Launched in February, 2000 – Now Needed More Than Ever in 2012

Canadians have been stretched beyond their limits !




1. A Magna Carta (Grand Charter) declaring

of the Canadian People

Direction or perspective cannot be established except from a fixed position.
Without establishing our status as an individually ‘free will’ People,
we can go no further in the proper evolution of Canada.
2. The writing and establishing by referendum

Before Provincial legislatures can draw up a treaty (any treaty),
they must be endowed with the sovereignty to do so.
Proper Provincial constitutions would accomplish that status.
3. A TREATY between the Provinces to

establish Canada as a CONFEDERATION
Canada MUST be properly confederated by a treaty
between the affected sovereign Provinces before we can
establish the governing type and body of a Federal government.
4. A CONSTITUTION establishing and

directing the Government of Canada
A true constitution is the document establishing the form of government,
and the details of it’s powers and limitations.
A federal constitution has nothing to do with regulating or controlling the People:
or, with the establishment of the rights of the People,
– their constitution being the fact that God created them as His Children or Prodigy;
and, that they are to live by the negative and positive Golden Rule.


1) We Canadians have been without lawful federal and provincial governments since 1931, and actually, since 1901. However, Canadians were/have been duped into believing that Canada had been confederated as a country in 1867. There was no confederation – Canada was just created as a super colony of Great Britain, and actually administered by the corporate administrative Crown of the independent City State called the City of London, which is wholly owned by the corporate Holy Roman Empire whose CEO is the Pontiff of Rome. This was done from behind a veil called the ‘British Board of Trade’.2) We have had an impostor monarch, and monarchy, imposed upon us since 1901 (upon the death of Queen Victoria). The Statutes Revision Act(Br.)(1893) eliminated the succession rights of British Monarchs as the Monarch of Canada as was found in Section 2 of the BNA Act 1867. After passage of the Statute of Westminster(BR.)(1931), the “Crown” of the City of London has surreptitiously put us into deeper bondage than Canadians were under the Crown of Great Britain, when Canada was its subservient colony. The Banksters of the City of London replaced the British Crown as our “de facto” colonial ruler. The 1893 Statutes Revision Act was repealed by the British Government in 1998; however, British Acts have no force or effect in Canada since 1931; and, an erased act, or portion of an act, would have to be re-legislated back into existence. Section 2 of the BNA Act(1867) has not been re-inacted, nor has it been re-included in the de facto (read: hoax) Constitution Act of Canada(1982).3) We have no lawfully established constitutions for our Provincial Governments, nor for our Federal Government. The so-called Constitution Act of 1982 is an absolute HOAX and FRAUD. The fact that it was not ratified by the Canadian People; and, by the inclusion of the “notwithstanding” clause, totally negates it as a constitution, or as the “supreme law of Canada”.

4) We have had these unlawful federal and provincial governments encumber our country, the Canadian People (as chattel in bankrupcy) and our natural wealth with massive debt based upon counterfeit money borrowed from foreign bankers. The Canadian people have been unlawfully converted into chattel corporate slaves by the government’s imposition of a commercial legal identity name through deception, where the family name has been converted to a “surname”, meaning “primary name”, and the primary or given names converted to mere referential names to the “surname”. The “all caps” spelling of the Crown owned legal identity name, the name one finds on the birth certificate and on any correspondence from government sources, signifies a chattel property pledged in bankruptcy of the corporate government by the corporate government. This is outright treason by the de facto Canadian governments – federal and provincial – (the people who are menbers and officers of government).

5) We have had Roman Municipal Law, a form of maritime (dictator’s) law based upon the administration of a ship at sea, that originated with the incorporation of the English Crown in or around 1297 instituted as the corporate administrator of England. It was then later imposed upon the British colonies by the continued massive fraud(s) of this British form of Government (Federal and Provincial) through unlawful and ultra vires legislation, licensing schemes and unlawful judicial process. “Roman Municipal Law” is a Roman law system imposed upon “debtor” states within the Holy Roman Empire of the Pope of Rome. It is falsely called “common law” or “law of the land”, and is commonly referred to “judge made law” in the English legal system, as judges frequently make use of the ever present “notwithstanding clause” of ships at sea, where the captain, or designated officer, can disregard any rules when he deems it necessary for the good of the ship. All incorporated bodies are make-believe ships at sea. That includes all governments, nations, States, Provinces, municipalities, counties, towns, etc.

