No More Free Health Care In Canada

No More Free Health Care In Canada

By Daniel J Towsey

Canadian free health care is secretly being phased out in preparation for the North American Union.

Eventually all our hospitals, and prisons will be privatized, and then the schools. After that Canadians will own nothing.

Yes this is for real and the signs of it are noticeable if you look at what is going on.

In my province of Nova Scotia there is no Doctors accepting new patients unless of course you are one that has a good income. Which is most likely onlyindividuals that have a livelihood from the government directly or indirectly.

Today more than fifty percent of those employed are employed by the government in good paying jobs. The public employees are bought and paid for. Thisof course is only temporary.

Once the North American Union is finalized, the only thing left is a one World Government. Total control and enslavement of mankind by insanity. (pleaseread my “Recipe for insanity”)

The World Government court has already been built in Israel.

Now back to the original point of my article.

Presently if you go the emergency department and need any follow up work done. The hospital will not help you unless you have a family doctor.

At the reception desk they provide a list of Doctors accepting new patients. The list is three and a half months old, and the hospital got this informationfrom the health departments website. But the information at the health departments website is up to a year out of date.

If you go to the doctors on the list they get upset and have to tell you that they are not accepting new patients, and that it has been a very long timesince they did. They then tell you that they have repeatedly asked the government to remove them from the list.

It appears that if the government were to remove the outdated information. They would have no doctors to put on that list.

So this means in a country that claims to provide free health care, that this is impossible if you can not get a doctor.

But if you are one of the few to get a doctor. You soon learn that even if you do have a Doctor, That the Doctor is no longer being compensated to doany real and meaningful work, except to get you on drugs.

If you truly need the services of the medical establishment for some complicated issues that requires the family doctor to co ordinate things.

Will first you learn that the Doctors now have a sign in their offices. It says “Only one item or issue per visit.”

So lets say you have been in a car accident and have multiply injuries. The doctor will only help you with one thing and not the whole package of problems.

So I asked the Doctor, If I need to talk to you about different things, should I book multiple appointments together?

Will the Doctor did not like that…as a result. If you need help with complex problems, your denied the necessary medical services.

To make things worse, If you get the doctor to send you for tests. If when the tests come back they confirm complex problems requiring your Doctor tohave to do allot of follow up. He simply just doesn’t contact you. Leaving you to believe everything is alight.

The doctor will not advise you, nor will he follow up. In this way you would have a hard time proving you ever needed any follow up help.

But if you know you need help and feel something is being hidden from you and try to get your medical records.

The medical records will not be made available to you.

The reason why the family Doctors don’t want to do the extra work, is because the billing structure was changed so that Doctors no longer have thefreedom to do their job and get paid for it.

They even refuse to sign simple forms that you may need for other things that only confirm your present health situation. They also have to refuse youwanting to pay them for their time to sign the form.

I contacted health Canada that regulates the health system in Canada. And they wrote me back and confirmed that Doctors are no longer even paid to signforms and that they will no longer sign them.

So bit by bit our health system is disappearing in preparation for the North American Union and The New World Order.

People who have had their Doctors for a long time my not be experiencing much of this yet. But all newly licensed Doctors are doing what I have toldyou. So think twice before you give up your wise old Doctor.

The New Breed of Doctors have been conditioned for The New World Orders arrival.

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 No More Free Health Care in Canada.pdf


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