My Visits to Ottawas Parliament

My Visits to Ottawa’s Parliament

by Daniel J Towsey

(True Story)

It was around 1967, Canada’s proudest time.

It was Canada’s Centennial..The Love for Canada and Democracy was everywhere.

Canada’s Economy was at its all time best. Canada had a surplus of 125 million dollars.

No governments in Canada had a deficit, No provincial municipal had ever borrowed any money from a corporate bank.

They did not have to because we had a real democracy.

In a real democracy the people own their national bank and control all production of money.

In a real democracy the peoples bank creates the needed money to maintain the peoples government.

In a real democracy the people government owns and operates all essential public utilities.

These utilities become self sufficient so that they contribute to the peoples government’s wealth.

In a real democracy there is no need for income tax as the government produces the necessary funds to operate.

There was no income tax before the second world war, so how do you think our government operated before the temporary income tax to pay for the second world war’scost?

Why has this temporary income tax never been removed?

Okay now I will tell you about my first visits to Ottawa’s Parliament.

I was about ten years old. I was a very troubled child having come from a horrific childhood in Quebec’s Duplessis years of child abuse in the hand of the CatholicChildren’s Aid.

You can read more about my childhood in my ‘Snowball Effect’ personal series of articles.

I never spoke to anyone, I was a very troubled and introverted child. I could not function socially.

I never went to school. I lived in Ottawa’s new Bayshore community.

There were bicycle storage room at all the townhouses complex.

The rooms and bike were never locked.

So everyday I borrowed a bicycle and went on an adventure of discovery.

Bayshore was on the outskirts of Ottawa in those days. The were endless opportunities for a young boy to go out and explore old abandoned over grown dirt roads.

My favorite discoveries were always old abandoned houses and barns. I loved being out exploring.

I also went into town and explored.

One day I discovered the Drive in outdoor movie theaters where people would drive their cars in and watch two movies and cartoons during intermission.

I used to sit in the back in the bushes and watch the movies, but first I had to be brave and sneak in and turn up the volume on a whole bunch of the speakers thatdrivers would hook on the inside of their windows.

It was great because almost no one ever parked at the very back so I could always hear the movies.

I wonder what the people living in the houses behind the drive thought about being able to hear all the movies?

My life was full of adventures in those days when I was alone.

One day I decided to ride my bicycle to Ottawa’s Parliament buildings.

I thought they were such beautiful buildings.

One day my curiosity got the best of me.

I had to be brave, I decided to go in and look around.

I parked my bicycle under the peace tower. There was never any need to lock a bicycle in those days. No one would ever steal it.

The Parliament buildings had absolutely no security of any kind.

I was absolutely amazed at how beautiful everything in the Parliament buildings was.

This was the pride of Canada. This place was the most beautiful building in the country.

There was the most beautiful marble floors and ornamental hardwood everywhere.

I was free to explore everywhere. Nothing was locked and almost all doors where wide open.

I used to peek into the ministers offices and was seen by many people.

I had the most inquisitive mind.

No one ever took offense to my keen interest in everything.

So one day I found the biggest ministers office of all, It was sooooo beautiful.

There was a man behind the desk. He was alone.

I asked him if I could come in and look at the beautiful room.

He said yes and had the most beautiful kind smile on his face.

On this day I discovered something else. I discovered that these beautiful Parliament buildings also had the most beautiful and kindest people in the the country.

I sat in the beautiful huge shiny soft leathered chair right in front of the desk of this beautiful person.

I started speaking with him. We spoke for a long time. I asked all kinds of questions about this beautiful place.

The kind gentleman answered all my questions.

He a=filled me up with an over whelming love for Canada, Democracy and our Parliament.

He fully explained to me what Parliament was and what Democracy is.

He changed my whole life.

I fell in love ith my country called Canada.

After this I spent my whole life aspiring to be as good a person this man I had just spent the afternoon with.

This was the day I became a politician.

I then after spent the rest of my life living for Truth Justice and Liberty..

I made myself a promise to one day return to sit behind that beautiful desk

I then said bye and walked out of the Prime Ministers office.

I returned many times to parliament and explored its workings. I now had a very good understanding of the purpose of this place.

Thanks to the wonderful man behind the huge oak desk answering all my questions and more.

He was so kind and generous of his knowledge.

He gave me the best education of my life.

I was so in absolute awe of this beautiful place.

Until one day when I was up in the public seats overlooking parliament’s question period.

I listened so intently to all the amazingly wonderful discussions going on. I had no idea what everyone was talking about.

I was not listening to the meaning of what they were saying. I was listening to their manorisms and sophisticated speech patterns.

I was studying their manor of speech and behavior.

Until one day this new man in Parliament spoke.

I had never sen him before. Except the time he entered Parliament and was surrounded by all kinds of people and media.

He stood up and spoke a few times, I immediately sense a big change.. In the conversations.

There was allot of hostilities and yelling… Until this man stood up and yelled obscenities at every and I’ll never forget his words.

He yelled that “Everyone in here is going to do what I say from now on and if you don’t like it you wont be here long”

Everyone in the huge place went silent… I and everyone in the room was in shock..

I felt such a horrible negative force now in this most beautiful place.

This man made it very clear that from now on he was the BOSS.

His behavior completely disillusioned my impression of this Democratic place.

The beautiful dream I had of this place was shattered.

This man was Canada’s New Prime Minister, Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

I left Parliament and did not return.

Until one day my Dad was asked why I was walking around Parliament and not in school.

Will my evil father took me to the Parliament building and took me to the the top and the Peace Tower and he absolutely terrorized me by yelling at me and hung me upsidedown by my feet over the edge of the tower.

My father was so evil.. He’s the reason while I lived most of my childhood in the care of the Catholic Children’s Aid in Montreal.

My father then known as Paul Arthur Towsey jr later changed his name to Arthur P Towsey.

My mother soon after left him.

My father was so evil that one day before I turned 18 he telephoned me in Toronto and laughed at me. He then left the country and moved to Australia because he knewthat I would be able to go to court when I turned 18 and testify to all the evil he did to me. He knew I would put him in jail.

As the years went on I still studied the political situation in Canada and the activities in Ottawa.

I watched my country deteriorate.. I watched our country go into a $500,000 deficit… I wondered why our democracy was now borrowing money from Corporate banks at interest.

This explained why our Parliament now had security everywhere.

It explained why all the doors in Parliament were now locked.

It also explained while so many people fought for years to get cameras into Parliament that the public could watch at home.

Its because something was very wrong with our democracy…

Its because our Democracy had come to



Please go to

and read the articles in the Canadian folder if you want

to know the whole story of the demise of our true north and free


“When the seeds of truth are sown,

the truth revolution will

blossom from the enlightenment”

 My Visits to Ottawa’s Parliament.pdf


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