6) We have been totally deprived of our Common Law rights – the rights of life, liberty, property, pursuit of happiness and of due process of law, with those rights being converted unlawfully to “privilege” only for those willing to submit to slavery, subservience and oppression. Judges (public servants) use legal fraud and deception to entrap Canadians (the Sovereign) into their foreign maritime jurisdictions where there are no rights of individual free will humans recognized. And, it is the common practise in the Roman system to deprive “disobedient slaves” of the right of “due process of law”, when people are charged with disobeying “ship’s orders” – legislated statutes and acts – government “policy”. This is why police “officers” can get away with murdering people, and why people are charged (usually false charges) with assault or obstruction of justice when attempting to defend themselves, even just verbally, from these armed uniformed thugs.

7) We Canadians are having our lives, careers and families destroyed by an outlaw band of THUGS, the CRA (formerly Revenue Canada) agents, a private corporation “farming” taxes/tribute as did the hated ancient tax collectors of Jesus’ time, while the Canadian so-called justice system maintains a blind eye to this piracy. Look up the original meaning of “farming” here.



8) We live in a country that, according to a World Court ruling a few years ago, – The Western Sahara Case, – belongs by allodial title to the First Nations People. If anyone in Canada should feel great umbrage concerning the present Canadian governments’ despotic and underhanded tactics, it should be the native People.Canadian governments are now setting up the process whereby the international bankers can indebt and seize in bankruptcy, huge sections of Canada. These are called First Nation land claims – areas of mineral rich land turned over to native councils that will, in all likelihood, do the bidding of the international bankers; and, who will take their People into debt and loss of their lands through that debt. It is the same scheme that deprived many a small European country of its sovereignty during the Middle Ages. 

Western Sahara Case



Let’s start by e-mailing your thoughts on this to:Eldon Warman


The process will have to be in the form of a Petition/Ultimatum.
But, first, we must compose the document and assemble a committee
to review and endorse the finished product.

Since the (impostor and usurper) Federal Government and the CRA are rapidly
accelerating the emplacement of control mechanisms to enforce the establishment
of a “despotism” over Canada and Canadians, the time frame for the completion
of the Canadian Magna Carta must be: –


First steps?
Study the original Magna Carta.
Learn from historical precedents.
Put some thoughts to paper (word processor).

Complete 1215 A.D. (King John) version:
The 1215 Magna Carta was declared void by Pope Innocent III
The Pope approved version is the 1225 version signed by King Henry II

Magna Carta 1215
Complete 1297 A.D. (King Edward 1) version:
In this version, we find “freeman” instead of “free man”,
as in the original, (freeman = slave granted some freedoms),
and “person” – a false role or status imposed on a man, thus
showing the beginning of the deception by the King and Pope
to Romanize and enslave the English people.

Magna Carta 1297

La Grande Charte de 1215 en Francais – en PDF:
La Grande Charte de 1215

Magna Carta word definitions at the bottom of this page:

OTHER VITAL STUDY MATERIALRelative to my recommendations of American historical documents as study material: –
For those Canadians who are anti-American relative to the USA form of government,
please understand that what you see in the USA today is not what the American of
the 1770s and 1780s had in mind for their country – as a free country of a free People.
American Declaration of Independence:
(The American Magna Carta)

USA Declaration of IndependenceUSA Articles of Confederation:
(The treaty that confederated the USA)

USA Articles of ConfederationCalifornia State Constitution:
(for use as an example of a proper provincial constitution)
(Take particular note of Article #1)

California State ConstitutionRepublic vs Democracy:
(Warman version)

Republic vs Democracy

WILLING WORKERS STILL NEEDEDEspecially needed at this time (2008) is a Canada wide coordinator.

