Save Canada Day And Casseroles Night Protests





with your pots pans families and signs !!!!

Also don’t Miss The Casseroles Night + STOP C-38 in Canada Protests

Friday June 22

Casseroles Night in Canada #1 – May 30, 2012 – Vancouver, BC

National Stop Harper Day    FOLLOW

Be sure to check this out

Link for Occupy LA’s June 22nd Casserole Solidarity March.

Casseroles Pics on flickr


Casseroles Night in London – June 22 Public Event · By Casseroles London Ontario

Worldwide Casseroles Protest Solidarity “Thank you” Video

Filmed on May 30th, the day after “Casserole night in Canada” where over 70 communities across Canada and around the world took part in a “Casserole” protest to support Quebec protesters. Quebecers thanked the Canadians and people from around the world who participated in “casseroles” protests in solidarity with them.

Music by The WTSP Collaborative. Last song is by “Lowkey”.


Friday at 7:00am at Johann Wolfgang von Goethe-Universität Campus Westend

Montreal Police Under Fire After Protest

Montreal Student Protest – Nightly ‘Casserole’ : June 6th 2012

A quick mashup of photos and video from the nightly demonstration I ran into while visiting Montreal the other week. Was a very positive experience displaying a strong level of commitment and a sense of community from those involved, and a clear show of support from people the march passed by.

Songs: Leve les Voiles – Coeur de Pirate
Soft Revolution – Stars

Lyrics at beginning (from lyric translation website):
“Set sail
Set sail, oh white sailship
But sail in front of the changing wind
Set sail onto other ways
Dreaming about seeing the end

Starfall, this night is singing
About living as time dictates

But set sail, oh white sailship
But sail when the wind changes”

Thousands march in Toronto with pots & pans in solidarity with Quebec students – May 30, 2012 – Thousands march in Toronto with pots & pans in solidarity with Quebec student movement, May 30, 2012.
Music:”Sabar” by the Samba Squad
From the 2006 album Batuque

Anglophone Québec solidarity

Le 24 juin prochain, les peuples s’éveilleront lors d’une journée de solidarité et de résistance internationale !

En serez vous ? Rejoignez l’évènement de votre ville

Rejoignez la page de soutien aux Québécois : Merci de diffuser et d’inviter vos amis à l’évènement ! National Stop Harper Day.

Casseroles de Saint-Jérôme

Okay, I’m getting pretty stoked now. Copenhagen is in for June 22!

Friday at 11:00am at Den canadiske ambassade, Kristen Bernikows Gade 1, Kbh K


Sept-Îles, QC

22 JUIN Casseroles Église Marie-Immaculé 14h22

Friday at 3:20pm at Église Marie-Immaculé

#YoSoy132 movement in Mexico City movilize to support “Maple Spring.”

Montreal Student Protest – Nightly ‘Casserole’ : June 6th 2012

Casserole rally in Hamilton Ontario Canada May 30 2012.

In solidarity with the people and protests of Quebec, Hamilton Ontario students and informed supporters took to the busiest streets in downtown banging pots, raising signs and banners, and smiling and waving at everyone as they passed.

Starting at Gore Park in the center of downtown, the protest moved to the Hamilton District School Board building.

Although traffic was blocked or reduced to a single lane, most drivers were co-operative and supportive. With a very small police presence, the protest was peaceful and positive.

Personal Note:
I filmed this with my Kodak PlaySport camera, sometimes it has excellent video quality, sometimes not. Please excuse any blurring or jumpy frames. Thank you very much for viewing this video, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to add information to this description.

Also, this is my music account here on YouTube, not exactly appropriate for a video like this, but I don’t have another account. I apologize for any confusion. It was music to my ears anyway, and my pleasure to film it all. Great to see some old friends too! 😀

Solidarity + Peace + Support!

CBC News Article:


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