people (I use the word truth here with quotation marks because what you go on about and the rest of your conspiracy theorists is no closer to the truth than believing squirrels control the IMF.) leave and start your own movement? Baseball diamond 8 in the commons is available for all your free speech needs away from sane people. Daniel everyone has the right to free speech, but everyone also has the right to not listen if they choose to.

P.S. The reason we didn’t want to listen to the Occupy song at that specific moment and we told you we’d be happy to listen to it in a bit…is because one of the conspiracy theorists nut jobs lost their shit and was raving on like a lunatic. We were trying to help this individual and needed a place to discuss how best to deal with it. We don’t yell at people we disagree with or challenge their motives. That’s for you and your Conspirator cohorts.

Get off it.
Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier
Submitted on 2011/11/04 at 2:04 pm | In reply to Robbie Loftus White.

Temper temper.. I recommend you read my other post I just posted at http://danieltowsey.wordpress.com/2011/11/04/eviction-of-occupyns-report/

Your full of crap.. I have had many people that arrived at the Grand Parade that were very interested in my writings and thoughts..

Unlike you pretend organizers. who have knowingly ignored me and continously tried to silence me. Where upon I just got louder..

Wake up because your OccupyNS is about to be ended by the authorites and the only victims will be the tenters who have nothing to do with this fake OccupyNS.
They will just become the victims of the soon to come police actions to end the farse. Granite Man was attacked first and defended himself.
You organizers kept antagonizing him over his poster and views about green energy and water powered vehicles. Granite man is french and from NB. he is not familiar
enough with the english language to write properly in english or to combat you organizers in english speech.

I am aware and I witnessed his screaming when he told you organizers to leave his sign alone.

You organizers would of attacked me long ago if I was not disabled and in a wheelchair.

Stay tuned I will be writing more about how you orgnizers are controling the whole OccupyNS event.

I am also aware that Rodger kept opening the kitchen at night to feed the hungry. Rodger knew there was alot of food that

was not being given out and felt that was wrong.
That is when I believe he was attacked at night because he wanted to give out the over abuntant food. I saw all the big

plastic containers that were full of food hidden in the food tent.
So you organizers put a tarp door on the tent to keep people out of the tent and to keep them from seeing the supplies.

You organizers have never been truthful and straight with me or anyone else that has a mind to think with.
You have all been playing your deceptive propaganda games and only fools can not see that.

David Icke and anonymous got it right…

Comment by Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier | November 4, 2011 |

Also I should mention that Rodger the granite man was very enthusiastic in the beginning. He even gave the organizers half his money

he made to the OccupyNS cause. But he like me soon recognized the fraud the OccupyNS organizers were committing..

Like speeding close to two thousand dollars on an overly fancy but quite useless OccupyNS magazine.

Rodger was very upset that the money was not used to get some portable toilets for the campers.

You organizers could of used the money to print many very cheap paper flyers for occupiers to hand out…

You organizers never onces asked the occupier for input as to the content that the magazine was going to publish.

You still never ask any occupier what they think. Now the occupiers do not participate in any of the general assemblies..

You are even now unable to get volunteers to do anything..

You organizers have killed the OccupyNS movement..

Lee Hollingworth
MAN i can not believe your vid at occupyNS with rob menard being completely ignored by those fools



what the fook are these people doing there?

Robbie Loftus White commented on Occupy Nova Scotia is a fraudulent fake staged event

Daniel I’m not going to get into an online argument with you about this or anything.
All I can say is you really have no idea what you are talking about. I SAW Granite man Attack first with my own eyes. I suppose the CIA has mind controlled me

into thinking he was attacked.
The Magazine money was donated and didn’t come out of the general treasury. Something you would realize if you ever listened to what was happening instead

of screaming like a petulant child.

There is a problem with the occupation though. People who believe they have a monopoly on Truth and not willing to listen or be challenged are

making it difficult for us who want to learn about problems so we can make positive solutions. What you need Daniel is a friend. Stop making enemies with

everyone for not sharing your neurosis.

 Comment by Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier | November 4, 2011
Yah you do need friends because you have none.

So why is it that at the General assembly I just attended where the they said that the money spent on the magazine had never been authorized by a vote in any assembly.

It was made very clear that there had been no openness about the magazine or the spending of two thousand dollars on it.