Coordinator duties: Ideas will be gathered by him/her for a workshop project at convenient locations across Canada. Then, the results of those workshops will be worked on in a central location – maybe Winnipeg. The focal point of communication would hopefully be the “” website, or other website that may be made available in the future.

Both local and provincial participants are required. Whether one feels that they have the knowledge to add to the project, or are just interested, come onboard and take part in the process.

The coordinator should assemble a committee to help him/her in the project, – the purpose of the committee being to keep the whole thing honest/to maintain the appearance (fact) of honesty.

There are ten steps, or stages, to the evolution of a practical
and efficient form of representative government, and these are:

I. Freedom of the individual free will man and woman. Slavery, serfdom, and all forms of human bondage must disappear. The use of fiction names by government to impose servitude upon people must be totally forbidden. The reference to people as “persons” or “citizens” must not be used to designate people as being corporate members under contract of servitude to government.

2. Freedom of the mind. Unless a free people are educated – taught to think intelligently and plan wisely – freedom usually does more harm than good.

3. The reign of law. Liberty can be enjoyed only when the will and whims of human rulers are replaced by legislative enactments in accordance with accepted fundamental law based solely upon the negative form of the Golden Rule – Do not unto others as you would not have others do unto you.

4. Freedom of speech. Representative government is unthinkable without freedom of all forms of expression for human aspirations and opinions.

5. Security of property. No government can long endure if it fails to provide for the right to enjoy private property in some form. Mankind craves the right to use, control, bestow, sell, lease, and bequeath his private property.

6. The right of petition. Representative government assumes the right of citizens to be heard. The privilege of petition is inherent in free citizenship.

7. The right to rule. It is not enough to be heard; the power of petition must progress to the actual management of the government.

8. Universal suffrage. Representative government presupposes an intelligent, efficient, and universal electorate. The character of such a government will ever be determined by the character and caliber of those who compose it. As civilization progresses, suffrage, while remaining universal for both sexes, will be effectively modified, regrouped, and otherwise differentiated.

9. Control of public servants. No civil government will be serviceable and effective unless the citizenry possess and use wise techniques of guiding and controlling officeholders and public servants.

10. Intelligent and trained representation. The survival of democracy is dependent on successful representative government; and that is conditioned upon the practice of electing to public offices only those individuals who are technically trained, intellectually competent, socially loyal, and morally fit. Only by such provisions can government of the people, by the people, and for the people be preserved.

Magna Carta (1215 – 1225) Definitions:

Amerce – To impose a fine. Also to punish by fine or penalty.

Assize – A court, usually but not always, consisting of twelve men, summoned together to try a disputed case. They performed the functions of jury, except the verdict was rendered from their own investigation and knowledge and not from upon evidence adduced.

Burage – One of three species of free socage holdings. A tenure where housesd and lands formerly the site of houses in an ancient borough are held of some lord by a certain rent.

Chattel – Personal property as opposed to real property. A personal object which can be transported.

Darrein Presentment – Writ of Assize when a man or his ancestors under whom he claimed presented a clerk to a benefice, who was instituted, and afterwards, upon the next avoidance, a stranger presented a clerk and thereby disturbed the real patron.

Distrain – The act of taking as a pledge anothers property to be used as an assurance of performance of an obligation. Also a remedy to ensure a court appearance or payment of fees etc.

Disseise – To dispossess or to deprive.

Escheat – Right of the lord of a fee to re-enter upon the same when it became vacant by the extinction of the blood of the tenant.

Intestate – To die without a will.

Mort d’Ancestor – Real action to recover a person’s lands of which he had been deprived on the death of his ancestor by the abatement of intrusion of a stanger.

Novel Disseisin – Writ of Assize for the recovery of lands and tenements.

Praecipe – An original writ drawn up in the alternative commanding the defendant to do the thing required.

Scutage – Tax or contribution raised by someone holding lands by knight’s service used to furnish the King’s army.

Socage – A species of Tenure where the tenant held lands in consideration of certain inferior services of husbandry by him to the lord of the fee.

To Be Continued….

Eldon-Gerald: Warman

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