Stand Against Outrageous Food Prices in Canada


Stand Against Outrageous Food Prices in Canada

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Hi Daniel J Towsey,

$20 for a jug of milk. $104 for a case of bottled water. $18 for a jar of peanut butter. These are the prices for basic food items that Canada’s northern residents must pay every day.

Can you imagine trying to feed your family with food prices like these? »

In 2010, under the Nutrition North Program, the Conservative government removed shipping subsidies and gave them to retailers instead, with no stipulation that the savings to retailers be passed on to the consumer. And sure enough, none of these price reductions have trickled down to the families purchasing food.

But according to Health and Northern Economic Development Minister Leona Aglukkaq, these outrageous prices aren’t the fault of her government’s corporate-centric policies, but rather that of “patronizing and ill-informed” activist third parties.

Considering that many aboriginal advocacy groups place the blame for high food prices on the shipping subsidies, not activists, MP Aglukkaq’s accusations of outsider meddling ring resoundingly hollow.

Tell MP Aglukkaq to take real action against hunger in Canada instead of blaming activists! »

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There is No Excuse for Hunger in Canada!
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