Excessive Police Response In Halifax

Excessive Police Response In Halifax

June 17, 2012

written by Daniel J Towsey

scroll down for video.

I think our Police must be watching to many Hollywood Police chase movies.

What I witnessed today here in downtown Halifax on a beautiful Sunday is way too much unnessary Police drama and over reaction.

Halifax downtown is a very busy place for tourists, students and for a leasure walk.

It is busy in relation to the small narrow street.

But not busy compared to a large city.

I , like many people here in this small city do, is to go for  s stroll down Spring Garden Rd.

Spring Garden Rd is the most popular short strip in Halifax.

Spring Garden Rd was built aproximately 300 years ago, so that it is a narrow and very busy street.

Spring Garrden Rd is known to the Locals as Skin Garden Rd for all The beautiful young ladies that go for strolls down this strip.

But today was different.

The chirping of the birds was continually interupted by police sirens and tires screeching form multiple different locations.

I like everyone else wondered, what is going on.

You would of thought that there was some kind of very serious crime spree and shoot out going on some where near by.

I was riding my electric wheelchair down towards Spring Garden Rd while passing by the beautiful Victoria Public Gardens.

I see this police van seem to start crossing into the intersection. It stops turns on its overly loud sirens and confusses all the drivers on the street.

The van drives too violently by turning its wheels all the way around from a dead stop and then accelerates full speed doing a u turn which

almost popped the tires off the rims.

I know I was a mechanic for many years.

I thought that, that kind of abuse on the Police vehicle was completely unreasonable.

Considering that there was nothing happening at the location of this Police van.

I continued down the block to Spring Garden Rd.

I saw many more Police vehicles and heard many more sirens from multiple locations.

I made my left turn to go down the sidewalk on Spring Garden rd to see up to fifteen police vehicles converge from every where.

There overly agreesive and dangerous driving was not nessessary and was seriously endangering the motorists and the many pedestrians that were everywhere.

I see the Polce cause very dangerous confussing for the drivers and pedestrians that were crossing in the middle of the intersection.

I like everyone else wondered what could be happening that would require just about every Police vehicle in downtown Halifax to be responding to this single issue.

I observed as Police cars arrive at much to high a speed for the location and narrow street.

I saw Police cars almost crash into other Police cars.

I then saw that all they were doing was pulling over a volkwagon car that was not driving abnormally.

I wondered why would the police require so many police cars for this non event.

One police car would of easily pulled over the volkwagon as it was not speeding.

So I pulled out my video camera to capture the rest of the event and to show how many police vehicles were there and the mass confusion they caused on this small peaceful street.

I wondered if the whole event was staged to traumatize the public.

No one there had any idea why this was happening.

So watch this video and see if you can understand why the Police way over reacted.

I watched the news on television and saw nothing of this unusual event.

This video was filmed about ten minutes after the event occurred.

This video does not show how violent and dramatic the event was earlier nor does it show all the Police vehicles that were there.

Many departed before I began filming.

Welcome to cowboy Police driving Halifax.



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