They had to vote to pay the money out at the assembly I was at. Because the money was owed but had never been approved.

Comment by Robbie Loftus White
$2500 was donated privately by an occupier for the soul purpose of the magazine. It was not paid for by occupyns therefore the Occupyns GA had no authority to tell the magazine how to operate. The GA came to the conclusion that since we liked the magazine we would start a payment plan to support it. Again Daniel you have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m sure both of your readers will agree.

Comment by Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier | November 4, 2011

You never stop verbally attacking me… You should learn how to have a civil conversation..

I was at the meeting and everyone said the magazines initial costs were never paid by anyone and the payment had to be made from the existing funds. No one said anything about any private donation that was to pay for the magazine.. They made that very clear.

Plus I remember when the author and creator of the magazine gave me a copy. He told that the magazines costs had not been paid by anyone. He told me by his comments that he hoped the impressive magazine would encourage people to believe in it as so to pay for it.

So again it is you that is wrong.. You maybe aware of information that was never mentioned at the meeting.. Which only adds proof to my claim that the meetings are completely irrelevant and just a useless event. As insiders know and make decisions without telling anyone anything that really matters. For the participants have no voice at all.

I think I will have to start video taping all the meetings that I attend from now on..

At the meeting they also acknowledged that the operations of the magazine had never been transparent, up front and in the public scrutiny. I did not miss understand anything. They said that it would in the future be completely transparent about the workings and costs of the magazine.

I have made many constructive comments about many issues in my responses to you and you choose to ignore all my constructive information. All you do is say negative responses.

Of course the Occupiers should have a say in the contents of the magazine. They the Occupiers are OccupyNS so why would they have no in put?

Why can someone now do some interviews of occupiers to see if they can contribute their thoughts and ideas for food for thought as to the OccupyNS directions.

I also said the money could be better spent and I mentioned the toilets issue which you also ignored.

Eros Vox Tropik fraudulent fake… rather redundant don’t you suppose?

Scott Agnew Really? 3rd time today this tinfoil hat, batshit crazy crap posted. How many times are we supposed to read this spam?

Scott Agnew Steven Guptill, that was very eloquent. You should be proud of your way with words my friend. bravo.
Arthur W Taylor lol – sorry guys.

Andrew Touesnard yes scott everything is as it seems, go to sleep, your government is in control

Truthjuice Newbrunswick thank Andrew … I agree 100% .. these sleeple know not what they do.. Arthur is an agent with the Occupy Fredericton group.. he is asleep..
Truthjuice Newbrunswick .. continue to sleep… THEY LIVE.

Trent Peacock Protip: Theyre not marxists, theyre anarchists….At best. Pick up a fucking textbook

Blaise Campbell blaaahhhh

Truthjuice Newbrunswick I read books, like Joan Veon’s book (she was a researcher/reporter.. .. she attended probably over 100 globalists meetings .. she has done her research for us… she passed away in October… if you like to learn agenda/truth, not conspiracy.. I recommend “Prince Charles: The Sustainable Prince” … I finished “The Fluoride Deception” by Christopher Bryson and reco

Truthjuice Newbrunswick pay attention; be astonished; tell about it:


Joan Veon-Agenda 21 Public Private Partnership PPP Corporate Fascism 2.mp4
Within this short 2 part series Joan Veon discusses the implications of public private

Anji Jones I really admire the Joan Veon stuff. She seems well prepared and to know her research inside and out.

Andrew Touesnard There is a line being drawn in the sand. If you support corporate fascism and genocide then GTFO

Julien Caesar commented on Occupy Nova Scotia is a fraudulent fake staged event

you are doing a great job. No one will know all the lies and be able to truthfully explain them. As you make mistakes along the way, know that it pales in comparison to the truth you are exposing. Not everyone is ready to hear the truth so we need to have patience with those who are blind, but no tolerence for those passing out blindfolds.
No one will ever understand it all or know all the secrets that hide in the shadows of the powerful, but it only takes one person to help make this a better place to live in. We are living in revolutionary times. To quote a wise man ………….
“When the power of love exceeds the love of power, then we will live in peace.” -Jimi Hendrix.
Take care my friend and keep up the good work.
The whole Occupy movement is a fraudulent fake staged event and part of a hidden agenda that I will have no part in.
-Your friend Caesar.

(Here’s what I plan to do to keep wall street occupied)


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